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11-14 3:35pm Jeff Palermo on LSU

Nov 14, 2012|

LN Sport director and WWL columnist Jeff Palermo drops by to talk about LSU football's final home game as they get ready to take on Ole Miss

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff Palermo -- of WW dot com and the reason that -- sports -- here with those as the Tigers look to continue to enhance their bowl. Opportunities to a better bowl eight to taking on the five and five Ole miss rebels and a bowl implications on the line. For both ball clubs over is just needs one victory in their final two games to be com. Bowl eligible as well issue to -- favorite over the rebels. -- this they would Posey as a SEC rankings up online at WW -- that common -- all of his ballclub that is. I guess I don't know it's kind of hard to gauge -- the best team that they had played they would they would defeated. Against their best moment is not without to Paris offered to cope with the ballclub a few moments ago he says they've had stretches. Of which they play well in ball games and have stretches in which they didn't obviously that was the case last week as they blew a seventeen point lead -- -- -- -- ago. -- at that and your -- -- press conference on Monday you could tell that lost a lot out there and know that they -- Right there and had an opportunity to beat Vanderbilt. Become bowl eligible. And you blow a lead like that and it's just really deflated any sparkle a lot in -- tried out for about. I'll let some of the depth issues that they had built into the cities that are -- -- what that ballclub. And that they were gonna have to make some adjustments at practice. Just the picture making it through the week -- play well here and now even though. You know on Monday. You know he -- kind of a depressing topic about that you know what they did -- at Tiger Stadium that they are going to be fired up let me just look at. The recent games played between east you've seen that -- I believe I'm correct that it's it's. -- -- -- Five meetings in pat urged the -- been decided by post Ottawa so -- get the offense that. All of it is gonna get Ellis -- it's not going to be ready. Now what gem. When you look as a member of the bully -- maybe a public game sooner. In building on that resume I really think he's gonna -- is strong against Ole miss Arkansas team in the bowl game you look. The past two games between reported -- 6566%. -- average is 71 yards three touchdowns hasn't thrown an interception in three games. -- thing I was impressed with it until my -- early and weakness. It that it right before halftime and I know you'd obviously where it is and what's your comment on it. You know -- Mississippi State to kick a 47 yard field goal to make it thirteen it can still relishes favorite in his only 48 seconds remaining. How many fans maybe thought OK you know coach miles and going to have time. Maybe run the ball a couple of times and taken the -- at 48 seconds remaining members to scrambles when he hits land it fifteen yards first down. Any hits right. You know down to silence that big catch two plays later where that's where rents are we all -- Out of the back group that are right at the right side before you know it. He's an -- twenty yard touchdown dog that was -- in this. All of this I'm going down the field party second that's I was impressed with. Well it really intimate things that they think it was about a month ago that. Berger was on a sort. Agreement pat or over a hundred yards against activate now. As a decent defense and in and out world beaters and there were a lot of questions in. You know they really well. Don't want -- -- pac gatlin the in the Alabama game affected area where we started and in that our game but. -- -- he wrecked him like a hook pattern and ever since that the passing game been on fire and it's taken a lot water obviously that people -- -- -- but. You know on the opposite of why it figured out its issues -- Hebert quick drop in the past itself. Just like earlier in the year when -- one it -- -- on was being played -- back -- murder for all the trouble. In the passing game -- can't put all the credit. Or he can't get all the credit that Mac burger now because. -- the opposite aren't performing better the wide receivers are catching Pat The -- pick up at the coordinator -- the trial. -- the better idea on what placed -- call where does what what. Places that -- most comfortable way it's been. You know it's Bill Hall familiarity between one and Bob beard it. You know you can go out there all summer in throw passes -- -- wide receivers in. You know I have sprinkled on all that kind of stuff -- you know -- you start getting into game plan and prepare for a -- it's just gonna take -- -- And it took awhile and took a lot honorable people thought -- it -- the city is -- partly Iran. Now but -- on the negative side and you always try to be object of the one area house a little surprising. And I think he -- make an NFL throws. And that being you know quarterback Tyler Russell you know he was 26 at 38 right -- at 300 yards and in. A stud receivers making big time catches tough catches Chad bumper as he caught nine balls but under 41 yards and a touchdown and I look. At what bowl Wallace did a career high reported three yards. Against Vanderbilt like he said it blew it at seventeen point lead in the second half. That that I think. That LSU's pass divas could be challenge again this week by the rebels. Well I think they'll look at -- with a pretty good -- -- -- -- that -- averaging sixteen yard -- and -- it's at -- there. They have court so quiet without -- backcourt you know relative Birtley rusher in the Southeastern Conference so. Well and it throw the ball well and you're going up against quarterback. Three years of experience. You know -- gonna happen you know last year. What Ellis who played let's forget it and absolutely no way in -- realize that -- -- and what April or 400 yeah I think that you know all things are there and now what what you wrote it much. As -- be wide open shotgun formation. -- throttle quick passes. I think -- Alberto -- -- seventeen points and at some point -- he gave up. Keep the opponent from scoring more than quantity you got a really good shot to win. So I know the world that's supported in the past he parents. I'd still think you know I would be too concerned about it at that point delegate out seventeen and I'm open about it but he you know what it -- it that -- probably will that do but at what point total that mattered. As chip alama economist at WW dot com and the reason it once was -- Jeff thank you so much for the time we appreciate.