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11-17-12 10:10pm Open Lines

Nov 17, 2012|

deke speaks with mike scarborough of tigerbait .com and joe fisher, voice of vnderbuilt football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know in advance through season to place the people went out and Jonas it's a family atmosphere a lot of things to do and of course the the world class in the -- -- coming to 58 including the second week in December. -- around -- will be performing here. December 7 and eight quail issue on its fifteen season -- cinematic style with a 4135. Victory. Over the oldest -- in the shoot out game that featured nearly a thousand yards of total offense and the Tigers come up with a big victory. This evening. Coming up just -- second will be done by a nice golf Borough of tiger -- that comic. LSU fell behind seven to zero in this contest at Ole miss that they get a fifteen yard run quarterback well Wallace the tigers' first two -- not very successful six plays one yard. Think two months the team too quickly he's. A big -- from a is that -- -- James -- 48 yard pass in the in this 27 yard -- Tampa from the Jeremy new. I really don't remember the hand off day. And the Tigers -- Make it tied up at seven apiece LSU would finish fifth three. Bones on this afternoon could be because I wanted to turnover category including this sort of Bob Collins in the second quarter the game. This. -- you can. Almost straight drop yeah. As throwing and it is. Hi how. Taylor issue forced four. Paterno was a day before he had -- Tigers have -- one event turnovers in 2012 with a game left to play. LSU finished the game plus wanted to take away. Category than the Tigers get this they picked up points of the bowl gave -- pretty expensive way up on the short run. -- where we send me. And the Tigers. -- at that point seventeen to fourteen but -- credit they get a good two minute offense going. But a lot of schools on a one yard run to give you beat. A shoot out there at the -- Lisa -- want the spread not indicative how closest call was LSU went to the game with a nineteen point favorite but Wallace gave the rebels. 841 to seventeen lead right there. At the half they come and appear in the third quarter of play. Both from the Tigers coming up defensively this time their assignment would take off. -- -- Play action pay any attention. I don't mind the. Then -- a couple of times in the first snap -- they make so far here as he picks up Wallace put. Get tiger interception of the game. And that was the -- -- LSU who needed some momentum as the Tigers and and the rebels were he had 28 to twenty. Going into the fourth quarter of the contest. For more for the Tigers hit down the stretch of the ballgame a vehicle coming up it just a minute but this will be one of they -- boilers shoot right there close with the rebels a Jeremy always second touchdown run. All of the ball game against Ole miss. And I think hill pie and. And you go well at all or just watch that -- where they're. And that was a big one man for the Tigers and then no one LSU fans. Really got excited about the one -- tonight at this time Patriot ideology of the sophomore from Isidore Newman high school is a big win. From Oak -- Beckham junior. Broadway who -- putted good. He putted four times tonight averaging thirty -- I have no doubt I could do your accuracy. There's a putt. I don't wanna -- Goodwin back have taken a look gonna take any and then try to run your side of the. Am. It's -- 88 yards. And that was a very good for the bye you -- go there and I looked at 35 with these standing within this sort of late in the ball game the Tigers need to have something happen and it would be the final score for LSU if they come up with a big. -- -- long touchdown run and the Tigers are victorious today 41 with 235. Welcome in my style broke tiger bait. Dot com mine out to the radio little Mike always join us on game days pregame post game at. And -- everybody here in the Bears casino event Bruges. Television Watson is a two interesting games late to contest Stanford. Still allowed against Oregon and it looks like Kansas State will go down 52 to 44. Over Baylor they don't need a big comeback in that -- their way. And now Notre -- their prime position in the SEC will move up a little bit my. Feel that's going to be realistic -- you know we we get people on the message boards and is gonna make -- mentally -- There's somehow Alabama in the back your way into it. BA you know Mikey -- you will be quick but also the end you know if we go about what's taken place and let's face it Florida's I think they got a great defense and they turned the ball over seven times against Georgia. And he still only lost by eight had a chance to win their game this is this a defense to ballclub and they can only point three point today. I -- so Jacksonville State's -- talking about basically. Fourteen reporting. That's what thirty full points against Jacksonville State you know let's get back to back weeks and you know things in that world beaters. On defense I would think Florida State's got a good opportunity to beat Florida. And then the -- you can continue to move up. And in the SEC champion go -- as you have nothing to play an -- both. Yeah we know are you barn is Rose Bowl scenario. Well there's no question about it now I would. I have been -- in my backyard but an opportunity go to the Rose Bowl will be the winners came up the last time at LSU at three so with 46000 tickets so. That's a once in a lifetime opportunity I can't I don't know going to -- it -- of the game -- you feel like you should want to know why Tom yeah I would love he's ever had at that. Yet if -- by five to go out they mean it did today is proud of most expensive trip to make because of all location and going out there but. It's they'll want to -- -- thing that was obviously evidence that excitement tiger fan base a few years ago when we felt. We will go on and they have -- sold 46000 tickets so I think that they'll -- you know should go all Rose those are two very good. I'll vote to be at the might argue any any surprise that they announced that it just tie the ballgame get dogged. And -- basically -- just a formality now I've gone and knocked off Kansas State. Yeah I had some you know what do you look at this scheduling you could see were. Foursome this they could take place no organ and there's a little bit shocking. But there's a Baylor -- I've thought that one could could definitely happen so. But we newly engaged here in the last few weeks but. -- when it comes down to it you're you're looking at those teams and all the FEC teams back loaded behind them. Anything you're looking at the quality of football they're -- and they're playing. You know if it did it make you just desire to have that that the -- system there won't be in place for another year. Because they didn't didn't cheers because this is this is really the situation were. You know they could be bit and in an effective -- really yes she's -- didn't pushed around buys them some others. Seems they're really couldn't play with a lot of the FCC schools -- them. Michael I'm going to sign with -- -- to break it down fill the post you got any recruiting questions -- -- you -- it's probably. More impressed -- what he's so roll the tape from last night's game -- out in Lafayette minute by trying to get the latest from recruiting to -- you -- the golf all the athletic. -- check that tiger made dot com world working up that Lenard -- net. Highlight tape. And we've got to the high definition that can be posted. Very soon upon tiger may we've got all our post game stories. Already posted we've got to have -- now are famous. It's going viral. Carlos smiles for a post game press conference video. My kind of tweet out this -- is this kind of I don't dish. There is it's. I think this one is going to be talked about me it's already didn't parity. On oh my when the national -- look I gave me oh man now I don't know I don't know that to even though they don't have. Yeah he got really emotional in the press game press conference -- animated. Dropped the F bomb. So it's just we did that videos. -- everywhere on FaceBook on our Twitter. I'd jog do they would -- did beat the one that -- on YouTube and is going to is gone viral. Now look what was what was the exchange about I just basically talking about you know the seniors and the guys -- -- and out series. Went back holds it would you want negated a reporter -- -- thinking no no no no you know occasionally it. -- you know happy and been. You know it wasn't anything. You know. Negative although you -- other you know if you really look at and then what are you trying to say here hope. I -- -- -- it's -- left smiles and just say the least. Mike and now your thoughts on his ball -- the most yards village you had allowed development to this point this season was fourth TN AN AMR 134 Russian. -- 276 passing and then Ole -- ballclub today we we thought there will be some challenges that they present offensively. And they pretty much got into a groove and meet those first two plays the bogey netted them a 112 yards. They finished with 4636360. Today above 47 on a ground. It is the ballclub might get back -- stats the twenty underclass. Players so it is we would talk with David killed the boys and rebels. If I'm Ole miss fan I've got to be excited what what what does freeze on a short amount of time and this is basically well Houston not players. I think you see more of that because of this type of offense they run through this year from Texas blame them for years to come what may and -- You know there's this is what you're gonna get against these teams to run that type of offense Sunday with a combination of you know what they do. And it's the end of this season and you really have these wacky affairs. You know. Regardless of who's on the field that it's this toe shoes Arkansas at Ole miss. We know to me it's just. The end of this season. Guys you know and I have no legs. -- the last few series when they. Substituted memorial words and Anthony Johnson in there. You know they got them some defense to stop but certainly. The defense to back and Eric Green had some missed tackles. You know give up some big plays. But you know that. I'm I'm sure -- even gonna take it to heart but they -- to me it's it's it's almost typical what you see at the end of the season. Stated that maybe this is like you're LSU Arkansas game and I don't think Friday's Arkansas game going to be typical. Myself book tiger make that common especially against tiger -- dot com you hope all things. LSU I might let's think a look at some guys we know about the fifteen seniors and -- they went out style with a victory today. But I was talking to Brian earlier he says that maybe just a few juniors. That people wouldn't fake that a -- thinking about it red wing to go possibly could be Wanda and also lost. Michael -- -- thoughts on the hobbies juniors it and maybe someday I'll make come down to make the decision not. You know I you know -- didn't have this season and had last year but you know he's he's gotten a you know I I don't you know Ford I just don't see that. But it is just a matter of just you know seen Jeremy Irwin. -- and I don't know I think you know where's. Where is gonna head out for me it's going to be variation nothing to be some guys that maybe head out just because they wanna get. Get moving on it and not really because their draft stock is is where it should be. I've been Logan. What scrutinized thing in the -- he did not play his last game in Tiger Stadium. So we'll see if that holds up I know they're great fathers said that does his son's return knows a week ago. But you know guys like -- Simon who have legitimate. Hard ship. You know family is and and financial difficulties and and so forth. To me that that that's a no brainer I think there's no way Sam Montgomery returns. You know -- -- an interesting one because you know we had 230 pounds. You know what. Word achieve Palin and you know the teams with a good three fours for him to play linebacker. So that's going to be extinct so. Tom knows you can really get hammered or are -- -- that we're talking about half problem could return. Mike told. Do you look at -- another high draft plans for the LSU Tigers. Main goal Montgomery I -- -- defense events have been reasonably projected time. Now we look at what you got coming in in the class of 2013. Sense of what was the area. Of concentration though you said they were really focused on running a bad because the depth. We'll get more than just a minute with a big class that they Louisiana for fourteen bullet to focus on thirteen did they meet all their focus and. He's a little line. Is that it was a big need. Wide receiver with your strokes still trying to meet obviously quarterback. Which they met we know just incredibly. With a -- -- -- arrivals 100 guy. And anything and Anthony Jennings from Marietta Georgia Ramos to fifty gathered just barely have arrivals 100 in both those quarterbacks are mid term graduates. Kim will be there participating in the spring. So you know with Mitch -- is expected to return. And you've got these two youngsters. Ideal -- -- quarterback situation is looking very rosy. And know these guys are baseball players either so. You know that that's never as good but it's still wide receiver needs to be met they want a big group of defense of -- and they're still not done there. You know they can count four guys back. From the from 2013. Of the class of 2012. Because they didn't sign a full allotment last year. So bad. And you know is is a positive for -- -- so essentially. You know they'll build a sign you know over 25 because from a mobile account back. Mike -- now we we saw the big games meant and I UNL itself Breaux Bridge -- -- -- -- -- dearest because fine quarterback. From -- what they'll entertain how Vanderbilt and the ball -- -- young man -- McGwire was called up both. Both huge season I think about thirteen yards per -- he's averaged a season for the -- Of home off nibbles at home they go be awfully hard to -- -- people have expected to a lot of recruits. If it's car fans and able to give this year a repeat of -- NC state championship but I'll talk about that double ballclub what you saw DR skip. Few people who hopes of a pitcher of him because you know. And these thoughts of the unless it's back -- -- appropriate to viewing area or to superdome we really wanted to get to read about a -- footage we don't really get to see these kids do all my. Way you know he does such a good job what is ball -- And you know taking the ball from -- look like he's gonna run and next thing you know he's doing a forty yard pass and and that is what he did early on in the game last night. He's got very very good arm. And athletic guy you know obviously told you recruiting is so as a wide receiver. And then Roy Jones we all know the -- Rose through wanna -- that I've seen. A lot of DRs but so -- -- Jones. Upper class of 2014. Who plays defense -- back he's special they just. You know they've got a lot of talent on their football team you know not a lot of guys that did this there are national guys. But down their their coach very well they're very athletic -- good skill guys and I just think going to be hard to be -- its. You know what a difference a year makes that that broke bridge game with them last year what does it was a barn burner and then last night it was. You know out of hand you 35 -- before you knew it found. Pending court so we were also at saint Thomas More and -- -- Dustin and Moreland reform edges. I haven't done an unbelievable game and -- won anything ever have been talking about Allen today. -- we -- a few years ago when we behavior mile and a review of his thirteen year he would. I had a Pattinson find cold oak -- running backs the the class that dubbed the family. One of the best recruiting class the Havoc on quite a while I guess the kind of may be around a little bit. By the Marcus being the Michael Clayton -- But California from just -- individual. I don't know overall the group of Chris Thomas was hurt the week before -- so. He needed to play gets back down -- 35 and of course that was up by the wayside you pretty much left. Fifteen -- to have got to the field on big sports takes you out of Sam and I scuba. Afforded it individually. Where where do you see him at home a national level now I -- you guys sought to sort out who will be the top recruits before team. We've already giving a five star status. -- rivals dot com and I was about a week and a half ago when they released early five stars for the class of 2014. You know he's six foot 210 pound he's a power back. He's got speed he can run over people he gets all hands. On multiple times this summer through various seven on seven. You know run routes and catching balls. They he's just an all around running back and that one's going to be wanted to another. -- recruiting battle between Alabama and LSU for him. You know a lot of people -- -- -- talk about coach -- and Burton burns and and that relationship been. You know -- will. We will see frank Wilson in the obviously Skinner offered an opponent back when he was a ninth grader. You know -- not finding a running back in this class. Simon he's the guy that says that they desperately want up for next year and extremely. He is special kid didn't have in the country -- -- you think that you really want to go and just -- it. -- he just came close go to tiger -- that come my it's gonna have a highlight video update poise you'll find about him this is how big a graceful. Young -- -- as Aminu we've seen big bets before but he's just so smooth week goes I think he's picked up. And a little more -- the -- might complain on the defense this side of the ball goes down to big claim they have but not as much as zero has played -- And their last night you that was probably as he came out as a freshman at his first five games into -- yards of more. But but last night that could -- no way he was at saint Thomas More. Three or four yards to learn the second half we -- both born in the first half I think his best overall performance probably wanted maybe. Gets him maybe top five national recognition it just disappears so you see a big big guy like that it is as smooth and graceful. Like I've gotten more phone calls today from people and Lafayette. Just saying man that this kid is unbelievable and in the you know these are people who. You know -- Kevin Faulk for years of history to -- -- yeah. And they've just. There are raving about his performance last night and what he did at saint Thomas. More. -- Scarborough tiger -- that come my final question the Tigers now we can't get fifteen wins. Possibly a top five finish so I figured out. Oh good bowl bid with that suit he could be the case here for LA shootout at the post is a gonna have a hard time deciding because they're going to be several. ACC team today and large spot if several of gonna have to win but by aces program where you thought it would be a go to their game against so Hawkins saw Friday. Yeah I think so you know I I didn't think -- you have one less loss at this point in the pre season. But what they had to deal with. That you feel I can be it is probably about right and -- it's amazing a lot of people -- it is an SEC east SEC team wouldn't be in a national championship game we're fielding dominoes fall. Com -- he was gonna get to the point work. You know they're all just -- is much is just some of the guys nationally. You know want to they have an SEC backlash. You know the -- and half of an advantage for everybody and you just give us the SEC they do because -- -- not know make senseless with what's left. My one final time I don't know how to get the latest on the -- you can take it felt WWW that tiger -- I come. My it will be tough in this weekend a strong week this week but big big day Friday because they've got some marquee matchups. Davis de Louisiana may be Mike over the course of the last several seasons. They were called -- recruitment bold because they're going to be a lot of recruits on -- state of Friday night between same golf in the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Room but they will be there and know they gonna have all the in Burma because I know coach puts Judy. Coach to -- Luke -- you don't like to leave Berman that's a big event don't have a called the West Bank. No definitely. Mike thank you so much to a talked this week I did they try to. I arrive will welcome back here again they're just the moment is Baylor it has gone final they win tonight over. Kansas State so one of the three unbeaten -- has gone down and also we are looking get overtime -- It's they're going on and off since they have an Oregon at. Stanford and hog tied -- fourteen to you got a few standard got to take advantage because of -- involved but that averages close to fifty points a game. Is there an event they had their element in their own backyard with as Stanford has pretty much shut them down with great scoring defense and I won't be fourteen in regulation so we'll keep you posted on that. As well -- to come up the voice of the Vanderbilt commodores Joseph Fisher don't just. As for the first time since 1930. Vanderbilt has won seven games it's a chance to win eight in the first time in school history. Back to back bowl victories against some of bowl appearances on the same its conference is down. I don't know how could be down when he got sixteenth the went double digits and also possibility of still -- SEC team getting into the NASCAR championship game. Welcome back it is the point after and the Bears casino hotel -- bedrooms at the stadium bar and grill here on WW yeah. There's a calm to the press not even -- -- -- the rest of -- could block out the Southeastern Conference. Truly the three need to go down go down in the first week after Alabama loss -- dominates Kansas State and I 5224. Handed all the time Stanford has just defeat Oregon. Seventeen to fourteen meeting with a new BCS polls come out you have an SEC team back in the top two. Along with Notre Dame so the way things look now the winner of the Southeastern Conference championship game between Georgia and into Alabama beat Auburn. Will play in the national championship game against the notre dame fighting congress. Your thoughts on the big upset to happen today did you really think if these three teams. Two of the three would go undefeated this look at what's taken place the last few years in college football Bible for 2601870. 0386688902. -- gonna get to your phone -- a good job. So we get some callers in here at 866889087. They'll issuing this afternoon. Final score of 41 to 35 yep that is right here. It is a matter of -- who came on about 715. At that point in time a Baylor started to pull away from Kansas they win 52 to 24. So number one and number two go down tonight and basically our it is inexcusable. Playboy Tony two point favorites at home. And then they lose to Stanford seventeen. To fourteen -- night so. They basically head -- -- -- -- to block the SEC out and out of southeast council once again unless another disaster happens out seeded. Come and we'll have a team in the national champion ship game and Notre Dame should move to the number one spot at an Alabama would move to two. And Georgia 30 now well -- Kansas State ball that is the big question and that means good news LA shootout to as well because -- village you can move up. Which they will this week in the BCS and Florida falls. To Florida State next week. In the SEC champion. Go to the masters championship in -- -- could be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl there's also been talks that LSU could wind up the end of the Rose Bowl. Butch on line one thank you for calling WW well. Hope you. Okay we are. We have to them competitive about this Ole miss game the night. I have no I'm right there and who -- they got there and tiger's day. I can remember back as a child I had to put the six feet three feet -- you -- -- out. That was nationally all of ours back in the day. -- never college football on all the record. I hope you never got on track that Derrick. Yeah I just thought I don't think it's that I don't miss defensive stopper who have been brought talk. Ball blitz let's -- has sort of been the case the last two terms you know 4336. Two years ago this wasn't going anywhere dear -- solely come to me at the big game in. And they'll issue a school is the only the last possession that they hold off. Kobe is much like today yes -- think it's all about him accommodate they get up to play at Tiger Stadium they really do. I want solo flight and we all know what I won't say that everybody hopes. Don't forget 2000. But I don't think the cornfields is over yet. I've got two books yet yet they go one more week played in championship week in no you're exactly right. -- we welcome in now the Jo fish at the voice of the Vanderbilt commodores to a school history was set two weeks ago where Vanderbilt. Became bowl eligible for consecutive seasons for the first time in school history. And that what -- -- -- 4110 victory over instate foe Tennessee the Vanderbilt commodores can't get their feet when -- next week you'll be heavy favorite. -- the road against Wake Forest. Joseph thank you so much all the time on -- everything has to be exciting in Nashville on -- what's taken place the last thirty minutes -- less than thirty minutes ten minutes. Kansas State loses to Baylor again and all it just falls in overtime but a lot of excitement in college football here at August 2 to the last Saturday of the regular season. It's been quiet at night no question about it and of course here at Vanderbilt. You know to get the seventh win of the year now be our in state rival. Something we have not done since 2005. And something we had not done here Vanderbilt stadium. -- since 1982. So I you can imagine what the celebration was here for Vanderbilt men from the conference's perspective. To have the losses. That have taken place for the Oregon falling I can't distaste. Things that are really turned interstate in the SEC this week. Boy you know with joy and the best way to keep the SEC. -- win a championship is to try to keep about the national championship game -- And that's the rest of the field -- it was almost like. Those golf golf tournament -- it says okay is the rest of the field. Against title would it feel Mickelson and that's based on what it was in and they didn't they didn't keep ACC out of me they could even last the week. Yeah -- it is interesting to see now which you can bet that the folks certainly in Baton Rouge and certainly in Tuscaloosa. I breathe new life now that then I heard nothing but things are back on again and so they have a good turn out to be just a tremendous night -- you know certainly here. You know for lobsters to shut down at Tennessee offensive have been so prolific also beat them all the whole time -- -- did just over a hundred yards passing. For the game whether it was just a tremendous. Former. Joseph -- the loss to Vanderbilt come -- Vanderbilt. And seven wins to get to eight in -- in nine victories with a bowl victory they beat Tennessee this evening in Nashville. 41 the team and as you heard -- say the first and they beaded. Didn't beat Tennessee in Nashville since 1982. Joseph James Franklin and I look at all these coaches here and now right now me give you could throw in. But the the kudos to everybody every coach especially the team does give the team win but. Right now lead the pack -- and had to say in no particular order I haven't put coach frank Finnegan Kevin Simon arrived at the top as coach of the years of his conference. I would agree with you I think faithful are done an outstanding job I think one of the things you like to look at and I think what Vanderbilt fans really have enjoyed. In the two years so far we came here at Vanderbilt team get better as the year goes don't want. You know they they make improvements they get stronger we're riding a five game winning streak certainly kind of somewhat. At Texas Stadium has done the same thing be able knock off an Alabama. So there's no doubt the third -- the James Franklin came in and one of the things that he had to sort of do. What can instill in his players and in the -- and -- the past was past you know when they get three of playing close to losing your not being able hole you don't -- -- big play gets you would call we've got all -- -- we -- gonna deal with now in the future. And even -- IQ could sense you know thirteen can't halftime don't -- the fans were kind of understand but we're joined typically were nervous. He'll be at a very versatile can we finish -- third time it's been so long can we do it. Both players were nervous at all I just came out dominated the second half filled dusty totally at bay. And I think they sent a message so a lot of people that might fit for James Franklin building building program is certainly. Building in the right direction. -- this lovely about some guys have done a tremendous job for this program -- but I think it's a team after that I mean there's no question about I can imagine is probably you know big time and in Vanderbilt didn't have a game but also felt like it has to feel. Because it's it's kind of get everybody involved people company -- -- have been the game but. Was gone to see -- hit off focused on his team when they played off that -- -- -- -- -- in Mansfield they were able to overcome and get to a bowl. But let's talk about -- what Jordan Rodgers has done and also because that's faces south of the comments -- my bone in there about 77 yards a game. He has some legitimate players they can play professional football. Found no doubt about that they -- Jordan Rodgers has really. They stepped up his game. From the midpoint of the speed and all on he would become he was always a field general he's always go to a good leader. Thought they get content may be tried to do a little too much and -- -- a lot of quarterbacks that maybe try to force a throw that's not fair or make a big play when you're better off just throwing the ball away he has been much more. Of a solid game manager manager he made big plays for last week he made what for him is probably the signature. Thrived in his career in Atlanta two minute drive at home has to bring its. -- behind the victory. -- the last quarterback to lead us to a victory with a late fourth quarter drive would take comfort factor in 2005. And so. Jordan got a great job he was very solid and I took care of the football it's 245 yards passing and two touchdowns. He mentioned that they can you Vanderbilt all time career rushing leader. He's approaching 3000 career yards. He was big tonight and 85 yards and a touchdown watching you also call a couple of passes for 86 yards. First offensive play that game with a screen passes that went seventy yards. He's another one of those unquestioned leaders. On the do you have a tremendous amount respected. One of those guys that. In this game and second half went to Vanderbilt Senior Bowl and -- You could see a lot of the guys on the sidelines making sure that everybody stayed focused then you get to celebrate too early it's a very mature team. -- now I'll -- fullest ballclub at Vanderbilt will be a big favorite -- what is -- and his team want any regular season games. You gotta go back to 1982 against us fits better factor yeah that was last seen in them when they could have eight games in the regular season went to the hall of fame bowl. In Birmingham fifteen there's -- inability to finish the conference at five in three and by my quick shelf open look. In the book the last time -- -- -- to -- 15 -- these -- games was 1935. So this is a bit of -- team that is you're doing a lot of things and making people big back in the record books but. They've really done a good job I won't say their -- -- focus on whatever the next task at hand what you hear no discussion. About win number eight or Paul -- and do whatever they play focused. Arm whatever that next task here but the hard thing to do for a program that hasn't had a lot of success. Jo fish at the voice of the Vanderbilt commodores went history in the make he continues his coach -- Franklin then the goal is gone back to a bowl. And have a chance to finish a regular season eight -- up with a victory next week at Wake Forest Joseph you always been Cantu was the vigilant as we appreciate it man it's. I guess we've been able to visit with -- and some of the glory days of Vanderbilt football. Their spirit they're a lot of fun hopefully your contributor it's been a good ride so far this year. Put -- -- noted that man thank you so much for coming on when his right after the game tonight we appreciate congratulation to the door. No problem but you very much appreciate -- got. All right Jules Fisher the voice of The Commodores and ideas they got. But in the 50 -- Ole miss rebels with a stable Cullum is with us -- talked about Ole miss today you know much better America put out they -- beat state next week. To get to a your bowl victory to get to a bowl and then also what Joseph Fisher right dead from Nashville and I just moments after the game is Tennessee. Cocktail talk to the doors 41 the team and big upset tonight it was. Kansas State. Invalidating Waco tonight against the Baylor Bears and Baylor down makes if you attitude of Tony for any 22 point favorite tonight at home in Austin stayed in the think Eugene at Stanford beat Oregon seventeen to fourteen a big BCS shake up just -- week after. Alabama loss at TV the SEC would have been blocked out the national championship. Now of course through these numbers Notre Dame should be number one what do BCS standings come out tomorrow. -- to possibly Georgia three and we'll see where our game in Kansas State fall but it's also puts -- -- have -- -- position -- -- -- Play much better BCS bowl and now Florida will play at Florida State. Next week Sophia and LSU fan wanna get to a bit of both you won't Florida State the no cannot call. They gave us the time on line to -- thank you for calling that you did you have. Add to that because I love and in game. Who looked dominant Monday Jameson was. Tyler -- Ian GAO. RG three people they don't have a man. Yeah we throughout the idea we're like -- And -- fourteen game. -- We out. We'll let it looked -- I think every. Day. Make it they had -- they get beat like they stole something to do to Tony for me what he would regain -- there I can't fit it -- your coat and a bound -- say what happened once they get the game were big they could keep up with the pace -- Baylor. I mean not many teams can't deal with their pace with Baylor I mean -- they're a track meet tight team when they get to the track meet. They'll beat you up with the big shoot -- we -- or -- she -- with a 7063. When they got the trendy West Virginia and then that was -- -- game it's almost like West Virginia. Head man I guess they had also a fourth straight. At this point in time for the speed there was to -- as good -- -- on on that score as -- home man available for their golf game. All forty ninth to forty fought and they wind up losing tonight to Oklahoma so it's five straight loss about the West Virginia after a five of those thought. They lose fifty to -- now come back and wrap it up with a schoolboy big upsets like Kansas State number one and number two both go down beating Notre Dame should be number one devolved. He's just everything. L issues but after what tiger radio WWF. All right let's close out the -- -- here this afternoon to big upsets just went down in college football about ten minutes apart as Kansas State number one -- heart debate that night they -- 44 likewise in the overtime. And Austin stadium in Eugene 22 point favorite -- no longer undefeated. They lose to Stanford seventeen. To fourteen. Games in progress. Oregon State 28 to 70 look how that into the second quarter. Notre Dame to be the new number one team with a BCS standings come out tomorrow night if they defeat Wake Forest 38 to zero Alabama looks like you moved to number 249 to zero victory over western Carolina. The -- to put up is still very much alive as well they can win out they could play for the masters championship. As they beat Georgia so other than a 45 the fourteenth. Florida defeated Jacksonville State point 30 -- the company conversation about the one most -- but where does that make you move down the Tigers. They -- play stand pat if somebody flat can't tell issue that's interesting thought about the BCS -- Mark -- -- beat Ole miss 41 to 35. Stick to say they have -- -- by 247. Between it was Sam Houston State South Carolina. Big stories this afternoon -- offered Williams Brice stadium -- as they went 24 to seven. Lawrence failed once beaten team 41 to fourteen double -- led Clemson also what BT sixteen of 48. All the North Carolina State Oklahoma one point better than West Virginia fifty to 49 in the shoot out tonight in Morgantown. Nebraska 38 to fourteen over Minnesota. Seventeenth ranked UCLA 3848. Over USC. Allows next week. By the trojans at Notre Dame would make him the worst pre season number one condition to be Associated Press. They would finish the season outside the top 45 and -- five losses of twelve regular season games. Louisiana Tech so that this second loss of the season they lose at home tonight -- until LA stadium. Good Utah State Aggies forty eighths to forty once you -- they should go on and win a -- with a perfect five Nomar could conference. -- Michigan forty to the seventeenth hole while we're for the first ranked Michigan will now go to Columbus next week take on Ohio State. 42 right roughest CNN Cincinnati three. It was Torre they're ranked Texas Tech -- hard to Oklahoma State 44 ranked Cowboys. 59 Q when you want if there was Washington the 45 ranked Hokies huskies' 38 to three. Mobile Colorado. And also tonight was big cities they don't want to call 45 to fourteen attended Vanderbilt they've won their seventh game of the season. 4118. Over Tennessee thanks so much to puts Landry and -- Jack Carey is the Jonas apologies thoughts thanks I was going if -- kind of knew what fans first take and hit a 305 kickoff New Orleans at Oakland followed by the point after DC do different corner. So at 9 PM tomorrow night -- in Oklahoma the Saints. The Hornets and the time. -- -- -- It's WWF.

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