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Nov 12, 2012|

Dave talks about the Saints win over the Falcons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this twelfth of November 2000 -- wow isn't modern day ads and wow what an awful way to start out if you're trying to get Metairie in -- New Orleans right now I suggest you take airline. War you'd take veterans to the -- train overpass and come in that way because this rack is right when you cross the parish line. Right there as you make your way around that curve. From Metairie into New Orleans under the railroad overpass. And it sneaks up by new and suddenly. Three -- lanes are blocked. Just like yes they just sent out flyers and they have a guy unit on the scene with the big flashing error telling you to move over but you don't see it. You're on top of it -- -- serious suspicion we're gonna have two or three more wrecks there reality either comes up on your -- that's on you know you're going along at sixty miles an hour and then Rome. -- move over four lanes to your right and I barely made it. Because you don't see it until it's too -- And it's in it's raining and the blue lights and the yellow lights -- guys there terrible conditions -- slippery of visibility is bad you know if you are traveling from Metairie. Into New Orleans please do yourself a favor and either take veterans to -- to train which is -- little better war. Really the best solution take airline drive on in the city. Because they'll wind at all. Or if you stand mystic tan. I'd been getting on the I ten and maybe make -- way cute canal or at least in fields that. That me do yourself a favor because that's that's gonna get worse before it -- talking about better. All cash all manner. All. Wife hello again. Well -- the day OK okay hop. Trying to. Signing day and Hussein -- beat their hated hated rival. That's how. You talk about a male fighter. My goodness you said is gonna come down to a three point difference at the end it was horrors that you were darn close awful qualities. And it's got there that nation feeling pretty darn good news. To me that made this season that fans has yet it is and it's just great stuff and and it was a total team effort I mean you know look at the defense to -- stands at the end there yeah I I just resumed. They were gonna get that touchdown and then we got no time on the clock. I was on the clock about -- career he has not in van that what sort of been the game winning Pakistan. -- snuffed out there. Final chance I would text and it that it that it is awesome awesome game it was like Christmas after the game he. Good reported a big is that any Freddie -- -- opinion poll. Do you think the saints can make the playoffs well a lot of it detonation -- a pretty good. More than three quarters 77% this yet -- could now make the playoffs. Point 3% those -- now it's still gonna take home just about winning out in May -- losing one game. Is based on my mathematics. Calculations which may be a little suspect it. The way I look at it just looking at what other teams are doing. The saints in. Still afford to lose more than one game don't expect -- while you look across the way again. When the whole lot of folks -- you know it is barely over 500 if they're if they're even up. That did this game break the spirit of the falcons and what they go into a tailspin and suddenly start losing games. I don't the same thing happened at Tampa Bay and the saints beat Tampa and Atlanta again. A lot of unanswered questions. I just don't see any scenario was really when TSE with the NFC's now. I guess theoretically it's possible. Be tough speaking of the SEC now that's -- now but that's a fair amount charged goes down then let's agree you know have. National championship without an SEC team. Now. They get three undefeated teams now none of which are from the SEC. You're gonna -- for the national championship Kansas State is the new number one seemed. -- Or not. Notre Dame. Are these unbeaten team is better than a water loss SEC team. The computers and the Cuban vote yes. -- lot of calculating going on right now wow. If it's meant more for them well there's a lot Q my folks. Staying -- and make the playoffs. With a falcons go to details -- -- other BS national championship with no SEC TE. Talk about all this and more with Christie -- coming up next I'll take a look at your rainy forecast today in the -- much colder forecast for the rest of the week. From the -- or forecasts that are. And we'll get an update Korea on the I ten heading from Metairie in the New Orleans although one lane blocked a move all the way over your right to get on him right in the. Around great now let's see that in the end so a 129. Yard touchdown strike. How about that Jimmy Graham apparent TDs and faking us out on the slam pulled a 360 and then -- in the ball over the crossbar. Gave them creative with his dunking ability more on that coming up in just a moment existing wind taken -- the previously undefeated -- it's -- in cash. Cats and dogs on both the north and South Shore right now and it's caused the crash as you're heading from Metairie in to New Orleans right there at the railroad overpass. It goes all the way from warplanes to one lane all the way to the rights of the three left the lanes are blocked right now. Heading from New Orleans and -- do yourself a favor. And take airline and it helped a little bit if you're on veterans and all the way to -- to train and get on there have been better to take. Airline or stay with 610 for at least the next half hour forecast. A good chance for showers and storms first thing this morning. And clouds this afternoon at the front moves and Temps around 78 but falling into the sixties then mostly cloudy tonight gradual clearing lows in the forties for your Tuesday mostly sunny high of 63. And Wednesday mostly sunny and a high of 65. -- the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist larva. Don't worry about what it feels like out there now because it's -- -- all day and currently -- both sides of the lake but hopefully this trying to get out of here by launch times sports. Now -- -- got out. Like lunchtime it's Christian and hectic at. Mid term -- -- thank you mr. saint Sadler reports. Very funny typically when the saints and falcons a couple of field David. The game comes down to the final -- that did once again yesterday in the superdome. Many eyes nose for the football. Looks to his right throws back at the end. Then -- -- the do you play. Jabari Greer slips away from -- why -- states that nano. The saint Stevens come up with a huge goal line stand there here's what it sounded like. On the falcons radio network. We'll bring an oppressive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The saints went on to win a game 31 at 47 and -- the Atlanta Falcons their first loss of the season the saints have -- for the last five games -- world is on the road this week. Against the Oakland Raiders elsewhere in the NFC south at -- bay Buccaneers get it done over the San Diego Chargers. 34 -- -- for the Bucs are now five and four on the season the Denver Broncos crushed the Carolina Panthers 36 to fourteen Sunday Night Football and it rains -- Soldier Field. Houston Texans get by the Chicago Bears thirteen to six Chicago committed. Six turnovers. In the loss in college football the latest BCS standings look like this Kansas State is now number one organ comes in. And number two the fighting Irish of Notre Dame are third in the land Alabama fall to number four after their loss to Texas a and M over the weekend the Georgia Bulldogs. Are in at number five -- whose office was sharp again on Saturday night as the tigers. Took down the Mississippi State Bulldogs and homecoming 37 a seventeen quarterback. -- -- -- -- that a pre season hype as he completed nineteen of thirty passes for 273. Yards and two touchdowns. You know the Harvard people and saw all season long -- start at five come together. -- series are -- arousal it's laws protecting really well enough. -- put the ball lower and is -- Tigers take on hold this this Saturday on the road in the LA lakers have hired Mike Antonio Mike and Tony as their new basketball coach after firing Mike Brown on Friday today at four on to -- to be well it's -- second -- show live. From the -- the for casino and basic Lewis who Bobby Hebert and might TA file about the saints coaches show I'm crushing Garrick and leisurely look at sport. Like two minutes after 5 AM got a text message Christian it says I am sure everyone who wrote the saints dobbs should feel stupid now. Who dat is this person getting carried away along with -- 77%. Of those voting in a big gates every project working in apple announcing the saints will make the playoffs. Not really -- carried away but it. You still gotta get the 500 that's the that's the key needs to have another showdown with the Atlanta Falcons coming up in about eighteen days and oh by the way you have San Cisco coming your place. And a couple weeks but as a team to start of kind of find themselves I think their. They'll be playing their best football down the stretch which is the most important they're thirteen and -- in the month of November. You told us last week they had their swagger back that it did this to look like the team that we've seen do so many amazing things. In the recent years and they went out there and they did have their swagger on Sunday. But -- and can they make the playoffs if they lose more than one game mechanic only afford to lose one more game and hope to make the play a. He's gonna take ten wins in the US if you look at Aaron right now you -- non. Teams like Minnesota Seattle come back of the pack a little bit nothing that's gonna happen but the state of the daycare business but they've got to get that ten. Win threshold and currently four and five right right -- they -- six. More of the next seven games so years here with me when you can lose one and that's about it yeah. And hoped to make the play thank you Christian but we've seen this team rip off 89 in a row before yes we have. And today it looks like the team that did that uses. And you -- make a prediction will they -- well that's an idea. Our listeners. Now I don't really feel like economy Alicia feel good I mean it is a team he's knocked off the only unbeaten team. And defense. I know they're gonna get blasted for giving up a 400 yards again. But it's about reds on the -- the bend don't break mentality and and when it counts. In the red zone that's for each of them to force field goals not touchdowns they've done that the last two weeks of work. And it worked the rest of the season bankers we'll talk more about that point -- -- sports and also your thoughts on that national championship with no SEC team that had happened. And are these three unbeaten teams better than a one loss SEC teams particularly Alabama. All right I'm Dave you know and good news a little bit after coming from Metairie and a new war -- on the -- They were able to cut to people out of one of those vehicles involved in the crash and now they've apparently moved everything off to the last only the last two lane is blocked now. The other right lanes are open -- not nearly as bad heading it. As you make -- -- on the I ten from -- into new war. Second floor for the saints from the one yard line. -- put him up now right throws up. Don't want to open -- Grant -- the -- a back and say it's. How about that Jimmy Graham back on I hear her now that fire that rain is the problem across the region this morning. As we had a -- Monday showers and storms possible this morning. Been a gradual queried as we get into the after -- temperatures around 70 this morning but all in its sixties. Clout to begin that and tonight lows dropping into the forties and Tuesday some sunshine. But much cooler highs of 63 and Wednesday mostly sunny and a high of 65. From the islands these forecasts that currently -- just -- -- Else. Sunny skies later not now we got rain on both sides of the -- seventy the airport 69 slide out to -- idea what's coming authority fifty evidence that voters are temperatures falling. Throughout the day. It is a sound familiar people on the hurricane strikes -- -- wondering where's that help the -- CBS news is fifty billion dollars. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news it is November is that wealth that is 2000 well and it is a victory Monday. 111212. Day and and smiles all around all The Who had -- yes that Soledad I can't. Given evidence a second intent for the saints from their 44 yard line they trailed nothing here right side by ivory ivory. Now. He -- 45 this having been. It's that's ends up 56. -- Bristol library. He would not go down he would use or lose it down to that nothing to that point out that. Around York Portland thing. Okay okay okay -- Man I would get drunk off all afternoon a budget of the whole room of definitely an -- so. On the -- -- on the floor -- yeah. Especially the goal line stand with them act out. Packet that was like -- now I have to don't know even in the living room I did a lot of standing there and I don't wrong. I just rolled after they stopped them from Oregon -- resilient. Anyway the -- that. Mechanic and procedures couldn't believe it. All right Chris and I agree that distinction there's one more game and still make that wildfire. One when our laws on CNN evidence. As -- mathematically that looked pretty good that they they can do it and they essentially run the table. I like it like yesterday -- yeah you know and that's laggard in the defense shut that down and read them. Well there's no question the defense is doing a whole new thing and -- this bill allowing. More yards now they are any other team in fact. An -- I think the record. For the number of yards he passed yesterday in the law. We get that same defense -- gives up a lot of yards with David shut them down when they're not right. I don't know my heart and take no I didn't I can't take many more of those exit seven or with time running out you've given us the enemy go to. While on the one foot line what are you gonna know. And apple did you wasted your arithmetic as Jack gives them room and then design time upon that's yeah that was my finger on why didn't want to -- game. -- motorist turned the ball over there I'd say you're right. -- predicted a three point saints' victory was a four point victories on the view way yeah solid a gold star for that. Big and that you're right about the box office to Oakmont was much of a no brainer -- panel went terribly hard but. But the point he got it right used at that sky fall would be number one and not only was it number wine. But the 23. At James Bond film hauled in a franchise record 87 point eight billion dollars. Per week and US theaters. Commander bonding company he had do you bring in the rest of the worldwide total and it's half a billion dollars already. And for this James Bond film -- Ralph drops to second followed by flight. And Steven Spielberg's Lincoln which we told it was opening in limited capacity -- check this brought in nearly. A million dollars in just eleven theaters across the country. So it's set up for a big weekend coming -- -- bloody day doesn't wide opening up this week man now why now is what's very impressive. And I -- by saying I'd intended I told the legacy that James Bond movie. But real life got in the way. You know between LSU game and the saints game what had happened that weekend the Alabama game to had to watch that because -- had a feeling it was right Alabama and losing to Texas and man. And things like you know. Claiming that -- all the honey do list didn't didn't quite measure defined naked that -- it's on the agenda it's gonna happen -- the days are right thank you David back to about twenty minutes more -- Chris Miller joins us from the super now after saints and Gregory happy. Where if they're black single performance. Yesterday. Yes it's not a warm now but the cold weather is dominant along with that the rain let's go live and DirecTV. Eyewitness News forecast center and snake -- bad bought games and it's this meteorologist Laura bucked. Round it's got to meet Monday in it to the saints win the how Manny. Have -- think that just the saints when opening hated hated now -- things of that unit news mortgage news development all of the lanes now I'm. And an act from Metairie and new Portland's. Early morning commuters on afterward about that but they still have the rain didn't. There it is still some showers especially south with the lake North Shore it's been a little bit heavier but even north of the lake. We're gonna see some of that heavier rain come to an out of the heaviest right now through. Parts of saint Tammany an -- around Picayune at -- bill. South of the -- we've seen some showers passing through and still expect a little bit of light rain for the next I would say maybe hour to two hours. That's really -- it's not going to rain all day it's mostly kind of an early morning type of that but one thing you will notice temperatures are going to fall quickly behind this front. So we almost need like our our bat belt couple of years has yes morning it's going to be raining when most people go to workers school yes he's in another hour Q rights and then the temperatures start falling so while it's like seventy now when they come home from school or work it's going to be one. It's going to be probably in the lower sixties a case of apple and Griese yes and it just gets even colder tonight. Tonight in the forties so I I would think maybe leaks or your rain jacket is also a jacket to Wear for cool temperatures to combine the two yellow windbreaker or some something for today. Because yes temperatures are at fault for example it's seventy Portland's right now but -- RT 57. In that country. Today is that thirteen. Thirteen degree drop in -- and -- hours -- stairwell and by this time tomorrow we'll have some of the coldest -- we've seen yet this season -- -- have back in the thirties -- you know upper thirties to upper forties cut -- you know without really -- on so tomorrow morning with the winds and the club and the -- I would -- probably heavier -- for tomorrow all the -- gone after lunch today and it just told -- yesterday. It that they school sunshine back tomorrow at the clock and stick around through the afternoon Tuesday cavity yet today but -- that tomorrow and be with this through Friday that a meteorological term yeah yucky. Update that it began on the and a seven day forecast yeah yeah. How to spell that that it's more of you now. I'm now officially today yeah yes we yet and that. How much would you pay veterinarians. If you war. Little -- Needed. And -- -- I would I would do it needed to be time well about a decade ago I asked several local Coca veterinarians. And they told me then this is about ten years ago that bit about 250 bucks is the cut that most Rockwell if you bet anything. Concert tour -- -- act as if it was more than 250 bucks most people with it's not good given the shot but -- Now that -- we just surveyed says. In the last ten years the last decade that's gone up about 2000. Dollars and are willing to span if they're pat has a broken lamb if they -- About respiratory problem if they have. Whatever the medical -- as most people now well and spent about 2000 dollars to go in the local veterinarians. Before they even consider owning a -- that. I mean I spent almost fifty dollars annually so sometimes it seems like every -- he added that it it I don't people who spend that the pet store design. Always on the bones and things. Believe it to fifteen girls they would put that pat down it was like a lot of -- over the last ten years that's far more part of the family -- they all ran out yet -- respected and but you grant to keep your dog alive no problem. The main amp amp amp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- he is your -- It have a day but now -- in -- from the channel four forecasts that being a little boys -- Eric thanks. With sports. Supplying those fourth and goal from the two yard run. Ryan in the shotguns Billingsley is the Julio Jones those emotions -- doing many eyes nose for the football. Looks to his right throws Beckett. The end -- broke up. Do you play. -- -- -- -- -- Ronnie White the mistakes that. How much -- was that man and all came down to that really and that game that fourth. Down play right there a ball right at the yard line in the saints' defense again bending but not breaking. Remorse straight ahead in sports with Kristian -- -- like take this moment. To -- a very happy veterans day to eucharist and Garrick thank you for your service to our nation. Today's the day we observe veterans day yesterday the official holiday so thank you mr. marine thank you for Saturday. Saturday with the with the if they have Hebert best answer this. As you get with a big market that's been. So there goes perfection as well. -- -- not the answer crap like nobody stands out as. Gonzales had the first down on the floor sideline then grabbed the puck well the saints are gonna drop the falcons from the ranks of the unbeaten. That's how it ended for the saints and the falcons as New Orleans had a Atlanta. Their first loss of the season 31 point seven in the superdome coach -- it talks about the big win for his team. You know we made plays when had to make plays defensively and unknown to their stars of the game had a chance to go anywhere it. Everybody kept their poise in the call they really call defense. Don't look now but the state of all the sudden one for the last five games and continue their dominance in the month of November with the winning streak of thirteen straight new worlds is on the road this week against the Oakland Raiders elsewhere in the NFC south of Tampa Bay Buccaneers got it done. Over the San Diego Chargers 34 point four issued out of box are now fighting for the Denver Broncos crushed the Carolina Panthers 36 to fourteen. Sunday Night Football in the NFL the Houston Texans take down. The Chicago Bears thirteen to six college for all the latest BCS standings look like this Kansas State now number one organ comes in at number two the fighting Irish. Notre Dame are three in the country Alabama falls to number four after their loss. To Texas a and and the Georgia Bulldogs round out the top five LSU quarterback -- -- -- continues to grow up in the tigers' offense on Saturday night. In the 37 to seventeen win over -- -- statement murder was nineteen of thirty for 273. Yards and two touchdowns we keep -- like that Carlson's can be pretty effective for us here. The tigers take on Ole miss the Saturday on the road any Los Angeles Lakers hired Mike in Antonio. In Tony. As their new basketball coach after firing Mike Brown on Friday. Today -- for -- to be to be well it's the second -- show live from the silver -- Pacino and de Saint Louis who Bobby Darren might retaliate followed by the saints coaches show. I'm Kristian -- that is -- early in the sports user. Any ways imaginable to use the saints win the division at this point not. -- island is no way the falcons lose all but two of their remaining game well the State's method. -- the states have to go eleven and five okay. And that's to be thought locust twice the president wants do it again right but the thought it would essentially have to only win two more games. -- for the saints do you take the division right even the saints would win right. But do you think they'll make -- play yes and now. I don't know David started after that game you you'd think so going into that game. But now you're kind of on the development going into the game and it's the I thought they would win -- -- you'd you'd you indicated that you did not think the thing to a playoff yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What football teams are gonna CNN national championship wow. Texas AN am beats Alabama not that from the ranks of the unbeaten and now the top three teams. According to the human voters and the computers not the same order but they all of the same top three. Alabama or a one loss Florida or one loss to Georgia if no one look at one of those three teams ends up winning the SEC championship. Does an SEC team belong in the national championship if there's still one mark with one loss even if you have these three teams that plan. I think so because you played the toughest conference in college football and that's been proven by the fact that. The SEC's won six straight national titles so I just think that the Kansas State if they wanna -- Alabama. They get off the field organ org is a team that I think. Has the capability to play with a team like Alabama like a Jordan like and asked the SEC -- in recent years with the well -- you played it was last year or the year before that they -- -- -- last last year. And they couldn't keep up without you can but they're better now. Via text -- creativity that -- at the SEC is no longer the -- league college football good to see some parity. This person has organ would literally destroyed -- -- Alice you. I don't think destroyed an opening statement. City that they can make they can make life legally make life miserable for either one of those things. Answers for six years this is one minute that you may not even being and it -- him. But we should that happen. I mean it's the system CK complain about the system that which I think they got it right last year. With the LSU and Alabama that's for the system dictates. I just think that Alabama. This. I asked the think Alabama is the best team in the country. -- Gary thank mr. I don't know how many people would argue with you unless there or again Notre Dame or Kansas State -- 554. To -- forecasts after the -- 55 it's rainy out there. We're looking at scattered showers and storms especially this morning rolling on through with the cold front -- started around 78. But falling into the sixties this afternoon and remaining cloudy and a gradual clearing tonight 48 on the North Shore forty. Four US media head into the overnight hours been for your Tuesday mostly sunny high of 63. And Wednesday cool with sunshine and a high of 65. From the Eyewitness News forecast center right meteorologist Laura. Now right now it's seventy degrees and raining on both sides of the lake but it's already in the fifties in Baton Rouge to the colder air. Is coming this way we -- -- they opened up all the lanes on I ten heading from Metairie in your new war violence on the night that the six and split. But now I had the other side of the I ten at this -- like coming in from the world these toward the CBD we have a problem. Text messages they all lanes are blocked there will get it details on that for you coming up. In just a moment here at WW. -- if you're heading from the world's eased into the CB deviant they promise the I sent to extend split nearly recent details coming up. On that shortly right now details on the next for the fun with Tommy Tucker. Well obviously taught in saints falcons -- the saints a playoff team or not and we'll talk about the financial cliff there were all -- for an. On -- this veterans day weekend a lot of people are saying that they're gonna move out of the country since the election humor that I haven't heard people claim they were going to do that play good golf. Because people -- saying let's go to Canada really because they were the model of of where you don't want to go for health care where else do you wanna go Australia played -- and I haven't -- and people are talking about their prime minister how great he -- -- -- -- she sees an atheist and he's living with her lover and they have a lot of poverty there and so you might wanna find out if if the grass -- -- before you go economic tigers next text message says they've just opened up a few planes coming in from the news. And sports -- --

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