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11-15 7:10pm Vegas Runner with the wiseguys take on CFB & NFL

Nov 15, 2012|

VR of pregam.com gives us his tips on who to bet in this week's college and pro games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back this -- sucking yeah Allah a number of all the final towel -- on Thursday night we have all -- team and it means we go to Vegas negative view from Vegas because of competency. What is happening who is laying money on which teams for the week in college football and professional football game that I was welcoming. The our biggest problem. Lot no had to be awfully disappointed as the Carolinas. It's not sound like a bad battles he would be out what accurately what happened. I would yeah. That it can only acts when I felt like it is and ability as -- and out but now that whenever we all night long term numbers -- out there -- speak for themselves. But at the end of the day. -- Some top weeks it's like I tell people. -- -- ten times. He might get it -- -- split time that they thousand times and it closed for the -- -- did the and that's the thing with sports that you're gonna have. -- one on one in nine on. But it you have an -- Long term that big numbers -- -- you're gonna be and I bet that he's in the day. And the last two weeks and I did did not pick winners so we trying to go out -- but it. Well -- let's jump right into abate because we all business while we had the only year has gone off with tonight's action. -- professional football. It's in if they had Buffalo a slight favorite at home and ought to pop hit point three to -- no way to look over the Miami Dolphins. Yet now and -- up to them inside the only thing that scares me. Is that the net and that is the -- money some professional Italy the mine at 11 and one pot allow. Team. And yet I think it's believable it's going to be with Miami and here's why and that probably has been scoring. -- a problem they can't stop anyone. In the league in points the last out and if you look at the Indians -- -- well. Point two yards per pass attempt and eight. Point five yards so much in the -- you're not gonna win many games. If you can't stop anyone and I think and it -- He's still people with Reggie Bush. And I think they could put some points on the board and they should be in the at some point advantage. And the equipment is that you can't on their defense they're not there in the NL in rushing yards -- And -- it looked at the top. Aside and say they do it. He got a probable on the eighteenth dude that they could. He ain't -- -- -- against Miami so -- it was between the match up well the only thing is being -- well. And we you know the ankle please don't isn't that night is -- sleeper team from Miami personally I'd bet that game. -- -- again I'd be on the Miami side and I looked bad again I think were at the end of the school each other. Now beyond let's get it to the college football acts in the interests -- want -- you to take on a that was not a team about a two and had 31 favorite -- Ohio State with a little extra time. To be ready for this I guess the storyline here is Wisconsin wants to get a good strong push in the -- the Big Ten title game -- it look like. They'll be a favorite event -- contest to get that a Rose Bowl and Ohio State obviously wants to close out with a victory over a Wisconsin team in this kid. Then look at Pat Perez may summed it puts -- -- to -- an undefeated season although he had no postseason play for the -- -- -- -- -- They're thinking is that the state team really for real. Overweight I think the time. You totally different -- Was not that opened the point favorite. Is quietly. That the -- that's one of the professionals on pop in -- -- said wait a minute there's some value with the states -- I would like it is the sports books are in need Wisconsin. Because the -- are that much confidence in this team. And it kind of makes sense because the quarterback situation it's pretty. Good team. That you've been. Here like they'll ops. And the -- Week probably is gone then he hit it had been. Consistent one week he's not convert to the next week he can't rush. And is -- the government last week it was against in the end and we know in the end it can't be any one -- the it's on the down it was -- in the late in the top five of the six games but -- is it good but when you walked. At the Ohio State defense. One of the best in the Big Ten rank them quite there with Michigan State and I think that's going to be the problem and that we. Right do like the states side is that. Factor -- you remember this team will not go out. There they. Played a bad game at a table and they won't play the game itself requires taking every. Game and he has his team ready in are -- not an ideal World Cup. He's in any time out state has played in meaningful game. Not only did they get the job done by probably in the number but -- -- there and did some damage. And I think in this spot that's what you can negate any -- out states team and I think. -- caught up with Wisconsin. I like the -- in this game. Beyond now let's move on to assemble a match since now I guess the intriguing part is the three undefeated and how they will finish. This season that's off first with. A very good with a good matchup but the court and I because they don't think it is the poll shows a lot closer -- that standpoint. Knew what arguably is a three touchdown favorite overlook the staff the cardinal with the ducks Obama won at one point favorite -- a stamp vote in UT. And I think his lines a little bit too high. And you know we're going to get ahead of the Argentine. And bet against them. If there's one thing I've learned that sports is you don't wanna -- blink and you want it. Great to continue and here's why if you -- -- -- -- for a -- six times and allowed the opportunity and analysts on the amount a -- she could cash it was split continues. As we -- and then you're gonna catches one ticket because it again so here. Com and and I think that's where. A lot of batters make the mistake they -- this team has covered by the crowd that you know now that came copper have been and I think that's the wrong approach to take it. Even more times than you are down because the market -- catch -- but it does over teams. And no one out in more in the betting public because they put up a lot of points and bad like teams that have popped bent but he has that thing. At Kansas State and a woman in the polls right now and I think that should be -- What you look at that -- make I mean they they beat USC convincingly. You. Can't operate demolished you know the not a good county not even. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By forty points 39 points for the student has. Dot com -- extremely well that they should be number one team in the country because of that I think they. It changed for him to go out there and Shell out good they are and remembers him but adopting -- -- -- could be against state. On that it is not a good spot for Stanford and the prices inflated and usually I'd say you know that's the mountainside -- -- Stanford. I can't do it here but -- and leave the game well. And that don't have -- -- but at the line comes down some open and hit. It's been on that one -- if it gets down to one below that one and number. My money's going to be like -- come Saturday. The our biggest drama of pregame Danica given us the view from Vegas I'd be up both on the ice you attack as this that it's -- movement. On his game wanna say opened up but about 1516 now Ellis who the nineteen point favorite over the Ole miss rebels. And now at LSU was so impressive last week because the Alabama. At that the people that counts. And we talked about it we beat him once but Alabama when you address we care Kline on the sideline after the game. Regular season so it. But Alabama. Last week against tech is -- and that's what we. -- that out there -- -- -- able to squeeze out the way they did it. On the web -- as you know. The little things. Leading even though they -- they covered the spread. They -- the number so pretty much the last play of the game you know it was interception return for a touchdown. Mississippi State was down pretty much the goal line that -- scored eighty getting in. State lone interception against the run it all the talent is the right side and make -- Because of that I think that's one of the betting markets jump an analogy because most batters. Look through the box score and net game was a night game there was some prime time matchup zone TD so that -- get that recognition it usually. And because it looked like if you get a lot. Better than they did I think despite a little bit to rights you know and -- Cuba Mississippi -- money for batters this year would be fine -- straight up. But -- seven and the -- against the spread and they have a little bit on the mind because they blocked out there would be to get Utley pat. Last year against Dallas you so I don't think it. Get embarrassed the only thing that does need is that it is a tight game last week against Vanderbilt when it was 8640 said. Sometimes he had a hangover. But when do you remember he got blown out by 49 point. I think you're able initiate an overall and that made it keeps climate I like it don't if you don't get me wrong I don't think they went by three touchdowns. I VR let's move over to the pro side of things interesting one year has to wallets a four and a half point favorite oval open now. If I'm not even paying it to the numbers of what to do I'm looking at them going like map in my household that what that does those like that -- -- beyond. But -- know how and is playing like stealing money and all and you pop and it just stopped. Talk about it just like it but they generally I don't think that the case as -- since two weeks -- they don't work Sunday on and it felt. In Atlanta's decade. Com it was one of the work there's still talking about it and they went a bit last week corporate players. There's still the -- two weeks because I don't think there in the -- did you give money away. I'm talking to. Spain and that that note this New Orleans team and I'm sure it was there -- -- and extremely well better than I do. But -- wait for them now sometimes hard line stand. That the and historically. Aunt that playing a game like they where they beat -- on Monday Night Football and -- the play on that the Atlantic team and they beat them and now. With the line game at the end of the game kind of has that of what it against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I can't look at me like a wet spot. And if -- -- that would be that way and I think everyone should be within and I said that it. My prediction in this thing will be able. The team nobody wants to play plant -- at the end of the it was a -- -- the Eagles. No one wanted to play the Eagles the final six games of the season they came out that aren't blocked out and -- in. But let no one wanted to play unfortunately they turned it on to win and didn't get in the playoffs and I think the -- is fine with that position where. Nobody gonna play that game over the next couple. They're gonna. Have teensy bit a lot of but this is one of those instances where I don't think that it's a good spot I think it -- be top. So really get up and play ultimately it out on of late and let's not forget who wouldn't think that on deck. And that they have Francisco 49ers. -- important -- -- 49ers the Saints may have been well played in the Super Bowl last year. So. Being on the plate. But it took it 36 last January 14 I remembered that they publicly because -- future on this thing in that won me. Is the better I know up at them as a team and I think that's what's been happening at the gonna get caught looking ahead but hopefully it happened now. Left in the tank that they can get -- what do we and that's what I've been bored but one point I would like six more and -- Oakland but it. IP with the wise guys -- take Oakland that's what the professionals did they took part and it it took what they expect a couple of five and they took applause line. And the betting public comment on autopilot so the books should be fine but he did collect the day. The off another wanted to -- looks like easy money gamba minus seven and a half over San Diego in the well I think Denver is such a good bit. Yep Peyton Manning and often at the minute he thinks is so good in the they can run the full bombing differs is -- come -- -- a complete ballclub in San Diego team that. Thabeet is that this is -- him but they don't win this that it. I mean I don't know they can do and even if they win this game but I just don't see him stay in the game what with what -- what you -- -- at -- now and look at the chances that you know I think this sport that one. Point forcefully weeks and they covered the spread every one time. -- at the plate as the best. We only get it on fourteen points last week. Out fourteen and played the saint. So it was in deep and really should deserve a lot of the credit. Point being made that in one of the best -- he's ever had in his career so he deserves the recognition on the plate. Well the match out of the quarterback you are an -- that being. -- -- if you have a team in it now when a team sport that point. And back. -- and problems times. It you bet against them the game you're gonna make a -- Long term I don't have been in front of me but if I. 100% certain you'll -- well over 60% you're bad which is the most he -- ever at sport. Denver's as -- -- and well and they scored thirty or more points. And oddsmakers professional partner that -- -- Almost in one of the best team in the and it now I think TV is just a little bit. -- -- blatantly do it -- -- best team in the NFL right now. And again and it Denver made last week I was on Carolina. That -- you know. And even know that it is an inflated price because I have no. Companies insane vehicle to -- wins came against Kansas City the other win came against Oakland. Started thinking that that means that the team it is doubtful that -- born -- they're not even in average borne by. So that then. We've been doing well but there's not. Quite used to line so you know what you do you take. It and it's called a teaser and eighteen dead -- Yeah Sixers appointees are to where they the way the game by one. And they should be able to do -- and it just find another team that time -- with. Because I will wait more than a touch down here before -- even if he wanted to at this game. And that was papered it was a it was -- Sell it -- the big change that has been over the course of a ten week. And I think that that the only problem here so -- as well -- in the take too much for Denver. I'd you know -- always come down to the final. Time it was -- -- solid the usual nick in thousands and you shall be in pro. RB IQ is there -- some winners. They didn't give and take jobs in Iraq now you know whatever you give me I'll I'll I'll only ask me that double. And want to -- six point 28. That would be. On anybody but don't -- it -- against northwestern. I'll admit -- -- -- -- that instead and I don't instead that they respect and out there right that you way because the public going to be. Northwestern's side and that's what that was Big Ten team that's extremely overrated outlet -- -- not impressed with Michigan State's offense. On -- in the world in this quarterback to takeover. And he did it my whole pile -- now to get the job on I think that's the biggest problem and he is not able to move. Outback there and -- have a good enough offensive line to protect Maxwell. There's -- on the ball extremely well you saw the bomb bell ran for 88 yards. Against Nebraska. That was a huge game Burnett. And they -- in the game but they played extremely well and I think that's gonna carry over into this week. And northwestern and definitely. Been making against the spread but they're extremely. Absolutely needed an overvalued if you look at it created series Michigan State's. And then. And I think that's exactly -- an -- in this Saturday. There northwestern lost in overtime game at Michigan -- that was a heartbreaker. Now they gotta get at Michigan State he's not married yet -- lose in Nebraska which was elected. Because they had -- Wisconsin the year week before. So at Michigan stadium only the points. And I think it was appropriate VR. Yet that apartment -- -- I don't think it got a bit of favorites again I think we're gonna be some delicate. At least that's what the line looked like to make so the one. But he jumped out and out. And it's going to be Kansas City Chiefs against Cincinnati. And a lot of people got. On Monday night because everyone in the -- was spent the Pittsburgh Steelers and I want. I usually -- such a bad tasting amounts don't want anything to do with these Kansas City game but. Opt out I think there's some real value there has as much as easily. A team that we get if they played Pittsburgh. I think in this one -- again too many points from Cincinnati and the only -- -- point. It because they'd -- -- your Giants play -- week as the reigning champ point dog. But when he -- Cincinnati. Coming off a game like that historically they did not do well so but if it's got to -- became -- -- eighteen I would. I was trying to fight between them and Carolina believe it -- not. But it but count. Me last week I'm not that it. And again even I didn't think they'd -- at the bank. He our biggest run of pregame acts on him and knocked it down in ties they have always Clinton mound but it beats him. All in nine years in featured in the Wall Street Journal whatever the numbers of being talked about it pre game I am. The. My pleasure and helping make some money. All right maybe seeking.