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11-12 5:10pm 2nd Guess Show HR2

Nov 12, 2012|

Bobby and Mike continue to take you calls on the Saints improving to 4-5 with a win over NFC South rival Atlanta

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have a back -- -- -- I feel like Theo with me you can't have Bobby farewell this almost looked to see -- -- -- -- not counting Mississippi. Couple five business to get the big board up -- the Monday night not just -- line deputy you know more. Between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Patriots keys that you could use that game lie. On us -- the snakes you -- plot point -- FL. Bobby and I will be on after the Saints hope to -- 7:38 o'clock in its -- grapple with that special. But if you know the Saints coach -- yeah. You'll get a feel. Six they're just happened at 7 o'clock you know be assistant secondary coach on -- -- on -- -- -- St. Louis -- that was with. Steve Spagnuolo as a secondary coach with the ramp to these followed. Space here. Wallets -- one -- to bring up group with -- will go back to the local lines is. He's really doesn't get a lot of heat for what he's doing well but Thomas Boris -- -- but an unbelievable. Season as a honor. And also as a people god. This is one of the best rates its football club ever made it -- victory to book yet. Thomas force that as if water also as the kickoff guy has been tremendous and just think about this the next two weeks. These political replicates the best at bats Shane Lechler. Won't go down as one of the greatest honors in the history of the National Football League with the Oakland Raiders and the week after that anti elite. Was beat now novelist Boris admirable what a purple so maybe you wanna watch these guys not a cool off against one another. What a great job pompous -- that is none. In the money department. You position -- costs. But then next couple weeks to watch also not only for the field position battle Lechler and -- Heatley and if you position battle that's been out it -- It goes well you got this thing and he got rewarded your training camp that that was money well spent. -- few moments on Thomas Morris then I think -- but what they give back to the wall and you look at the situation. I put on yet them. Angered fans economic -- don't ever see this conditional you know you don't know anything about football and Collison -- they stop the Falcons. And we had three straight runs. Why -- -- I drove on target for our right come on back home what you like I want it to like -- that fan I don't know what the hell you talking about. What Ted has that you take it. Every team in the NFL running right in considering he's got a four point lead. You know come -- they could run the ball at -- you look I mean what Thomas bars that party nine seconds left a great punt. 55 yards and did he get ahold of that than about it ten yards more. You can get out the back -- don't and all of us that the problem got to start -- 31 yard line RR I that that I believe that is I'll think that the difference between. A professional runner I just felt honored that guy like -- Omar's stats as good as the. Yet he's a weapon defensively but that's sets you back now I mean you look at about the special teams guy -- -- it gets to the pits so what to help me. Backing you up picking the ball consistently out of the end zone so you get the football at that when he is what's -- been terrific what you think about the history of this football team. That three on draft day a few years back to get up to get him up with June Jones that day yet never had a monarch and a good as Thomas horse that. Won't be getting him that a cool down as one of the best rates this football. -- -- black doctor -- -- -- he told me no let me tell you you know a lot of times that while I can we do is get a putter pre season on UB work that draft. A couple of Thomas horse that has not disappointed. It's actually been above expectations. And just look I mean really from both perspective and I think some fans. They kind of look at this may -- it like orbited thought by players think it after the NFL think you'll likely be more kick returner. Who would you go watch of that -- that kickoff. Part of Saints kickoff that -- no returns happening. And he did not let those guys have multiplied like on the back -- -- try to just keep it in the field of play so no I mean really you're truly the best of the best. Right now are you very seldom see a kick return against them. What a repeat -- nobody else ready -- midget mold we've seen it the last two weeks the Saints have been a dominant running team. If you got your choice no one running back -- carry the rushing load. Who would you pick Pierre Thomas -- grow our Chris Ivory cast your vote at WWL dot com -- the West Bank well you know how to with Bobby invite. Know -- now. No don't. Sports I don't know in Atlanta. -- -- on his own talk about seven years doing. Atlanta you know -- people's game and then to architect on all those guys actually steak Shapiro. Steak -- the first one to give an opportunity. To talk about to -- on the radio put a team that. Now he's the producer -- mountain -- get Mike and -- Not all that that that's a -- -- overall yes Mike Quade there. The victory. The night. Like you know we clearly. -- the -- won't -- in the now more month. So looking out at the -- ought to go out there. Go home like a lot and yet people are taught yeah anymore yet all it -- you hit it well. All of a little bit. Part of just. But I don't. I have a lot -- -- alone it is just the ball boy I'll. Go to the cap button -- -- -- -- Scott Feldman. What that activity. I don't they gave march the color commentator thought that I don't think they would fit them Mike Bell Mike -- problems like I like. Yeah and out you know it all. I thought I was on the radio they have that in that you know can you -- like Bridget Thomas revealed to radio -- in the Bay Area in Oakland. Mike and I both any moment to think you know they wanted to do it all these interviews. What the opposing team so. That's that I talked to Mike now and I talked to people are here. I think when I think they're gonna cry now Andre don't ever lose then yeah yeah well yet still it is a lot of competition they got. They got fixated fans 79 it's all. No that if you look at the competition. You know you look at sports talk didn't even opt out of all the led past the rally chuck bit -- -- player I even though they had this the ticket. So I mean it might even have three sports talk shows now also. I mean I don't know go on it's all funny games it's all we get the fans' problem anyway so. Don't take it personal to be confident way you live may anticipate people are jealous they wish you -- you all. C'mon why would you want to be you all of the guy great fun great food. And unite read that you behind in the Winston -- on. If -- -- nobody hasn't lived up gas it the blood. It definitely took what was the thinking -- -- run at the brickyard victory that second -- from. That's what it hasn't thrown a grand putts -- round. -- now I have seen it at the end zone 129. Yard touchdown strike unless they move good the defend big Jimmy Graham. That was to businesses all -- to be Graham's touchdown catches. We talked about it is six games he's went up against the Falcons in his career relief spot because you really had no. Not a record to get Bruschi. What do you catches 296. Yards. Five touchdown catches. Basically five games against the Atlanta Falcons that matched up great. You can hear WWL. Everywhere and you can miss it anywhere street must seven WL dot com -- well out. Our fight just now that wounded dot com that's booted dot com. You can use -- and sports powerhouse of the -- -- everywhere and anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A good evening guys put in Tokyo and could -- have been about what you got lucky one yeah man. Bob on the guys graduated about their own 78 man field. Hillary -- -- -- QBs outline Al Wallace then I'll Clarence McNabb has a lot of good enough where I thought there was so I'll definitely go look at that I -- they're -- great -- and his toughness. I'm grew up problem all right next door -- mentally and I -- on quality possible. They'll they'll actually called what Tom -- -- -- my question. A role. Did the question I have now is. Of all it's a whip out and receive them in terms of the team that Morton or you. For pushing off the nation. And you know we lost that game yet been neatly in the -- that would leave early. The -- of the receiver pushed off on the -- -- simpler and luckily the ball well with Rome would I did it looked at that moment from the movie -- don't usually just fool people all that because they want. A lot of walks and. Correct I think that it is rare that you see builds -- the pass interference calls also you would think who doesn't benefit anybody. Tony Gonzales. You watch him it's subtle. But why he's affected by use -- that not up backhand just to get a little bit more. Separation from the defensive back with the what you were talking about is Roddy White. Who's also been known to do that pretty well don't want you don't just got a whole book in the business but he's been alerted to -- Roddy White. -- G-8 they get away with that. And. You know what if they don't call it. It's not wrong with that though I'd and I and I thought I had a lot of guys do it but I'll take what they don't you. And Roddy White that get away with -- a lot out well that way you media day at the plate talking about 31. And all of a sudden it was that deep ball and I'll -- how could you let him get 67 yards behind you. If you -- -- -- a heartbreaker. Now wanna say looks like Jabari Greer thought he in my attic I was Thomas them. But I don't think you pushed off on both of them one travelled with really opposition -- -- state news over the top right. And out of all of his ankle he was the one that I've been pushed all in all looked like today live in a -- all until now looking at the end result. And that Matt Bryant overthrew I'm like saying I don't know you know what you coming out the great anticipation. But I know that ball hit the ground. The receiver admitted he beat them -- I think seven -- you wanna talk about our heart rate if they -- get them all -- -- hitting it that should never happen. It was only thing I reject it but I did it all over again almost all the known not just him but cracked me up a point. Not because of which all that's what all that she's not released yet we saw that's now it -- -- its most against Green -- That that was about it obviously we -- as you can get on a receiver. That the rough -- right but have a smaller. Yeah I hit it that way it's not like he'll have. No -- you know thousand favorite -- -- to get the push it look any hitting big receivers I would say overall if you look at. Throughout the season had a -- to unfolding. I mean you looked to Larry FitzGerald. Marshall Randy marsh with the fair -- Johnson that. There's plays like guarantee that all of us that it VP thing Wallace right there with them but you know he's so they are maybe you didn't push off and -- they call it no. A lot of times it is a judgment call it and does it just in. When they do make it caught they get it that bit of officiating crew and now and how they view that. Nonetheless it's like that make it back to back all offense -- -- means. All it I don't lie it's the lights got off at the -- -- to -- the states and that you look at at times I've seen. Matthew Stafford especially -- playoff game and I cal the job that overtook the yards that he didn't which if it was almost like a hail -- go right that it is. He can throw the ball up and Kallis thought it was going up to catch it still love. Yet -- that you don't want to be in that situation that's why I think. It was important and I really thought that the -- look at the talent yet. Extended haven't dropped ball -- -- down in the states win -- 62. I thought you had a couple of shots today and all hail Mary type that -- my -- Packers and Seahawks. In that whole scenario off but now it's gonna happen and that's why that on. By Morse there it was so important the penalty yet if there addictive back up the Falcons that they're -- 31 yard line vs -- -- having the ball around me. Feel what you think about what he does that change Q -- this week we. And Thomas forced that you can make a pretty good argument not -- -- that the -- the best defensive player they got you can pick a pretty good argument if you go more stated that much. He changed his new position more than anybody. And that that guy is worth his weight in moments of the father and I get the Saints. Stepped up to the -- signed him long term but that to people go down as one of the best and this franchise has made in the history this or. And it just shows you. My docket remembrance on -- and he was going crazy with the putter now with the Jets from Illinois that was with us. Well look look at what he might have call -- but haven't haven't had that shot made -- what value do it we don't do not affiliated elbow so back cuts back there. So if they talked about -- position. And exchanging possessions and when you're dealing with that you have to make me want it to Pittsburgh down. -- you got -- I have an opponent drive. You know 89 yards vs six fears that many of those Steve Weatherford the NFL butter which Sean Payton wanted the best of the best. So that's why the best in the guy like Thomas More than what. We -- know with his people skills. Because the rules today and did. I think he develop that develop that with the Saints at a very very high rate that's also been a big part of his game of a lot -- -- on this that he gets through. Right at this -- -- should get a roads here's a quick slant. -- touchdown. Marcus Wilson victim. It's the same six. And a seven yard. Boston strike from greens. That was -- medicines called up baucus told since at least it hit you. Touchdown in the same uniform that ties him with these McAllister. For the most touchdowns. By a Saints football player and again we talked about it before I just think about it since 2006. Presently who play it kind of caught more touchdown pass in the NFL. Markets gold in 55. That's Larry FitzGerald -- -- with the Arizona Cardinals. -- of the San Francisco 49ers. With that seven days at a Hammond this -- -- the huddle with Bobby in my. I don't know if I'm right it's. Area -- want to talk about how green and had a question I think what I prepared that the rest of the -- all is that ability that you in the house. From anywhere on the field whether it be known -- 1 in the morning. You know it. No way is it Jason. Visit. But as -- review runs. When Pollock ended with speed he's a violent runner these violent I mean he's trying to hurt you I mean it's football c'mon. And Chris Ivory eat -- Florida by protect himself with the future protecting your body hungry. He's hungry in this that he knows when he came from. -- he'd love that opportunity. Visit I look at Chris Simon I think it is last night the post game. -- the -- Chris Ivory is truly that you would version of the credit there. There's an agreement ivory is no secret I've made a lock for the first time I ever and it you know I was telling me. And im looking at the moment and looked -- me I said if we went Alley and it's just a fist fight. And that's about that -- volatile about like Chris I've Hamas side he is the man. He you know that -- is the man and a flat run over you you can -- that hit that they hit opt out he would score on this play. But when all of a sudden the fans you would comment we have -- ran over I thought they Samuel. Are you kidding me you know what it through the back nine so he hit it under the jaw and I -- what -- thought they sand hills they feel like -- And now he eat let me. He's the knees and I think I like that effort is there and it with the fans that told me. Miss hit it even if he does have a bubble and obviously we don't want that to happen with the turnover could be crucial but because of this effort. Fans embraced that. They embrace there after. Now you know driver's -- in this thing. You can be is there any you know that you know we think our legal. Back but he he. Can't eat more. As usual -- it -- to -- things he needs more touches he had seven like in the flip flop. And I said this if you look at Ingram had sixteen. -- at seven I would rather have -- it was sixteen. And Angel -- and -- -- job if you asked David much out of it every product that that they. Incrementally it is Penn State football the last two weeks to get the Eagles for the Falcons. He got the job done -- it was average per carry. We're not allowed me an object you know at the heart just like. I you know what you're looking at the heart of the champion and you have a -- at the heart but although I don't. He's got a big hit I've not -- physical guy -- he had worked up like yeah every every now and ability out of his body. We've seen -- yards after contact. We Chris Ivory is just a bigger back. -- Think right rest and act like you rise up and right right right. Ingram was hurt most of the year it would very Sproles. And. Visit well all I know -- it till Pierre had over -- hundred yards against Carolina didn't hear it was ivory. Three on -- it -- New Year's 300 yard rushing effort it was Chris Ivory. I know I Tampa Bay he ran a 158 yards. I mean I don't know that's a little while the -- when you give him an opportunity now and I'm that they coach bit. And everyone a coach Peyton. If he turns it over a lot like you know running back by committee would -- -- nobody's done it. And it didn't pay you when you want that pressure would all have the sixty. Yard at all or did you gone back of the line. You know get those Robert. Go to what's happening Kennedy you know you'd. Jeremy Gil has blown that cover off of everybody at LSU a -- -- -- -- does -- get the touches you got last year when he was -- got it took -- well. It listed it that's a good problem to have it is nothing wrong with peer pressure to produce and take care of the football. Because you help an offense though odds are they going forward led the Raiders listen. Man I would be shocked if the Raiders even in the game -- the Saints then I go by that how we matched up with him in the past and I know. They -- it changed your coach Allen now but it look at the Raiders. And whether what we've done it pretty sees it in a regular season game of theology that comes in the play in the Bay Area not the superdome. In the Bay Area -- -- the Raiders you know the Baltimore Ravens just crushed Oakland Raiders. I expect this thing to do that I'm I'm not saying. The good score 55 points. But not this state I would be surprised how -- finish that we are offensively if we don't have in the high thirties or forties to get the Raiders the. But the one thing you know not a rule it out like united sixties and seventies the Raiders would -- team that's what you look -- because of that success. -- -- such a -- disciplined football team offensively defensively given up big plays. -- -- -- -- -- Big punt return -- kickoff return yesterday. This team just -- support everywhere and yet it taped coaches who have a lot of different things but it's the same scenario. Back in the 60s70s you could make those mistakes because you with talent wise so much better you can overcome it that they they gain is totally changed. Put a black hole and the Raiders rob or you're on the psychic national right up -- -- you're on the negates that. Welcome back then it's like a -- -- like that yellow Medicaid you can have Bobby if there are a lot of -- -- with competency to -- -- -- had -- -- Mississippi. Who dat nation evidently felt losses that you to a Saints game just listen that win. Joint Garland Robinette that they make Thursday would -- the Saints play the week. Call 26 so wins 609467. -- he has to win tickets to the Saints bought -- not -- game Sunday November 25. Knowledge that this team will be bothered by that will be a huge David adult belt this -- Robinette Thursday afternoon at 1250. Who wins tonight's tickets from -- radio. They have a WL but we kept me yeah Ottawa Bobbitt might. -- And it would expect -- to. That we always very very dangerous team right now. We continue to improve would be. Needed in that -- me. To do anything personal like you the most common about the -- again. I would agree with you this thing in -- more yeah some -- you sit there -- -- and -- The connected with a point 92 games you'll. But that the field. Jerry guy that it's good to return in park into golf. Quotable. Coppola in this game so well that yet -- hood -- -- -- that he's on the rated B note that the ladies but -- -- so much it's football he deserves their recognition now because if you leave its efforts as it's been so it. Which out of him because really. He's blame now as well as any -- has ever played in -- bell. Well a single season now but nobody broke out. Don't like Oregon would interrupt just to be yet to be able to typically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's new to it that's going to -- -- First of -- on noted that this same kid. You know. To a two month break on the phone now. That the and things like people week that we coached against them in three and one eagle in. About five. We just the way you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being in the equipment you know this -- more activity but it doesn't. Really you know -- -- -- One -- understand we have to me it's quite. What we gambled again. Put him to be. He's -- with passion. Would it would authority that would that would anchor. Inspect the whole scene. In fact the -- they have been in it -- at the point where it is on five to -- period -- how -- so. I've known them. Coaches and the secret -- to repeat what stupid. Football stupid I think we have enough you know football IQ to August -- -- an old. But you know to -- it would understated. -- -- light in what's appropriate in this situation. I don't know if it is out in all of us that would you know it is -- two. A lot of these things because here to read because what all of my -- in the in what do we care what unpopular public school in my opinion he's heard he is. Well here again. One is stupid you know we Q what you -- I think Chris is all we shall. We isn't. Another you know he is getting to the game because. If you got role. He's gotten injured when that guy what you've seen what guys do. In practice why that you can probably do it much like it was a team game. With that team -- it's not about just hug draft combine it's about who's going to do the best chance to -- bill and other things like. Right yeah I agree that the one thing with that is and I think. I ended -- season what you gonna evaluate how those first few games were played out. I think you gonna be -- hit about why we believe these guys in this on us that up quick cup. Not talking about Chris Ivory because everybody was screaming about it and where you seemed to scream about it man wise. The blue immediately. I'd give Clinton had a lot of credit what he's done to this organization. -- it was a tough role and global field. With a little bit as coming here and breathed life into this football club back the last couple weeks this book could easily -- He made some subtle changes. But the big JT made years. Given Chris -- his opportunity. Along -- -- -- into reading game because -- because it was within three. But he made those bones I've yet to open a lot of credit Woody's done the last couple weeks to put this well and these -- opportunity. Get back in the play -- it. And now that I've really come back from the break I'm gonna break down. Come an opponent. And out of one there's only so surprised how we ran the ball against. The Falcons do you look at the lawn they were given up -- -- it now. Not like we were we within the last given up 176 and a half yards a game. When the problems we've given up -- 127 and a half but you got to be committed to the run. -- necessarily surprised but I'm a look at upcoming opponents with the Raiders in the 49ers. Now you know how are we a hot topic what we could run against the point nine that -- -- to be interested to see. And you had that 120. I -- thirty yard game against San Francisco. Instead of maybe having like a 7075. Yard gain -- up -- -- -- you run up the Pittsburgh.