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11-11 3:30pm Joe Vitt

Nov 11, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She's a big win for our football team today. We I was a player you can pick of football team the last taco -- -- undefeated they've got. Outstanding weapons offense to playing great solid defense -- special teams showed up. It took a great Greg great week of preparation by our football team I can't say enough about our assistant coaches in the game plan they put together. No our run game coordinator are -- with a run game -- the head -- was phenomenal. It's a good win forced council on Oakland and now. We have big challenge this week the questions. -- I listened huge doing. Thank you and your master of the obvious this week. You know we made plays we had to make plays defensively and are known to their stars of the game had a chance to go ahead -- it. Everybody kept our poise in the call they really call on defense. And make plays when you don't. It was it was encouraging to see. Nate -- it was encouraging to see defensively is. They are our run defense was much better today has been all year long. It's something yours talk about always going. He respects or a great job of staying positive our defense our defense is taken on the challenge to try to get better. It worked hand him walking together to get it done. So you know we get we -- we got we get better today we had to play better in order be good football team. Again. Jars are lying to you. Your eyes are going to. Can you rise or why did you see our -- like. I -- here and missing time anybody -- Jimmy Graham's big catch. In the fourth quarter energized our sideline you know Chris has been growing energize our sideline. You know -- plays that you made the two minute drill was unbelievable. Energize our sideline. This football team that's been through a lot and stuck together and they're happy for another one when the whistle and makes a big play and you know. This is the nature this football team. That I -- this years you were quite get better every day. You know this football team my. This win today -- was a culmination of these guys to come together from day one. This football team -- so for our coaches do a great job and said this before -- did a great Joseph keep working together. And now they come to work with a sense of purpose every day they don't point fingers and they work hard to get better every day and that's what they've done and not. Missed -- more this football team and we take great pride trying -- to -- players are buying into what we try to preach and do. Know we've got the right guys and now. We got to get through this week no big week. You know listen I. I there's there's none members of the defense we won a world championship we have played one of the highest level. They were -- -- day of practice they've got great camaraderie. Around they've got accountability. Nobody likes the position we were doing and know what he's got a position as you work hard every day indeed tell your assignment. You know practice with a sense of purpose not only here you know to prepare for your opponent. Which are ongoing skill development and that's what they've done it's a credit to our coaches. Yeah you know listen. We have some trust -- he's made the biggest kicks this franchise ever had. And that was good to see him make that -- -- Because they're great job all day long kick off. Now I think my opinion he's a mobile power. Or coverage units have been outstanding. -- saluted the transition within the return game now with Darren being hurt but don't they were court every day. And no more Koreans we. He's a good summer. He's an outstanding -- he's a good cook. You know I think. Of course come along way I think he's had a mature quickly because we demand a lot of pressure him early. I think that this game is not too big for him he's got outstanding -- but this isn't. Well the play he made -- -- are outstanding and now. Hopefully he continues to get better -- would depend upon him. -- It's I don't know if it's -- -- filed talk about. -- -- that right now. -- slope is a good football player. And Curtis -- to play professional who doesn't get caught up with who he's playing and where he's playing just. He's got tremendous pride. To put his a game on the field every game. He's not a lot to us I said this before we knew he was a good football player. And that's why we acquired him a pro personal stiff does an outstanding job with Brian -- And now we don't know kind of person was you never know what they kind of person until they get the building. He works his butt off every day he's got the respect of his teammates. And now he plays his game a great great passion. Here. Know what we -- report bureau now. -- --

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