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Nov 14, 2012|

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There this year. It was so long death brass and energy and we did that did not mean I'm I'm sure is very very familiar with us for personal standpoint you know it's it's it's. A lot of a lot of the same faces from -- two years ago he was when he was here and a few years here for a long stretch. So I'd say he's either by a lot of familiarity. And so I just can't even more reason why you know we need to make sure that we're. We're very familiar with with them by the end of the week. Yeah you never see that calm. Especially. You know a lot of head injuries a lot of concussions. You know unfortunately. Unfortunately it's part of the game to an extent you know but. Win win that many -- out on on one Sunday and a lot of pretty high profile guys you know you. Yeah you just. Hope that I hope that I see all that necessary measures being taken to make sure that you know there. -- I'm definitely healed up and ready before they before they come back. -- so a slot you know. A lot of cases as a quarterback for you stand in the pocket you just you trust the guys around you you. You know he's thrown thrown out of a minefield at times. You know it's just some some of those things are out of your control to an extent. You know -- guy rolls up on your pitching to backer you know pitcher while your -- in a compromised position. So. At times it is looking at other times you know I. I think you know for me I try to do I've got a great you know work out routine maintenance routine from my shoulder. You know for. In my entire body. -- flexibility. Just. -- all those things that you try to do to physically make yourself is as durable as possible and then just. You know thank your lucky stars when you can you know make it out of a game make it out of the season. It pretty much unscathed but you know you're gonna have things from time to time. And that's part of the game and and you just got to deal with those when they do happen. Yeah I don't know five. When I was played for the charters against the Jets. And that was my last one. But together. We didn't go well it's. Joseph. Yeah he's he's the leg is the truth seeker weapons you know. That's. That's a guy who can you. Just flip flip the field for you you know there's games where. You understand that your have to play the field position battle that you know. Both both sides of the ball are going to be guarding and out. At times you know that -- offensively. We industry won first out your first downs all of a sudden if we get stopped. We got a partner the component. Down inside their ten and and really put you know the opposing team a tough position put our defense and a good position. And all of a sudden you know we get three and out ball it's -- about us and we get it at that forty of the fifty you know so. Upon her life that can really. You'll be a big weapon for you. I've read it. Or hey. Joseph you talked earlier about here you quickly -- It's helped me be seen but I -- -- happy. I let me listen to our -- pounds. Yeah I think the biggest thing is you as -- -- -- your tickets because in its there's nothing you can. Do to prevent it or protect against that or other than just tell you have to stand there and take shot you know and and we all understand that. There's also times where hey there's no need to take unnecessary hits you know so. All quarterbacks are told you outside the pocket knowing your -- come to an end and slide. You know there's times where you draw for first down you're in and around the goal line. You know your your diving. Your diving -- first you're gonna touch you know and and you got to go to -- anybody. But. I'd say that you know there there there are things you can do. Little things settle things to you know avoid hit -- or at least protect yourself to an extent so that -- not so exposed. Like we are a lot of times. Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on to be WL IMS NN dot com. It's or. You know here's our -- Yeah -- basis I think it's just part of the game you know I don't I don't think about it a fact you go and every game sand. You're ready to get hit you know you're ready to get hit you hard and still -- deliver the ball accurately down field. And give back up into it again. -- One world you creeping back up seedings how do you prevent yourself from looking ahead -- know what we've seen what causes those or think you know me. The worse yeah. -- at all it's still very much head down. You know -- the grindstone focused on. Each week one time this is the most important game of the season. Because it's the next game and it's the game that -- gets back to 500 after an 04 start. -- it's huge slash mobile experience here. -- -- to death what we we put their pre season top class but you obviously a -- save Missouri your season you know black Cole replaced you're crazy to get loud. Especially that are on the end zones. -- arm remember. We're in a big game in overtime there in 2002 -- there which the Super Bowl. And having batteries and water bottles and everything else thrown out of certain. But yet that's it's it's a fun place to play it's it's raucous -- crowd. Obviously. They provide very your home field advantage. -- It was okay you know Orton. You think we we had a lot of people who dress up -- -- hard trot -- heck the -- as Rio where somewhere and we've got you know. All kinds of people address -- you know for us they've gotten quite a few as well you know as the raider nation. Think they take a lot of pride in that obviously and they they figure out it. -- Actually this -- My funniest experience in a black hole was it was my first year and Doug Flutie was starting quarterbacks was 2001. And we go out on the field my first time in and greater stadium and I'm looking around and all kind of kind of remembers black color person over the. There there hollered Flutie blew me you're sure you staying you know this and that. As -- says watch this. Any any to start walking over towards them and there I Holler out all right anybody gets from me do you. They go hey Doug how you doing bad -- via. Hey they have such you stand beside -- and my daughter. Yes things are there just talking like they're -- old buddies you know had a senior off as a balanced. Had a moment back and then they're -- -- a world guys I've done a good luck and see -- many -- five yards away a little they used David. They're short you know whatever so. Just just. They just you got a chuckle -- is. It's kind of part of a part of the whole you know persona bureau there. Djokovic family has. Korea Korea. All. There's so much seriously is it's. It's it's it's not who you play it's when your plan and it's the scenarios in the circumstances surrounding it and you know well look at it is you do it's it's you can't even -- they turn on last week's film because they've got to -- you guys heard that got a bunch of tough circumstances that they were working through. You know Bears. Everything -- could have gone wrong went wrong you know it's. It was just one of those games you know that's not that's not. The Raiders that's not the team that we were gonna face at all. You flip on the film against Atlanta and these guys. You know obviously gave it -- all they can handle and really had a chance to win it you know one point game this team to beat Pittsburgh. -- over right into the game. So they've they've they've played they played extremely well at times. That makes that big for me was you know you. Four times this year so almost half their games they've they've held at all opposing offense to under 300 yards. Of total offense. So. They've got some extremely talented players defensively and they played very well at times. -- I don't even turn on last week's film that's -- the team records. Drew within a solace here could you tell -- to me yet head coaching -- yeah you can tell he's very talented and he was on the fast track to becoming a coordinator and you know head coach obviously happen you know very quickly you know he goes from being defensive backs coach here to recorded an effort to head coach you know. One year later so. Well deserved because I think we all saw that. You know his his DBs loved him as a coach as a position coach. I think he's the very well thought of around here. -- -- -- Swear. You guys are where you are warm body don't look ahead and you can you kind of know the team. Down there we can't we can't afford to you know we can't afford to. You know win against. The Raiders is just as valuable as a win against. Anybody. You know it's it's as valuable as a win against them that they're huge divisional rival and the Falcons. Or the former super -- to bowl champion Giants or you know it doesn't matter. And so. I think we value the tower are respected talent that this came. And the way that they've played. At times and we know to expect -- absolute best performance. Well. All of the last week. That. They -- -- K I think he's I think he was battling through some. Just little nicks and injuries early on and and just I think all of us just need to find the most -- for a little bit and took four games to do it but. When you look at the last five games. He'd say that. We've we've definitely had our moments where we we feel like. You know word we're back to play that type of football we know how to play and and even. Start to see some things that. Just really excited about. You what's what's to come for us because I don't think we've played our best game yet and I definitely feel like that's. That's -- near future. Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on WW LI -- and knock down. Probable. I know that happens at times. The thing I love about our guys is if there is a drop ball. There is mad about it is as anybody in their pride -- and they they don't they don't want that happened just like I don't wanna miss a guy you know and that's happened at times too. And guys know that I'm gonna be as mad at myself as anybody else could be so we all hold each other accountable here you know ourselves accountable and I'm not worried about that one because I know what I mean big play and he's a guy that can make it. I don't know. It's a fresh. I think it is. First of all they're just their size and stature and then their physical nature. You know you -- flip over the scouting report and you turn on the film and they're big physical function now. They've been able to make some place. You know in their secondary. Turnovers and such that. You know you say they've got. Some pretty good ball skills. They. You're really with the exception of just some big plays given up at times you know I'd say they've been. They didn't really play well rounded defense you know run pass. Mean it it people like to point that camp again you know where they get really three big runs but if you take away those three big runs they were stifling there -- gonna rush defense off. I think that's what you have to look at when when you think about this team they do a good job of don't mix in their fronts and their coverages and pressures and that kind of thing. You know try to keep it -- all opposing offense off balance -- have to be ready for all that stuff. -- -- Yeah I think Karstens and we quarterback. I think he's he's played. -- play very consistently for a long time you know -- He. He did some impressive things in Cincinnati he's on some impressive things there in Oakland. You know I know there is that period of time kind of with the trade where in all of a sudden he's. He's gone and then all of -- sudden he's back can but. He's found you know I think you can you can see that he's in command of that you know that that team in that offense in that huddle and coming you know we play the Falcons last week we watched the raider games so I was that was really the first time I watched their offense and watched him and you know he's -- big strong guy who can make every throw and makes makes some great throws in critical situations and so I have a lot of respect for Carson. Raiders the -- field. Maybe storm around us. Franchise around longer than anybody else when you were creation did you. Have any contact with -- when you may want to play here and. All right I never had any contact with -- Don't try to think what the situation even was there you know about when it was. Yeah Kerry Collins of -- was to have the starter. And all that didn't and talked a little. Yeah. Well if that's always you're always frustrated I'll be really frustrated -- the air traffic because. He. He was just look like a man on a mission. He. I think we've we've got we got a good problem here and that is we've got a lot of lot of backs. And lot of guys that you try to give opportunities here and get touches too and you know you just got to be very should teach you about how we do that make sure that. You know were were kind of spread it around -- way that we we want to in the way that puts us in the best position to succeed as an offensive team. I think by working him back in a mixture of the last two weeks that things are great for him it's been great for us offensively obviously we seem to make some. It's pretty big runs and really physical runs. Kind of violent and ferociously you know and so I would love to see that and I think as we go along here we'll see how it all plays out and I'm sure he's gonna get more opportunities. And I think we're we're -- of cannot find our own you know in the run game and hopefully we can continue to build on that. She can't help it. Yeah I thought -- Charlie Brown played great you know and that's a testament to him calm. -- -- it's it's it's difficult at times you know all the sudden just kind of get thrown in the maxim and you know you. You of course you try to prepare yourself as a starter but when you're not assistance if all of a sudden you are the starter you're the guy and you gotta be ready and he's the swing tackle so you know he could play either side of it that way he's playing he's playing right and just hit a great job you know him and obviously a big game where we we -- really count on. Saints quarterback -- -- here undefeated. Well I don't know if we always hear often about how -- play action game and how we know we're in the afternoon -- We are just. It's I mean I think what you've seen is seen in the past past at camps have been you know down. Was it our prior to two most of the year going 27 against the affiliate like 3031 last week pretty yeah. So. That's. That's that's that's as good -- balance is you can get and that's obviously what we strive for. But yeah they're they're complementary nature of the running game in the past game certainly opens up plays in the pass game that. And I appreciate that it gives you because those big play opportunities to -- are. With our primary guys and it's something for the defense.