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11-18 Bobby Hebert after win against Raiders

Nov 18, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And as a bad team they you know it just shows you NFL -- that he beat the Steelers. Now they had big bad -- and ran over to -- -- -- but it just goes to show you look. They beat the -- the Chiefs beat us how in the hell can that happen. And it is the NFL it just goes to show you gotta come to play we get a weak -- learn a rolled out. If you look -- -- we've now won five of our last six games will report game winning streak still -- Yeah I think we will make things happen. Obviously out the Bay Area. You know I'll polls that that that continues at the party -- come to town on next Sunday. They did that's gonna be a snot bubble game. Now you you better bring get a game that you better pack a lunch it is going to be a war in the trenches. Become a little concern right now because. I don't know what's gonna occur. At got all right tackle position. And I'm just telling you how you game plan Charles Brown out of noticed that a history that's cinema history called the skyline Arnold availability at the party niners. Charles Brown heard I think it's his -- on the cart them off. But all of -- are we gonna probably be going that prize Harris. Unrestricted up free agent he wasn't even drafted out of -- -- big news on the falcons' practice squad and activated the a lot of potential there. But you could -- a lot of stunts. At the party not a mobile with the big in this day he welcomed the NFL and we gonna have to go to keep their party united pass rush off balance and obviously run the ball and we did do that today. If you look at the -- to -- 153 yards five and a half yards and we were committed. With 28 carries. So all of whenever you do that as you gonna have balanced look. And throw for 300 yards so what he was 218 point 7219. Yards three yards dog that's winning football. You scored 38 points. Realistically there's no way this they can never lose this kind of game or any NFL team if you get it evened the score. You should win all honesty is like 88% of the time you know Malcolm Jenkins has a pick six of 55 yards and then you end up. Plus two in the giveaway take B ratio you must do you get a -- to score you should end up winning. Not dig out the little discard because. As budget we set records and all the decided a ball this is still a negative on a deep with that side now we are winning that's still got to look at. You -- scoring defense. But the the -- that much of a surprise to give up. You know seventeen points in the game but that's one thing the Raiders were not scoring that. They were not a team that was gonna take advantage and score points. They came into the game not that I didn't realize that there were only averaging. 21 point two games that we held a seventeen to dabble in the surprise but. The record -- talking about. You know -- your opponent on the 400 yards I thought it was gonna happen. That was six minutes and three seconds left in the fourth quarter given at 316 yards. Then all of a sudden. They've broken that the four minute and a 112 Bartlett ended up with 404 yards odd million -- garbage yards but it still. -- forty yard that they went. Seven plays 93 yards to make it 38 to seventeen. Still. With -- going to be dead last in the David aside because you've given up all those yards now -- if you look at it. Third down he -- they I thought -- team is that an outstanding job the Raiders were only four of 1233%. Well when you look at it when the Raiders came into the game. That they were ranked third down offense -- 27 in the league only converting 32% of the time a lot of good numbers coming into the game. It actually held true on the Saints were outstanding on offense six similar pit -- everything that we -- look at that sustaining drives. But I think -- what the fans truly embrace is that we were committed to run the ball to one negated camps. A 153 yards five point five average. No I think you look at also love. And at this daylight no matter who's the running back except Paterno on the Falcons. And they'll have success. But I thought we needed just adjustments you -- go Marcel -- there's a pull back. He's good at third running back at a 150 total all purpose yards and -- first half in the double 193 but he only had. Party three all purpose yards in the second half so we didn't make adjustments. And slow down considering he had a 150. In the first have a thought we got out that quarterback. Carson Palmer. Meaning it almost remind -- -- speak out. Kind of like I guess the mid ninety's. But Jim ever with the quarterback kind of garbage numbers if you look at 300 yard type games. But they gave well in hand would you look because diploma ended up with 312 yards. Lit up but realistically. A lot of that you'd have to say the game as well in hand it was meaningless. As as far as it goes for the Raiders now if you look at. Roman Harper one thing. That we should had four interceptions. I gotta look -- at the show continues some common to break it down. But I know -- didn't break up on the ball he should've had -- -- I think that you promised to drop and at the beginning. Do we get ahead or deception. Maybe even five you look at the end right on the goal line. The wind out I can't think -- -- -- BP guy for a candidate who got. And then that would ultimately with a back got knocked out will match kicked in the head no Albert Mack Albert magnet ball hit the ground to get a particularly had. You don't five -- that it would all sit dead and done now. One thing would Colston. I mean how could you not appreciate Colston. He led the team only 69 yards but he had four receptions. But now posted this -- -- he has reached 500 receptions. Modest goal could have reached 570. Got to give him his props. And out explosive. And you can't find anyone more humble. That then Marcus Colston and what he's done and I think uniform. But this is a -- convincing win very convincing. 38 to seventeen you bought on the road I made out that that wasn't. I am much you could say -- maybe you thought the game within doubt. A look at the Saints excelled in a number of areas now it is not gonna get easier. I mean I think it truly gonna take can't wait to get to the playoffs you got the party united that you got to go out Atlanta. At auto week you win the next do that means you would be sixteen in though in the month of November of being the Raiders -- now fourteen I don't know. In the -- November he'll continue that process. And I keep it going and now. -- how can you know I'd be proud of the Saints and what they accomplished because. It does the NFL. And you know you've gone across the country -- you -- a better team that we have. And they had a lot of success in and didn't feel -- themselves and go on for the volley get back to 500 at 55.