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Nov 10, 2012|

Deke talks to WWL listeners about the LSU win over Mississippi State.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Death -- that night it was the seventh ranked -- shoot 37 Mississippi State. Seventeen we're in the Bears casino hotel in a bad route to the stadium foreign group -- -- Jonas. It is a great place fans coming in tonight from the southern and also the LSU twelve games and also just been bad routes. Having a great time and we invite all SEC fans it's time in on the conversation -- we'll get a recap. From walk past -- of -- yelled back Thomas a shocker took place in a crowded stadium in Tuscaloosa the number one ranked team in the country. Texas a and M knocking off Alabama 29 to 24 back to back weeks that's defense. Pretty much getting traded out of opposing offense will look at those numbers and what this does not only for the SEC. But also the SEC west and the entire landscape of college football is now. While conference of the in the southeastern conference for the first time in what six years. The Southeastern Conference does not have control of the density as whole as a national championship is concerned concerned with three. Teams remaining unbeaten and if two of those three go unbeaten. -- in the SEC will be locked out of the national championship game your thoughts on the game the good the Bears don't lead to six so. 187 he told 3866. 889087. In the it would set member -- has done you know we talked about him goma today Alabama game and the young -- been done a solid. In the lancet two games coming up in the -- first half of this ballgame tonight he was 1218. -- 174 yards and two touchdowns. So when -- -- -- did in the second half against Alabama. In the first half against Mississippi State these two best hands of footballer back to back combined those he's 26 of 35. 380 yards and three touchdown that's a solid as any player in the Southeastern Conference who has two weeks. Along with the young man named Johnny football Johnny men's L -- will look at what he did today as well late in the program will also get a look. At the Southeastern Conference what is going to be a new look in head coaching positions in this conference Derek Dooley could be fired as soon as tomorrow is Tennessee loses today. In overtime to Missouri Missouri to remain winless in the Southeastern Conference -- know they'll be a new coach and all that so we know there will be a new coach at Kentucky. Possibly Tennessee and Armas that would be four of the fourteen teams in the conference looking for new coaches -- to the 2013. Season they won't look at. How Derek Dooley and Gene Chizik got their jobs and that it makes you wonder sometimes the scrutiny of hiring new coaches. -- even qualified enough to get jobs at these big schools and the numbers don't lie. What point that out but I wanna get your take on L -- game and I know Mississippi State fans. Have to be police from where they've come from the last two weeks after a seven those -- Completely get taken out of Alabama game early completely got to take Saturday and -- game early that was not the case tonight really came around I thought they played well early in the ball game. Going on the drive early and hitting a seven to zero lead early shoot dominate pretty much put straits after that but they hung around in -- open things up. One crucial point in the ballgame Mississippi State as a one LSU basically. Hit the ball away from him in the third quarter. And have time Mississippi State was only down -- they come out and do what they need to do. And -- cut the lead down on the a possession. Of the first half of the second half Brothers LSU defense forces a three and out with a fumble. But -- Beckham -- -- Mississippi State new line they get a touchdown quickly but after that -- shoot dominated that third quarter when you look at the numbers Mississippi State. And a -- 47 total yards and have time or 2.4 police. Outside of their one played 29 yard drive which they got the touchdown. Could -- point. To seventeen Mississippi State -- 47 year old it's on eleven plays total in the third quarter Antowain and -- -- those joints on that one play. From -- Russell. To bumpers so the tiger defense did extremely well now they didn't give. The pressure on the quarterback throughout the contest. That they did a week ago consistently through this season. Who won a game mattered most of Mississippi State was driving -- cut the lead down to one score before a loss to pick six. That's when they needed the most pressure that's and they got -- that's why I'm single. And Montgomery will probably two top ten picks in the 2013. NFL draft so a lot to get to a what do you think about the big loss today. Paid him over Alabama. And now it SEC could be locked out of the national championship completely. Kansas State Oregon and Notre Dame and when you look at what those teams have remaining Notre Dame -- has Wake Forest and southern cal left Wake Forest at home and it's on account. Oregon's probably the toughest -- They play a ranked at Stanford team that will be in the top ten this week because of teams that laws and they won today over Oregon State. Sort of plays Stanford at home next week in Eugene and Austin stadium and they wrap up with their annual a rival game which they've dubbed the civil war. In a Corvallis at Oregon State in Kansas State plays at Baylor and they finish up at home against Texas so when you look at the BCS rankings tomorrow. One to a three and I don't know where only a -- going to be Kansas State organ in Notre Dame so the loss today by Alabama. Clearly puts the SEC now in Alabama Georgia. Have to win out any hope. Hit two of those three lose and you get the conversation on which one loss teams deserve to play an undefeated. -- we seem strange to think before. All three of the -- could have holed jumbled mess with a lot of teams with the won loss so give you good get bay get ugly and your thoughts on Alabama falling today as well we're gonna get it took. A lot of Southeastern Conference all what's taken on -- program all they look at it for a new coach just embarrass this afternoon at home. And we'll look at what they've done it comes to play the issue will look at what Tennessee has done. And conversely this year and taken on those programs. As well let's go to man DeVille was even on line wants Steven could even thank you for calling WW. Hello Steve. -- Steven -- you there. I would -- -- it was even if it's just a few moments to 60187866. 8890870. Is the number to get involved are gone back and looking at the numbers in this ball game. At the hands that -- burgers we sentenced twelve of eighteen a 174. York's mix and Russell -- tonight. It can also -- emergencies emergence of Jeremy -- it just seems over the course of the last two seasons. It'll be -- like is going to the next year if we go about what it was she was doing now. -- you'll -- only one caring. In the first half of his ball and he with a guy demonstrates that last season. It really did the dam and spoiler issue. Jarvis Landry has really start to thrust himself as a coach who graphic LSU in the first half alone. High eight receptions -- 100 in two yards in LSU really put things together on their first draft get some things picked up some first downs. But the rest of the first half really got to control in the fourth. Time. That this offensive minded shooting will go over those guys has started in this -- clear of the group a particular issue with -- called the whip. When you look at what they've done number ones at that LSU goes eight blazing -- Emanuel -- a -- on their first drive. The final four possesses the first half all scorn -- as she goes to when he plays. Opponent's final four drives 207 yours in twenty points after their first drive which was -- they get a couple first downs whereas Mississippi State. They go to him play he's 74 yards and a touchdown on their first drive and their final four drives of the first half just fifteen plays. And 63. Yards the Tigers had 37 offensive plays great balance there coach stood eighteen fans at nineteen rushes Mississippi State. 24 offensive plays fourteen passes. And TN -- -- so we'll look at the rest of the final numbers here -- the individuals and course the highlights and we -- to Bears to -- the stadium bar and grill. Tonight with the point after LSU victorious 37 to seventeen then Burgos finishes the game nineteen of 3273. Yards and two scores. -- 48 care 48 yards on fifteen carries. Russell -- eight carries 33 yards. You know -- time cares just one of the first half for a second half a point nine yards and -- aware of the fact here is thirteen yards. Landry and Landry -- -- 109 yards yet a 102 at the hands -- Beckham junior up for -- 55 yards. -- -- -- Atlanta tonight with two touchdown receptions opposition to going to this game. Would be Tyler Russell's. A big talker and he needed to disappoint tonight manic. Receives -- 140 yards and a touchdown them Mississippi State has Arkansas and Ole -- to -- -- with two games that they can win and if you Mississippi State I think Europe. Of the three big ones now -- to the west this year and -- on sit. I think we all pretty much thought that it would be Alabama LSU and Arkansas so be everything that's taken place the Big Three and -- whereas. Alabama. Village you me and him of course no particular article they've -- -- 87. Now but Mississippi State clearly had the best start to a gain of those three. Against LSU receiving in Tiger Stadium so the Tigers with two remaining games. In a conference as well next week at 230 game against Ole miss and they wrap up the Friday on the road. And on the road against all that so that they -- things you take a quick time out he gets it. For the rest the way we're gonna take -- on Auburn will be a new coaching change there. They have him fans had to be excited at LSU fans which should take it back to back weeks. Alabama's defense giving up almost four yards of total offense. Could be the key a passing quarterback. I would say so because Johnnie -- -- and -- member of -- coming up with big numbers. Against Alabama head back to back weeks we'll look at that we've taken on that game. And also Mike's marvelous though what recruits quit the game tonight as well we have coach Phillies LSU coach who espouses. Post game interview. With Salam reported -- runs and all of the highlights -- 601870. 8668890870. LSU falls to be defeated Mississippi State 37 to seventeen to. Operated Jaguars that you hope. Who currently do you think is the best team in the Southeastern Conference is diligent. If you need him is intelligent. Florida or Alabama chime in here I think Villa V on WW. Off the -- this time he does throw it -- isn't. He's yeah. Tying a school record of 100 yard pick six for cradle Alston that was the key point to gain a one and really slammed the door. All Mississippi State is alleged use it towards his seeding. 37 to seventeen to overlook the bulldogs welcome back it's a point after 260187866889. He rates in the -- take. On the entire day of college football just three remaining unbeaten this Lugo goes down the day. As well as Alabama on the today Lulu was at the number nine spot Alabama was at number one just three remaining unbeaten that -- Kansas State. Notre Dame and organ which is an accident a right now of the box for over. Beat cal Bears us at Texas seven now seventeen to ten here. In the first half and California. And what should take nova Southeastern Conference six straight national champion who could be locked out all together. The list two of these three. Undefeated go down you have to be in the conversation -- their unbeaten because these other team does not like this is a Boise I'm not knocking them on others but these programs have enough -- In this schedule and power in their colleges and their programs to where is -- not gonna get. Blocked out by a once beaten SEC team now they're all with one loss in the conversation that takes a whole new meaning. But with them being undefeated they would take president -- what a once beaten. Southeastern Conference team and me and him with a big what they over Alabama twenty minutes 44 and that wasn't smoking beards. There was an Alabama lost a game. -- -- seeing him beat Alabama if you followed that went throughout there were crucial times at that point did they did have a big lead in the first quarter twenty to zero. Alabama came back and there was a point -- waiting on defense had to step up for a few occasions. And eighteen it. And you know maybe -- McCain picked the wrong week to -- nice record to reconsider cried it was this week and we'll look at his performances. Is eighteen touchdowns and no receptions. I went down hard today. As he threw two picks. In the loss to Texas a MM so really jumbled everything and now who do you think. Ones of the national championship game if these three teams finish undefeated Notre Dame Oregon and Kansas State. Who gets in. Who do you think there's going to take president because of the three and only team that plays a conference championship game. On the other two have enough now in this hit. So it could come down. And then if we had a playoff system this year you'd really be entertaining I don't know if you have this in the open before you like -- to be probably six or eight teams. There were deserving who I think have a realistic shot in the playoff format -- that's two years down the line. The -- -- go and apparently operated jaguar opinion poll on line Alabama. LSU Florida Texas CNN a Georgian. Who do you think is the best team right now in the Southeastern. Conference it's time video vote on line. Did Jonathan on Lyle wanting to -- Jonathan thank you for calling WWL. There's a big costs are you doing just take. It adequate support. You know we're at the beginning tonight -- -- they announces tour -- -- cheered. Think you -- got a good thing with Ecuador. That's a good point it's a good Paula Jones and I was curious there's Alabama there's been out with. -- it hampers what perhaps a certain -- that was just curse of the circle. He -- now well now with the circle there. -- -- -- in -- you know -- and how about also as you probably. I would Capital One -- maybe even in Europe they don't further and a. Maybe the boat yummy at six for labor -- you're right Johnson what does this mean you let's play this scenario out okay I think that's a that's a fair point. All right you're exactly right because in Alabama ran the table. And -- we were on the cost of already being their driver's seat because. You -- he had had -- I mean they were just so you know standing eight count they have a that they called upon to make their ball game Florida obviously need to lose. A game. You know they -- to lose to the Florida State because they you know last week they were a little bit above -- In the BCS so you thought affected -- now down on a full must -- just been LSU to have a shot the Sugar Bowl. There's a couple of things that could take place. Want him. You need. Alabama or Georgia one of those who don't want to produce in the national championship game. Because if not the one of the SEC championship is obviously going to the Super Bowl. So bad that you got to have happen it so let's say it is. Alabama go to a national championship. Would have pushed Georgia two losses so you're ahead of him you gotta have -- to lose a ballgame so did -- that San classic. Sort of the order are are okay well let let's let's fact that it did that scenario that you would have you have an opportunity. Now on the flip side if everything stays the same now in Alabama doesn't go to the national championship game. The end that you basically locked out. Because that means a one -- team isn't gonna go so regardless of what happens in the first weekend in Atlanta their team was -- represent the Southeastern Conference. In the Sugar Bowl so you're exactly right you you gonna need. The widow of the SEC. To beat in the national championship already released behind the eighteenth time out to be in the BCS the whereas. -- the winner -- -- Super Bowl and you get event lords so you know you still are still got a shot but -- -- an easier path. You get to the Super Bowl would have been him for Alabama to run the table and us being the second has seen the SEC the BC -- Doubt they you know it. They were on the table and I mean obviously that's what they've now that I mean there's no way indiscernible extort drove LSU. Consider the -- No no now within your Iraq because it -- -- -- the higher -- entire team to the BCS students that you're exactly right. We're so they -- in the audience think -- do you think them and you look at this now mean they have Jimenez allow us. A close ball game to Florida who's a once beaten team. They lost oh a close game Bonilla issue and they they going to -- in the 82 losses coming home may have lost the game on the road. -- him Georgia Florida Alabama LSU in the conversation who do you think parity is the best team it is easy. We -- and smarter player -- I'm talking I'm talking right now tonight who's your driving home. Who do you think that this team of the Southeastern Conference right now. Our horseshoe bend but don't -- rural -- You still think Alabama okay. Now why you think why you think out why do you think yeah why would you say Alabama buddy -- disaster. Saban about coaching Eric is that as coach of the country. I mean. -- this. You know. Alabama loses today and I -- back in there. That. You know Marquette we want to return down the play you know and not think anything Olympics -- -- -- -- -- that they've -- certainly played a very -- -- -- -- -- You know. You athletic -- -- down -- Alabama Alabama wins. Now I'm here on downtown Alabama LSU Larry. -- probably win here -- split. In neutral -- or tiger -- but I mean you know I don't know. Right now Alabama has more experience they were girls support. I mean tell -- you played probably the circuit and they're all big -- against Alabama. In -- yeah. -- -- -- game probably their lead to consider and the opponent everything at it in a few years last week down the you know. Well without -- -- and -- -- think it away more or stadium aren't. I'll Birmingham about that -- you spent a bit -- right there -- I agree I agree -- Johnson I think. I think you backed up you're back there which you say at the and then you know I think either one of those teams is somebody who called me and seen it once we mention. The two and east Florida Georgia in at three in the west village you Alabama and -- him you could. You can giving you could make a valid point about because you know he had him beat Alabama Alabama BAA and him. And in the course Florida in Georgia enjoyed his won loss was to South Carolina lose to salute a two loss team so. I think did it's it's good conversation and you know from what we have seen Alabama's defense the last two weeks. Are you -- good quarterback play from the opposing team. And at the Alabama defense a look at the numbers here the last two weeks has given up but only 853. Owens. That's four point six on average a game they were just given up about 200. So it's way above them all and they've given up. 500 before and -- passing heroics in the last two games so if we go about what we have seen the last two weeks it's a good passing game. You do whether eternal battle and you play well it's special things. So what does it mean that means Georgia Alabama to -- should be a great matchup Georgia has a veteran experienced quarterback they got a coats is gonna have. A very good game plan I would say much to like he did when he came against LSU a year ago you know a few drops here a few drives there. Jorge is much closer in their bowl game or hit a village here in the ACC championship because they did what they needed to do defensively. At least you give him a first down that ball game in the first half. So I think if it makes perfect conversation but it is great is our teams are right now you know you realize we could be locked out. I've even have a chance at the -- on six straight. National championships and in advance the championship game because if two of these three teams going defeated the three big Notre Dame. -- giving Kansas State in the SEC will be locked out of the national championship game. Back to the phone to go final score LSU 37 Mississippi State seventy will go to Shane on the no -- Slidell Shane thank you for calling WW -- And he worked Robert back from the game right now Mississippi State fans. And I just want to make a point that but various Perkins was not in the game to match. In it could it change the don't. Think tonight you think tonight he really got on track after that don't you know after struggling the last two weeks. Yet they can order of we don't know why it was a play he -- got hurt practice yeah. I don't know shame because -- the people we talked to look at it today this week it to mine and nobody periods in that he he wasn't gonna play you know on I didn't hear anything about -- on the QB and a Bulldog fan did you know anything about that. No we didn't and I got my own and joked with -- Curtis speak. You know this the first time we went to Death Valley yeah -- want to joke and -- -- treatments such hospitality. Well I'm mentally it is staying. You don't see when I when I when I was break it down Mississippi State this week they're kind of wondered what state team which show up tonight they did so well. You know saving games have but you could question because the two teams. If they head of the seven defeating had a winning record which Jackson State and middle Tennessee would tonight Southeastern Conference teams and that the Southeastern Conference team and they hit. Defeated Auburn. Tennessee and Kentucky did have a conference we have but tonight I thought they played. You know -- give him a take I guess you'd say evidence of a loss but from the way you came out against Alabama. And I came out of its a damn if Thomas state fan. I think now I have confidence that I can win my last two -- on going you don't Manning three and didn't three -- a bowl win. I'm I'm tickled to death and obviously -- that happens I think you can accomplish beat Ole miss four years straight. That would -- a hell of a season for Mississippi State. But we're just look at our good old game and yeah the day at U of a Portsmouth we think Jack but he and I am stronger Burton got -- and there was -- quarterback. Yeah he just wears. He just a freshman Murton. The CNN -- another that's another recruit at the University of Texas also out Belichick. No I think you know if somebody told -- it's hit Georgia all of the ones we list that would probably have dog you most against Florida put -- Georgia. Alabama me and him and LSU -- you know that you you can make a valid points all of them but you know when you say if you're only two losses were at home. It took I've seen teams now -- one attempted team with that hand they were becoming a top -- team. Are you did you win owner road he had lost in your first year it is capital. I don't think -- had him would -- being predicted to do this well in the big twelve. These were -- beat Alabama. The Alabama thing and they're very business. And I'm just started in. And keep people jump on the bandwagon Alabama. It's going to be a net. Personally and -- -- -- of the let. Sure racing -- -- it's anyway they got them both you know you can call in shows you can say what you wanna say -- when you give up memory yards and two weeks ago Forte is good defense. Yeah 22 quarterbacks really who kind of green in his -- his act is that. Is a noted that but he hadn't played well up to today game and Johnny Mandela the reds served stressful when you get traded like that. You lose you've got beat so out Alabama's gonna get better draw ball but luckily you know against western Carolina Auburn they're proud -- -- well real quick. It barely went nuts when hurt their sport or is it the fact that they were all in unison on them and I'm sure as they did LSU fans. Don't mean it was Shane thank you would they get a good trip with his son to -- out -- tonight you be safe on the way home thank. All right thank you so much saying all right don't -- I think he's the best team in the Southeastern Conference to from the east. Charges brought the once deacons could be. LSU pay him him or Alabama everybody now in this conference with a loss in May be locked out of the national championship pitcher with three teams to undefeated. In the our division one top team that being organ. Notre Dame in Kansas State and then look at it the remaining games for those teams and those are looking. Notre Dame has a home game -- a Wake Forest in April 8 in Los Angeles -- southern -- Oregon has two very good match at -- -- team team at moments we -- Stanford in and they go to Oregon State that's their arrival. Can't sustained winds up at Baylor next week in a close out at home. Against Texas and improve it takes his ball club a much improved Texas ballclub in a few weeks ago when he gave up 63 points. Two rival Oklahoma back to the -- ago LSU 37 Mississippi State seventeen big G and slide dale thank you for calling WW well. They'd be achieved by doing very well and don't do. How I would just call because you -- big turnovers and then. But it just got to this point lead. As much as I hate Alabama don't -- Alabama's -- straight the Cowboys. But I would rather see it as an Alabama team. Not present as you see in the national championship just to keep our streak off. Yeah that's something some people take an approach I don't think there's any question because they imitate some abbey G. This week star Nomar accords its pro football of all but -- good -- hate. And -- jealousy. Of south Bobo deep south of August -- the conference or if it's he is thought that come out now. -- that you could just hear about it to own a bit of a Talking Heads on a big network before -- sports network. Put this week career because they know they know you're locked out now if two of these three teams don't lose this easy is completely locked out sensitive to pitcher's. -- this is gonna make me go to sleep book and we will try. -- -- Could lose tonight. I mean it took speed. Yeah. He would jail right now so they could move the I don't think that Notre Dame will beat USC every game is as good as USC hasn't looked this year I think he'll be big time. Ready to go for decades and I think we've still got a good shot I mean I don't mean we are Alabama beat top guys -- And had to because you don't we do still. Get a piece of the pie -- Alabama where it's so I've read. That's where I mean -- you to talk about a bunch of one losses now mean a -- to beats Alabama they could be don't want it that would be the one loss team that would have the shot. I don't think Georgia beat Alabama because -- -- Georgia it's been a big big game based bowl like. Like a road a minute thing they'll they'll fold remaining games. Well historically historically that's when they want -- -- -- beat do you regret it when they get that big big game you know when you go oh wait. They were pre season ranked number one they finished outside the top team in so I'll be out of that so be it that you're right I mean it's I just think that the weight -- bill though. And what Alabama has shown it and they got three weeks to get ready for that. You know and out of their games at first the symbol but a good quarterback. And he's the most veteran quarterbacking in proven quarterback of the three would have a bad man Zdeno met burger. And Murray I just think Georgia and if if they come out aggressive like he did against LSU in the title game last year I think they do have a they have better than appoints his chance of that game. And I respect your opinion. No I hope you know that I'm a big character but I truly think that coaching. Will it be the ultimate decision maker even on those coaches or their player on the field Nick Saban will not move. If she's got three weeks to prepare or. Or a Rick are you look -- -- Street where do you make your year -- unique ability Nicklaus did that's what he's got -- western Carolina. And all of a ball club we've been outscored 22 point 381 in conference play you basically got three -- get ready for Joseph you're exactly right. It didn't have a good great -- -- to be pretty didn't go to locate. I be a big do you take -- we appreciate your time LSU 37 Mississippi State seventeen. The Tigers. 390. Yards total offense -- -- come off before 35 performance against segment burger. Sharp again and -- we talk about the end of the game the last half against Alabama in the first half the best stretch of his. The real issue. He did in the Alabama game Lincecum the second half fourteen to 17206. Yards and a touchdown. In the first half against Mississippi State tonight twelve of eighteen. Our 174 yards and two scores so. We talk about those four quarters of football he's been phenomenal. -- quarterback rating touchdown to interception ratio 26 at 353883. Scores so he took another step forward tonight. And I think that's what LSU fans were looking forward to is not regressive I don't think they came out flat. They had to Mississippi State Anthony went scored first and they took care of business and now and Ole miss ballclub that follows a night to Vanderbilt and for the first time in school history. Vanderbilt. His bowl eligible and back to back seasons and they think Vanderbilt -- -- there -- last two games so they have opportunities to do not agree more. Only store numbers. In a national back to the phones we go Marten. In Kitna on line for Martin thank you for calling WWL. All right we with talk if you look where -- lives and my opinion her cup which nick -- both -- -- the upstate village you is that you're the best in the open court notebook that he won't really. As you sit at quarterback who won't be in action. Actually and narrow when you look at a lot of times are working sitters who wore a -- -- policies and that you have to -- -- to direction teams -- well what. That direction that Alabama went in that direction it at army. I don't see how I know what you are you really that with the quarterback work in the way he's worked him out to me I hope they get a -- -- would -- -- -- Also wanna say I'm really proud to have they have ever this week. The media I'm gonna want to pay them that are going to be big rock -- oh yeah. There are hundreds are really -- but these guys who really are playing ball in and -- me personally I'm as glad -- -- what do you think about that yeah. I don't think you know and I'm not in. Missouri. But you know Missouri beat up beat Tennessee a day event that's a big wins and they can still go to a bowl but I think. When you talk about. It was just a natural fit I mean for years been at the rate here is their town so to speak to Texas. Now you can go into living rooms of of young man's home that you could offer him something different to the flagship school of the state. I was different every week if this facility that facility we got -- 2000 students at all you -- -- on -- students. Staying in College Station but if you can come play in the Southeastern Conference and imitate -- the coach that they have. It's phenomenally when he built that lead today -- -- -- they were on a windy without it looked wanted zero. But I knew they would lose because. They weren't being aggressive enough and he he was aggressive throughout -- at least some of the passes they they've they've made lately about game in a freshman. Quarterback against that you know he's their team I mean this coaches phenomenal and he. He's proven that you know that type offense can't play well I mean I mean what other environment can you go -- it would be. Much to other than other than Tiger Stadium which they'll play him next year but going at Alabama. And drop -- what -- -- will show it against their defense and that was that was a hell of a statement today by you know. Speak it that that -- and I'm from a nuclear but that I was sick so -- know what what was the knowledge that I was there. I'm glad that he would be -- the passion that we all have about emotionally SEC and the possibility. We may not get to the big game. Don't you the kind of -- him right here in the pac ten of the people here in years past after you want so what about that I hope that continues. Because you know the matter who it is. No it's going to be able atop are the years that we didn't straight Tennis -- but we're not in there it would be interesting to eighteen to win. I -- I was stationed there so once said that organ should be number one because this consistently good for a few years. OK so he's still never got to the Patriots and they couldn't get in the big dance. Even went to SEC teams in the decision did it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's good of football -- burned out like that. If you think you know to me off for a playoff system you got a big chance when that happened to -- -- to get too much yet. Yea you do it I think a -- -- and I thank you so much for the call but you know our target is a solid program though I mean they they -- harmony you know that was for the golf industry Jeff. They've played defense they go to -- basic to a low all season long when they lost and close on a couple years ago Cam Newton and company won the national championship but -- you know. I I -- ally to me know what biggest things in Vegas going to debate they thought Alabama to Alabama and Auburn. Alabama would only be a four point favorite over Oregon and now I think you go to CDs whose address these conferences before we get. It's their playoff format in two years the best way. To not have to deal with the SEC give hope they beat each other up like this year. And visit -- team standing what know losses. And just completely lock out the SEC because the SEC could be locked out of this national championship. -- The SEC can beat anybody that plays an -- Tampa -- boutique in this conference can beat any of those undefeated teams in at least two. But it may -- where you don't even get a shot. -- play for the national championship let's go to Vijay in their tree on line to PT thank you for calling WW ago. Yeah are you going OK first of all -- saying c'mon we eight and Cory -- Sent home the second overall. What winning just stuck paying these kids. Sort of millions and millions and millions of doubt that this generation but it schools I mean as he beat them as well as DC a couple of scenes. You know into the NFL I mean he's hitting it very underground line. It made it pay out I'm here where you've gone I don't all of you because of how big they -- and you know how great -- -- -- they -- because they deserve some type this -- and I think there's many -- points -- -- sticking. That you could argue that they deserve some type of you know some type of money. Competent and you know I mean. All the like you said the four letter network say they gonna have a field day there are -- They had no idea I can I answer BJ. Hit a few minutes us all get ready for the night I mean they go they don't take it and run with it because now they -- is going to be like you know all night I don't even have a you know we locked out you know less to at least three lose the SEC has locked up. Right exactly and you know what machine like he said I mean. -- put out to dial them up like against any of those teams and his wife before and so. I've only might -- might start -- these kids would have to do they got to keep their way up they gotta stay in shape I'm a person named back there Hammel listen period. Matt Flynn Glenn Dorsey Craig -- Patrick Peterson. All of us the ability to keep going on and that in all really good players and -- a. -- yes. They know I know no question about it and Vijay I think is so much for the time. Developing story in Auburn where tonight the Tigers -- 38 to zero to the Georgia Bulldogs only they Rambo is less a seven and a half million dollar buyout is what is being the number. On Gene Chizik contract. We welcome manageable and always they don't talk Auburn as we welcome now SEC fans don't I'll point out there's LSU defeated Mississippi State 37 to seventeen. Ryan -- of Auburn undercover joins us now Bryant. It was to buy the straw that broke him back and Gene Chizik was the vibe over an hour or all sorts of numbers. Going into this date dating game that they've got some type a source from. Offered big week that they're prepared to maybe go a different direction. He is Gene Chizik done. You don't. Well you know I think that a camels back we've broken a few weeks ago and now you're thinking you know -- -- I've been beat the plane -- out and unfortunately. Can't think that yeah -- met you on the radio but just I don't know really doubt that he is done and I'll probably get his walking papers they're to a truly held every game or two more weeks those -- just another. Another terrible showing by the city and a blowout loss to essentially trading -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- back to last year yeah and not think most of those have been by certain people which are more be a blowout type it. Bryant out and I realized Auburn won a national championship but won't we -- we just talk about the scrutiny of -- coaches in this conference. I looked at the Tennessee Arabs. And I'll look at the Auburn Harold some scratching my head. How would you do Gene Chizik gets tired in the first place. So I mean I know he had Auburn but I mean if anybody has she taken aim away some and you if you throw a resonate in my face. And you go to a Southeastern Conference who I don't care if it's Kentucky is Vanderbilt Ole miss or whatever. And you bring in the media got its back in nineteen bright as a head coach. Coming off a three and that you know -- it's in season. And -- -- I was supposed to be the best he's just don't even get this job. Well I mean that a lot of people and you're retired you know. But do it's ridiculous. But they didn't know you don't want -- -- and sick into the -- -- interviewed those people and -- guy in. He got too weird to look like go to. But that have those players -- program they're such there's been hard nosed attitude well we're gone and get spoke but I left there's a firing offense. Oh got to let the team that those who are. You know lay down -- -- around. Doesn't really compete. Ultimately you have to group took. You'd be epic game against LSU or Alabama or Georgia. Or Florida that your. -- Matthews of Auburn undercover is us this is hitting around the southeast account were taken on 8 AM and -- A little later in the program Mike's golf pro tiger bait dot com will be what -- -- the point after. LSU 37 Mississippi State seventy were at the Bears casino hotel at the stadium. Bar -- -- one out in Jonas let's take a call let's go to David on -- three David thank you for calling WWL. How big. You don't turn skin didn't I hear you. Pay ya look at this sort of say the same there's a lot of college ball low wallet got a -- Mississippi State fans and we would treat -- a main you know early on to go to the game we just -- in the driveway and dominant. And disordered -- thanks for the hospitality and I'll tell you what I heard several terms. It's all about their entries say they have. -- David I'm I'm glad I'm glad to hear that and I'm I'm I'm actually going to now on the won't be installed really Shipley two weeks some come -- city. Today both somehow get to sit down allied to go to one game a year. -- check -- a different atmosphere is targets and to see that in this city fans go at each other that would help Leo bit. You able hopefully we treat though we have Strahan though no list players treat just for fun but you don't you -- trade to the further. And I didn't do it but even. Thank you so much thank you so much for the time. Ramat you know Auburn undercover is a special guest who we could have four vacancies in the southeast accounts Soriano to official Kentucky. Homily -- basically saying to get it we took a Phillips has done. We knew going into about the midway point over and all could -- that touchdown it was Smith with just the kind of a band data temporary. Guy that is -- all that Sony's new leadership. And now Auburn. And also Tennessee Bryant now the fun part I guess you'd say moving forward. Who are some names I guess some wishful names have been some serious I think they gonna -- issue think. -- awful glad to -- his that they just Jay Jacobs keep his job. Well you right now look like yours. Theories have been campaigning behind the scenes they've -- down. You're. You know become unfettered think -- -- -- the replied good -- leadership. But I would make both don't know but he just put their war bonds playing through. But I try to keep this job and but it but it becomes somehow our new coach I don't know how much. Helpful I am a supporter you'll be at the process notably the president the -- recently down but it felt like figure reform committee. But to do that then you're out there and you're really committed but it'll be some. -- being. You know members of the board or are we certain so a lot of -- of the present -- the word ridiculous but -- Yeah and you know assuming demote Richard maybe your airline. And Albert and wish list. Alou not not think you have the art but -- barely know or may be seeing it or. Bryant and you know Charlie Strong Ramallah Lugo and other candidates that the -- but I I think -- -- -- -- on -- -- don't say. You know what coach that is ridiculous are the but -- forget the double B a picked. I got the bigger well look good. You know you your career marks both the linebacker coach at Alabama to be. I got to -- both sides of. Bryant and then now it's -- heavy gym both Fisher now that's intriguing name and I heard a lot of -- into going today's game. If I'm Jim both -- I'm in the ACC. You know on a -- yeah I lose a game out of some of the BCS I go to where available on the Nike people read it maybe every now and then I'm going to -- Can't play for the national championship. Just so much easier at hand while when I leave there come nor. Well. You know give those -- he has turned it over coached here. Like this from a year and a homer is your -- you couldn't competing at levels so. Others on some things they can tell so but I think that would be a tough Sheila -- you know absolutely. -- how can everybody get the latest on Auburn Tigers and seemingly. That it's only time before a coaching speaking -- Yet you know look now with a great tennis and our -- side to the find out exactly. What's gonna happen and what it's gonna happen partial partial. -- work with that does a great job come in this opinion. -- expect to be the first one that have been out there and when it's official certainly didn't she could go out and the lowly job when it comes to -- Assumption you're coaching that you can turn up for free prospect for thirty days. Brian thank you so much outta town will be stayed in touch with him a man. Corporate. All right thank you so -- Gene Chizik does think 24 months ago. The Auburn Tigers on their way to a national championship one of the best seasons in the history of college so well by the end Cam Newton. And this season at Auburn tonight loses 38 to zero. To Georgia that's a big round you know Alabama and enjoy to deep -- owners Robert in conference play they've been outscored. 2243. To 81 including 101 point one wanted the last two games 63 -- wanted to give him a 38 to zero. To Georgia and they've been beaten on average in this conference but when he points -- ball game so we're looking at now where they could before. For new coaches in the Southeastern Conference take a time out come back more because he had to come which kicked him off pass waters of -- yellow dot com will be what is. Is a and M gets the big we'll. They get a dagger in the Crimson Tide of maybe the Southeastern Conference this afternoon. It's the SEC that is has the hope that two of the three remaining undefeated teams in college football will go down to think the big conversation in hopes of one loss teams. And LSU 37 to seventeen with over Mississippi State -- -- who do you think right now he's the best team in the SEC it is Jones. -- -- -- Is an LSU. They give him. -- Alabama plus Mike's golf world tiger -- -- -- artist at 1230 when the stadium bunker and the Bears casino hotel a bad routes. All the home of the Tigers this is WW. And welcome back final score LSU 37 Mississippi State seventeen didn't. Brady began to call up won't all of today's action with a college football school board felt in the morning at. -- -- starts at 8 AM Oceana restaurants or did that kind of tie in the French Quarter did you sit foot. New Orleans and Atlanta one of the best drivers in professional football as they -- no -- it's gonna take on the three and five Saints today. Knew that tinian as the by my count down to kick off outside of gate C. Of the Mercedes-Benz superdome a 1204. It's eating seafood in the French Quarter here on Saints radio. WW. You back to the phone though Alabama for Jason on I want thank you for calling Debbie did you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a big Alabama fan I guess spit my Alabama would I do appreciate the fact that. Village you report that you're on the radio about ten meters -- and -- appreciate that -- pretty clashes that you know late thank you get in our side you know we do one basic finish to win. The Jets are I'm not really LSU -- -- -- you know we've been from a separate breed dog. During that Mac championship what they wanted to stay around of those schools where the -- that everybody else in the country loves to have a. So there are you know landed Jason limits AM I don't know if you have a chance that. Watched facilities that I was able to watch it briefly get ready here we got about a minute window in between that did that work goes off that we kimono man that. If people are not you know on hold but you know put the -- each other the southeast economy look I realize there's some -- he would you know mean Ole miss Mississippi State Alabama Auburn. And in a lot of you don't different has it -- sometimes he rattled -- -- SEC but I just people format. I can understand that but after this week you can they don't get a whole it's a real dose of how. This discovered his respected but this week. This guy was is givers to get I -- -- that they don't hammer us they don't cameras bad is because they know now they were locked out you know we are locked out. A list to east three teams and undefeated elusive you know we don't have a chance. Well up like that's what's going -- first so when -- get that playoff system probably pistol grip then saved those and we made each other we're still going to break you don't failed. When we get out there and we're actually -- it gives the other people in the country you know I worked pretty bad on the field these computers mirrored by Guerrero. Spontaneity that walker Herschel talker you know we put burst -- particular definition actually go out my probably would but -- -- anybody in the country in. It's only -- -- problem are -- probably efficient fiber when the game's over but. -- -- know I'll have to we appreciate our government and I doubt our last week we won't -- it out had last week it would trotted in this league that didn't work this. -- -- I've -- job I of the immensely through. We're pretty sure Q yeah I don't know where they play where Jason Jason thanks so much for the call we appreciate artists get too caught up a wild day in their college football date with eight career. Remains scoreboard. In the third quarter a third ranked Oregon 24. Think now Bears seventeen -- games is in Berkeley. Early in the third UCLA all over Washington State 37 to seventeen event that they put a date it was Texas they have mammoth. Home Alabama twenty. 224. And that was that tragedy stadium in Tuscaloosa -- stated day. But he had him all game long game -- -- advance sales with a big Clinton but this was a very big play in the okay. There's this. Yeah he's Rolen he's throwing pitchers did. It is just intercepted a club and a dirty and after a five yard line. Five yard line and Brett got cheated on -- big god I want. They -- is it time the 36. So. It takes is an am radio network there's Alabama was down point and it's -- before they hit. Gotten close by big ball from eighteen but can Nomar -- did they come back with another long ball Canadian makes a tackle. No fourth and goal from the two alien defense differently than they come back and get a first down and they going to win -- -- and a point four. Over the previously undefeated Alabama crimson dad go to monthly -- today everything in the national championship picture now. Also was Kansas State remaining undefeated with 43 team on the rural 43 team went on the road at TCU. They likewise they win this evening it just let -- Tony won his sixth all of Boston College Auburn falls -- 38 to zero. At home on the plane -- Georgia. Where they could be looking for a new -- will be looking for the Knicks coach -- -- to -- friend Matthew took all of the public tells us. Florida gets fourteen point the last two minutes of the ballgame including a plot points. That was returned for a school budget they -- deacons with two seconds left to come from behind to defeat the universe of Louisiana Lafayette. 47 according to David Hill Griffin stadium he -- field. -- score LSU 37 to seventeen over Mississippi State next week to thirty LSU. Against Ole miss against -- the final game of the season event roots in the end they'll go to. Arkansas who played the Razorbacks they entered Thanksgiving Santana defeats are consolidate. 38 point that we -- Brice stadium into at Columbia it was Syracuse knocking off previously undefeated in ninth ranked Louisville. 45 to 46. Part of saint loser that day against Stanford at Palo Alto point seven at 43 of big events we could have packed up at Stanford. Visiting -- -- and Austin stadium. For the twelve Oklahoma 42 Baylor 34. Of them a thirteen Clemson 45 Maryland standard. Nebraska and a controversial win today over Penn State 3223. Seventeen ranked Texas are you -- make great Darryl passed away earlier this week opening up in the wishbone formation that day. They -- Iowa's David Austin 33 to seven the middle Troy USC gets off the -- and they can feed. Arizona State 38 to seventeen and two games left for the trojans against UCLA. And then against Notre Dame. Louisiana Tech and a shoot out remains just that one loss on the season that was fifth. Texas a man -- -- defeat Texas State today. 6255. In overtime Texas Tech 41 can't just 34 it was for Rutgers 48. The seventh hope all of -- it's going -- -- 23 in the country in the overtime it was 44 ranked -- west elucidate the big house the Michigan 38. To 31. Other games going on right now it is BYU 42 to stand over Idaho. Wisconsin -- their ticket to the Big Ten championship with a sixteen to fourteen win over Indiana. Cincinnati survive the big east they defeat temple 34 attended -- one point better than Miami of Florida authority won it. 240. Missouri and all the times over. Tennessee 51 authority Derek Dooley more than likely on his way out at the balls on -- hole at six. -- conference play with two games remaining against Vanderbilt. And against. Kentucky North Carolina falls sort of -- to take 68 to fifty. -- Carolina state 37. Wake Forest. Six in other college action this afternoon was -- As they photo Oklahoma State 55. 234 Vanderbilt become bowl eligible for the second straight season for the first time in school history. If they beat Ole miss at odds with 4726. The rebels must win one game -- -- -- to -- -- up LSU -- streak of Mississippi State to become a bowl eligible for any state college football scores it was a Memphis over Tulane 37. Point three. All the -- tonight if van rouge it was Alabama State 31 of the so I'm thirty. -- off my glove over Grambling 24 to seventeen -- defeats nichols' statements that make up the Texans 34 point four. Hit a solid college it was Sam Houston State 52 Volquez to say. Seventeenth university of Texas at San Antonio defeats make these they -- 31 to 44. And the southeast alliance with a big victory over Stephen F Austin 42. It's 47 we will continue with a point out that next televised golf pro tiger -- dot com a dog this football pick our don't want a 1 AM here. And -- will be John about -- -- waters of Aggie -- dot com as the big win today. Head if -- tour event it's 44 over Alabama Haskell was LSU 37. Mississippi State seventeen is the point out the problem Bears casino hotel event routes at the stadium bar and grill right here on tiger radio. Visit WW.