WWL>Topics>>11-16 12:10pm Scoot talks to Jay Vise and Mike Detillier

11-16 12:10pm Scoot talks to Jay Vise and Mike Detillier

Nov 16, 2012|

Scoot, in for Don Dubuc, talks to Jay Vise about the Black Elk platform fire and is joined by WWL's NFL and College Football Analyst Mike Detillier to break down the Saints-Raiders game

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I bring you up to date on what we are talking about today. The Republican Party. He needs to change according to people like governor Bobby Jindal former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour. New Mexico and New Mexico governor Martinez and many other governors. Very critical of the outcome now saying the Republican Party needs to change its direction. Do more to appeal to a more. Diverse group do you agree with that. We're also talking about some new information has come out from the Census Bureau. About marriage in America and this is nothing surprising we've been seeing this develop formed type gears now. The number of couples living together without being married. Has doubled since the 1990s. Not since the 1970s or eighties but since the 1990s which was not that long ago. If you had to do it over again which you live with somebody or would you marry him. In 201240%. Of unmarried partners had children. Under eighteen. Is there a benefit to being married or which you live with somebody there was a stigma with the concept of living together years ago. They just doesn't. Exist anymore today. And there are a lot of adults there are a lot of the a lot of Christians. I'm living together. I am going only going to assume that this hold our website Christian -- swear Christians can go and and meet. I'm assuming that a lot of Christians -- meet and live together I as a Christian I lived with the Christian for sixteen years. So it has to witness it has -- living together just lost that statement and any is it okay in -- their problems with marriage I've got and number two extra on on this and we'll get to more of your text coming up here just a moment. If your -- stay with a subject to all of your calls the other thing we're talking about this afternoon the saints play the raiders in Oakland Sunday they have a chance to go five and five. And there are scenarios for the saints to make the playoffs. Right now our NFL analyst on -- WL college football analyst Mike it's -- eight joins us live on every WL Mike good afternoon. I'm doing great. Mike you know I I I heard that there was weather moving in the Pacific northwest and even northern California a couple of big storms coming in. But it's my understanding. Is should be out of California by -- Saturdays so the weather should be okay Sunday. The saints can't take the raiders lightly so many people think this is an automatic win for the saints which your observation. One you -- enough but both these schools I think sometimes there's not who you play the way you play on. Who did -- help this football team you might say you know what there raiders have a shot here but that was -- that could come back and Darren McFadden Mike -- They're probably offensive linemen and Richard Seymour. Taiwan branch of the best defensive back has got a sore neck and he's questionable. And you know what right now let's say politically and well and so. You know what I I can't a word about this game we could go I've felt strongly that this thing could upset in -- said Atlanta and that's what happened. I've come a word about this game would all -- -- that the raiders have right now. And they have got -- the last two weeks. Bald and wait this place pulpit just plain well a bit tight win and win big on the road I think you wind up more than two touchdowns. And understand because this is Kuwaiti NFL. It's the roller coaster that you see it seems clean up and down up and down we put -- showing against arguably. All even though it I had an undefeated record maybe we'll go to Johns with the best -- in asleep. The last two weeks yet gotten beat but we can't see teams in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. And so incompetent that ebb and flow Miami with the hot team now -- cool at all. It is up and down up and down but right now the saints are playing good football. Especially offensively when you finally made a commitment to the running game and we have seen it. Especially -- do you know putting grips are we in the lineup what he's done this sport. This all goes along with sports marking grow and the principal in the -- to give up a lot of yardage of the ways that NFL. Mike I wanna continue our conversation but I got a break right now because we've got some breaking news about US Coast Guard press conference about the how the platform that are caught fire. Off the coast of Louisiana earlier so. If it's all right with you will continue our conversation in a few minutes about right now I gotta go life to WW other news and to -- WL dot com. Student the Coast Guard just can't connect to -- just gave a personal data -- breaching the affording their minutes -- up while you're gonna play for -- Some news from new news out of there because there are no confirmed -- from the explosion and fire aboard the platform. Even though it won't take this is the -- stroke that just happened on portrait street. -- did at this point there were no confirmed dead. -- -- -- -- -- -- The details of the mating call and maybe it was really dissect -- New Orleans. Later verified that it was not a vessel on fire when oil platform on fire we heard that it would -- Fire have you. I was what is the reports of the national response senator was that they were using it towards 603 inch line that was approximately 75 feet long. Don't -- role models a product that could have been and that line was 75 gallons blended -- belong in the mind. That definitely is approximate 56 feet it was earlier reported 336. Feet and sexy 56 feet. It's he can you give us once again the number of casualties and where they were brought. We're not sure the casualties but let them before medevac to a local area hospitals is. There are different area hospitals that were there remember back to back. The environmental threat as we know that was twenty gallons a potentially worrying that three of -- 75 feet long. We trick play -- approximate forty gallons of product. As of right now the reporting an oil -- any area and one half mile long by 200 yards -- you. -- your best thing. 36 you know Morgan City is a designated inspector for this investigation it will be working in coordination with the bureau of safety and environmental enforcement. We enjoyed investigation into this cabin are there any crew members still missing. We are looking for to look crewmembers are currently searching with -- hey. California on foot boat from station -- a 45 foot boat from station grand -- we have an H sixty helicopter from -- aviation trade center mobile. We have an eight C 144 ocean -- for me. Up from navigation trees and mobile experience on scene coordinator wheels have an age 65 helicopter from air station -- Congress and all of I don't oil the platform was confirmed shut in before they can before they started work stories. I'm production platform at that time. Everything that was previously reported that two people are dead but it's two people missing. And we have confirmed that but most remembered talking with the people that run a regulatory vacuum it. Well I know you weren't sure about where they are right it's. But Black Hills financiers and -- -- -- can be opposed to a whole lot and that's -- -- is running their. Response actions out of the Algiers point location and history. We'll have confirmed injured we've confirmed that eleven people were medevac. -- nine people believe. Eleven people were medevac eleven people were evacuated to people are missing and you applied by a mayday call. We are notified by native elevate back up to those numbers early today 26 people reported under -- -- back waiting for the incident occurred at least 42 people of those 4211 women and act. Leaving eleven people missing and then nine were to -- -- at least two people missing tonight people were evacuated. Understate the actual hospital and let the people might affect you in this. But you people remain missing every night. No no no no no they were just part of a normal rotation they do or just remove from -- -- part of a normal look back. An event where. There are various hospitals. All over here that I'm now. The last report and there's no one remaining on the platform. The fires reported out there are three commercial vessels. Apparently putting water on the vessel on the platform has seven replay protection in the break. We've received a report that their rig is structurally sound. We saw a picture of the Reagan and that's what Hornaday there's a lot of -- in my receiver fires -- -- I decided edge are breaking down and there's no flames. And they -- there I don't know. I -- better. It's. Well it's kind of hard to talk with the Deepwater Horizon we can say this a memorandum of understanding. Came into effect between Europe environmental safety and environmental -- Bessie get closer and we have joint responsibility for reviewing. Oil spill response plans and we were actively we're doing -- and is a great coordination vibration. Between a form of bacteria. -- you're safe environment of course. Don't say I don't have specifics -- black belt safety record -- -- I did -- Primary concern right now is looking for the two people missing. -- -- with the oil spill response organizations to contain a pollution and and obviously the investigation of the cause of this incident. Competitors Greek coastguard darkest moments during a given an uptake here in downtown New Orleans. About this incident they now say after conflicting reports we heard earlier from Coast Guard official the company to a reported Q did. I'm glad -- saying now that the Coast Guard says there are no reported dead their work. Not evacuated -- fortunate -- were were pretty -- -- -- -- senator possibly on the way to burn centers and apple urged. However two crew members are still missing from this explosion and fire. As ordered about 91520. To 25 miles southwest of grand dial. But not active production platform there were about 28 people he could now 26 people. -- at the time. Old members have been accounted for except for two crew members they do you have -- looking for two missing crew members from this explosion and fire this morning parts there are indications are being a close well. It's not an environmental concern at this time that they are still monitoring the situation. All right device -- WWL dot com and -- W real news thanks for bringing us that says press conference and if you're on -- stay -- overcome and right back with a more of your calls yet there's a good news from this Coast Guard press conference. In the early information we were getting was -- not as good -- two people still missing thoughts and prayers still have to be for them as well as. -- eleven people airlifted to hospitals and everybody involved here the fire is out that's good news. It is his 25 miles southeast of grand -- Or southwest it seems like it might be southeast of grand -- but anyway it's 25 miles off the coast of Louisiana. I'm -- in the think tank and we'll be right back on WW out. And good afternoon on this beautiful Friday afternoon I'm -- and the think tank on WWL. I'm more of your calls about everything we're talking about today and more of your techs getting a lot of text in. The -- that's coming up in a few minutes we had to break for the US Coast Guard press conference on the platform fire in the gulf and and there is some better news than we heard earlier that we're still worried about the people injured and especially the two people who are still missing. But we're -- we're also talking about the saints and the Oakland game. A Sunday afternoon 305 in Oakland talked into our NFL analyst and college football analyst -- retaliate. And Michael what John. What is -- the running game -- to take off you would think that the saints Serwer Smart enough team all along to always know the running game had to be part of it what do you think has sparked the running game recently. A couple people that are run. Good last year down the stretch this team. Won eight straight regular keeping games there were averaging 27 rushes per game. Early on this is that they were averaging about 1718. Touches Russian. And there was a commitment that are running game. And I think -- that commitment now and also to Chris -- being inserted into the lineup. And no matter what sometimes it takes one guy in the light of playing. And two weeks ago he was put into the lineup that you see it but the commitment to our running game which had been missing from this football team. -- -- In the season is now there sad. And that was a big part of that success -- your head scratching a little bit. Because it was the greatest show on turf. But what people forget is that it was six there was Little League in rushing. And now you've got that commitment that are running game that you didn't have. All early in this season. And that's and don't take anything away from what Chris -- bring the table. And the big column -- Again August -- long run -- -- -- Samuel has come about port kinds palladium twice and they try to get out of his way a couple blah. And I also thinks remarking saw things from Mark -- the other day that I had never seen before a stutter step and it did seem like he was very becoming the back that we always hoped he could become he's not there yet obviously but we're starting to see some. More positive signs from -- Yeah he took over the rules credentials when he had a hand injury and you know he's come in and I think he's gonna play the best two games of his career. Rushing the football also catching the ball coming out about fear you write about the ability to make people miss out space and then again you show that. People can become the -- make the first man marriage and also finish -- brunch golf and that's -- both are great. And England do very well and pick up -- away from Pierre Thomas I mean I think he's still the guy that in crunch time you really want to carry the football. It's just finding the right balance -- and I think that they didn't how bad early in this season and we're gonna go back and look at some of those games. Green Bay Kansas City. In which you would have maybe had more of a commitment to the running game and -- -- there's still game the outlook in the football. And you didn't. His comments what we just want change of pace shredding the football well it was a big part of his success slash you're winning. Why get away from it and ever since Joseph didn't come back as head coach in the first game. Well they're real good because of where you play. But that that that commitment to the running game and bankroll going back to being. All offensive line coach Russia running game coordinator we've seen that commitment to the running game that we didn't -- earlier. You know what they actually get that we talking about a team 500. I think will be five and five. Now get down a bit tougher stretch of the season because you're gonna place San Francisco. -- a couple of days about the lives on a Thursday night game at Lambeau. And you know the giants and Tampa Bay and down the road that contributed helping a stretch for the saints and maybe you -- a bit cold but you gotta give his team a lot of credit a veteran football club that that's flawed but they've backed up. And I think Sunday night W 500 football team and there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'm gonna get to news break here but very quickly I if the team did not have the right balance in the beginning. It's really obvious. That they -- Sean Payton. Yeah. That is an understatement I you know I couldn't argue with you know again it's -- So we were walking down a path here that no team is level walked out without having your head coach. And and what it does turbulent lives. Behind the -- -- offensive wise because in my opinion Sean Payton was cutting edge offensive coordinator. Cupid claim that always look ahead of the pack and that's why he's going to be the highest paid coaches yet have felt. Any New Orleans because of that. All right Mike did today always a pleasure to tortilla thanks for your insight into the game Sunday in Oakland. -- all right in our coverage begins at 11 o'clock with fans first take was saints' offensive lineman Steve court -- Manassas Dennett 1 o'clock the -- -- countdown to kickoff for Bobby indeed. Game time is it 305 with Jim Henderson -- and Kristian garic. And then after the game the point after with a cajun cannon and big chief Deke Bellavia life and detainees in the French Quarter. And that's gonna go on until 9 o'clock ten hours of wall to wall coverage of the saints. Oakland game begins Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. I'm screwed hang on we're coming right back with more of your comments on WWL here's another news update with Chris Miller we'll continue to monitor the latest developments with that explosion at the as a platform in the Gulf of Mexico -- five miles. Off the coast of Louisiana. There is good news if you have just joined us we just heard their press conference from the US Coast Guard and a while two people are missing at least they are now saying that there are no confirmed dead eleven have been airlifted out. To the hospital and I guess others are still. Getting some treatment this does not pose a threat to DP posed. But isn't it interesting that this happens the day after that the peace settlement and as we've said on the show one of the most interesting things about the BP settlement in my opinion. Is that I compared to men are being held. -- accountable there they are indicted for manslaughter. Which means you can work for a company. But you're still responsible for lives above and beyond working for the company the company can be punished but -- was an individual could also be punished. And I hope the ripple effect of this will be that bit more people who work for companies who are in positions to make decisions. That deal with the safety of employees and the safety of the community or the country. We'll pay attention to what goes on those trials I believe are gonna start in February. We're talking about a number of things today it is a beautiful Friday the beginning of the weekend. I got a text earlier I want to mention I mentioned there a couple of festivals. And I got a text about the glory fast he goes on three day starting today through Sunday. Christian music and food. I think it's Christian music and and and food surely be more than just bread and wine are -- rides it's in block port. And that's going on today. Saturday and Sunday weather should be great for that we've been talking about the saints and the raiders game in Oakland Sunday also Census Bureau figures. On marriage showing that more people are waiting to get married but not only -- more couples are deciding to live together. Instead of getting married and the number of couples living together without them being married. Has more than doubled since just the 1990s. Do you agree were living listen -- what what works for you and it is it a good idea to live together before you get married. And we've also been talking about tonight turmoil in the Republican Party and things sound that people like governor Bobby Jindal are saying is. Is he a leader or is he an opportunist. A Bobby Jindal says the Republican Party needs to stop being the stupid party. And when Romney said just then Obama won because of offering gifts to blacks Hispanic and younger voters. Jindal said that is absolutely wrong it's silly and he rejects the notion. And former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour. It is said that the Republican Party needs support -- exam. And I got a text from somebody said that's why they need to they need to do -- so they can figure out where they're heaviest. I mean here's a Texan -- good -- a longtime listener I've been married four times and it has never. Lasted. Until this last time. When I refused to sign the paperwork. And things are pretty much the same. As our first week together I I hope things are worked out well for -- you know I don't know why I think it's up to the individual. I've been married twice and I live with somebody for me. For sixteen years and I don't think I would get married again but it's I don't think it's -- good for us to say never. Here's a Texas -- the Republicans lost the election because of their cloudy message. And inability to overcome. The slanderous campaign by the most corrupt administration since Nixon. Their problem is perception Latinos and African Americans have of them. Not the conservative principles that form their campaign. The proof of this is the huge majority in their holds the House of Representatives. Which is a true representation of the American people. That's from Tommy and frankly it's an I still think as I said before the election. How many times on the show are doing night on Debbie WL that the Republican Party needs to change its message as far as. The the social issues and the divisive issues. I if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601872038668890. A seventy. Tech's number is 87870. Mitt Romney I guess was just not the right guy -- This should bother you that Bobby Jindal was. And it's so tied to to Mitt Romney and now suddenly the whole direction of the party strong. Why wasn't he saying that during the campaign. The direction of the party didn't suddenly change. At the moment of the election it's been going in this direction for. For awhile and it's it just seems to me that. I'm what many of these Republicans are saying is true and their needs to be more inclusive as it doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your principles. But the the ultra right and the ultra right wing blow -- on radio and on TV. These guys don't -- percent and women don't represent the American people. Reverend Anderson you're on WWL. How you -- under those groups do not. Want to comment on the odd sense on the mayor Richard -- and America and they are co habitation issue. No way we live in the day and age where. We had to become such as what we do and we neglected they're division is that wanna get married you've got to go this year low rejection and fears of conflict to hear typical home with the marriage. And when it comes down who are live in the capital. It. A person they say it that got the conviction. Well I you don't win when you when you listen to and and I I stood in a wedding and not long -- -- undermine and -- her fiance came from Portland I worked there with her radio station in Portland. And she came here to new -- to get married on the river it was a simple ceremony. With a pastor there and and it's I just listening to the wedding vows I I've I you know I thought they were I I thought they were beautiful. But it's. While you understand your your your point of view and a lot of people to agree with -- -- if if two people are. Are committed and live together. I'm -- I'm not I I guess you'll have to answer for this that when we leave this this life. But I I don't find that to be a -- I think hurting people is a sin I think you know I did it it it sexuality is part of our our our human nature. And I I I I like the idea of commitment I think just going around and now I'm. And being promiscuous. Am I might have a problem with that I might have a problem with not being committed somebody I got a serious problem with cheating on people. Yes well I cannot have a status and buying our screw. Took the content that would that we had to make its mature adults. Solid you know this and so our -- and now one person. Can't quote unquote don't know right thing which is what -- -- out there would be a horrible thing to do that is to make Leo how to Olympic and you'll -- And do go back to say you know. Outfield that jet to just get over the fear factor that well what if it don't work dissidents I'm gonna stay living together live together with dispersants. I we have -- with charred more living together we communicate better -- its -- that. But I feel that marriage -- as a way to go. Well that every I guess you know we can argue that that everybody's so different today and I appreciate you taking time to call our show reverend. All right thanks listing to WWL. If you're a -- say we're this we're coming right back with more of your calls and more of your text -- -- Texan reads the Republican Party did not want a change. They wanted to everybody else to change. Here's a -- we will never come together because for. Public tennis I think they can omit gays Mexican Latinos and blacks and think these groups are going to vote for them. They need to support the country. The help they need to support the country and not just the country club. And I think -- to some degree about politics on the right and the left. Has become cults. We're Americans we just had an election we need to get along and compromise and do what's best for you and for me and for this country. I'm scoops. And the think tank for -- and we'll be right back on every WL I wanna talk about change within the Republican Party after the election is that something you agree with. Bobby Jindal certainly is talking about it stories Haley Barbour and so are a number of governors general meeting in Vegas the Republicans are governors association meeting is in. Vegas right down there's a lot of talk about them about change -- -- get to a couple of sites except I had a couple of text about comment that I made earlier in the show him. About how the president has little control over issues like abortion and same sex marriage. And I'm done a number of text about -- the president does appoint Supreme Court justices so he does have control over that. Well not not a lot of control what I meant was direct control and yes he disappoint people they have to be approved. And and nobody should be appointed to epic based on a litmus test of an issue. -- and if you think about how some Supreme Court justices. Have gone against their liberal or traditional. Ideology as Supreme Court justices should not have a liberal or traditional ideology. They should -- they should rule on what is in front of them. Based on the constitution. And the law not based on party politics. And think about how Chief Justice John Roberts ruled recently on obamacare so the point is is that once somebody gets to the Supreme Court. You never really actually know. How they're gonna consistently vote on something. Because sometimes they surprise us. So I guess the argument could be made that the president has little control but doesn't really have much control over issues like abortion and same sex marriage because those things come down to the law. When it comes down to same sex marriage majority rule doesn't matter in this country. It's what should be legal is what should be constitutional. And that's a debate that went back to 1960 for the case of Griswold vs served the state of Connecticut. -- birth control was declared unconstitutional by ultra conservatives in this country. And it went before the Supreme Court -- majority opinion was no there should not be legalized birth control and the Supreme Court ruled. -- it was unconstitutional to ban birth control. The other brief comments. Is about these and I talked about this at midnight on that she'll argue. But addition there's more talk about succeeding from the union. And governor Jindal says that's ridiculous. And I agree with him even Rick Perry. So that was ridiculous and and Texas led the charge. Of those states that had the most signatures on a petition. To petition to secede from the union. If you want to secede from the union or you. Are you rejecting America because of the election. Are you deciding that you don't wanna be part of the United States of America. Because the election didn't turn out the way you wanted to. What would your comments have -- if groups would've wanted to secede from the union. After bush won. Your comments would have been you run American you're part of America access to free election. I love to talk about the political. Hypocrisy. That we have in this country. That's one of the things that needs -- and Al when you're on WWL. And school -- at your own and in the daytime and that the appropriate. Well thanks listening Alvin ledger was an indictment. No problem Clinton. As one of the say the were -- Republican Party in need people they won't get anything less stayed. He's very image I mean. You know there's a feeling near dead if only for a patent gold -- you know -- -- and you know you ever watch saw or talked earlier by the traditional concept a produced every -- episode of the -- it's. How many people are they in the audience. Definitely suited up ball all right right people we're Apatow minority that was -- -- in here. And that's most of those guys are Republicans like -- -- put. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it and it and if perception isn't reality album I'm gonna have to get to break him glacier of one of our listeners at night. I it perception is reality. But if perception isn't reality is if Romney was perceived one way but really wasn't that way that's the fault of those people who were heckling him. They -- running at one point in the campaign was talking about self deportation. Toward the end of the campaign he was -- it it embracing the idea that if you come to this country is an illegal immigrant. If you were brought here at a young age and it wasn't your decision to break the law I was in your decision to come here legally. And you're contributing to our country. You're working hard to going to school you were part of the military. You shouldn't have to we're opportunity to to become a citizen. I just I. And understand the judgment. Of and a group with illegal immigrants who are coming here and wanna work and contribute to America. Because when you talk about entitlements in this country suggesting that the very people who are against all of illegal immigrants all illegal immigrants. And -- very ones who -- complaining about people who were living off the government. And not contributing. To society. Here's an update on our WW well pretty -- opinion poll if you could do it all over again would you get married or would you live together. 67%. Say get married 33%. -- live together that's a reflection the audience listening not a scientific study across America. I'm -- him to think tank for Garland and we will be right back.