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11-10-12 2:20p.m. Jeff Palermo

Nov 10, 2012|

Bobby and Deke talk with Columnist for WWL.com and LN Sports Director Jeff Palermo about LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they are twenty to thirteen 653 left -- that will keep you post economist at WWR that common. And the reason network sports rated Jeff Blair most -- has -- Jeff you know we talking about the mighty have fallen all the other ones that have. Shaken up Arkansas. Presuming beat Tennessee possibly Auburn Kentucky will be new vacancies. In the Southeastern Conference and although because a few weeks ago they were number to a controlled our own destiny. To have a chance in the BCS. If Florida loses today. Maine it everything they Will Muschamp had done up to this point to go to a program that will beat out the window if he loses they are torn his seven point favorite at home. And they didn't really get it taken -- all game long against sabathia. Yeah he's figured that if they lose this game that the likely lose the regular season finale against Florida State maybe they'll lose their bowl game and why you -- that was definite no. -- finished the year you know about it or you know what -- like that eight or kind of sports it would be so. Yeah that would be it can't be quite a turnaround miracle quarterback. Not outdated and how Pakistan -- because of how this game it's burning out the one Florida beat LSU. Earlier earlier this year I don't. Think you heard that dynamic they were that attractive. I think they just kind of took its LSU obviously you know if you get comfortable way to predict an opposite field and and Florida ran the football down their -- but it wasn't like. That was a game where you came away as a boy advance orders really tough I mean there's definitely play well on defense and they played well on defense than -- game. Really -- different has been a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown by. I you well you well so. -- you know I think Florida like they are like never you're never really believe there were a number two ranked team and now. -- and I think their children here -- there they're probably not a top ten team like they're playing right now. And I Jeb you know I had so it's not a big Boy George depends when you play an opponent by like to be playing Florida right now it just seems like. When you talk about a hangover and ever since you know that that's a big rivalry type game obviously when they lost university charges they've lost now. Three straight seasons and the question that I have been and you look where of Florida's that. Now I don't think is gonna be the case maybe you could say. You know last year whether you play a big game whether you win or lose you kind of it's hard to get up that next week of LSU play west Kentucky when you look. At a Mississippi State do you think the Tigers were truly built put that loss behind them. Considering. How well they played -- all know as you look at coach miles he's -- anyone in games following a setback in. 71 win it's an SEC team I just think. That LSU's gonna take care of business then. Who won't be playing football like Florida barely escaping and -- 147 game against Missouri. And obviously losing to Louisiana Lafayette I just don't see the Tigers doing that. You know I think hell if you get a win tonight but I think there were I think it is going to be a struggle. Okay so I think. There's there's several factors that go on against LSU and it away and take a whole season was lined up. Fit for that Alabama game everything was pointed in that direction and then you lose the game you lose the game. And in the -- they lose -- where it looked like they're gonna win a game and then the final minute Alabama drive scores. The way it did. I think has very -- -- and considering the fact that LSU is -- beat Mississippi State twelve times in a row. You don't even know the players have been tough on themselves this week you know we pay half. Get ready for Mississippi State very good scheme. It's and it took me I think it's only human nature for both players is that there and say -- we don't want an Alabama game. And that Mississippi State. Game is well. Belichick beat Mississippi State so we. I don't wanna say that they do kind of show up and think you're gonna win but there's going to be a let down at the emotion back and be there from the crowd. That the players aren't going to be a small bit. I guess but they don't you know -- because they have more talent but I don't think they're gonna go out there and beat them by three or four dot. Now you know jab looking is that mid America I mean you know a lot of the quarterback position. When you'd obviously go to high school to college and you playing at this level and even NFL you can throw the football saw a lot of it. His confidence and you look at zag men burger. What he was able to do his best you to close out their game is fourteen to seventeen. In the second half but he did that against the number one rated pass defense. In the nation. That these things as far as building his confidence in. And coach miles may be given them -- more opportunity to be the centerpiece developments -- though they still gonna wanna run the ball. But do you think based on his performance that especially tonight. Then maybe he can have an opportunity to have 25. To thirty passing attempts and and also -- You know tossed the ball around the goal line in red zone situations where you can trust them to make plays. No doubt about it confidence booster as far as what he was able to do against Alabama and really wanted a big thing but you watch this game -- are you gonna beat it it's. Performance that you saw the second half against Alabama carry over into this game and me. You know I'm not yet ready to buy into all the hype well done and at the passing game has now all the issues -- Because. How many years in the upper hand I don't expect -- better than Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson but -- -- time for the third period leaders Jordan Jefferson. Play well or happened the field and -- after the game. Well maybe they turned a corner maybe -- light -- to come on and then. It was back to mediocrity. Now granted back -- better than most guys and I. And the performance he put on as the best performance -- the quarterback and at one -- market rumpled but. Now what -- murder happened to become real an 88 top Echelon quarterback and -- -- -- -- he's got to be consistent. Until Perkins become the mountaineers gave analogies struggled the -- for a 150 yard. -- that's going to be a huge disappointment. Mississippi State got a couple good cornerback Jonathan -- serious play. Between the bulk Obama -- -- intercepted on the -- but you could maybe make the argument even on the 58 was ranked number one -- pats defense. Mississippi State made a better quarterback than what Alabama head out there last Saturday so that. We don't -- -- intact here for Matt -- to continue and try to build on what he did in the second half against Alabama. And Jeff to parlay what you're saying and it it is truly sometimes individual matchups individual talent. I was reading where a senior quarterback can you imagine in Jonathan banks he was could considering last year leaving for the NFL. But decided to return. You know because he'd have a chance to go down as probably the greatest defensive back in the city state history. Now going through the season he had twelve career interceptions. You both those for a shot the school were erected. Held by Walt Harris Donald NFL -- know that name while Harris so I could see -- point Jonathan banks why you gonna go against an NFL type player party might have other week weaknesses you can exploit. You're right about that and either pick corners think it's 6285. -- played -- -- 100 at night you probably -- going up against big quarterback that have been up a lot of play from Mississippi State. -- I think that has a good because pat Burke replied well the wide receiver Blake who well I don't think. I had the hole that -- an average group of -- -- Are now -- yep and -- -- go ahead. Now get it out how good can finish it off -- it is you know I think the one thing that really help Ellis feel they took advantage of that would be our -- I've met burger. Basically -- -- was finally able to make and what is that very few quarterbacks in college football can do because of the arm strength. Electability try to figure -- -- a lot more of those. Deep out pattern like we saw last week against Alabama. Knowledge never speak get them arm strength and not and all the -- at quarterback now what I am impressed with Tyler Russell. Is that I just look at this that I have -- say yeah I'll probably see maybe a couple of waters and it unnecessarily good considering their opponent but. You look at Tyler Russell that's impressive sixteen touchdowns. Three interceptions. And then you look up now report Alabama game. That being Perkins the running back he was average and about a 103 yards a game which is first and SEC -- And now he's taken a step back he's still average of five point three yards a carry in the end I think I was talking about this -- receiver. When you look up bumpers. I mean it's like you did play for seven years that he's a prayer leader with nineteen. Scored receptions so do you think they'll have any success. As far as I -- I think they are. A title Wilson. You know his connection with bumpers and a passing game that Indy they're trying to run further but what it would tie the success you've seen him have -- what would that tree overzealous she defense. You know I went up against I'm not very I mean it OK taxes paid and defense and they'll they had 310. Yards of total offense. You know what -- play Alabama. They only had 256. This offense has been -- bit beat up on -- like the Kentucky you know at a -- as. Jack and -- -- although it's been great when they've gone up against good. Good defense that they haven't really looked very prolific. Market that what I think was averaging over a hundred yards became watching the football right and that is why they don't you still get away because the Tigers beat man who cannot. Make sure -- admit is that -- they probably doesn't score over -- point in this game you know. Made it a little bit better offensively they got the night. Players there but. You know -- again Alabama. And Texas State have. Block the road and how much time to throw a football I want I figured out exactly what -- any game. But beyond that might -- a lot of trouble trying to stop the opposing team to pass -- And we'll see it solid you can get you a little bit rattle him a little bit and maybe force some turnovers. And Perkins really has not ran the ball well these last few weeks only eighty yard golf. Let's just tell you what -- go up against a legitimate defense that at least they're they're not that good -- at the -- I think that's. Where did they get that but they got talent you have right now. -- -- dealership addiction LSU about a fourteen point favorite home but I against Mississippi State. -- I cannot figure -- you get away but I wouldn't be surprised that but the -- out victory in a point or 172114. -- don't you went bike and he emotion and such a big part of college football. I think Ellis he's going to be a little flat I think Mississippi State pounded Pitt game they can make it Burnitz being the crowds. But if you think they're going sour for Mississippi State employees -- -- that the emotion really went back. Over to -- do you favor and they know I'm a positive outlook on life you know. Maybe you know built. Still thinking about Alabama. Oh. They may be coming into this game thinking about Alabama but if they can get up on Mississippi State and I think points on the board that maybe -- you'll feel a bit more comfortable about themselves. Jeff Palermo columnist at WW dot com we have network sports director of technology its -- sees things so look for today's game between. LSU Mississippi State at WWL. Dot com.

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