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11-12 8:10am Tommy talks about the Saints beating the Falcons

Nov 12, 2012|

Tommy talks about the Saints victory over the Falcons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listen to some of these six all you saints fans better come into reality. Defense still sucks -- Ryan threw for a career high. Still. From. Last in defense and garbage. What about that garbage you know about the scoreboard about -- did you look at that yeah. What about another when it comes in not attacks against it remember gains go to Atlanta in three weeks different story soccer. Who I don't know we'll see it's a Thursday night game could be good Yale -- as I told. Some Atlanta people as we were coming recommend dome one day in and watch and passes of -- down the street from a -- this. Whitney bank here I don't know hotel it is -- tells them. Well they were is you know -- -- falcons have one of the two games of the falcons one and of the last eight. And they were given us a hard time and so forth so his idea okay congratulations -- -- turnarounds only nationalism where he keep you Super Bowl trophy. And she said we don't have one as of yet in things on to block low -- Emma in it and a and it is a falcons in owned. De -- led boy in a regular season they do very well last year I think it was a clinched home field advantage I mean throughout the playoffs right -- -- very well panel months. Through it all the way speaking of garbage they threw that a home field. Advantage right down the garbage disposal well. So Willie L 96018780386. Exit 890870. Michael and pearl river way think panic. Can they keep the role that they are on. And two win out or run the table and go to the playoffs or not. On that and a -- handle I mean look at -- -- or -- and we as strange you know I'll do. -- yet yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are little what do you think turned the running game around my suddenly. Last two weeks able run the ball and not before. Well. I'm an -- -- definitely -- -- video that might need to enter you know to tech game coming. I mean what they radio. We welcome back -- -- -- -- when I think we're sure well credential you know army. Drew. You know me and I -- it back you know. -- -- owner and by that they can't that -- -- them and they siren put out there that you know -- -- it at all. Do you think they've regrouped. Debris covered a mom and that -- mom. That did their there on a roll down -- they're getting it together and it's not on the good things ahead. Have a look at and I mean that there there. Do you keep the good work you know keep my mind and earned a first down that bank you know. Don't know -- -- -- keep it original. -- they'll domain with -- rocky bed and -- it like it Michael Cusick 1878 -- freak. 86 exit 890 -- at any more calls when we come back. This ain't gonna continue. Roll in like they have been and a make it to the playoffs or not what do you think is there's little margin for error. There -- hold now because of the hole they dug themselves but it's all about momentum going and at this point in the season they've got a great record in November. Historically and do you think. That they can do it go to either eleven and five or ten and six but let's get him in the playoffs man. Look at the giants last year I -- -- land when it comes. Running the ball flies now. Last two weeks and they suddenly that there's a difference and Mark Ingram if you look at it. Chris Ivory -- we've been playing him earlier or is it about the offensive line and -- -- -- tell me. Phone lines are open Tommy Tucker glad you -- on this rainy Monday morning -- 77 have you. And he got -- -- WWL offers news let you witness on this Monday morning talking about the saints game. Yesterday they playoff team or not it. In what you think the running game. All of a sudden showed up. With a fury. And similar attacks that are coming and one of them talked about my prediction. What I said losing three -- dances Tommy -- there's a tough -- this morning Tommy I'm delighted to eat and you didn't mean that along with plucked falcon. A delicious breakfast -- flatly predict wrong every weekend. It means the saints and win another one says I think the running game would be even better with its roles instead of Ingram. Which is an interesting text because it wasn't Everett Everett in diamond springs morning average. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- want a tree which the -- in -- bit so -- -- actually. What you see you don't block -- 11. Repeated -- Mubarak and airlines and I'll do the union -- I would change that. I'll -- the reason -- which. Would be early in the third straight. On the salt the streets were running game -- you look treatment balls distraught percent to -- treatment and gave. Good morning mobile. Sector in there will be and it put it all tractor -- that are gonna print the Carmichael. At all. 11 so global it was it was the -- seemed an oil. Answer the search warrant in the -- -- So when you -- when you get away from your. To -- aren't you could put. The greens are called. Wait and you know I'm that I look at the other -- Corey. Two on the network to emigrated from another -- Bible because it was able to the suspension was able to look. It was as well. All want to all of a life coach of the incidents are approaching the -- -- ordinary. So what and them and this one under. -- -- not. So hot that you hope you model any cents. When you. All. Know. -- able. To all of you will be seeing it. -- He went was -- In. Your room and gently at the to the site again and the beat and they are collecting. Well. Well in. That. That there. And it's been. I. So thank you are. You Lankan member. Dallas yeah. Laura and I don't. Think it. I would. And that. -- -- -- I think Everett was there and what he's sanity -- that he presented both sides. And that this would agree that. If you can. That the probable to me oh yeah I don't. Because you want. The social word essential. That you -- people -- that you. -- It. Oh. -- and that's about it and that it. Would go to. Good evening. And. Well it's like crazy now about not -- me you know. All -- -- you know maybe maybe you'd -- over you know well. Here's the thing because it's balls bravado because -- at home field advantage last year and again they're behind it out of the playoffs and offers game. -- mandate in the playoffs -- -- break here are almost cocky swagger and. And it. Didn't. -- -- -- now because it's probably in that -- report that. These. Gains in that. Game yesterday. And couldn't you couldn't. You couldn't. Would do that. I tell -- I don't know is I get to try to tell me about post season with the saints what are they gonna do. We -- we. -- -- And that's at all. Is they run the table. Lebanon's side and in the playoffs and then who knows what can happen only. Acted they did down glad you -- from -- Israel. Take a break for traffic more calls when we come back that we get that every column David just played and every now and at least for the next Elkins game. 823 time to look at that hey traffic that goes down around. It's not a big 878 evidently well attacks stands in -- keep the man's grounded one game at a time. Please. Always disagreed with acts like this and I appreciate you listening really do. I think as fans you can get excited I think the players at the state grounded but I think if and you get excited we would in effect what happens on the feel one way the other. So. Thanks for the next but I don't agree with that chain on the road thanks for belliard -- you know you think of and we have to stay grounded one game at a time and. Yeah I think we stick around it in in in heaven I mean it was that I would ever in the dome. Yeah well I think we gotta get excited with the enactment of the -- get miles watch games that mean when players. -- -- not sure it really. Featuring. But. -- all these first out but first you -- sixteen year. -- so -- And I handle his favorite article on and. But to look at nature you send you something that you don't -- in the hotel cyclical Porsche for the game. And he just sort of went. -- the old saying if you ain't no reading. I say in that field. And everybody and we just freaked. Well it's only really is announcement to all those people really ought to be Super Bowl trophy at only got one exactly thank you -- date. Amber. -- I got one. You know and at that in the illiquid when that we shall we shall be at that thoughtful. And -- achieve that that game. And so terrible. That -- Not about him than that I think many. -- -- -- -- There. -- haven't although more competition you know so not -- gently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's say no match is going anywhere line doesn't lie keynote and equipment there's something about the way Ingram is running and it either coincides with. Darren Sproles on -- it collides with. -- returning the offensive line it coincides with that common Bakalar coincides with. LHU. Lose an Alabama I don't know what Atlanta talent yet something is different about mark maybe just LT I don't know it's not. Better stay weak for and holes for him as a -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Google street -- and Nolan has been but overall looking saw. Three weeks -- it certainly certainly that first you know two -- three games and 201. Which it began and for sure. In the nine. But we instantly. You know. And of course what it would mean I think Atlanta still. Pretty much got a lot so called for a few losses from somebody else you know all court so -- -- look at you and equal. Every game in every games that's right I had used in each game and brewer. That broke my -- because -- went out at quarterback article Syrian protesters back to. Two. Now -- meals that met burger but Schneider thank you immigrate. To he has -- -- -- at -- -- and that. Level of play have a great date date -- Colin. With WW -- is this more of your columns of the 877 W. You need to go back in your home and hug your kids because you're not good. You will boost to the site again and abandoned. I'd -- and nobody will beat this rhetoric and have been probably under. I'm not collecting but when they get well the first tropical pulled student -- -- that don't don't -- that -- don't think there. This also it's so basically sucks. -- -- So quickly on notches the Atlanta Falcons that the entire city Nady metro region of Atlanta. Ready jaguar opinion polls saints continued their winning ways and make the playoffs 68% of you saying yes. And I can tell -- I'm drinking the Kool -- I think they will because if you look at the schedule. You're going out to Oakland played the raiders the inconsistent operators. -- coming back and you get the rematch the playoff rematch against the 49ers. Here in the dome. And I conceding that game at all -- go back to Atlanta played a rematch against them on Thursday night November 20 ninth. And then you take off on December December ninth against the giants to. Defending Super Bowl champions but not what we thought they worry initially either. At at the the new Giants Stadium at the meadowlands there. Late kick off 315 Sunday December ninth. -- at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and here on the sixteenth -- go out to the palace in Dallas on Sunday December 23 and then. You've played Carolina Panthers to close out the season here in the dome. So roundtable I don't know but I think you can maybe get through the season with only one more loss. If you do that would put you at ten and six. And if you look at the the rest of the NFC. That might be good enough to -- Tia in in the playoffs and if that is. You know I got to do is win. And I think. As long as drew resigning and you always have a chance. And start to believe in his defense are you. If you have a running game you definitely have a chance and I like Chris Ivory and it backfield a lot and I just wonder why wasn't there. Earlier what I do you Melvin and Wallin hi you're on -- have you good morning. Mel got some good morning how are you gonna take -- call -- Islam say that. I'm very sorry about what happened to the world he's great players -- -- -- -- black candidate this thing. Because it forced into utilized. I -- the personnel which obviously has made their running game. EL IE it Melvin I hear what -- saying and I thought that too and I don't know I know there are a lot of different things that happened at one point. Am icon analytical guys I'd like to know what it was -- maybe it wasn't any just one thing or maybe. It's seems like before there was an over dependence on Sproles or may be the play calling favored. They him beyond assailants and are they thought that he was gonna break open a lot of times where he didn't of course somebody breaks open if there's no blocking. Now. Well I don't think -- -- to a degree. We utilized not to mention. We -- predictable on all in all we re going -- -- well that we Obama and attack it and include Google -- and we. And at no point we have been Darren Sproles hurt let's make all of that absolutely positively. -- Silly thing is imminent they run the table and. I walked -- -- they go. In and it would be great to on the table to be really. He's on the collegiate and we have been to India to and it -- -- -- of course on the table content like I think and it didn't play. And then from there we'll just see what happens. Absolutely appreciated thanks a lot Melvin 260187820386. Exit 890 -- seven a well saints continue their winning ways. And make the playoffs are not in what is it that turned him around Tommy Tucker back in a flash and big 877 WL. 84812. Point nine Tommy talk redone text. Tommy Tucker -- WL first news attacks comes in I'm drinking a Kool Aid to Tommy my flavors black and gold charity. Sued. -- Is that a truck they drug -- on -- WL. I try -- you. -- You don't -- like it here truck. The giant beer well of course -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- We we -- But -- electronic. Those bad goal line stand. It was Malcolm Jenkins playing and Jabari Greer is play that impress me. It'll cola spare -- -- good vehicle to. But they -- -- short. It's impress on the -- rented made to. -- -- -- -- -- Cool -- at. All. Got a few. -- -- but. I would love if he did. What are you. Cover. -- -- -- Like Tweety bird. -- -- -- eat. A year. Ago. -- -- -- -- -- A black. -- at. All. -- -- -- -- You go home. It. On the country out of -- there. It couldn't call or will -- be in a. Nice job drug beads have a good day I. Appreciated -- they sell running 720386. Exit 890878. I Kathy on around they get here on -- have you on the morning. Are you yelling at me. In the bank is doing batter. Great irony is that -- together I know on patent that was -- that he thought it coaches why. We said in your job what a lot decode it cannot do their job they can concentrate coming up why. Wyatt like that apparently it and you know what I need and at a born again go out -- Boy cat that limit is up now left on all of the equation is that Mickey Loomis is back to. -- -- -- -- While he may not be involved in game day quoting a coaching years beckoned -- facility. Every week and day after day so that is another part of the equation in terms of the family get back together and get in the band back together like he said The Blues Brothers so I'm glad you called with that. Most definitely got that by doing yard gap yeah. Add one more on that you know we are not -- an elevated. I'd have a great day Kathy so they noted they run the table go to playoffs or not -- Have a great day. Thanks for colonize -- to eight before nine more calls when we come back right now though it's been a rainy dry as. Tommy Tucker -- it's next on -- even the saints went out we need other teams we will not played a lose how many games. Are we back now and what teams you would be talking about it. Will you for a a year Green -- -- your Minnesota Vikings. And viewers Seattle's Seahawks six and four on the Seahawks six and three on your pictures six and four in Europe Minnesota Vikings. But. Even nine some of those teams we've played each other so one of them has to lose. Com. Far too early for my brain. To be. Computing the permutations and combinations. Wins and losses All Saints have to do is keep winning -- you don't -- evidence six. A lot of time -- tenants six. Maybe. My alignment on a road hi you're on Devin have you on good morning -- are going. If I'm Ed. -- -- -- -- Kansas and New Orleans hi you're on -- WL. -- -- We have -- it's because we did not at -- You -- -- -- pulled out is how well you -- and as we've seen. It. So what we -- Dream -- and Paul. And -- when three headed monster. You don't -- So what -- you talking about you -- and I -- -- and Pierre Thomas. Sproles not Pierre Thomas. 040 yeah at -- been run like crazy that's the problem when. Three. Wood and it could be the next. One. Went. -- different. We're not yeah. -- Boy don't see it almost seems it is like is it to be some way to manipulate the roster activate all four problem. We'll be right back and big eight sadly Devin appeal thank you can't just have a great day.

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