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11-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 14, 2012|

Dave talks about cold weather, the fiscal cliff, and the Saints/Raiders game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW helpers it is it is the fourteenth of November 2000 and well and it's hump very welcome the -- -- today. I never understood that. Why it's. Spelled witnessed today and announced Wednesday -- Those things -- And one of those things you said it's not quite as cold as we thought it would be but it's a war. Now that we've got Oregon are gonna send its army out there now but are yesterday was that that. -- and your face all of net stop and squinting in bundled up and -- like this morning I didn't have him face eyes ice he's squinting. I saw other people coming into the building managers look like goods and fuel horror show obviously. -- -- -- Messed up bases. Hold in the he had northeast waited twelve today now like to five north lake. And we have upper forties to low fifties on the -- or an upper forties to I mean low forties to upper thirties on the north -- Not bombing now warm but now not -- now. I think of them. Do not expect to walk outside in your shortly at all I'd want to go out of law and and again and -- only go up higher on 62. It's not a warm up all night and -- and could be called again tomorrow morning that is Iraq. Ego that's the weather and that's it's wintry -- that this is our winter welcome to it. And Thanksgiving that week from tomorrow. The time it is taking away rather quickly news. Ego others that did your plans president Barack Obama today will meet with business users. And then all the news that the reporters talk about. School and very interesting houses and play. And its impact every single one. You know a lot of these political things we see going on in Washington. Infringement united it's like okay whatever. You know for me it's like the other plan their games and trying to get real idea what the end but this one is really a big deal because. If there can't be compromise. And if there can't be agreement in Washington before the end of the year. We are going to see serious automatic spending cuts to major major programs that impact a lot of us. And we're gonna see the expiration. Of tax reductions exactly that impact. Just about every single pars -- -- thousands of dollars probably for each person yet especially if you're talking about people who make. You know. Middle upper class and -- -- -- -- market really hitch and the president has dug in and is setting his heels firmly and saying there will be tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans. He's not willing he says to compromise them. Republicans have said over and over again they won that vote for any tax increases. But if decides they'll come together. There will be automatic cuts and there will be in effect automatic tax increases. And we will go over what they're calling the fiscal cliff you know hit the doomsday 'cause it's a combination of these things all hitting it wants. And so while you may find at all tennis alien and goofy and political nonsense that goes on for the most part in our nation's capital. This time it's gonna hurt it's gonna impact and it's -- -- matter if they don't find a solution. And it looks like. Someone's gonna get hurt in the process either way and it's very interesting that now is the time that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal comes out. And says it's time for the GOP to stop being the stupid part. It's time for the Republicans to stop. Preaching dumb down conservatism. -- it's time for the GOP the Republicans to stop. Positioning themselves as the party of the rich -- wealthy so. Here's a time where the Democrats. Have in. The electoral landslide take in the White House the last two years. The last few consecutive. Election -- -- elections -- -- So that they get a mandate felons some say they really did not enough by the popular -- the president lost the -- them exactly and this time they barely win the popular. But clearly Republicans. Idealism is not. Sweeping the nation with enthusiasm. To put Republican in the White House and it doesn't matter really what they're popular votes that because it only matters that the electoral votes says when you get down to it in terms of who's going to be the president. So Bobby Jindal does wanna be the next president or wants to any Republicans the next president he realizes that the philosophy is they've been preaching it work out. Gotta make some adjustments air time right now. To change the way people see Republicans. He's trying to do that by saying that the GOP needs to stop being the stupid party by that he means. Stupid in the way approaches. Its philosophy and it preaches what it stands for. -- other Republicans substantially change that. With the gridlock in Washington. And with the people who control the money being the ones who donated to the campaigns who want the Republicans to be what they have -- for the last decade. Hands and they find a compromise. On this cliff. That's the Nazi keyword I think there's something in the middle. And the in the president -- it must include tax increases on the wealthiest Americans the Republicans that -- -- that so where is the compromise where is the middle ground. Thank you David with talked about fifteen minutes more -- news here and Debbie WL now I ask you do you think they can put aside their political differences and really compromise. Have we seen any significant compromise in Washington in the last decade and we see it now. You expect political compromise but he expect that we're going over the fiscal cliff and we're headed for recession well that happens and what have they accomplished. It's goodbye there. Political. Positions and they proved that they did with they've promised to do. Europe and got a text message today 7870 says quit acting like good girls debut working inside and I love the cold weather actually I find it refreshing and and invigorating when it gets cold outside and I like going to be taken a deep breath that you can actually feel the air filling your lungs and you. -- I think it's great on my complaint about the called -- -- warning people that it's cold now it's not as cold as we expected it would be this morning because of that cloud cover acting like a blanket but it's still not warm out there. Cool weather continues today after a chilly start by the afternoon highs only in the low sixty's at it's we head through tonight mostly clear skies will lead -- Mid to upper thirties on the North Shore and to mid forties south of the lake. For your Thursday sunshine get heights of 64 and Friday mostly sunny but for -- or 67. From the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist Clark. Tell northeast -- at twelve miles an hour it's fifty degrees at the international airport forty on the North Shore. Scored -- here on WWL. Has the saints get back to the practice field get ready day. Based already dad's out of Oakland also getting ready for that big West Coast business and that -- -- Kristian -- mortenson. The one -- that's right the saints are back on the practice field today getting ready for their week eleven match up with the Oakland Raiders the saints are trying to get back to 500 on the season. It's -- -- bush rog says. At this keeping -- there's. Feels too good to -- you know. Thought our discipline you just don't see yourself Mary's from seeing the team be successful and you know continues registering a day at a time. The saints have won four of their last five and appeared to be ready to make some noise in the NFC playoff picture it's senior day Saturday afternoon Baton Rouge. As geology -- host Ole miss. Senior offensive tackle Josh the -- it says the rebels are always a tough out. It seems like you know it plays out -- when it on the batterers and I think that's been. It's the emotions of the game mom and then you know you throw in senior night for us it makes it Amazon. -- -- -- -- to finish the season strong in the final two regular season games of the year and remains alive for a BCS bowl game berth to New Orleans warrants -- on the road tonight against the Houston Rockets rookie guard Austin rivers. Zia to step up his game first. Personally don't model they have a botnets come you know I don't play near mount but I haven't take care of you know I did not. On the other -- pretty good basketball. Rivers and of one -- the ball on the road tonight against the rockets at 7 PM on WWL -- at 105 point three the -- also making the trade yesterday sitting for a team or Warrick. To the Charlotte Bobcats for guard Matt Carroll College basketball number nine duke upsets number three Kentucky. 75 to 68 today at four on to be a new -- It's forced -- -- Bobby guarantee they'll be it at 7 PM you have a choice on the big 87 these last -- show on WB LFM a 105 point three. It -- -- basketball taking on the rockets on Kristian -- that is your early look at sports. I have two point 82 on your -- and Wednesday morning Dave Kona Chris and Garrett hang out on your radio so of the -- it's actually going to leave on Friday correct to head to the West Coast try to. Acclimate to the time change. The believe in this traditionalist with the due -- legal analyst with road -- action pass Heidi did that there raid as a kind of struggle they are -- -- given up 42 of 55 point the last two ball games rule. Drew Brees has got to be making it -- yeah -- -- look they've they've struggled. Quite frankly in order for sure coach Dennis Allen who's with the saint as a secondary coach won a Super Bowl with them. And they're gonna get things go all but 36 right now struggling defensively. Doesn't bode well when you have a Drew Brees offense and I think it's just now it's really starting catch -- OK it is rumblings out there that Darren Sproles hand could be well enough for him to come back let me ask you whether it's this week or next week. If Darren Sproles does compact. What does that mean for the saints running game in terms of debate and keep Chris Ivory on the active roster. Debate also I mean do they keep dish in the ball to ivory has -- way they have been. You would think so but everyone that they would do that the first four games in the first six games actually interest every never saw the ball so. -- I think he's proven hey look I'm ready to play I think UV he brings it another dimension that office of physical dimension that it is necessarily. Have and I think he's doing a good thing by pushing Mark Ingram we were seeing Mark Ingram really run the football well and I think that's in large part because they got Chris I react. And downing them hey you've been averaging less than two yards to carry this guys right here literally. Begging to get your care. And now he's getting his care is putting him to get and is still -- both performing wells that we love the competition but. Someone's gonna have to sit down its -- goes back. -- I would I would venture a guess here in Vegas is that there's brawl with some of the week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Healthy and -- ago that stretch them. Finally -- some fishing area talked about what if I've missed more sports here -- WW I'll talk a little bit more about the hornets get back to action tonight. And who will see on the court. He's fishy -- I'm Dave guy dearly edition of WWL first news a look at your cold the forecast right after this. -- -- Another cool day ahead forest -- this afternoon 62. We'll see a mix of sunny clouds today. A mix of clouds overnight tonight that should help lows hit the upper thirties on the North Shore and upper forties self at the lake. For your Thursday plenty of sunshine highs reaching about 64 and Friday mostly sunny with a high of 67. For the Eyewitness News forecast -- on the wrong just flop. Now about fifty south of lake forty on the North Shore the coldest spot over and batteries were were down in the upper thirties coming up CBS news has the latest on that deadly meningitis outbreak as congress starts asking key questions today. That pharmacy that apparently pretty much on regulated. Also we're talking more about the effort to avoid a series of expiring tax cuts across the board spending cuts scheduled to take effect in January. President Barack Obama meeting today with a dozen business executives. As business groups want a fiscal cliff solution before the end of the year -- saying the uncertainty itself. That sent the markets reeling and that caused major financial problems in the US even -- we don't hit the fiscal clip we just get close to it with so much uncertainty. He 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WW LR's news it is the fourteenth it is November it is 2000 and well and we've made it to -- -- very welcomed a -- as -- Keep pronouncing it that way and all -- regular now just forget it went -- he sounds weird Afghanistan and now. After -- would call me your side. Speaking of weird the punishment that is judge. Handed down. Two woman who last all the signs that essentially says -- an. You've heard about -- you have the -- its nine -- -- well the judge went so that they would the way away yesterday. The first day that the woman in Cleveland had all the assign. Saying only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk toward a school laws because video clearly shows that. When a bus to stop letting kids up here decided that going around on the left and violating the law by running at stop signs should go around on the right side of the school bus actually up on the sidewalk. I'm not -- known nose so the -- punishment yes yes to stand for Q mornings on the corner where she -- holding a sign that that only an eighty it would drive on the sidewalk to Wear to school boss at -- he's an idiot but. The judge was quote on the satisfied with the woman's demeanor the first day relate to the judge today plans to personally. Supervised. The way she stands there like he's got nothing else better to do well bodies that she stood there puffing a cigarette wearing headphones and ignoring passers by. While she stood there holding her sign. I guess he wondered what more involved he says she wasn't sufficiently holding up this year out and it was quote missing the point. Board so. I guess he feels like she was acting like an idiot. Instead of telling everybody that she's an idiot. This room. Three I guess you've got to show some more emotion errors on your afternoon. William and what do you expect from what you've labeled an idiot don't expect them to act. Idiotic. They've got their headphones on pop and on the smoke not paying attention at all in the auto assigned good apparently as people are given -- hard -- huge discount not listening to them just listened to her music whatever he would go on -- bounds so the judge will personally supervise that's it's and next to her. Make sure -- hold that sign the proper height and make sure that she takes her. Embarrassment. Like and now it at a higher and it's a the whole thing I don't know I don't know of these I mean immediate signs that not all punishment and now I think sometimes these these judges -- come over these of the so called novel ideas -- maybe regretting it later you know shorten. Treatment on there. Our rides to the Republican party of gone where -- Republican Bobby Jindal right in calling the Republicans the GOP the party. Of this new -- he's essentially says that the way the Republicans have been acting -- been stupid and they need to stop being that stupid party. But -- -- guilty of joining in on not. Is kind of campaign attributed to the stupidity out now some analysts are -- is ready to reposition. The GOP. Marketing as war and Friday changed the way people perceived the Republicans after two consecutive losses. Landslide losses elect -- only. For the Republicans trying to win the White House than many believe that he wants to win the White House in four years. So very interesting is that the way to win the hearts and make friends is this stop. If deceive -- without being the stupid party and you agree that. Republicans have been the stupid party well they've lost consecutive elections -- and apparently he has sort of figured out where the soft. Places are you know on wants to patch that up and the while they say you know what that is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different outcome that is correct essentially saying the Republicans what they've tried didn't work. And now they've got to try something else now has the Republican Party that stupid for the last eight years and can't change its position. 26 187803866889. Irritant text me. 878 Saturday. Chris -- -- more analysis of the did a statement coming up about twenty minutes here WW. Not quite as cold as nice but it's cold. Let's go live and direct to channel four forecast center to take good morning to mr. meteorologist Laura but -- no pain Hawaii. -- call Nicole Smith had the ability that is called it without me this morning now without war. No cold out there you -- doesn't make it war. -- the counter overnight really kept that frost from developing but we're looking temperatures very similar to yesterday morning at your call yesterday. Dressed the same today where where the act aimed at -- today because I only up to about 6160. T after me I'm not quite as breezy I guess is good news added the difference and that and that that's make it feel a lot that that that -- -- they'll -- right three and that's pretty pretty hard to take a pretty steady wind. Yesterday morning at twenty miles an hour and -- emirates and bite it was not the case this morning breeze wealthy five to ten miles an hour at north today just act appropriately for the channel if you. She's TDs as the -- conditions and arrested him mostly -- all day today in real progress that we stated not to warm yet still have a little bit warmer sixty port tomorrow 67 Friday -- this is well below -- normal for embers that you know even though we are -- warm up a little -- it's been kind of like usual at this cold -- so partly at fault he's an. -- warm weather on the horizon I don't have any. Warm -- you know and that's how it's yet its ad and he can't eat organic doesn't seventies they began Saturday and go through at least mid week next week but that -- them out even. Necessarily call that. Warm. Maybe I'll -- -- -- low seventies -- just about yet comfortable what they're that comfortable feeling temperatures. All right there's the forecasted now you're into this question form. What is wrong with -- people. Police in Connecticut -- a man stole a car okay. That was being used by Chinese food deliver. -- -- why -- the funny thing what it is that the delivery was two school at the guy pulls up to the school jumps out to deliver the tanks would lead the car right at -- RC Johnson takes the car sees an opportunity while this still Chinese food sit on the seat. And he's hungry no. He says our hot I can make some more bodies he makes it that he delivers the -- -- in stolen car. Now. He was charged with larceny possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana that man submitted daily that probably think if he was smoke and Debbie -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yes and now. Yeah I the you -- they got a caps got a call from the Chinese food delivery driver report in the -- been stolen. After that that idling and then the driver also called his bonds. So that the customers could be notified that there orders. We're also stolen -- cars but police say guess what he showed up but what that is they're -- prize that's right and delivered the. Well I mean as many things that he did wrong outlets and I think yes -- -- and for the benefit to connect people now. Apparently has won the money began a highly coveted net without the Chinese that I think and -- personally like tiny thing you know I'm I'm appreciative that again at the end there you go try to look at the right back -- -- delegates that is somewhat kidnapped Hungary the -- it Laura. All right -- Like down alive indirect from the Eyewitness News forecasts that somebody never goes hungry -- gap and it is up next with sports. 5:40 -- good morning I'm Dave -- start -- this morning a little warmer than anticipated but by no means army fifties and cloudy the international airport cloudy and 41. At the National Weather Service office in slide now. -- prefer the cold weather ordinance summary whether or and this season -- something right in the middle. But personally. I think the cold mornings are fantastic but I did and -- -- it again I get kudos for this at least at home I did remember to turn the heater on this morning before -- -- because that night and I didn't need it one went to bed but. And on this morning so my wife and kids -- get up the house would be nice and warm. And they won't have to be afraid to get out from under the covers. They should yeah. Scares people felt. But a short time on WW out it was just let him do that that even -- good morning there. -- if the saints are on the road this week against the struggling Oakland Raiders who have lost two straight games. And have been torched on defense giving up 97 points in those who defeats -- -- climate -- bush Rudd says the raiders will be tough to handle. You know we're just got to worry about us and then you know -- continue to do there and continue to play as a team and you know try to cut us some of them station and I think will be or. The world is trying to get back to 500 for the first time this season out by the bay Saturday afternoon in Death Valley it'll be the final home game for LSU football seniors they take on the Ole miss rebels senior offensive lineman Josh source that says the tigers. Are getting hot at the right time. Our team is an -- it was you've overcome some adversity you know some injuries we'll start a place like this team. That we all hope for the beginning of the season. The tigers are to be alive that they can. Remain alive for AB CS bowl game -- a -- on the road tonight. Against the Houston Rockets rookie Austin rivers has played well at times this season for the world the says he needs to play just a little bit better. Yeah he had been thinking too much a look at what they're playing notes become great and all look great collegiate. The world has to be off tonight against the Houston Rockets at 7 PM on the road the warrants. Also making a trade yesterday Cindy for Hakeem -- to the Charlotte Bobcats four guard Matt Carroll in college basketball pretty upset. Duke takes down Kentucky. 75. To 68 today before -- to be to do well. It's sports -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at 7 PM you have a choice on the B 870 it's the last mile show on WB will have -- a 105 point three. At 7 o'clock it's one of basketball against the Houston Rockets on crushing Garrick that is -- look at sports. I've got paid much attention to the Houston Rockets of late they have a decent team should you expect the hornets to have a difficult time with them tonight I assume all the hornets are back with the exception of one. Yeah look Houston's a pretty good team they're not. -- lights of the mining heater in -- like that but at the same time you know look for and -- -- -- basketball team that's. Still can't find and their way they can't just top level went against anybody just yet but Austin rivers playing Anthony Davis applying so we should do the rookie phenom -- yeah for the hornets playing today in and they look at the more they get on the court together. And establish some sort of rhythm and chemistry the better I think it's gonna pay dividends for this team unit down wrote later in the season. Yeah you knew -- you look at the teams throughout history that have been successful on the always have a dynamic duo yet. You know and at least two players sometimes the -- is usually two standout players who really dominate. And maybe these two rookies can be -- oh we shall wait. And see the saints get back to the practice field today they get a day off yesterday. The rest and recuperate what they got to work on as they get ready for the Oakland Raiders what's the raiders' biggest threat. As we don't wanna overlook this team that maybe spiraling. And I downward the saints need this victory. Did they do in the biggest threat I think is Dennis Allen the raiders coach because he has some familiarity. With the saints in their offense and how those things -- he's matched up against. Drew Brees before practice that we kind of those some of the nuances of this offense that same time. Things have changed quite a bit the fears and he's been gone so maybe it's something it's just gonna mix things up their preparation and make sure they've got their entire arsenal ready again the I think that. All all. -- -- it sounds cliche but they've been so successful last worried about things that they can control if they can do that and execute their game plan but the final four. Going to be fine and Oakland thing secret that the -- parting word document detainment. With more sports here on that beat him well in them that statistic text message today 7870. You heard the final although not certified yet it looks like -- likely to hold it. Democrats any connection thing that's my sixteen votes to people who want the tolls to continue win. Some -- mandates 78 Denny's is boycott the Crescent City connection ride they Huey. While out do you expect an overwhelming number of people who refused to pay the tolls and say that's it. I think the Huey instead of the Crescent City connection even that means driving a little bit out of their way to do it. Now this one person says they're gonna do it will you. Men and do you think it'll make a significant impact if a lot of people don't cross the bridge. In terms of the -- money collected and they continue to talk about your on don't -- expanse in front of 6 AM here or. Past where you -- did mostly sunny skies and cool again I this afternoon sixty T tonight. Under mostly clear skies some upper thirties on the North Shore and dapper forty south of the late. Plenty of sun again for Thursday highs of 64 and Friday they mostly sunny and a high in the upper sixties. But the -- -- forecast that our meteorologist Clark talked. Tell ID fifty degrees to the international airport does northeast winter twelve miles -- hours -- -- like they were yesterday at thirty. Cloudy and 41 on the north or texting me at -- 7870 insisting that it snowing in -- -- -- And in probable that whenever I think besides. That the person taxing about this now announces just joking love golf. Now. A palatable almost not -- -- What made the actor. Who provides the voice of Elmo. Had been accused of allegedly having a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old boy well now the accuser there. Says. That. It's not true he's -- chanting the story. Why did he initially alleged there was teams that. The question we don't have an answer here now. The actor who provides the voice of -- has taken a leave of absence amid all of this. While. Meant one thing to joke and -- or radio station -- -- -- it's not it's another thing to accuse a man of having sex with a teenage boy and then -- -- -- Knowing that didn't happen. Now I can really ruin somebody's life. The night got to wonder wisely re kidding that's and I have all kinds of conspiracy theories going on whether Connecticut they've -- it paid data from a human -- Now I guess we just leave you this.

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