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11-9 9:10am Tommy talks about the Saints/Falcons game

Nov 9, 2012|

Tommy talks to Barry Wilner, an NFL writer for the Associated Press, about the Saints game on Sunday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- owners and joins us Johnson and friends from New York but here's my fear. Saints' first team since at least 1950 -- -- 400 yards and a consecutive games. Offices that Drew Brees anomalies one touchdown this at a record 51 straight games. Drew Brees tenant two verses Atlantis since he joined the saints in two thousands is that right Shannon to yes. Oh after. And it's with Sean Payton. She on tonight here here the saints in the same team and team this year that they have been in the past I think we -- know that. My fear is that the saints are giving it killed this -- Freight. I hope I'm wrong phone lines are open please calmly and convince me one and miss and Tommy where I'm wrong. Again if true it's hot like he gets on hand some times where everything he's thrown he throws to that. That's circles -- the size of war you know on time I'm talking about Andy's thrown into the receivers where it's on stride and get those yards after the catch I think we have a chance -- rematch and score for score. But it's not. Then I think were in pro or not trying to get to Manhattan and down and not trying to. Did did dubious -- of the saints understand. Prepared for the best that is my biggest fear. -- will their -- is right now line and a writer for the Associated Press morning bury your New York. Tell me how you weathered super storms and the and the ensuing nor'easter as we were concerned about it. Pretty -- and it might that might. I bought at a granddaughter and arms. Actually worked out pretty well. Well congratulations for those of us that have been through a down here and have had family members and hospital I was no concerns shoes and a different area or in the city or what. Actually that it would -- am. The current power and actually it's a more or not well but it basically you block. Well congratulations for his granddaughter degrees for first grandchild and -- -- granddaughter. And Andy and the lovely ladies first name young lady is that it is what. You're that's beautiful congratulations and -- spoiler like crazy. You heard me talk about the saints in the falcons heard me talk about some hurricane parlance beacon of superstar on superstore and sandy and preparing for the hoping for the best preparing for the worst and my biggest fears that the saints are getting killed. But if -- got hot hand and throw on the spot of the quarter leading the receivers -- again on the yards after the catch weight and stay up. But however it is not the typical saint season what used to what do you think very high you see it you've been getting much in the NFL watch in the falcons lodge in the saints argues he Sunday's game in full. I that the -- in the game the main reason is that just the bat in the same thing and you know little. Few years. And implement. Our planet team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like. It in a lot of ways. A lot of weapons something that there -- and seemed to. Be getting. Paid. Oh yeah -- in there that great impact. I think it -- that the can go -- getting a lot nationally that. Mother. -- -- you know. But part of that is strained his schedule is or not. Maybe -- the Pakistani. Here and patent quite the strongest schedule. In -- is and that people talking that you know and you don't hear that. -- I had. But every -- another question Berrian that concerns us here in new law Wednesday's you know we have the Super Bowl. And one of our biggest nightmares is not only the saints I have -- a terrible season but haven't watch Atlantic command. And play in the Super Bowl but maybe that goes so why Atlanta's -- in the love and and that's because of Atlanta's dismal playoff record how likely is it that this year is going to be different for them despite what ever they do in the regular season. I think about it jet that you know that he would do on a little -- catchy tune -- again and again. -- have seen pick up in the Packers and giants. -- the 49ers. You bet matchup border. They hit it right there. And the beat president. That make -- ain't. But Eagles. In there. Defensively the -- But. It -- that a lot. Of. I saints obviously don't have a really good defensive team but. As -- scenario I oppose it Drew Brees is on fire as he can sometimes deadly in the receivers are catching a ball. Saints have a chances we demanding that falcons undefeated streak -- -- I think jet could begin in -- -- we now on grow and compete for the bank. But don't go what they did the eagle. People opt for outdoor. Sports team and and they play the old. No emotion it seemed it I think it can be on the field not lying connecting. That all happening at the rocket and I think -- -- -- and think about it. -- -- -- I think. Thank you very active prepare for the play at all the Tampa. I think it projected debt and -- And it. And you're saying don't go off with a spirited defense of -- against the falcons. But also offensively in terms Iran and a ball. I would not go up anything that happened at -- game pretty much. Eddie eagle. On the field. And -- believe -- what -- the that -- -- at the thirteenth. What a treat to see a lot done. I would pay of -- -- Some of them -- -- I think quite simple act of Atlanta that they cannot give up quite YouTube. And on aside Noble's -- -- -- the Eagles cashed it in and -- -- I think -- But I think he actually resign and be buyer -- to walk away. And had to -- like bull like some you know the coaches -- such as Jeff Fisher. -- for year Mike Shanahan didn't do and an eclectic -- because he'll probably can demand in the -- coached somewhere. I grams we appreciate your time goes -- granddaughter. --

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