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11-14-12 11:10pm Open Lines

Nov 14, 2012|

Tonite Scoot talks about: 50 petitions to all 50 states to secede from the union;is gay marriage right or wrong? what can be done to stop kids from bringing guns to school?

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And welcome back to our show on this Wednesday night yeah I'm I'm I'm still. I'm still shocked to hear what I'm not shocked. But I'm just -- I'm still saddened to hear that a fifteen year old. At a high school and -- to elect. Has gone. You once again we are reminded that. For those who think that just because you live from the North Shore you live in the suburbs you live in a small town. Don't criticize New Orleans is the only place that has crime. And a criminal. Mentality. Because you're you have -- to a high school the strawberry capital of the world and a fifteen year old has begun. I was fifteen months. And so where you. And depending on how old you are that you may have gone through a period of time when -- it would have just the end of it just not even possible that somebody would have a fifteen year old would have been gone. -- high school. And I just I can't help but think about the parents of this kid. Where the parents. -- to get the gun. You know I think we have to. I think we have to put more pressure impaired as a society as a culture. We need to put more pressure. On parents. Now I realize that. Some kids are bad kids. But -- every bad kid. Is innately bad. Some kids are bad kids because they don't have parents. Or their parents. Didn't do their job. And I think that a lot of this goes back to this idea that. -- my son does something of my daughter does something it's it's not my fault it's because of what they were exposed to. No. Quite often it is your fault. You have to be responsible. And if you're not going to be apparent then don't have a kid and then also -- I I can't help but also comment on the the five people arrested in golden medal in a drug great. I mean here's a small. Louisiana by -- town. -- people arrested -- drug and this is not the inner city. This is golden -- I'm 37 year old 38 year old nineteen year old Tony five and 32 year old all arrested. In this struggling. And gold medal. So you know it if if you're among those. Who -- saved live on the North Shore or with an Arab suburbs are smaller town and you were indignant about coming to New Orleans because of crime. You think about what you're having your own neighborhood. And I said this I said this earlier -- I've I've lived on the North Shore before. And I know that there are some really. Upscale. Neighborhoods. On the North Shore and yet. Kids -- on drugs. Kids have guns. Some kids are doing bad things. In some of the nicest neighborhoods. -- in this area but really. Around the country. So. It's really not fair to just point your finger at New Orleans and think well -- got -- and I'm not going there because they got a crime problem. It's the responsibility of every parent to take care of their own kids in their own neighborhood in -- if you live in a really nice neighborhood and it really anywhere across America if you live in a really nice neighborhood and you think that for. For her for some reason -- your family is immune. From from crime. And drugs. You're being naive. Watch. Your kids. Pay attention to your kids she talked to your kids. Figure out what's going on with your kids. It's really were also are talking about well last night the number of petitions that were signed on about secede from the union. Was 39. Now they -- petitions and all fifty states. Asking to secede from the union and I just up I think that this. After the election this is an example of hysteria. And it's it's ridiculous. Texas leads with 99000 signatures on the petition. But Louisiana and Alabama. In Georgia Tennessee North Carolina there also are leading the charge and is at it as soon as you get 25000. And signatures on a petition then you get a response from. The White House from the administration. And I think he -- first -- vault. Do you think the president and he's the one who would do what do you think the president is gonna grant. A state the right to secede from the union. And even if he did then what with the state do. I think again this is this is part of the hysteria. That has followed the selection that we talked about it on the show before the election we knew that one side was not gonna be happy. And end -- there would be a reaction. There would be a reaction to this election. Well indeed there has been. And what prediction do you have for America following the election. The other thing that we talked about tonight is who do you think America is ready for compromise. Old dirty is the C word. The president has to compromise. If the president doesn't compromise the president will pay the price the Democratic Party will pay the price in two years in the mid term elections. Republicans have to compromise. Compromise is part. Of human nature. This compromise and everything we do it doesn't mean that you compromise your ultimate principles. But this is issue -- beings and I I guess you could look at both parties as. Living. Entities. We have to compromise. You compromising your marriage. You compromising your relationship you compromise with your friends. Compromise you worked with compromise and our personal lives compromises. It is it's part of human nature. So there must be compromised and I really think that one ended one of the things that came out of this this election. Was it America wants compromise and whether it's fair or not. America. Blames more than Republicans for not compromising than the Democrats again whether that's fair or not edit it perception is reality. And that's the perception. But the Republicans are less willing to compromise. Now speaker of the house John Boehner has now said that he's willing to compromise on on some things and the president said that he's willing to compromise on some things. We need that. I think a precursor. To what's going on here is. Is when you. Governor Chris Christie. Of New Jersey. When he. Reached across the -- if you will. When he reached across the -- And praised President Obama for. Helping New Jersey following. Hurricane -- I think that was an indication. That this country wants compromise and then were there were those on the far right who criticized the Christie. For saying that he didn't care about the election he cared about the people -- -- this when he should've sent. So it just goes to show you how old. How much. Divisiveness. There is in this country if you wanna join us with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- 78. And -- tech's number is 87870. Jack welcome to WWL. They get the news now a publicity and you were being with the petitions are -- not so much hysteria but it's frustration. From from the middle class the majority of the contributors. With -- -- issued -- showed that our current sort of the gay rights. Entitlement programs -- -- her actions. You know to -- the people who contribute to America. But that being said I think it should be if you don't pay tax that you shouldn't be allowed to vote you don't have a vested interest in this country. He's not contribute to. I think and I -- I it's definitely even if you think your vote doesn't care has certainly important to it's it's an important exercise. 2 am toast and again again you know we've talked about this Jack the name there obviously there's going to be one side does not happy. It's it's it's this one side key to be up over and over end and they're paying attention support from the outside. Here is President Putin administration really polarized the country not so much black and white. But contribute -- non contributors. Well there're there're certainly a lot of contributors. Up on the left. And not everybody in the left is is is taking from the system it this is it this is -- a perception that that many people have so I think that's at an unfair. And unfair attack. On 11 side. There are people on the right who need health. From the government. We need to figure out a way to make sure that those who don't really need their help we need to stop the entitlement mentality and I don't know how to do that. It's something we should we should continue to talk about until somebody figures out or until as a nation we collectively. Come forward and say okay wait a minute. It is shameful. To have children. That you can't take care of it should be shameful it shouldn't be acceptable. So we need to change that's entitlement mentality and that's one of the things -- will help our our government become. More solvent. Dealt with the pepper on would have at and you hit it critical mass where we have more. Take it from the system and that contribute what happened there. And we're we're not there yet and I hope we never get there. But you know collectively Jack we need to continue the conversation to the point where. Again it becomes. Shameful. To have children that you can't take care of it becomes shameful. To depend on the system. This is something that his -- has. And obviously become a pump out a way of life for for so many people it's -- down in in many ways from generation to generation and it's. It's it's unacceptable there are people in this country who do need help and we need to take care of those people. We don't need to secure those who can ultimately take care of themselves. And I agree in one of the ladies earlier meeting this point we should said that you -- yet there -- certain rules and guidelines and we in this country we can within those guidelines and moved -- moved the rules. -- -- -- -- And -- if you permit compliance and related to certain rules for the you're a local critics do you gotta have you got your -- islands I'm going to call Michelle absolutely we have to have guidelines weird. We're human beings who we need to have guidelines. Hey if your -- -- -- is I'm scoot and we're coming right back with more of your calls and mortar attacks. But -- WL. We're talking about kids in drugs and the suburbs and also talking about now that. There are petitions in all fifty states requesting. Succeeding from the union again I just think that is -- ridiculous waste of time. I he'll join our show the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- 78. And it -- number is 87870. Here is a text that read so wind in the blue hell should we compromise in the systematic -- a nation of our economy. Here is another sex crime is against snake crime against nature is a law. So when you say whatever happens behind closed doors this that go for the kids in golden meadow to. Well they were really -- -- was nineteen they early kids in in golden -- but if they're not doing anything to hurt anybody else and if something happens with consenting adults again and I. And -- that's just my my my principle I don't think it's. My responsibility to tell consenting adults what they can and cannot do from Baton Rouge Chico you're on -- WL. I don't know target. -- -- you know it that would cut all of that I didn't model and condition grave concern. Good. Bigger than them. From 39 today. Don't you -- -- -- he had. And that was it being done. Yeah I don't know I -- I you know is it is an I guess it's a form of peaceful protest if you know. So I do understands what I do in the outlook. It definitely. -- people. Sleeping around today and found out you people about why he's betting that illegal and competed without the support -- It more. According to people. What -- -- -- as he's gotten better but are there group. -- and it Chico high Uga outpost. When Romney I oppose Romney for saying that in interestingly Romney changed his mind and and. -- -- -- Yeah but if somebody is if people don't wanna be part of the process. Is sure to be part of the process. I think it's I think is an American to. 22 not wanna be part of the process or to be a crybaby because the election didn't turn out totally you -- that the -- Chico we've got a really bad connection on the -- I'm gonna have. To what you go and if you get a chance to work to call us back come. To call us back. There's always something new a WWL dot com check out big chief -- ability is NFL top ten. And have you voted yet for your favorite black and gold players for the NFL pro board you can vote on line. At WWL. Dot com also the NFL power rankings are out of way here are the saints. And they are improving plus LSU has a chance to win the SEC -- bits of slim chance but they still have a chance and there's still fighting for. -- -- We've got the scenario story about how -- issue -- and win the SEC title game check out the analysis from WW real dot com columnist. Jeff -- all of that and more on our website right now -- -- WL dot com. From Slidell Charlie welcome to our show tonight. I could write a -- Great and had that kind of proud about this this -- hearing you know. What happens it's a matter now -- -- -- -- get I mean web Arabic the main -- don't you -- by the American not. You know appeared you know you don't like get out by the that. Well I would agree and I would I would think that if the election didn't turn out the way you wanted to turn out that you would wanna stay in this country to make the change that you think is necessary to. Send this country in the right direction I mean we don't abandoned it in Indian art I realized that this -- whole idea secede from the union is. A statement to the president but it's also a statement from Americans who are. It technically saying we don't want to be part of America anymore what because the election didn't turn out the way you wanted to -- You've got to hits in four years to change that. Exactly no immediate mean you know BO every predator that come along throughout you know right now is in the US. They don't spend it in LA and you know could have won the -- -- Now I have a lot I didn't -- want to read about the buyout of pop. -- and -- both read what else but eat the right the United States -- perspective it's a debate -- back into the meat and -- Well I don't -- it and there are enjoyed there're there're there are people who don't want to. The president to succeed over the next four years and I think that's that that's wrong for this country we should want whoever is in the White House. I meant to be successful president. I wish we share -- this country to have to be better regardless of which party leads us to look to a better place and yet again it doesn't mean that you're gonna agree with with Obama's policies some people who will not and that's fine because this is America. But you know we're not conservatives and liberals first as we said so many times on this show we are technically Americans first and we should act like it. Expect the spirit here you know it but on a great -- that the every night on the -- home all the pork Gulfport. And the other night and what I call it you know it's not people who would -- people don't like it you know they're pregnant simple. Surely appreciate you calling thanks for a listened to his tonight's under the WL. A tomorrow you can join Garland Robinette alive on location at Tulane university for the fourth annual bipartisan. Policy center summit. Now one week after the election. If you talk it to Mary Matalin. James Carville. And some of the most respected minds in politics about the election about gridlock and about the tough issues facing America. It's the bipartisan policy senators' fourth annual political summit beyond the ballots government in transition it's free. An open to the public at two lanes eleven -- -- so that's going to be in the think tank we've Garland Robinette from ten to one tomorrow. Here on WWL. I Chico OK you're back with us now we had a really bad connection -- someone like you continue. About that well. You know I just think that the petition to it's been treated more trying to get a pension anything else. There's only one thing that could lead and make it that back. They have their own electrical grid they have their own court. They have a very good infrastructure. But no other big big without a point government to vote. Right and so from that standpoint what they get pretty close. So if plus a money move from Louisiana and Texas if they succeeded would we be an illegal immigrant. -- All right -- hit like that particular thing yeah all right Politico and there would you need if if Texas seceded from the union would we know we need a passport to go to. Texas. From Hammond Joseph welcome to the -- Shelton. Scared and look. I really don't. -- it doesn't matter who may have a Republican president or democratic -- -- -- because. -- don't really feel they're out there for the benefit of America and anyway. But the only problem that I have what Obama. Has not been in the united states military were only four years. And I had never spent a president Barack. A commander in chief there will not saluted troops. Will not try to pledge of allegiance will not honor his country's flag. And it bothers me I don't like it I don't like it. I know I know I know that there's been a lot of talk about this but I -- I know I don't see it he salutes when he gets some. On and off Air Force One in Marine One. A million different political endeavors and so it yeah so isolated and -- -- -- right hand at night to -- It is shoulders or not it is always there is -- like he should be these -- Israeli -- land. Like he's square and all -- own -- is not truly. Eight is not it is not so anybody who later it is not safe and -- -- them. You cannot judge that he cannot you glad you did admit. That's why -- all -- well as if there and if if it will all of those are big problems if if there was proof of that then I would have to agree with you need to under the flag that we need to honor our troops the president as commander in chief. Comment needs to. -- into everything that your critical of him for not doing but I don't I don't see that as it does anybody else. And it is see this present no there's been talk of him not saying that that the pledge of allegiance but and I was the last time you said the pledge of allegiance. I'll say it. Well outfit quite often amount I'm a nation we say we think we've saved what do Malaysia. Traded. Baseball games spoke about -- whatever okay and now. Aren't are concerned I don't know what I'd have -- data not computer could not save them but I have pictures. When he welcome help airport one knows your name listed marik. Cocked and loaded -- as well -- about him and distribute hand out they believe will almost straight have been fair. Okay. Not even not even a half salute just the -- and straight up in the air. And I don't know I don't have a Obama yet -- He claims he's got Spain they won't implement it make it better I had the opinion that they can make it work. You know it is but it is our commander in chief. He doesn't respect you know pitch beat up all the president. And you there yes. He's only president is everywhere. And -- of the DK so -- in the history of the president thinks we only president. For years now he would never once went -- -- very honored soldiers. Only president in history. I'd like to know why I think that's a legitimate question to ask if that's a legitimate so if that's a legitimate. Issue and then -- it's not something that I noticed. Yep that is true. -- got it in the only president -- ever -- to the debates aren't of the soldiers on the day. At Arlington. And wherever they have there's this there -- only. And I I -- in until I hear things that the president says it sounds like he's respectful of our troops. And I could have did you not pay. Well you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay and if you can't look at that -- in his guys -- -- impact. You seem like a general just walking by you and not even acknowledge. I -- I have been met don't acknowledge you yeah. And salute you back. And some bad shape form or fashion and shaky handed you buy here whatever. And -- I made a 100% don't know about. But I -- JPEG pictures don't own luck at all FaceBook. Or he did not do it when he woke felt better plane. You know well you know you can't always believe the pictures that you see you on the Internet. I see him elude all the time when it's live coverage you know -- off Air Force One Maria my say I I seem sort of either. But if you -- disagree with the president that's that's that's fine tonight. They -- real picky. You're out of a right to be but I I I you know I don't I I don't know the technicality of the perfect salute. Well as part of salute your arm -- Children level and at the end your arm -- 45 degree to which her hand on. I just I don't pines is I don't see him doing anything different things than George W did I you know maybe presidents -- a little more relaxed made it. But more attention special attention. And I want I would like this week won the picture. One picture the one video where each dead. The pledge -- -- Want to show you want and I'll never stated yet I never been against I had that. All it did do you remember when George W. Bush said the pledge of allegiance I. And Dennis and I mean no. I'm. Sorry Joseph I enjoyed our conversation you have a good night all right thanks for listening. And -- you're now on WWL. Oh wow well that's that's good you do. There's only so much as -- if you logical thing you're practical man out to you what I love living and democracy. But don't outlive their democracy you know in a few assorted mentioned troops speculate as column right there. So I don't know I don't know it's gonna try again tonight. You know I -- presidents it's edit it. -- -- in I you know I know I never noticed that the president was not respectful. As saluting getting on and off. Air Force One in and marine -- guy and I never noticed that. It is it's it's it's ludicrous OK if you don't notice when what the president goals beyond. Equity where he appeared in Afghanistan and pack it in college hoops are just excited that he's dared to reading Kirstie because they need. Military. Individuals all be excited to the president that there was any. Creighton still look this last college say it's just ridiculous OK it is ridiculous and as for. You can let one of secede from the union looked Republican brand on this whole macho about. Honoring the constitution. Patriotic to employ -- being black. OK so deeply wanna leave the -- all of sudden because this president was reelected there aren't patriots in the first place -- aren't that. I love living and democracy but these French match we can just see me for America because they really helped put the country any candidate. And honestly the idea that you secede from the union because you don't like the outcome of an election I don't think is can -- what we're says the ultimate feeling of patriotism. But I Patricia Israel acceptable. I hope they get a grip but I hope to get over it basically -- We need to assist president well we need to accomplish gonna get it worked with some sort of better off the country there. -- and I know I think there's I think there's pressure on the president to compromise as well and I think the I think the Democratic Party will pay the price if he doesn't in the mid term elections coming up in two years. Contract we've been Arafat himself -- -- political wilderness does that. Running -- -- Michelle thanks listening to WW -- night from -- plus Claude welcome to our show tonight. -- thank you know I remember. Did -- already administration's first four years old Bobble. Went to transfer some kind of all of honor and though the Wal-Mart crucial orders in France because we sure Obama is -- And the stretches all the mayor's -- they were dressed in white newborn dressed in black people made a big deal that. You know it does sound that does sound familiar you know I don't I don't have the president's. I'm a travel schedule so I don't know where he's he's he's been but I just I have not seen. You know people. See what they wanna see and they hear what they wanna see. And I haven't seen any president of the United States the disrespectful to our troops. Not merely another potential world not seeing. Porsche Pritchard had to the president get called helicopter. And some sort of -- you want to arm the next time they just keep on Wall Street but it's well. And also like to make a comment. Are -- politically wise that keyboard to win inspire other. All other type of interstate retreat chimp tore when he ran -- won the Republican nomination Louisiana. It would all the churches that dot the model. Says that kind of influence someone that just a common may -- case -- -- -- -- -- all of this you don't portable party favorite or somebody else. People -- -- get away from that and Ron Paul was the same way. A little bit overwrought expand a lot of sort of doing research on the may have realized I am not important what does god. There are some people you talk to -- you board for a well. Don't give you one important reason but he can't get you more about it if you -- question about it. And here as well sort so formidable force. Well look like you're you're right about that I mean we have a responsibility you know with with the freedom to vote comes the responsibility to. I know who to vote for and -- to go to more than one source. And it to talk to talk amongst ourselves you know we should have conversations with -- with each other the people closest to us we should have conversations about. About who to vote for. And it and -- -- about the issues and that's what we continue to do at night here on WW on I'll never tell you who to vote for. But we just should have conversations about about about government and continue to exercise our freedom of speech. -- and I I've got got a gets a break but I appreciate you listening -- thank you all right if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 26 so. Winding -- 870. Toll free 866889078. And -- takes -- a 7878. We'll be right back on WL. And we continued to react to the aftermath of the election and some of the hysteria in this country about succeeding from the union. Here's a text I'm screwed scary they keep drinking the Kool Aid and having the other hand outs. Read this -- you probably won't because you're a lefty. And you protect Obama I don't term I don't protect Obama just -- be honest with what I CNN. And what I hear. And they were many times during the campaign that I. If you wanna say protected somebody there were many times during the campaign that I might have been criticized for protecting. Romney. From an affiliate -- you're on WWL. -- -- is a video on YouTube he can pull it up I watched it probably maybe twenty times because what policy and I could not believe. There is a video on YouTube the president and First Lady attending a memorial ceremony for the 9/11 -- -- During that ceremony as there is -- military band that's playing the bag pipes while they're folding up one. Michelle Obama looks over to her husband and as August of old red and black. And he looks over rolls his eyes. Brand and says yes I net. You can pull it up on -- I watched it probably twenty times because. I couldn't believe what I was saying but -- don't -- -- -- A little -- it what would you search for a. You can probably start under. Michelle Obama disrespect American flag. And you can watch -- clearly saved Jupiter has many. -- list of okay. Now I don't know that that's that's wrong that's un American and that's not that's not right I -- I will try to find that. Guess try to find it and watch it and you will be sic tears to my. Think Nancy you know there is there are always going to be that I mean age is should ever happen in in in public but there will always be private moments between presidents and and first ladies and sometimes things are taken out of context I'm not. I I'm not I'm defending the president in this case if that's eggs exactly what happened but I I will I will try to find that. I try to find it because I'm sure you'll be able to find it pretty easily. All right -- appreciate your -- Right. And from New Orleans Janice here on -- WL. Yeah. Do I have they're not going to send it to you can I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it will be -- I think. I have never found a picture. That claimed that it is projected. And it carried Hillary Clinton and can someone else is in the picture. And this standing -- the flag. And -- the tragic weekend. And he would get portable repeating and he's got his hand down and he did not put his hand -- bit. Now I know that you have your opinions and I think that G highlight -- I don't wanna be -- -- you anything that I'm cute but it do. Did they can't. His mother with the Communist. If I can't wait a real problem with the socialist. And it didn't. One of his books that he couldn't when -- Indonesia. I look at the heat they got that night and he can't about arguing the -- -- -- saga. The end of the Asian gentleman that she had had married. And he can't -- that America is not my country. -- I'll send it to -- send it to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the end of the media center -- Communists. Yeah Mac and he's carrying the dream couldn't talk back. And that edition I'm -- country so -- the only if we disagree. No weekend we cannot we can certainly disagreements. I don't think anybody should wanna leave his -- I I don't I don't see I don't. I don't when you say. I -- to -- additional bed for the night I was continuing to the email address and and -- a man who we know how to -- it's kind of emblematic I couldn't believe. All right good for you dig dig you gotta stay if you think there should be changed that you got a state of change I appreciate you calling your show we'll be right back after this quick break under the WL. And we are at the end of our show if I didn't get to your call I apologize if you wanna send me an email my email address is scoots SC OOT. -- every WL dot com. A number of text. They're totally opposing what is being said about this. The video of the First Lady and the president being disrespectful. I here's attacks it's amazing what you can do with a computer. And that is so true here's another sex there are no such a --