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11-16 9:10am Tommy talks about what makes people sexy

Nov 16, 2012|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV anchor Angela Hill about what makes people sexy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And one other thing we're discussing here what is when it comes to sex appeal and -- losing their hair. And even mine mine here I didn't turn lose turn gray rather return lose. Wait ladies he would prefer guys they just gracefully goes bald. Do you want him to and that's a question to pay or not toupee. Or. There's option three which is the dreaded comb over. That part -- slipping farther and farther down -- Edwards almost sitting here. You know the big -- and I'm glad they're gone over. And when a gust of wind blows that looks like -- -- was dancing only does that. Is that what you want. Music so point seven Neitzel 386 exit 890 -- and if there was ever. A lady who had their finger on the pulse of the nation. This -- who the ultimate ultimately eighties. Who knew what people were thinking and feeling it is the lovely mentally ill and take some time I've ever dated ones now I. -- com or -- turner. Is absolutely true and you know it is like every -- -- news. I am having -- tell you about sex appeal and first off you know I don't you know about people magazine's list of sexy people in and voting chanting Tate in the sexiest man alive is. It is what Channing Tatum hand wildly and is does that do it for Angela -- -- not in terms of sex appeal. You know. When I saw -- little things that they will profile they were doing. On keeping the pew listening historical. And adorable there's no question and and and certainly absolutely -- action much her beyond. Actually it would be a driving force I'd like stare at them. But I think they're really. Struck me sort of -- turn on beyond physical. -- -- yeah I think. You're like me in and and it's it's nice to look at and I mean nobody wants it. To not look at somebody that's attractive but. Angela from me here's what it comes down to I think level ultimately comes down entertaining each other and I think it's about. It and here's my classic example -- said this earlier if you can go. To the grocery stores with somebody if you go to roses and injuries drive there and get out of the car. And that's a party and that doesn't mean that every day's going to be like that but that can be funny experience. That you person that you guys that you gal in the -- -- I'm very. Sorry. That my partner and I went out and Egypt we have our ego. And choking it was culinary. So I really liked it that there'd be certain chemical. All cute or what are. That kind of thing but in reality you will go forward with just. -- probably people. It is centered in the -- I think that would wears thin after awhile I really yeah. But some people do and I guess I don't know I guess they're happy after a long time with just the physical maybe that may be two pretty people get together and that's. Enough forum I don't know. I think you know I think it. Is Paramount. But it all. They don't have that. But it. -- and there's something about somebody who is very competent without being caught some of the very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on me ask you this what about height is Heidi. -- -- killer with you are not well. No never there however there. I have operatives went up to. Robin Lopez Robin -- it one quarter. And -- station to do. -- like I want somebody that content. In heats up -- feet tall. Twenty to. Seven feet tall ninety. I'm going to be the world group in your life he actually. I'm kinda. The -- -- now again about actual. On. Separate talks and a twelve hour. -- narrow. Entrance will look what mattered to her. We can get 21 other place for another beaten. And -- or real real far from thrilled that we. Wouldn't talk about right. In the picture. And buy it on what you know I've been on. Unbelievable. Crowded puppets and -- and there I'm just -- and they tell -- about saints players when it comes at. And -- announcer talking about sexy saints players do you wanna get involved in his conversation and I hit -- -- even the big ugly -- offensive line. Big chunks of wonderful letter write that down. We have put that on FaceBook. -- as I offensive line big chunks of wonderful or. And Angela I get a break if you don't mining got to bring into the big controversy of the morning which is two page. Or not TJ you know me you know I'm all likely challenged. Mine here as I said earlier didn't turn grade turned lose it's gone it's just a fond memory. But I will never in my life weird to say I will never join. Hair club for men. I certainly I don't even think I have enough here to do the -- over at this point so -- -- gentlemen loses his hair should -- letting go gracefully war. Do you think that in some instances. Here pieces appropriately thing. I don't know man the very attractive. Could -- -- here he's an -- I remember I vote for twenty odd years before -- like they're really some it will work. But I didn't really. Got on the senate floor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that well I'll have the opportunity. To -- You'd -- and a and as you know got that a lot of top spiritual. I'd. -- I can barely function. And when you interview them. It was the only play at the U. But how it felt that. And there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Typically. -- that little area where. You're asking me I think all. Their. -- now what is it about Yule Brenner that attracted you so much and at the end because it was certainly the image of the persona -- knowing. And an anti anti interviewing it was enhance I'm guessing right you find out that he was now more sexier than you thought I don't -- -- He was not that. Always telling this story. Masculinity. Was buried there and in the role he played all. That into. What I am. One. -- He was not particularly. -- the diminished. And and that it will -- I'm real experience of my life. I. Wear and. So that whole illusion that you had for all of those years. In just a couple of minutes. That's a shame. And from then on when you see his movies which do you think of this. You'll Brennan that you had a crush on for so many years of the you'll -- you relieved man in new. Probably about because in reality is the tremendous actor. So the world play work that so I can certainly admire him and that. But. You know when you're disappointed in the summer. And they're making up my expectation is too great. But it taught me so early in life that we can be really. That actually in the world. A year ago finally the sexiest man. Today -- you know. No no it had to be him there was cancer. -- other than their window let's though that in beside your husband other than him. Talk that I worked with some pretty great guy. Do many more narrow down. You know I -- Nazi Germany to narrow down we can legally dead idiots. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- Really. US such a -- lady you're such an inspiration we love watching every day and UN that news set on channel four a look fabulous. Oh my gosh thank you would feel -- -- took so long to get it were so thrilled that I think. Well you're quite welcome thank you for taking the time to come on what does this morning hope we totti and soon. Have a great holiday.

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