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11-13 4:35pm Bobby and Deke talk to Austin Rivers

Nov 13, 2012|

Bobby and Deke get an update from Hornets Guard Austin Rivers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chaos and how you dumb I'm -- Charlotte. Thank you -- -- -- -- and how we appreciate it's also take us through on your first few games have been a professional basketball player. With the New Orleans Hornets. I was gonna book social order the beer. Not been having a great talent is -- -- -- -- to learn a lot to learn a lot and I'm gazillion better in every game and I think if you don't -- aggression you better so -- got to keep. Improving and then you know I know eventually decision and a -- or we in as far as pitching goes it's -- great I think we have a good thing. Austin and obviously we know about your background coming from big time basketball cam in -- stay in the big is being used administering does on the college level but still. I'm not the professional basketball -- you've been able to hang around me is such a young. A young -- -- coach money talk about the word they'll talk about that being around the league like you were very unique and it. I extraordinary situation did. The youth I may be -- -- -- -- as overwhelmed -- may be some guys talk with you you could be the greatest college player but still when you come into the league. That this could be overwhelmed and played against these guys and he's big venues every night. Yeah I -- you've -- to just sit just a lot because I'm in good not. -- all the while you're so I can't think too much and you can't try to please everybody I'm looking at the biggest and -- every regular. There at one point you know they're gonna have a game where they just. I'm going and then they get frustrated you know I'm Marty you know Kabul you know just due to learn and and Bob that's that's an obvious thing that you can go out there -- think too much you try to do everything right you know they've got they're playing quite hard. Just try to win them financially. You know things would just uncalled for you. And I'll send compared target of fans a little bit about now you look at the highest level. The National Basketball Association -- compared to when you played at Duke as far as. When you look at and a team effort and now the contributions -- up from the reserves from the bench. And I'll look at -- Friday night win over Charlotte. They know if you look at what the bench contributed a season high 56 point 210799. Win. And just reflecting back 34 against the Spurs thirty when he as the Jazz. Twice things bulls' 2576. Is like a said that did these things point effort but from what you've seen. How important maybe did bench in the reserves and their play Indian being compared to what guided -- Well wait on how you just different because you don't usually don't have that big group you know there's only a couple of players in college I usually. Com how to carry the team and -- have a couple -- players that chip and and you you do that you know when a championship. A whole bunch of guys and you Munich and can't do -- today that you are a lot of guys could come up potentially score like you know you know I know that bit scary aren't they. And it was divided as our country congrats all lecture corrupt bench. So it's you know you have the guys in the NBA it seems so what are so I think we we need to really keep actually gotten a -- And are making big plays in you've seen him this year are ready -- and it -- minutes and stepped up and it's going to be -- -- anywhere opponents rookie guard Austin Rivers homeless back in action no tomorrow night here on WWL Radio One 053. Austin of about 29 and a half minutes a game I don't tell us what you are it's always a greeting your performance with the team right now. Look or personally -- I'll be up about that's. You know I don't play near my best but I haven't take care of you know I did not. Not all of -- playing pretty good basketball are. And you know I'm so. The competitor out there and you know -- I -- get it. You know I don't think that I knew Clemens fastball -- commitment to do my effort that you do to. You know just out there in -- and then -- -- all the Russian. Our lineup and I think I hit it didn't think too much look at what their -- a note -- concrete and all about collegiate. What is next came at a gala at again that I don't know but I know it gonna come -- and I stressing about it. Darren -- -- a bit out there and that's been playing well but you know I'm pretty excited that. Go under that amount -- quiet and I think it is make plays that work are created you do your job and continue to do that -- know eventually Konerko. Awesome when you look at obviously you have got to bring up your dad a dot I mean it -- days of -- mean -- some of the greatest basketball. It's not about -- to see him in economic guys that would -- any go to New York in place for a championship. And nanny for their course coach of the year a with the magic inning getting it down with the Celtics. Talk about having somebody so close to you what that much knowledge as a player and a coach basically be in there and done everything that you capacity -- on the level profession you're in that. And -- and Johnson to parlay that how do you do you talk to every night our everyday after a game or disease so busy -- how does that work. Oh yeah I mean -- earlier just about every day especially at every game. -- -- -- called after every game I call -- he called me just talk to me because if I needed to. What I'm not doing it I got caught in the game. -- bad -- so that you city into a lot of stuff that I am going to he was a rookie and once I'm you can -- cars where. She wasn't on your -- -- he Egypt under about as who are well well well when -- when I'm playing good together it's okay. The trade I need to keep doing -- and you find and just play it has huge blessing happened. -- -- He's got a few birdies as you can either you know and people telling. -- you tell NB prior got hit now where you considered you know one depressed -- Even of course -- get a coach at -- it up or -- it just so huge it's a work -- you can let. I think if you -- to have their first experience been. The public a lot. Now cause that is they got this time that she did last year obviously you focus on what you're donated Duke and then. Obviously Anthony Davis and Kentucky and and when did you ever imagine then maybe I didn't yell going to be teammates in. -- just talk about the expectations are considering you're number one overall odd choice. It seemed like a really young and early but I'm Anthony davis' the same like he's ready for the challenge. You know I don't worry never -- that I wanted to -- they -- a good future and me in I was one of those things where. You know I didn't -- look -- -- -- it's great because we you know both are in my chair and you'd like to -- with a -- -- and element working it's just an accord are -- out and cheap. An unreal and it the soldiers. Is called Al that it is that potential is limitless we would just sit out all. Can't but it hit the -- It's very exciting it was the kind of under the notion being that I'm -- get better. And there are -- -- you know it doesn't quite get I'll always be there for. And a tree maker Gary got a great together but he's gonna believable can't. We got to keep make sure Asia and around because he's huge part of this team. Also -- -- -- sit sit -- -- -- each other than I did so have bundled the wildcats in the Blue Devils went out to 90 we didn't. And -- -- -- all we can't just turn on him burst truly don't meet Atlanta probably could well. So it's good that you want to you know I am -- very good year with Britney land so I think I think we got a and I'll give you don't put out and I -- And found Alston speaker today we -- will be completely miss a green and -- about that there and Duke in the Indian under a guy like coach assist in this. Every year you know did it's almost like the play isn't a bad the numbers and enters his success like when you came in. We know you're going to be good cause Duke always gets the best plays if not maybe good -- but top tier the number one -- deposition. In my she shares he recruited that. You know he's going to be a great basketball player. Being around him in Indian -- I mean every year. Duke is always visit there's a single digit Bob by their name you know -- tapped -- -- -- about playing their program. -- -- -- -- I can't remember kids you we are used to do actually not that they're not. It's -- and -- can -- it's it's not good Maryland school of Richard. It took it for. I think you know obviously that's the big stage and can agree I don't think you can be bigger stage and emperor a lot of there -- a lot of young I in the -- to go to -- For whatever reason -- -- achieved that people a lot of packages don't -- which you know it is what it is that everybody goes that you don't like you did go well you what to do that I can -- all the time and yet to be ready to play at that I you know that and I'm glad. Well we don't know that it says like when you play Duke. Is ally got -- on the our name everybody has an opinion either. Duke fan are you hate Duke is that you not neutral. Exactly you know it -- -- -- you heard the concerns of people. Kentucky a bit they love the orange and this -- people -- but you know drew can look look where I don't feel like rumor you hate it. We didn't need to go on so -- -- and it looked like they get you ready to do that are heard you're did you go out there and play. Then I mean OK those guys he's just an issue I'll but I go out. I got bit by the baby sitting there -- do not. Trent and those very do everything over. Austin Rivers New Orleans Hornets guard Austin thank you so much -- how great he told you we're glad to have you thought about franchising good -- to the rest of the way. They -- pretty good.