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Nov 13, 2012|

Dave talks about cold air, the bridge vote, and Meatless Mondays

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this thirteenth of November 2000 and well where it is Tuesday yeah. It's making it -- or quake and why now broke. A week from Thursday's Thanksgiving -- on the -- if that Turkey ready as the earliest Thanksgiving indeed because the first of the month was it Thursday. And it is the fourth Thursday of the -- always Thursday -- yet the earliest it can be a lot of people may think -- -- next week the week after and now it is the twenties. So early Thanksgiving and it will be giving thanks for that. As early as well so are you go a little early don't you yeah actually my father -- hunter and outdoorsman. In the actual holiday he does is. Thing out in the woods though we celebrate our Thanksgiving Saturday Sunday before things got these days sometimes you have to move things around well that is a schedule and what is Thanksgiving all over again on Thursday. They get a dollar it would -- -- -- point -- that. We finally have the final vote. -- -- on the Crescent City connection. Whole extension ballot measure to look forward to today now there could be a recount there could be lawsuits could be count. Bought it. At least we'll have the final tally of the votes. That -- and on and after Election Day. Because today an account last military and overseas ballot few dozen. That could sway the vote. In the opposite direction right now it's currently winning by eight vote to extend totals for the one years. It's. After we get the final votes and it. -- is going to be close one what are they -- there. Yeah wineries erratically could be as much as 48 votes in favor and 32 votes again there are those exactly forty. Though he's now. Year. Nothing like election and programs. And movies laser was in the presidential election and exactly presidency connections. That never. Ever did you grab the big coat this morning I I -- the leather Jack gap that's what I want or other -- -- -- the we injury he could really use the only reason there's no frost because there's a crazy wild winds are gusting over thirty. Miles. Per hour right now all night it was going because the wind chill in -- right now is right at freezing -- details. So it feels like freezing on the North Shore but the wind -- with enough. That's going north at ten north little late but it is coming here into the dvd words because again at thirty miles an hour right here. On borders. Yeah I wouldn't full when he pray for it with just the shirt today I don't know I don't I -- -- out there though it started joke just a minute ago -- someone Joseph he looked. Horribly miserable it out with. I gonna get a lot warmer during the day either. With that way and it's a good feel cold all day long. If you yourself a favor down and along the coast when they're about thirty miles an hour with the guys here in the city though right down along lake Bryant. Do yourself a favorite. Presently. Garrity my eating shield of the way. You have the Jackie got the code I got everything. If you you really area I don't get -- and others -- -- And the gloves again. I did gloves just gripped the hearing it's called out there. In -- cells in this cold weather it frolic he weathered it to mean when it gets cold like this. Down in the thirties and lower forties but does wind -- even feel like freezing each. Theo. Right until love it. People complaining. That -- Our rights we'll take your forecast for the next three days next as well as sports with the I just haven't seen. Find -- chilly Tuesday morning. Got a text message today 78 Saturday that wants them there apparently hit shivering. Is that you added to the game I love of the love of the green because coal. Lot of thought that that does like at a all right and others as great weathered T shirt and shorts maybe I should have been and ask him. T shirt and -- you crazy as as we are on the cusp of winter and I think or over the by the court and it. And a resident working on the street cart today and beat Kelly. Violent -- this one text message today that it that it is I have short pants short sleeves on the light jacket and a gag it like you know. This morning out there on the Colbert feels like freezing right now on the North -- looked at your forecast from the kennel or forecasts that are. Sunshine for you on this Tuesday that stay cool and breezy north winds up to fifteen miles per hour -- today. Only the upper fifties to low sixties and tonight mostly clear. Temperatures dropping quickly 35 in frost north of the late -- -- plants in south of the -- will be in the mid forties mostly sunny for your Wednesday sixty to -- and Thursday sunny 65. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- urologist Clark. Now I yes Laura you just that it will be even colder tomorrow so folks please be prepared if you are not one of these folks who can handle the cold weather. Get ready it is cold today. And will be colder tomorrow right now officially at the airport in Canada we have clear skies 46 degrees in northeast wind -- 21. Gusting to 29. Miles an hour making it. Feel. Like the thirty's on the North -- clear and 39 with that went. Feels right at freezing right now that windchill index thirty news. -- guess in the -- will be practicing indoors today and the best. On over to Steve -- has got a morning reports for us on this Tuesday morning hello there. Good morning -- the saints running game has come alive of late and is a big reason the team has won two straight games. In her head coach Joseph Vick tells us why Mark Ingram is beginning to look like a player that was worthy of last year. First round draft day I think Mark Ingram was was hurt training camp days in an -- thing to start the season. I think he'd given the close please let me get more comfortable aboard touched the ball. Ben Roethlisberger suffered a shoulder injury in the second half of Pittsburgh thirteen to ten overtime win over Kansas City on Monday Night Football when you're talking. April 23. So -- Suisham kicked the game winner with 51 seconds into the extra period just one play after linebacker Lawrence Timmons intercepted -- quarterback Matt Cassel. Well it's senior day in Death Valley on Saturday when LSU hosts Ole miss. Coach less miles talks about the group of fourteen -- -- -- school achieved so much. A group of men that have accomplished a lot. In their time they for your seniors who won 41 games fits your seniors 49 games. And Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout was the unanimous pick as the American League rookie of the year. On this season which he batted 326 with thirty homers in 83 RBIs. Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper who don't just turned twenty years old is the second youngest winner of the NL rookie of the year. They have four on sports talk. Why -- the saints peaking at the perfect time for the magic continue and take them to the playoffs. Plus we go around the league checking in on each division in the NFL I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at school actually today's sent off. Days I guess there'll be practicing inside or outside today. You know they've they might get together for some film study but I don't know -- yet they'll be doing any on the field work today they get it in Atlanta Oakland. And yet they'll actually be. Believe Joseph -- said that -- be flying out Friday okay extra day out of Alaska right exactly get ready you know and kind of time change always affects you any. You know what do you think it's not a big deal. It actually you know going through two time zones it is will affect the players so vocal in their Friday go through a small walk through Saturday. Again -- before the game so. You gotta like the fact that this team has seems to be coming alive at the right time as were teasing and sports talk this. While at the last four seasons they haven't lost. In knowing them they -- November they have now lost the game in November in years. And that's encouraging -- They apparently no one to get the adrenaline flow and no one to get the focus right now wanna get all the pieces to fit and acute -- that has been the running game hasn't it the last couple of weeks. What do you make of you know Mark Ingram or being extremely critical of him wondering why he had a roster -- why was he. Even you know dressing out and Chris -- was on the bench -- not even dressing out. But he Asia especially this past Sunday. He's the look like Heisman Trophy yet. And Mike may be it's the competition factor now the got this guy Chris Ivory who's -- scene as this thumper that Scott it's gonna pass on the offensive line which. Marking was kind of drafted to be that guy that short yardage guy and really hasn't lived up to things admiral we joked that you know his one carry he would get would be good for one or two yards. But he's been really excelling of late getting 45 yards a carry. And as we've seen with the LSU running back stable competitions a great thing. And I combination of that with suddenly the the light seems to be going on defense and say they seem to really begin Steve Spagnuolo scheme. At least in the reds the red zone defense has also -- And that's that's I guess that's where it really counts. Is when they can put seven on the board to get us problems that interception by breeze early on it was -- that that was key data into a field goal yet David you were down by. -- I could have been down by fourteen. Difference in the and the defense yet had the defense not held after that reason reception early in the first quarter -- right. -- in tennis as as a bear always says bend don't break and that's it's that it -- the saints are doing and again and -- Lotto winning habit and now today and the end of the season if they wanna make the playoffs if the saints can do it. Oakland. They don't look very good but hey look what happened last night everyone had written off the Kansas City Chiefs and they brought the reigning Super Bowl champs to overtime. On Monday Night Football right it and it's was kind of unbelievable because and one of my sit -- started features I said -- Jamaal Charles because he's going up against the Steelers -- he he's on my fantasy team I -- use that hundred yards a touchdown. Perfect attack in -- point I'm meant to -- -- -- Steve -- I -- gave -- ability your ticket to cold both of before at. After the event. 5 point 6 good morning I'm David knowing that the early edition of WWL first news bundle up. Ice today -- cool upper fifty to -- sixty and mostly sunny skies. And tonight cold with lows in the mid thirties north Italy could see some widespread frost south of the lake will be in the mid forties -- mostly sunny for your Wednesday. How high of sixty -- sunny on Thursday with a high of 65. Any Eyewitness News forecast than our meteorologist Laura -- now. Those guys 46 degrees and they actual temperature at the airport when you got -- wind gusting at 29 miles an hour feels like that there are parties now. Right here in the the -- clear and 39 officially in light now the national weather they're not that with the -- feel like. Reasoning. With that 32. As that wind you know -- thank analyst for paying attention. Yeah now when I was in the New York Giants rating doubled the last. Who expected. Him to take it to overtime last night thank you for keeping me on the street and speaking of staying on the straight and narrow. Looks like David Petraeus and his philandering ways may bring down another top commander. There holding. -- -- nominees. The commander of allied troops. In Europe now. To find out what another general knew and had to do with Petraeus is affair that caused him resign. As the head of the CIA. Now had over the fiscal collapse. Congress gets back together today that lame duck congress. If making keep that happening residences Ingraham tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans. Big bite is on the way and I don't know count the Crescent -- connection vote the vote tally. About final. One of the final tally should commence. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the earliest -- WWL. Is on this thirteenth of November. 2000 and well it's Tuesday age and at a few dozen days left ear hole lead the goal. And it's coal. Bundle up ladies and attacked a remedy them and he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. hiding under those nights warm like if you -- -- -- up with somebody else's sharing their body at the end. And as you pull those covers off yet ready to heal. Bathrooms are always colder -- and a -- and end the -- doubtful because carpet. -- -- called. Took me a matter of seconds to get in a hot shower this morning yeah you know wait for the watered again a little bit yup that little -- the water sitting in the White House's very cold right now. As UN -- Stepan is now intent and turn the water on beacon is then when it's over it's all of going to be -- all right that's it its two largest cities in America and art trying desperately to control obesity. We know about the soft drink in New York. No no goals no oh huge soft drink that is now that's really gonna do that your one now we've been talking about at. -- -- but do you Los Angeles City Council has done I would expect most any -- at the burgers at least on Monday as the Los Angeles City Council. Council members have voted fourteen enough things. Two urged Angelina is not to eat meat on Monday. And the burgers -- Now the beat volleys actively looking at your -- that's what you. Buy it. The resolution. Does. Suggest while not making it legal that people steer away. From. And meet in general and may help the year die at least on Monday -- I don't know where this came from colleague. Yes they are -- decided just on Monday yeah and it. Los Angeles City Council have nothing better -- and was eating a lot on Monday some other things to worry about. That's what you got. Two points tail legally drink a large noted New York. And now the Los Angeles City Council recommends that you'd don't eat. -- out on Monday and overs a big deep fried. Chicken patty. Probably is not good either meatless Monday it was Monday -- they -- you need vegetables. Fruit -- Not than theories. Which is if you want that. Now why don't need government telling me. Life -- eat drink I guess it is public cost associated with obesity and at the problem and and that you've you want elected latest be worried about the health of the community and all that fun now -- Meatless -- The fruits and nuts on Monday that our -- not he may be honest -- -- if -- elect when he met two more first his -- Moehler has been looking at the numbers. The other 32. Ballots to count today in New Orleans. And 3-D in Jefferson there. Going to the secretary's statement on ranked 35 votes to count are regulated whip that out pretty quick -- -- well here's the problem. State officials have until. Thursday to certify the results. We expect. They'll tell us something today because how hard is the count 35 miles an article. And then figure out with an eight vote lead for the tolls continue on the presidency connection what the final vote -- let us know the victory bacon certified next week they wanted officials at the state level the sectors that have been quick to remind us. The fifteenth certification. So he could be the Thursday before we can result we expect them. -- it and it. My goodness is that a cool -- -- it. If you called. Low low -- moron. Morning this meteorologist Laura up down. Iraq from the Eyewitness News forecast -- eighth goal right now. I too did you Wear this morning when you've got out there at 2 o'clock in the morning and it. Allow those bundled up yeah I I've I've got a turtleneck on at -- -- had a sweatshirt on -- to work in that have a laser on but -- -- -- -- -- -- back on that -- -- I actually put the -- -- this morning because my steering -- was so -- that I -- I -- gloves -- are. I mean that. Gone yeah you want -- no I mean we've seen we have to have they'll -- out live on canal street and everybody has gone -- and at the gloves yeah. Yeah we didn't we just listen to bill and -- last it has been up got to tell you as odd guy out there work this morning. In short sleep eating at them and -- you is get -- -- a truck at that he would sit he did he hit more than just think he's. -- was driving them orchestrating a stop and every block pop and out of his pickup truck in short sleeves and he was visibly shaking. Yeah how cold is it out there where at 46 right here in the city but north of lake where the upper thirties CN. Keep in mind that the wind chills this morning -- authorities everywhere so we have north winds at about twenty miles an hour here in the city. So while it's 46 it feels more like 35. -- gust up to 3032 miles an hour. Yeah now on the north York feels like raising its eyes. The low thirties and -- else -- -- dressed for it back dress for what it feels like it with -- -- thirty Easter dress warmly. Tomorrow even colder when we get out yeah I mean we're gonna be back in the thirties and forties tomorrow and were seen at the winds died down enough there may be some frost north Italy again says something to keep them mine action pets they -- tonight. And make -- the plants in north of the lake -- in tropical plants you know that you may want it for instance I'd. I can and today now warming up -- lot happening now and you can see about. Sixteen maybe -- fifty's most of the day. About the rest we rest of the weeks they school sixty's for highs through Friday. All right so it's a cool week all week long. We warm up again by the weekend not a rollercoaster ride and a level we're kind of on a train right right it's going to be a cool week all -- -- -- the. All right Laura. What wrong with people but. Now you're gonna have to determine in this story. Who's got them -- more wrong with that. By -- are homeless man it is spent the night in a Florida jail. Yet there are charging his cellphone and a public parks. An arrest report. From the Sarasota police department that the sergeant spotted the man charging -- founded a picnic shelter at the officer arrested him for. Half of city utilities. Yan the police sergeant told the man such behavior according the report quote will not be tolerated during this bad economy. Apparently the city Arizona -- and a lot of people stealing felt. Sorry -- Yeah that was it cost five and that's I think at this that it went that electricity. Yet they they put in jail he spent the night. And then a judge toss the case that. That you better things for my electrical bills a few hundred box divide that by thirty days a month. How much it -- card now -- charges. It's going to be minimal. I don't know as wrong as somebody somewhere around it what it almost gonna have a cellphone he needs to -- I don't know what that's all about how. You know immediate priorities issue here they have no home but I got to sell. It it it's night and I tonight has got a text and visited it 78 that I've got to ask you with this when he nine at 32 mile an hour gusting -- Should we issue mr. -- and diet we have -- issues burglars have and -- You -- where expert herself or -- just coal for small ball when they're kind of -- I. -- I'm not here you are the I hole hole I don't -- parent alert I'm I'm tortoise -- Iowa then we leave you witness thank you Marat a skirt Hillard has more about now -- back to the forecast center. -- -- -- -- sure. You can hear it here and your -- and we're here. -- -- officials. Have. Al -- anyway as issued a skirt Allard and for those of you haven't heard one before. And more about -- created this -- toward women that if you Wear a skirt today it may well blow up over years wastes because of the gusty went. The word activity and also created to warned men that women wearing skirts. May see them blow up over -- -- -- thank you to the -- 87870 when asked if they should be -- hurdler is -- said yes. But now we've -- Sports -- -- with the gallery here and -- W. 5499. Year whole bundle up Tuesday morning feels like the thirty's on both sides like the windshield reasoning right now -- -- -- did get a text message to date that any cavity. It's 35 and frost in Washington Paris. But the wind the wind must have died down when you were to get that brought text message to -- -- 7871. President says about that. Guy arrested in Sarasota for charting his cellphone -- a public park probably cost more to put him in jail for a night and the electricity costs -- absolutely and and -- beat -- and they probably adamant -- -- Britain closed or not but then just washing is -- much electricity that day. Good point -- responding to the Los Angeles City Council. Passing a resolution suggesting that low angelenos not eat meat on Mondays that they say steer away from beef. The analysis hey guys you made me hungry for it she's -- po boy. And a large sweet tea yet dug in about that large soft drink McNamee are except. They are going to a year cheeseburger -- -- -- team because in New Orleans. There's no laws against it or even recommendations from the City Council that cannot eat. Sports time now on WW out for that. We say good morning to Steve Geller who -- there. Good morning David Dennis Allen left New Orleans in 2011 become an assistant with the Denver Broncos and then just -- leader was named head coach of the -- raiders to. -- in your head coach Joseph Pitts says he's still the president of talent and has a ton of respect for this week's opponent. He -- -- because he's the coach he's got a great supporters plus he got a great game these guys. We just became -- we're -- adjustments. The Steelers won their fourth straight game by speaking with a fifteen to ten overtime win over the what it needs. -- Monday Night Football. -- -- It's. So it's full. Shall we say it would kick three field goals in the -- -- game winner. -- fifty seconds into overtime after that was in his interception. Meanwhile Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger left the game with you right shoulder -- and we'll see that they already in -- for college football's. And its list of talked about it a fourteen that are getting ready for their final home game the tigers to Donald. They were the first thirteen year old regular season. In school history they would -- -- first date and home conference championship. And Mike -- the Los Angeles Angels was a unanimous winner of the American League rookie of the year nationals twice harper just -- Youngest winner DNL rookie of the year awards. Today apple wants to talk to -- the saints teaching at so perfect time for the magic continued and take them to the playoffs plus we go to grab. Division in Canada tonight Steve -- what's your early morning. -- schools -- high 52 on -- Tuesday morning what to Wear today I'd did you get the big coat to Wear the gloves. You know I I have I have two leather jackets and war by a short -- leather jacket but when -- -- -- out in Jersey I have a leather trench coat that I have that I feel. And powered unit tactics and might be time to to bring it out tomorrow morning I think will be it and -- -- today and -- -- where the bomber today right yet and -- And leather -- I love wearing a leather jacket but most days. Even if I did in the morning. By the afternoon I don't need it this afternoon you're still gonna need it because when I get very warm today that they get are. And the saints are heating copyrighted exactly the right time. As they get ready to head out to Oakland any concerns about the raiders and let me ask you because I have to get your opinion and you're the ultimate optimist he sent economic. The playoffs at this point. At the tough calls -- -- like what I'm seeing so far and if Alice talking about this yes there with some of the guys if there's any team that knows how to put a winning streak together. These this group of of players does because they've done it last year with a nine game winning streak and then -- the years of Super Bowl you're with a thirteen game winning streak so there's plenty of folks on here that know how to do it -- to think. There might be a loss or two in there. Still -- still to go in the season but every game I've I've looked that. They're definitely winnable there's no matchup that I'm looking at saying there's no way to go win that Denver game on the schedule is on the what I'm saying. And added that that ain't happening -- they only -- on one. They could very well get that wildcard. Yet right now things are all a big mess in the NFC which is actually great for the saints and they are taking advantage of the -- at the right times against an -- left and -- I'll be the optimists say yes thinks it's about fifteen minutes more sports here at WWL. I am FM and all right coming up the next four Tommy tiger folks do yourself a favor this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Horror all right next outing with the ATP vote that we have a result the day the latest now in WW golfers have a great Philly Tuesday.

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