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11-13 8:10am Tommy talks about the David Petraeus affair

Nov 13, 2012|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the David Petraeus affair and resignation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They did David to get back to the story that rarity get to finish last time because we we heard about you. And so here's a -- yeah. That guy I was tied behind a light pole in case you missed this Phoenix Arizona chased by is it's when he eight year old wife he's 36 of Stanley Jeep. An issue -- Saturday night that that a big fight big fight aliens versions are screaming -- you answered -- -- -- the parking money suvs get behind a light -- and job battles that'll save me the white Paul. Many tried to make a run for it which you know elect an Atlanta -- here but I guess at some point you figure I can't stay here the whole time apparently she's not gonna cool loft. I would have opted for stand there open -- cool off does he made a break Gordon. What happened Knoll and -- -- hitting power and -- -- -- man -- does not just a bomb what did you do in your story. The mighty hi Jim I ran port yeah I am native and I've got to made it you know apparently. You know -- -- yet more speed that this guy did he or she -- engine I don't know -- but let me tell you what the what the argument was about. He didn't vote. She was angry because he didn't vote in the election I'll come on again because. -- This woman was not on non alcohol or drugs. She was just aggravated because her husband didn't vote. The guys in critical condition. And aunts that's the hills and I was running you know -- -- and -- -- -- last August but I just let the concept of tape making a break sport where what you do idiot. I'd held all -- involve its dominant run you over but listen because. She thinks that. The family is gonna face hardship from president Barack Obama's reelection. And I would suggest not as much hardship as running over your husband and putting -- at a hospital in critical condition is a key I'd agree yeah. Because you made space bullet you may face hardship. From the president's reelection that's an unknown. Running over your husband and a Jeep but even a hospital in critical condition you will face hardship from Nat. It's like statistics type one type to -- however it goes out guaranteed. So anyway we're gonna talk about element of that too as well as the the continuing conversation about private and public life he'd give up -- Your private life if you run for public office and as it stands now. 86 presents a gasoline got to go back the FBR back in the day when affairs were not viewed lightly. I don't know maybe you -- I wasn't alive -- -- -- we -- have all of us as you know 20000 emails going -- so what if FDR who had appeared -- during the time he was married to -- and in the white house with his -- What if that had come in the light and FDR was forced from office would it have affected. Com. And what he column. The electorate or would it affected the war effort would have been affected the history of the country wants or will it what would have happened what if FDR had had to give up his. Public office for for his private life for a for his indiscretions dork. Or like hi Eisenhower who now we find out had an affair with it is -- when he was over in the war in Germany are. -- Europe the -- the European theater what about Soledad where do you draw the line between that when it comes at. Public servants and their private life if they're not disclosing any secrets are putting themselves in a compromising position. And you look at how many people have affairs as a what is are you disqualifying people who could make a contribution a public life and then there's this there's a lady. In her a lot from California. Denny's announced when he two years old posted shortly after the president's reelection Tuesday on her -- a FaceBook page. And another four years of the N word. Maybe you'll get assassinated this term she is an employee. At that cold stone Kramer in ice cream shop or boy those quickly made the rounds on social media. Get the attention of the Secret Service audio and she got fired. So what is what is fine you made a post like this did you expect to keep your job and what if you had. A business and you had an employee that made a comment like this would you keep a market for you or not. And is it about the comment or isn't about the John the judgment inward as freedom of speech enter into all of this phone lines are open. 2601878038668890870. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and 177 W. Tommy Tucker big 877 WL first news this is what the Stewart director of that. Cold stone cream Marines are like California had to say we made the decision to. Flyer. Denny's Helms because. We -- very into working with the community in doing community service so when your community does not like Q because of an employee that's bad we have a business to run. Which she did was she posted a comment on her FaceBook page or personal FaceBook page shortly after the president's reelection Tuesday. That said and another four years of the end. Maybe you won't get assassinated this term. There's one other thing she's not even -- later registered to vote. And then she says OK but what do I do wrong. That's kind of the Secret Service once investigate me but I don't understood and I don't understand what I did wrong. Do you think you could explain it to her what she did wrong or not and if she works for you would you cut her loose or not. -- I have to fire. I jedi and. Guerrero high -- -- have you on the morning. And now you I MRI. Enjoyable at Atlanta at I have to tell you yesterday when the guy called up -- don't talk about the falcons. And expenditure issue falcons interest in Atlanta. And we know and in line. And when you started laughing about that I'm still smile about. Well thank you that's nice citizen. That was the funny thing. -- -- -- You know the thing that changed. Profit from -- and whatever. Amid a patriot subordinates that they know what I think on on to that the generals know did -- friends you know -- area and no well you know the treatment -- and the party content that you shouldn't either. At that point in doing things a look at the way. But you know -- -- power internationally. Are showing to the world. Petraeus right now -- quite there -- interest me but more you can you can trust me. And you know can't we taught when we left we represented every -- -- It from the USA -- -- -- where he -- world and that I think that's why I get that back. It's it's not that -- what he did it that. You -- me you're making me pay and I don't appreciate it. So if it wasn't publicized. Nobody would know about it right. OK I understand that would go on back in the day to the Franklin Roosevelt -- United on -- thing about her I am blanket on and I about that. But if it wasn't publicized nobody would know about it so in terms of representing -- there would be no embarrassment. And echoes of the question of is a public figure's private life their owner do we have a right to know about who with whom their sleeping even if they are married. It's a couple. -- -- And people happen to cover it up and you don't need. Deal because. If you don't let it -- -- and things like that it's wrong it's wrong to -- So that what it is is it -- an -- that you're not keeping up I'll let these fourteen. You know patriots -- now -- thirty years it and a separate right. -- let me ask you this would you have wanted Franklin Roosevelt out of office. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't they beat man wearing an. Oh wait no that's my point so if if then yeah you you talk about. If Franklin Roosevelt doing something wrong. If that would have been publicized then do what he had had to resign are saying office and then that brings us to. General Petraeus should he still have his job or not. You know I just -- -- Because. The way it all happened and at least sort of to represent himself his wife is. He hit his loyalty to his marriage his loyalty is country -- be capacity could and it didn't. A little different look about as -- and -- he got hurt and now. Do little white. Now -- candidate -- secret and and come -- likening it to. -- in and got it in his marriage. And it's why. I'm having a problem as separate and that -- See you think if Franklin Roosevelt should of resigned his job. As far as we know. You know season Epstein knew that if he knew that it would have been OK okay but if she knew it would have been okay. Even though he's violating a now. They'll tell him I'll and then he still wearing too you know I really believed to bat went went. -- was present to the Netherlands and -- watching TV the one shell it was. In English in the Netherlands they -- -- Was accurate in this guy's name he would have -- -- that the people on the guy with the contents with the story needs a lawyer in the camp. -- -- He kept stressing the equality selling those who married it'll be used to -- now accounts. How I felt when I walked down the street the American people look at me up I'm Matt what's holding an American stand on it now comes to me it's just. And he gets wiped out so it's international and you represent meet people around the world but in the end that. That's Jenny we gotta run I'm running late thank you so -- Battle will be called back gates when he sides timely drastic. Neighbor's home delivery at our special low introductory rate. Call 50452905. To 2004 or visit the had been in New Orleans dot com. I -- expensive libel people listed the FDR question I don't know maybe somebody will only come back -- music so 18782038668890870. FDR had an affair when he was in office would you have wanted him. To resign. Bill Clinton we all know about him he survived. JFK did likewise it is is it about integrity or judgment. And as a public officials private life. Their -- or do we deserve to know about a right now time for -- W offers news and David glee. Tommy I think 878 data WL. Talking about this big mess that's gone on. Many find my flow chart here. David Petraeus. Former head of the CIA having an affair with -- is biographer who is when he years younger and attractive lady. -- abroad well married mother of two. He resigns on Friday. But the plot thickens because ball all abroad well his biographer. This all came to light because -- Kelly. Married mother of two as well in the Tampa area who is on Margaret the military. Received threatening emails from -- abroad well. Because apparently. She saw Jill Kelly was after David Petraeus -- Kelly and her family have been on vacation with David Petraeus and his family. There is no indication that there was anything on on between -- and David. There are however. 30000. Pages. Of emails between general John Allen. And Jill Kelly the letter said to be inappropriate. Emails. Now if you wonder who general John Allen is he's the four star commander of the war in. Afghanistan forced our general. He was going to be replaced soon to move up to the supreme allied commander in Europe of NATO and negative forces and commander of the US European Command. That's in jeopardy now. The -- question here a couple of different collections are public officials private lives their own business. David Petraeus now see how he could have done anything but resign you can't put yourself on a compromising position if you're the head of the CR IAA. And then another question is why do men and women have affairs. Having played a lot of golf and by the way thanks to Steve sword and everybody Cox Communications and your birdies and Kelly Gibson what a nice man this as a professional golfer from. Algiers former jazz would blue -- out there yesterday helping out the veterans on veterans statement. Having played a lot of golf and listen to a lot of locker room talk I can tell you why men have affairs and I will and a presumed sane thing for women I don't know. But I'll tell you after the break. But are. Public officials and and soldiers private lives anybody else's business but there isn't it doesn't become other people's business because the media exposes it. Bill Clinton speaking of exposing we all knew about that. But he survived after after an impeachment effort from. Apparently there wasn't enough public opinion to drive him out of office FDR. Longtime affair with his aides that the public the press kept secret as they did his. The fact that he was disabled from infantile paralysis. At Dwight Eisenhower. Had an affair with -- -- in in the World War II in Europe nobody knew about that that was Pepsi because it was private business JFK we don't know what he was upped him. So do we really need to know these things are not -- really think a president would allow himself to be blackmailed. Into his wife not knowing you. From John in poplar -- thanks for calling your WL it is it a judgment issue or is it an integrity issue go ahead John. I think that a lot of weight on -- came out like the argument given that lady news. So Andy immediately because -- is Kroll. And I agree I think -- judgment because. Well in the compromise. You know classified information on the bottom well that happened class you know to this well. Information and then he obviously is in your judgment this continue that. -- let me ask this right here on is giving as much time as Geneva let me ask you right there. -- think David Petraeus if Paula -- -- of the CIA would have come. They KGB a rule whoever it is al-Qaeda anybody. Would have gone -- the Taliban would Donnie Hammond said. I -- general we got tapes have you and and ball abroad well we're gonna go to your wife. Where exposes publicly if you don't do would we want what do you think General Petraeus would set at that point. He probably list. -- -- -- That's -- I think so I think -- so I don't. With that character died race it was not really concerned -- Not necessarily what we're trying to get that most of fired. Elected official of that and serving a special kind of the character of Petraeus in my opinion I think that's why. We have a lot of government probably that people. Client -- I scared here and -- that it will again and that has their married taxpayers. But economically there in nearby -- -- -- you know and I think overall as well I mean that. I got -- so you're saying and I got to run the break you're saying that Petraeus is an extraordinary example blood. The average congressperson might be of such weak character that they would engage in an extramarital affair and then do something. So out there office in effect to cover it up. Got to thank you glad you called John Elway -- real quick is still there yeah what do you think men have -- or women have affairs. Now I'm happy in our alliance happened two -- stability issues and it's they -- -- -- -- -- Their drug addict medic there issues. I think that's one of the reasons I'll tell you another one and I've found out from my extensive golf locker room conversations. When we come back and quick text eight Tommy keep name and Democrats have extra marital affairs and about David bitter or any other Republicans are just quit and cut. And run I don't have to name them to make my point -- -- David -- David -- didn't quit he ran for reelection. Larry Craig. Didn't quit my stance Larry. And I didn't mean. Ignored them on just thinking of the notable cases Dwight Eisenhower was by the way Republicans. Right Jordan yet so they go. And I'm not trying to play one side or the other I'm just trying to keep it as brief as I possibly can't 260187803866889087. In my theory. Winner return on -- 878 evidently well. This up right now Tommy Tucker another WL first news I mentioned earlier that I played golf. I at the veterans -- I Kelly Gibson very nice man wrote from new loans everybody knows who he is. See story Cox Communications. And and another again that we played with. I mean and I -- mention his name is now wondering imminent this. This has nothing to do with them we didn't even discussed this yesterday. But having played golf since -- about eighteen years old and having been in numerous golf locker rooms. People letter golfers knows that when you play golf the conversation usually -- to -- things sports and sex that's what the conversations about between shots. So having conducted my own exhaustive research when it comes to wide men have affairs because. You know it is not a lot of women and men's locker rooms I can tell you this isn't what my research in the field has you know. Men have affairs because well first -- they're not happy at home but secondly when it comes to a guy like David Petraeus. Who is has immense responsibility. On him and when you -- how -- a guy like he has. Shows such poor judgment and had an affair and have his head turned by this one a year -- forty year old. Biographer twenty years is junior but an attractive woman. When it comes to general John Allen the force our commander of the war in Afghanistan. How could he exchanged 30000. Pages of inappropriate emails with Jill Kelly a married mother of two. At least that's what we're here and how could that happen. This is what I've heard throughout many many years. It's about escapism. It's about. Finding -- younger woman to turn your head to make you feel young again and to deal with the pressures of the authors of the jobs. Of the awesome responsibilities that people in power hand. And I think some women think that it's an abuse of power and that some women think that. Because men of power can do what they want they do and I'm here -- Italian at least for and I wanna hear from you about your friends what you've seen. That it's not that it's about vulnerability on the part of men and they're looking for an escape and they're looking for a world to which they can go. Where they don't have these pressures and in effect. They are high schoolers again in their courting a young woman. And it's all about giggles and laughing and flirting and they don't have to deal with the stresses of running the CIA. And they don't have to deal with the stresses of managing the war in Afghanistan. And they don't have to deal with the stresses of running out. A multinational corporation. Or maybe they just don't have to deal with the stresses of and I'm not condone -- justifying any of this. I'm just saying they don't have to deal with the stresses. Of trying to stretch -- stretch your budget. Wanted to pay bills and provide for three of four children I'm not saying they should do this. I am merely going to motive here so they in essence have two worlds going. Where. -- they have. One world gone the real world with a wife and kids in the business and then I have the escape world that they can go to -- when things don't go so well there. With the escape world of the mistress then they go back to the stable world. Where they get the kids in the life and then when things start to get little rocky there they go to the fun escape world of flirting and laughing and young again and and being a dynamo in the bedroom and -- is this right absolutely. Not is it fair to anybody know is it fair to them certainly not. Is it healthy emotionally absolutely. Not. I'm just telling you having heard so many conversations from so many man. That's why men do it at least that's what I've heard as have my research has shown. You'd tell me when we come back gate 54 I get a text that says Kelly Gibson went to Dallas sell my jesuit. That's not what I was told if I'm wrong sorry Kelly right now to finally get traffic. Eight before and for that we've got to terror Robinson. I Tommy Tucker WL first news when we come back you tell me how good guy and position of authority like David Petraeus who risked it all to have an affair with a woman twenty years his junior. Is that you fell in love weather. What if it wasn't selfishness. Was it -- -- Was he a man of no morals are principles from the beginning his own you're texting. Would you rather you'd still be the head of the CIA. It was a good leader from from office for no reason. You tell me.

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