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WWL>Topics>>11-14 8:15am Tommy talks about a petition calling for La. to secede

11-14 8:15am Tommy talks about a petition calling for La. to secede

Nov 14, 2012|

Tommy talks to Dr. Pearson Cross, the head of the department of political science at ULL, about a call for Louisiana to secede from the US

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Petitions served. Being turned in the White House dot gov web site announces -- session. You really being a big idea or not when something like that happens Louisiana led the charge -- as as a make you proud to be a Louisiana and or embarrassed. Are you proud and happy of the symbolism -- shows after the president's reelection. Order. Again saddened. That this goes on. I get a text that comes in -- That says. When -- says and what happens when a hurricane hits who are we -- to Louisiana is next to last in education for a reason. Another -- says you think we have corrupt politicians now wait till a country of Louisiana happens. Another one says what if all those states that secede joined as one country. I seem to remember that happening. Round teens sixteen -- ago. -- in cross joins us now professors. At the university. Louisiana Lafayette head of the department political science as a matter fact how are you doctor. Tell me you know this six secession -- does it strike because an Italian -- -- as Groucho Marx used to say. That is the most ridiculous thing I -- -- Well I get back to admit to viewing control -- the laughter when I heard it but -- -- you know after the laughter subsided. You know it's understandable people are upset about Obama getting reelected and you know this is one way they can show. Although wait let me Kolb can use on my allotted times out here. What we did woods did they'd threaten to secede when Bill Clinton got elected. I imagine that responded did -- really. Yeah and if you go back remember we've been doing it for awhile that -- -- right we've we've nullification act. Southern manifesto. Somehow history and a professor teaches -- and maybe I was I was saying the wrong thing it is now it just seems like. United gun sales are gone up because what which I think I always look for the the story behind the story I think some -- -- being fueled by the gun industry is -- wanna sell more guns. Yeah I was running animal and played the other day and they were talking about boy Obama that we -- we -- arm up you know this is bad right it was like valued at. As a result -- -- -- -- stock is going -- Smith & Wesson stock has gone way up. Well yeah every time Obama -- I mean they got industry should be pushed inferred there eliminate the 22 amendment they can get a bombing in there again you know probably not. Well -- year at a floral you don't put your moral one K money and then maybe -- all retire but when you tell me about the history of this with. -- let's start with -- -- got sometimes wars because I really do wanna. Wanna address this the history of negative reaction. Two president's being reelected. Well and it certainly the president. And they collected all the I you know we're getting more partisan and ever there bunch of stories that did you -- particularly people to identify themselves Republican or Democrat actually getting much more cohesive and they're getting farther apart from the people the other party. The vast majority of Americans aren't getting more partisan but as a result you you'll always have this kind of lunatic fringe on the left and right. To basically here are ready to you know move to Canada government can't. Are reflected -- we spent a day on this talking about you know you do Canada you're gonna go to Canada as a result of Obama's Election -- Canada was held up as. The place with the worst health care system and why you don't want Obama cares and now you're gonna move to Canada because you don't like the president being reelected I really. Delegate candidate does that socialized medicine and doesn't think that Americans yeah. That's the academic. And you know the tweet that went around about Australia. With -- at the with the prime minister that was a man and was a Christian god fearing guy and on a -- it's a woman that's an atheist that lives with a lover. Well in. It's a painful thing to and you hang on -- times' -- this professor yep probably Idaho beat duke -- -- entity will take some calls wells. And I also wanna talk about it quickly give me it's 12 answer on this. When when Republicans get elected. President -- or negative reaction to Democrats often say their movement -- to -- Yet that's what I heard behind the scenes that you know the big difference and it happened here is the Internet social media web site people can get on and express their displeasure right away. So fifteen years ago this wasn't happening quite to -- and have the Internet we didn't have social media and now we do now you see it. To tax them in no -- say it's not about the results of this election. We whoever this is that taxes says. We've been forces seating. And ever since bush was in office another one says we get put Troy Landry in the swamp people in Louisiana currency when we secede from the United States. 120 court to finally get traffic ever that we gotta tell. And take it to every trip in from New Orleans east and movement to and -- too well from Slidell looks at the high rises clearing out also got some secondary delay how I. Attacks says time all of floor or Louisiana Reagan off. If we get hold our own just let Romney run -- states that won him. Well -- -- in your own when you do of China invades. -- unity of China wants a invade and -- above base years so that they can launch missiles and in the United States. When he introduced the United States as Elmo -- -- long invade and take you back. Or what are you gonna do -- the great country of Texas to our west says you know life. At some prime real estate let's expand. Let's wage war against Louisiana. And make the country of Texas even bigger. Just ask in. Rob in Harvey how you doing on -- WL. But what about secession you for it or not. Not me at all now. You know find this -- kind of thing would I don't think that would. I don't they -- William. -- -- -- Well what I what I originally called -- I was on hold businesses of course but -- city and then. And just like in appreciate that affected you and Mario a thorough and that the ship or on. They ship -- that the light on some things but and I understand that they have confidence in their process but. -- god -- a lot of. Are -- so people are upset about the president being reelected first they said -- you know what I'm moving I'm gone another country now there's a movement afoot for states to secede. From the union citizens in all fifty states and as a matter fact of sign petitions. To secede from the United States actor Peterson cross rejoins us now. The head of the political science department over at the you LL. To discuss this did you first offered the professor added I mean really did this how how in the world could any state even if it's Texas California New York. Hold its own against another country because. If you look at scenarios I mean wouldn't title or rise because Pakistan or Russia wouldn't any of these countries want to. Take that country over to have based necklace in the United States and as a result wouldn't. The United States than to preemptively. Take that state over to keep their programming. Yellow with things so I mean in a state to rely on number thing is that the federal government. And you know foreign relations maintaining embassies maintaining defense you know doing all those kinds of things you know. World Trade Organization general agree country in terms of epic about any of that stuff right bit. All of that would be have to be negotiated in new for each state. In terms of business deals. Mom would be a good thing for Louisiana or not would be an a plus or negative side of that. Well right now the figure effort is that we get one point 78 dollars for every dollar in federal taxes that we case that we're actually state to get more money from the federal government that we that we give and so right away. We got to figure out how to provide health care at a provided to pick colleges of higher education at a European -- how to build our roads and do everything should be huge whammy in terms of finances. Well -- changed the dynamics of what's happening inside the state would it give. The Republicans an advantage that they'd hold forever -- give. The Democrat because there would be no more Electoral College rock or there'd be no consideration about seniority and and I know we're just talking to Iraq had here there'd be no more. Seniority in congress of fundraising situation would be completely different so would it necessarily give Republicans. A stronghold that they would never loser would -- lead to a resurgence by Democrats if you can let your mind wander free form. Well it my mind usually does -- that you're not a now you know the whole party distinction between Republicans -- Democrats it would quickly fall apart you know and we with I think Kevin to kind of party think. Edging you know that party distinction makes content makes. Some sense in the context of national politics have been injured estate politic she got about budget you've got to meet a few people do all those things that. Without a national party to argue for and against I think quickly it would focus on divisions here. The Louisiana has the conservative majority it would be a matter of seeing what's splits occurred in -- majority. So politics being politics and people being people. Which every ugly but I'm just saying would you -- with the same thing here that you had gone on. On a national scale it would history just repeat itself teaches head on not. On on a smaller. A smaller scale but to be the exact same thing that that you have going on eventually. I think it can be worse you know -- I mean I really think that the national government actions are refereed -- and actually protections against our worst impulses on the state level. And it's just not clear to me that Louisiana would just take this arcade driver of the bridge if we you know really had control over own destiny in a completely unfettered manner. And then a big -- comical aspects of this aside. I think the bigger issue is are we in for four more years of this. This bickering this anger toward the president or are you -- went to people put this behind them. Never never this is back and ago way this is a rally credits taken too much money for too many people you know you think about that. Gun dealers -- dealers the people who want to push you know no taxes conservative causes almost President Obama perfect for them Obama leads to a resurgence. In conservative think tanks conservative circles Tea Party and so on so actually it's good for them those are gonna drive. And I heard a comment on Meet the Press on Sunday first -- I've heard this a Republican conservative. Entertainment complex you talk about people making money there are. -- -- some entertainment figures Megan 4050 million dollars a year on as a -- -- and audibly that they actually wanted Mitt Romney to win because I think. In in their hearts of hard. They know that the is it's timed a load up to cash register with another four years of President Obama so as long as people continue to. Did to drive that -- never goes away and -- -- next election cycle will it be as polarized with somebody besides President Obama or are we on a path now from which we never. -- Well I don't think it's going to be super polarized I mean Louisiana particularly polarize with Obama in there because he just hits on so many cylinders that. You know imagine like people make in nice about Hillary you know after Obama got and -- people percent well Hillary if it'd been Hillary via okay. But I don't believe that first second -- -- Hillary -- would it -- exactly the same -- people -- divided. They're looking for you know opportunities to the practices this is gonna continue to go -- Thank you doctor appreciate your time have agreed to a regular on the eye doctor Peterson cross.

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