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11-12-12 7:05pm Saints Asst. Secondary Coach Andre Curtis

Nov 12, 2012|

Bobby and Deke talk with Saints Assistant Secondary Coach Andre Curtis about the performance of the team's linebackers and defensive backs thus far in the 2012 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Each and every week at this point in time we welcome man -- -- -- -- this week it's opposite welcome an assistant secondaries coach. Andre Curtis coach Curtis thank you so much at a time howry. -- -- let's talk about the second area how you guys have been Dolan and who -- A season full of big plays in the game yesterday especially on that goal wise thing. Yeah you wrote the 11 it is in Dayton is you know I've -- is kind of shape. What some of the he spent most of I've actually been working more with the linebackers this year. This post -- and absent. Will go very very fulfilling -- season. We've had some ground saying god has gotten the good news is that -- guys start to come come together and that is going -- Ronald did. There are some good plays in the fourth quarter. Especially the first maybe. Malcolm Jenkins had on my -- and Jabari Greer it was just guys step at a time and time again that they just wouldn't be denied the other night. Now coach Curtis you bring in. You know Malcolm -- at the Roman Harper is that by design. Is a -- Curtis Lofton -- leading the team in tackles but it seems like. That game any game out if it not number one they either two or three that being Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper -- their run support. Right behind Curtis Lofton as far as tackles. Yeah. It would. Have to. Pretty active safeties in. And then we let you get these guys closely whatever possible. And the -- to -- that you the play making ability. Everybody knows that good defense is usually built up the middle. These type of tackle Mike linebacker strong safeties. -- you -- at as a -- and play at the moment won't Harper's. Come along quite well -- and he's been very active in well and he's very -- -- And very. Inept. He has an ability to make plays when he's close to the line of scrimmage. Now a coach cart is looking at you talk about. Because the -- bit now would -- take coaching duties have been more responsibilities the linebackers when you look at special teams contributions. And I just talk about these two players. And then maybe Baird even took roles as a linebacker and at the safety. As they lead at the team is special teams tackles that being Raphael bush. And Ramon Humber the same night they are veterans and they are getting it done -- budget teams but. Is it so -- that that's where you gonna count on him simply because. As far as the system that that there late comer at that went really Darren. You know the mini camps and though rookies in training camp. Well that of course this would do normal homers and let them surprise force. He's actually started -- of the system. Are pretty well on defense. And I and now upon his arrival back here he's been an immediate impact on special teams visa. What we call the play on major core units and special teams we don't know very nice job. So being offensively speak you know guy like that you know Columbia. In only makes sense to continue to work and continue to build them into his role in the zone defense. And -- -- -- -- definitely -- surprise. He's crumble and they need immediate impact on special teams. And he's one of the -- one of the top special teams guy that would there's -- football team right now. And that is saying you know you learn the system is a little bit different from the system called from. He's getting better each and every day you see him become global call. -- Now I'm coach Curtis look at what occurred in the game and -- gave the fans heart attack in. Would you look at that film on that last play it was the third and one situation. Boy you know we get out the hole than. More than -- an outstanding punt. And then all of a sudden the -- they call a hole in the starting and a 31 yard line at the 31 situation. Matt Ryan thrown -- deep ball and he was able to get behind the secondary that being Roddy White. And it looks like page views this as well as -- -- -- what happened on that -- would a look at the film. Was it a pushover just a bad angle while we almost gave a big play you know a bit like. I'm -- -- it they've blown foul ball you know so close. With so far but like I could have been a particular heartbreaker. To talk about what a -- on Napoli. Well. You know that themselves. Those situations. I'd give them a lot of credit. Because the talent that Thomas -- -- a little bit with this week. -- cheap you know we didn't really is that but he did a nice job of that. And -- easy to go to guy. And a good. Portion. And I think in this -- we cannot underestimate. How strong man line on the on the line he really let this thing out there. One incident and down and that contact. Tended to play with the receiver portion. Honest and he's not called and let them play and game situations. Now courts court of that talk about the a couple of young guys obviously. We all you know you -- Patrick Robinson Jabari -- we talked about Roman. But talk about the progression of of of Johnny Patrick -- Corey wide of what they're doing that even decide. I know there was one sequence that. I mean come on look there's a lot going on and then all of a sudden look at Corey white. -- past the pin and then if the third and -- -- while I was able to come up with a big interception. His first career interception but just talk about. The aggression about Corey were what lighting Johnny packed it what you come on both those two guys. We're 22. Good young prospects Johnny was -- that do. And then he had to learn -- -- so like him come as a rookie all over again. Acquire Larry. -- and haven't done a nice stop wars and you know as well. Coming into the league. And college implant that certain key positions that goal. And in our differences there is couple you know so he's at marks and down. As a rookie do. It was probably good to see him start them please call more culpable. Apparently haven't really real mind game I became -- of the huge interception. On that third down play. Yes in my tackles in minimized -- in the middle read. And then -- package came in -- good things. Please those two young players -- and and run in the DuBois but they're going to don't want to watch one. It's the saints' coaches so -- 31 Atlanta 27 this week's assistant. Special -- assistant coaches assistant second is coach Andre Curtis the coach Curtis saying this year. I do everything that's gone on they all season he's also spent some time. We're in with a lap back as a coach I know. I'll with the via my agent had a playing of them Virginia Military Institute. Yesterday all 32 NFL teams are on the veterans probably Jeremiah do you have some think that took place at some Sarah -- it happened when you played -- the Emma. If necessary and do you know well -- a military background I got a special place small -- people old men and women serving our country. This truly truly. Underestimated how valuable they really ought to lose. And I just had a little a little bit better appreciation for what they do because it was a -- As well thank them congratulate them and him and wish him the best because of that truly truly. Understand what it means to certain -- probably would do what they do. Coach Curtis when you look at now and then though you with the Giants -- 06 to oh wait it. Do you see some similarities in our defense I mean I I realized you know wicket kind of get caught up in the numbers and yards but you look at the score defense has been a lot better the last couple weeks we've got a lot of stretches -- given up points especially that while from. A Green Bay. San Diego at Tampa and so forth but he is his defense started to come together now onto it to go a little bit wild at an idol seven season for the that's. Any similarities you seen him now with his -- it's at least not to get more comfortable with it out there. I think our the one thing that that was -- we stalls the greens a little bit. Become a problem that scheme and the background at the moment occurred. And you don't think that that of them myself having it and you innate ability and some tough times. I started you have become more confidently. You -- in the key. To where you could. Understand he won't be that come along and domestic communications. When guys were culpable in the because they talk all time. And when you -- that passes thus and so and they'll be calling me more culpable one. And more comfortable with Penske and so I got -- to communicate we communicate that to. Problems all day. Couldn't -- that happen that you don't necessarily practice but you know the world through him. Invasion -- -- he thinks he's in order to be successful on the last yeah our guys do that sort of good for the. Coach Kurdish you know you look at their league obviously it seems is -- a -- part out earlier if they won a lot of pride in. I -- -- look no further if Oakland's go to play a good game it's going to be this week -- your point no farther in the what -- the last two weeks with Tennessee they give up 51 to the Bears. The owner came out basically call them out they come I guess they dominated good Dolphins team 37 at three. I would expect of Oakland got to come out play hard game it would be this week after a 55 point what they allowed yesterday at Baltimore. Is that nothing less than that these guys they have very very talented Ross -- everyone -- And they play a lot of people very very holes were very -- including Atlanta which is one of the better teams and not the best team. That we played this year and one -- -- certainly one of the better teams and we'll we'll. There has not been for us to expected. To have their best they're gonna be ready they're going to be excitable plan a home game. And now they're they're going to be looking. To improve this week so we anticipate that. Practice -- prepare very well these guys to be. Very also and skill positions is one of the fastest. Bigger teams in the lead. And now they've they will be a force to reckon would make certain again please people vertical sheer. Now coach and -- had three stops in the National Football League go this is your third. Prior to the Giants or six in the weight and of course Saint Louis there with coach bags but -- -- wall and the how how you like being here with the Saints and how you like this city so far. I think. And you much social -- people in the -- -- averaging one. Very very welcoming people and made -- this community is embracing the my wife my two boys. I'm excited to be here. In the good sense of probable winning tradition he would. I'm excited to be pointless team in the opposite has now. And I really enjoy watching the world community embraces me. And and represent this team follows team you know they don't like anything else up and borrow so. So forth so good I'm I'm very very happy and pleased to have him out to be part of this football -- A sense that secondaries coach Andre parents coach Curtis. Thank you so much for the time we appreciate your visit what is good luck to you on the Saints this week against the Oakland right. -- that you remind you get them one week.

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