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11-12 11:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about veterans

Nov 12, 2012|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about Veterans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friends and former staff members of CIA director David Petraeus. Were shocked to learn last summer. That his mistress was suspected of sending threatening emails. Warning another woman to stay away from him. You know. What's wrong with people. If you're married. Or if you -- in a committed relationship. Have the courage to get out of it. Before you do something. I don't think there's any thing I look first of all I think Petraeus needs to testify. When it comes -- the bin Ghazi situation. He needs to testified. And just because he is resigned. He's still human being who weighs in a position to where he had some say so over what happened and we don't ultimately know what happened. But he needs to testify. So you can guess what. Guys are bad. And women are bad too. And so you've got. This woman. A mistress. Who was sending. Somebody else threatening emails warning another woman to stay away from him. How many mistresses to this -- hang out. And really if you if you're gonna cheat. I've gone through the pain. Of breaking up with people. I'm not proud effect. I've gone through that pain. If you wanna be with somebody else. At least suck it up. And go through the pain of being free. Before you do that. And there're there're people that I know in my life who. Won everything. Because if you break up with somebody you lose money. And there are men and there are women who don't wanna lose the money. To be honest. I mean really seriously. Are you selling out. I mean I think about this so often on this show him. When it comes to the Limbaugh's in the Hannity sin and and when it comes to -- a lot of different people. I think but it does everybody sellout for money. I would love to have the money. But I can't -- I can't. I can't not be honest. You may not always agree with me. But I'm honest. And I am not part of the far right or the far left both of them total minorities. And I know this may be hard truth for you. If you part of the former -- the forum if you were in the minority. You're not really part of America. And when I hear about people. Wanting to leave this country as a result of the election he would go ahead. Get out. And I said that when bill left with -- right George W. Bush is reelected then. You know -- in the wild and leave the country but they didn't leave the country. And I think at some point Limbaugh talked about leaving the country if the election didn't turn out the way he wanted to you know I think one of the real keys here -- that we talk about this on this show a lot to. The right. Wing media. Doesn't control. Elections. The media the liberal media doesn't control elections. Think about what has happened. I know that there were some people whose egos who -- destroyed. And Roger Ailes who I really respect as a businessman. Roger Ailes who is the CEO and founder of Fox News. Roger Ailes last year said that he wanted to use his network to Rio -- to make sure that Obama was not reelected. All of that Fox News did. -- Their egos must be absolutely. Destroyed. I mean if you go more on the air and if you promote. An agenda. And it doesn't work out. I can't argue my speed just. Destroyed. There are a lot of egos. There have been deflated. As a result of this. And then there are states with petitions to secede from the union. Texas Louisiana Alabama Florida. North Carolina. Tennessee. Georgia. Colorado. Indiana Mississippi Kentucky. New York Michigan. South Carolina. Montana. Missouri. Arkansas. New Jersey. North Dakota. Oklahoma. And Arizona. What are you gonna do when there's a disaster. You act like you can deal without this government you can't. I'm not for big government. Not -- as soon as something happens to your state you're going to be crying with your hands out Bobby Jindal started in our state. In Louisiana Bobby Jindal wants to be so independent so Republican. But he's got his hands out when something happens here. You can't have it both ways. And the worst when it comes to. To politics and social issues you know Weir's group -- the honesty. And again if if. If you don't wanna be part of this country that's okay. -- Somebody will come take your place. If you don't respect freedom of speech. If you don't respect freedom of elections. You can -- Get your belongings. Take whatever money you have and find another country delivering the get out of here. We don't meet people who don't respect the United States of America and I emphasize the word you 98. States of America. We should be Americans first. And we're Democrats and Republicans. Second. But this country has become so defined. By a conservative. And liberal ideology first. That is absolutely. Disgusting. It's appalling. And I hope you -- not part of that. But you may be. And again by op I get texts I get calls from people well you you shouldn't be on the air with this opinion. What are you kidding me. If you don't think I should be on the year. With my opinion. And you shouldn't be in America you're not an American. Anybody who thinks anybody who doesn't respect the fact. That anybody has a right. To any opinion. Doesn't belong in America. These are the people we need to get rid of not the illegal immigrants would get rid of you. If you were one of those people we need to -- British view go somewhere else. What part of freedom of speech don't -- yet. You can't tolerate it are you scared are you scared of somebody's opinion that's different from viewers. And since yesterday was veterans day. I really wanted to talk to any Vietnam vet. From here. Around the country. Who wants to call in because I want to personally thank you. For what you do for our country. Because many Vietnam vets. Were drafted they didn't have a choice. The government made -- go to war. The government made them be part of a war. It was an ugly war what was it technically at war it was a police action. And every Vietnam vet. Deserves to be respected. Because one thing that -- change in this country is if we don't agree with the mission. We support our troops. -- during the Vietnam War. We did not support our troops. And we -- And to this day. We oh. Vietnam vets. To join -- show the comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Dying is nearly seventy. And our -- ember is 877 here's our -- -- -- are pretty general opinion poll is there are right from movies to have a sense of humor about war. You can give a sure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com this is the -- show. We pushed boundaries at night. And we'll be right back with more for your comments on -- -- well. When it comes amid cheating and we're talking about died there as CIA director David Petraeus. I am getting a couple of text here's homeland thank you -- to the words on cheating. I know one man staying in a marriage for money. And still cheating after thirty years. Here's -- of the text brings to mind the Irma Thomas hit. You can't have my husband but please don't mess with the my man. It's really interesting column. As a society. We. Are less harsh. On -- for cheating. Oh what a man's offered sex any chance like. Say no. No and a man and a woman are equally. Responsible. And when you've got a high ranking official -- -- of what what what part of what part of cheating don't you understand it. Mean we can't just be honest. I mean have the courage to get our benefit. Don't know but then when everything. And so do women I know men and women who want everything but there with their family they want their money they want their house they want everything. But they also want a little bit on the side. And to me that's just totaled dishonesty. And there are so many. Conservative Republicans. Who. Talk about moral values. And yet they're cheating. -- it if you're one of them I'm talking to you how can you do that. When you get shut up about the moral values if you gonna cheat. I mean seriously. How can you look yourself in the mirror. Unless you're not really that intelligent and it doesn't really matter to you I mean I guess there's always that possibility. Permit remark here and a -- good evening. And dignity -- you had in those who have you just about respect and about when you're talking about Texas Florida. And we've been. And Alabama beat these days. Analysts -- -- to secede from the union. Yes yes. If -- -- career -- -- it was gone down you know six is ticket is bush country. You know I really thank the bush family controlled Texas. And if you go back to you history you had John F. Kennedy which was assassinated in Texas. And at that time you. Bush senior was to. Was OK the CIA. Doing that time an error. And you know you know bringing -- bringing its penal off followed up to date you know are you headed -- which was. The governor at one time overall Florida. My pride on economy -- -- -- doing. The European idea that now for the new world and trying to get into waiting get rid states' rights. They are ready didn't. A cool popcorn ready and Kirk toys and our political redeployed dealing with. There. Devoting -- -- -- go back to with the recount in Florida and pick them up who had a -- And you bet you also. If he has gone against the biblical principle audits all the has been orchestrated. An odd percent of put a new world ought to. I know you know from Texas to Canada. They -- build -- superhighway. Just don't know if -- allowed to truckers to two ship goods from our Mexico. To Canada. Didn't get ready for the new world. -- this has so much talk about this over the years. You know bush senior was the first one who was criticized of creating a new world order. And I just I don't I I don't think that's gonna happen I mean -- There are things that bring us together because of mass communication there are things that bring the world together. Because of instant mass communication but I I I don't think and maybe I am ninety. But I don't think there is an attempt and maybe there is some group somewhere. That is trying to create this new world order I don't really see it coming. Our school this is I believed that if the -- and you know you can -- equality of people. You know there's really ultra -- basically controlling a monetary system. I would say follow it you know coming from. I don't -- I -- -- like that I would say. That they got a problem there that created a wallet that we can't just like you know you talked about the Vietnam walk it you know a world war ought to. Are they even -- spend about create a world war three. You know due to our population. Is being but stupid I mean you know you can you can say what you want but could damage is operated being done to. It's interesting the states that went -- when you look at the states that wanted to secede from the union Texas Louisiana. Alabama. Florida North Carolina. Correct and they can they do. They don't hit it. But they all want well I don't receive Virginia you know on this list. What they but it all these that the the top five states. Are the ones who are susceptible to warning aid from the government if there by hurricane. Well yeah that was understandable and that's the difference separatist group that did. Now it's like you know where we don't while we don't want the government governor Bobby Jindal is the first one to cry for money. Understand what descent understand. That's good enough without it it you know in the making. You know while said an open world and reproductive if you look at the economy. And if you keep going -- inflation to keep going always gone. You know as tested with an American unit had been trying to figure out ways to to do away without bit. So let's move if you if you emerged everybody if you center library every day news emerged the whole world together. And being big in the NBA expand. How. -- see the economy and place him. I don't see that happening in our lifetime. Well my god I can agree -- on that you know maybe not and I'll let somebody will happen could -- happen. It could it could happen but not in not in our lifetime when you don't want him they didn't do all right -- -- color shelf ritualistic. From Texas check here and having him do well. It is -- him. Would you on talk about this fairway here -- your product graduate. I'm sorry what was the question -- -- -- -- father graduated today from where airman schools. I you know I don't know my dad's right after Pearl Harbor my dad's in listed and my dad went to Pensacola and got his wings. Put too -- -- for 1960. Oh yes yes. Okay now -- in the navy in Pensacola and hours. They're talking to me about. Bill and stand for -- and you for the cadets. Who are graduating. And has worked and on that stadium and not supposed to go to get it shipped out of made port. And I got injured on the ghetto build in this -- that hurt them. And -- you today. Not they have got battle pro would renal failure not -- of player -- -- And -- Syria. Sergeant. I have to Wear a catheter and no problem. -- but no. The thank you for what you did for our country. Well I didn't go to get a chance it -- so. Now but I mean you still serve and do you still serve for our country and this day after. Veterans day. The federal holiday for veterans day I've just -- thank all of those I -- -- I enjoyed it. -- -- -- The surprise of my dad in my dad's and when he got his wings he didn't wanna be seen as one of one of. The new ally yours you tell that story and a bit about it. Dip in his swing. Danny put his -- -- and fishing line and and soaked his new gold wings in the salt water of Pensacola today. Because he won and then to look tarnished he didn't wanna beware a new -- You have to Chatham. -- yeah. Yeah yeah they weren't my dad flew my dad flew. Hateful words and my dad flew and asked to ask -- and you know government. You're paying now of those. They were just coming out without being built -- and the trainers. The prop trainers when they come out windows. New Year's. And I remember. It's going to the aviation -- museum in Pensacola. And I remembered. -- sitting in the cocked -- The cockpit of an F two math and thought this is where my dad sent and I was just so so proud to be sitting and then the front so I know is not. Mine isn't -- amounted -- very amplified view without violence. -- it's not attempt it more my dad was my hero and he was. You know it even. He stayed in the in the navy reserve for for quite some time meant was -- Totally proud of him he's my hero. You know my father was an army air corps and even he tells me everything I know. They tell me a lot that I don't know ask him remember. I hit it right. Which you can thank you for what you did for our country and I think I think this country still. -- a lot to the Vietnam fence that never got the recognition dictator. -- -- saying about our freedoms we have the right about whether we want to vote for. Then in the majority rules basically that's what it's all about. No it does -- an -- and an -- it comes down to like individual rights in the in the majority doesn't roll. Because we still have a little right historic. You still have to live in this state that you have to millions and -- -- what your stand is debate on a great move out yeah. We don't need it we don't need you here that's tried to don't need take economy down anymore try to build economy back up. -- where you in Texas. Battle like Livingston -- And were -- That's. I'm not mouse he calls brings in nine miles Livingston. And it's on the highway 32 -- All right where you be careful into thanks for calling her show. You to thank you -- -- it all right here's attacks. Love listening to use to keep nuclear workers and of the text who's bush senior. The guy in junior sure do sound like. Some bad guys. Never heard of them mentally sure what that means there's another text first time listen from Dallas. Great show. Truck nights and I'll be irregular well wherever you weren't. Thanks for being part of our show. And if you don't call and you don't text I can still I still consider you to be part of our show and I'm glad you -- And believe me I am so proud that this is a different. Radio talk show. It was before the election. And it's only confirmed. Following the election and you're gonna see the far right change. And the far right is gonna change because they want ratings. They're not honest with you. -- not on that they're not totally honest with their views but -- opinions. Nobody can be that far right or really even that far left. You will see. Talk show host change. But the one thing that I'm proud of on this show. We haven't changed. Mark -- -- W -- good evening mark it. Yeah on the Vietnam -- -- -- thank you for. Doing what you did for our country and a again I I apologize. Collectively for. What this country didn't understand -- the Vietnam War. He was a very noble cause. And most people. Don't even understand. Why we -- Yeah I think it's served its purpose of the people really think about it you know I -- you go back to. -- out of people who we really need to rank as the World War II vets like Paula was in World War II he was in. He would seem like sock you in Lucknow. He's been pretty much at -- And I guess a lot of young people I think about it don't really know whether it's street. -- They did they don't. They they don't understand and they've never you know it and unless your. Part of the World War II generation you don't know or maybe even the Cold War era you don't really know what it's like four. Honest to fear our freedom to fear that we can't live the way we live. Yeah and I get to I mean it's all education to and so on how children -- children and children and pulpit they you know they get the right idea. It's a great shows to -- are really appreciate this sort of. Hybrid mark I really I really wanna and I'm I'm saying this for not only me but for so many many Americans listening tonight I want to thank you for what you did and it's not that. It's not that the World War II with the World War I the Korean. Vets are not. Equally appreciated. But it was the Vietnam vets who were literally not appreciated. When they came back to this country. And they did a job that they were asked to do in many of them. Were drafted they were forced to do the job they did and weren't appreciated when they come when they came back that was one of the you know when you when you talk about slavery and you talk about the way Vietnam vets were were treated these are two very embarrassing moments in our country and we need to. We need to change them. Yeah -- -- aren't really appreciate you saying about that -- and I think people they have a good chance they need to go to Washington didn't you know all. Really she -- at all. We do I was you know I I was touch mark I would is of the age. And I was in college. By -- won the lottery came out for the draft. I was. My birthday was 161. And they went to 159. I would that I was that close. To being drafted. -- if I would have been drafted it would go on I didn't dodge the draft. But I didn't list. And I so respect those people who. Did the job. That I wasn't asked to do. Yeah and look in the wallets at the wall is really and it's really well people say you know while back it. There's plus the end like there's a lot of it and -- died in Vietnam that weren't all crimes unit. They still speak and net soon and we also lost a lot of a lot of other things to do it -- you know people like. Really appreciate you lost there's -- that problem underdogs so be it would be hard and so then soldiers to do so. Yeah they were. -- you know so it's what what's so interesting is that now Vietnam is a great vacation destination -- I would love to be able to go one day it's. It you know when you think about. What this country went through the -- and now it's a great vacation destination I think that says a lot about the ability for us to all he'll. And and and John McCain has gone to north Vietnam and. You know that was I I think -- healing moment for this country. Yeah I guess just like that the war look to get some you know in Japan and stuff that you know -- great things go you know Japan's durable monitor news. Plus QA thank you -- -- got -- hold you back to work here. All right mark go back -- glad to Kohler show thanks listening to WWL if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and our text number is 87870. So what part of freedom of speech or what part of a free election. Don't you understand it. You might not like the results. You might not like what is sad. But if you don't like that. Are you really an American I mean it's okay if you'll like it. But you absolutely have to accept that. I'm scoot and we'll be right back on negative view of the far right. Is already changing. Path. They have to. Because they have never been totally honest. With their part. They have sold. A bill of goods to you. The far right wants your money. They what's the they want the ratings. And they're gonna change now because this country is showing. Then it's not far right the far right and the far left are truly the minorities in this country. And they were so many people on both sides that think they rule America -- don't. You have been totally. Stifled. Watch and see that they're they're going to be changes. -- -- -- -- -- -- So if he was so honest with you why is he changing. I don't understand that. I don't have their millions but the one thing I loved it. Is that I have my heart and I have my honesty. And you may not agree with that. But at least I'm honest. And I don't have to change my opinion on anything because at the results of an election or something like that because. I'm I'm I'm I'm again I'm I'm I'm I'm totally honest. And if you're honest you don't have to change. Some people think I'm conservative. Some people think I'm liberal and absolutely nobody knows who I voted for. I've said positive and negative fake negative things about both candidates. And I just don't feel the need to share. Who I voted for. Because somewhere down the line. Somebody will say well that's your opinion because you voted for someone so why am I gonna give you that ammunition. -- I absolutely. Love the show that I do and I don't know if there's any other show when America like this. And I'm so happy and I mean I've been through so much in my life that I guess. I guess in some ways I feel like I have nothing to lose. And I don't make quite the Limbaugh's and -- these -- -- -- -- to make. It would be great to have them Monica -- loved to have them money. But I'm not gonna sacrifice. My honesty for that and you know what if it comes one day great. -- -- -- WW elegant evening. -- what do you think the people of -- hair stand on immigration all. I'm here in light they did there's a boost toward. Finding some solution to the problem by grabbing some widespread and -- but not allowing for. Citizenship for the right to vote. And I think that there are a lot of people Louisiana. Want a solution but an epic they're willing to consider careers. Takes on the amnesty -- but it not to just -- widespread rights right away. It would be essentially. Polls citizenship people -- what you're nine York. Well it'd be different from whites Obama suggested. What Obama. I'm a put into into play which is if you you have a two year. After a period where you can apply for citizenship. If you are if you are if you meet certain requirements like you're part of the military or you're going to school. I mean those two to meet those who illegal immigrants I am I can't speak for the state of Louisiana although I would think the state of Louisiana in general. Is on opposed to any illegal immigrant. But there are people in our state who are US citizens who I don't think deserve to be part of this country. And there are illegal immigrants who are here who are working and contributing to our country who deserve to be part of this country. Well I we lost. We lost contact with with Joseph. Here is a Texan reads -- scoot to. Do you have any idea where president Obama's presidential library will be built I would think it would be built in Chicago because that's where. He's from. That would be -- Guess if I had to guess at this point. MSNBC. Is. Doing something called it. Evolution on. SE AN evolution on. And I haven't I've only seen the video of it but I think it's. I think they're busting. Hannity. Four and changing his. Opinions. On some things. I'm glad you're with us we'll take a quick break I'm -- and we will be right back if you wanna join us with a -- -- numbers 260. 1878. Chill free 866889. Is Airways seven -- tech's number 870s a seventh. The smaller cars on our roads. 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Dot com. -- here's the text that creates. That's why I'm not like Kid Rock fan anymore. I don't need to know his political sense are you kidding me we're huge night. What would you not listen to Kid Rock because he voted for. -- -- would you not listen to Bruce Springsteen because he voted for Obama. Which you not listen to Madonna because she voted for Obama. I mean what difference does that make -- Everybody is entitled to. Freedom of speech. My god this is the one thing that we need to hold so truth to this country. Freedom of speech. Freedom of a free election. From New Orleans rob bureau and every WL. They've I'd like you to show you straight up for example does not accomplished a lot all all all like a lot because people somebody else. You can agree that you like. Is it right when you're quite right keep it out -- be applauded like about to show which a lot of parity. Your top five I appreciate you listen and I love what I do -- I've been in this business a long time and this is absolutely the most fine and then I've ever had in my career and I appreciate you to take its time to call our show. It our rob thanks thanks for listening. I want to thank before we run at a time I want to thank -- -- ransom our studio producer and also lied Jack Harris she's been on any of the studio. Here's a final update on tonight's WWL pretty general opinion poll. Is it all right for movies to have a sense of humor about war. 82% say yes and 18%. Saying no. I guess the three movies that really stand out in my mind about humor and war. And good morning Vietnam. And good morning Vietnam was the first time that we ever. Expect at least embraced. What happened in in in in Vietnam and again. Thank god to all of our veterans especially those of you who. We're in the Vietnam era I'm -- have a great night -- -- New Orleans.