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WWL>Topics>>11-15 8:15am Tommy talks about BP

11-15 8:15am Tommy talks about BP

Nov 15, 2012|

Tommy talks to Doug Sunseri, WWL's legal analyst and host of All Things Legal, about a reported plea agreement between BP and the federal government

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- -- -- -- -- -- real quick traffic note there is a great back up on twelve west by great I think they mean terrible. At mile marker 62 -- on emergency vehicle has been aware. Of that -- -- joints right now most of all things legal one of our WWL legal experts well. Earlier go to guy WW Weller legal expert. Partner of dysentery and oracle and ancillary. Like your name comes second did you lose a coin toss. I don't -- trouble I'm just. What I'm real I'm just kidding around. Hmmm let me talk about is BP's settlement that we hear about. Guy -- Eric Holder supposed to be in town to announce it and eleven people died at this thing AP reporting that. There could also be manslaughter charges brought against a couple of BP employees you BP peels the employees could face manslaughter charges. And as far as these things go when it comes industrial accidents -- -- It do companies usually -- it. -- on -- criminal charges night and I think you know obviously a layman here but I think. Piercing the corporate deal going after the actual employees -- that the company is obviously Keebler company in jail. But does that mean and that the company is pays money in Madonna does anybody go to deal here explain analyst who knows well. Well basically a couple of charges concepts one million individuals and one against the company shelf for example. The largest I guess the largest criminal charges. I -- cup ties her. Where they paid one point three billion well off basically the some issues important -- extra. Now back cannot think 05. Beat he had refinery fire -- Com. Tax actually that is 300 cherry -- -- now on. Stemmed from criminal charges based criminal neglect. You can hear charges and also it charges -- individual. For example they're individual charged that Kirk I think -- -- -- Exclude. Forward destroying evidence of the BP spill. Arnold very -- strike is it was a are an innocuous text as it seems right now yeah. So. Well innocent you can't have currently you can -- individual charges against individual employees of BP connection with the still and then you can also it charges against. You can music company. And that's an obviously -- that company in jail but what they would do is basically make it would plead guilty to criminal charge -- probably. Gross neglect or reckless -- barrel from something like that. And Dan all criminal misconduct. And then they would have to pay a fine basically but they would have actually it criminal conviction against the company. So how likely is it that somebody in you here and from this AP report that may be to -- would face manslaughter charges. In terms of precedent how likely is it that anybody does wind up. Being charged a human being -- is charged criminally in this and actually stands trial. Well it odd thought that app and to speculate on the Korean or portrait. I think BP. It's probably -- in addition -- discussions and look who plead guilty. Two -- -- -- neglect our progress -- a criminal act which. And in return will probably gonna pay a separate several billion well. But return we want you not to charge in the -- he did not think that -- the discussion at a car right now I think EP and book. What what police. -- some common criminal charge -- -- huge stop all fine but in return we cannot prosecute. Maybe are all these armed. Or any of our boys and may be -- -- want to port deal because I'm sure you know. Lack of a better word Kelsey who -- you know that their actions on here in the -- undertaker whole pay the fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But from the Justice Department standpoint obviously what's legal is not always right which Wright is not always legal first off their legal let's not. That's not abroad obviously it's not a bribe that -- I mean it's tantamount to buy and your employees way out of trouble even if they are criminally negligent Bryant. Is it. It took it to deal and what happens is very tightly in a plea deal. The in this case prosecuted into something you know obviously the -- The they actually has been charged it up so -- deal and so I think job. There's considerations on both sides are -- basically. Day the government wants acknowledgment of a criminal charge or conviction or Q are guilty plea by the company. And also they also want. A the money. Obviously. But -- in our time's limited thanks I got to ask you but it's at at some point on a job site. Or all offshore. An employee's actions can rise today -- standard of criminal. Negligence where the it is a crime. I absolutely standard there aren't progress and since willful misconduct. And what they can basically say look based on you ignored these regulations. Ignoring. So is it far fetched to say then that the Justice Department is ignoring the law and exchange for money. All and so are I think they're acting on a look at it it just partners and look if we cut -- -- The street -- Employees instead of -- cancer in a while so -- you know again. Just hard to you know without knowing. Could do what one man and whether it was reasonably anticipated that won't be hurt in this situation. It's hard to say that. I don't know that you know it was an appeal. And you are still on yeah I think maybe you know a lot of the people it would have been charged and I think you know in return for BP acknowledging. Negligence criminal negligence and a whole part of the government that is that you look good battle emerged on employees. Arbitration prepared be on here that com. -- -- stepped up to the plate and lower interest that your credit the lack. Doug I appreciate primarily -- were running lately what -- -- the -- this thank you sir have --

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