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11-18 8pm Point After Show after win over Raiders

Nov 18, 2012|

Deke Bellevia and Bobby Hebert talk to Saints fans about the win over the Oakland Raiders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the floor wrapped up on -- radio WW LA MFM and -- come on all of my biewer. I'm a big ability of New Orleans. Takes care of business today. If they defeat to Oakland Raiders 38 to seventeen have a black and gold have won fourteen straight games. In the month of November and they can close out this month stronger if they beat San Francisco -- week we could -- cal Pomona and the 49ers. Right here on to WW radio entertain the Chicago Bears in the game it's his backup quarterbacks gonna see a lot of Alex Smith could blame. But despite Campbell is gonna go go to Chicago Bears I've been on the team that -- -- not play Amsterdam but that was a very good to go for the Bears -- all season. Bring in enough of a guy who's a good starter in this league get out the back up so. I feel confident that the Bears are -- not even as bad need is some teams don't get back of. -- Jamie Jason Campbell has put to get to the -- -- you look when I can remember he had an outstanding game against the saint. I mean he was struggling all seem to -- had an all pro type game when he's at the Redskins and and you look within -- to the Raiders and then now. And having that opportunity go with the Bears so I know I know he he is a veteran. Then listen. Is not normal well here understand the task at hand so. No there's that. I would much rather have a Jason Campbell. Then all of a sudden Nevada Reno right at forty niners. I'm Cameron may I say his -- college campus then yeah yeah no come on. I mean did it it just because you -- seasoned veteran in the National Football League I. And of course a lot of -- -- to the mix too because our big shake up last night college football -- -- it's an opportunity to block out the southeast conference put the two teams. Just the week held on to one and two in the new BCS standings. Our outlook gonna get to that for you telling your thoughts on the game a black and gold -- won fourteen straight games. In the month of November would they close out the Marco wins over San Fran Atlanta they get to 75 it's -- ready to -- more people online at WWL. Dot com -- the new BCS standings Notre Dame is -- one. Alabama is it -- they went out they will play for the national championship. In Georgia wins out they can play for the man who came to 2.2 or three or the prime position. Iowa is Florida so you can -- -- there's been an opportunity to have an all ACC national championship. Again is -- I -- -- is it six LSU is at seventh and when you look at what all those teams still have left to play. It's very interesting award could take place the next two weeks well. Well men any anyone but our game and I'm I don't I was raised county Irvine Louisiana call you Catholic. I mean the whole thing but but guarded -- come on. -- dame is like. I don't know the college version at Dallas Cowboys they wanted to be relevant so they almost force the issue. -- -- game as an outstanding defense. But their offense has much to be desired I think overall -- I think there's four SEC teams that could be gardening. Texas seen ML SU Alabama Georgia and fill out does that that is the 1 thing I am still somewhat and darted name hater. Because I think -- -- -- respective. They get they get more pucks and they deserve come on they went ahead a contract -- -- this year but this year they'd never -- bit yellow pages thirty feet I. If you were anything but -- all over the years they got a national contract but he NBC air and you never really started my game while you can't fault them for that don't know -- -- is that they are pristine it is but. There's an -- and I hope you are seeking their ads and not only been like USC but that could mean aren't they good I'll like it could be done. On the field overall detention but I bet bet bet everything you're saying no it's completely your -- wrong about that issue they got it. Jim I know I got there there there are there less. They want -- -- Camby tipped it when he in this system yeah yeah that not only thirty years ago I'm not but it's kind of like the Cowboys yet you exactly. Who think the big how many years you're talking about a decade and a half. Whenever it at that that he truly relevant I think you have two decades right by the Cowboys everybody the Cowboys literally -- know how bout them Cowboys -- the this same mindset. I regarded -- -- just I think football fans who follow it. Game any game out. Like the -- let me tell you right now for instance. If the Cowboys -- started out 014. And they want the Saints are right mound on a roll all that everybody is an abandoned home -- that. Or are you kidding me what is that thing -- what what is shaping up in December of it could could be big game. There's going to be quarterback -- -- no hate him the guy at five about a day and not like the city this. But this time with thirteen you know played Dallas. Hi you matchup against certain teams the Cowboys communicate Albert. I hate to say that. But I could tell you -- time. -- coach Peyton was trying to laid a foundation and when he did with those Sunday Night Football in the mood -- was founded. And it was born December 15 2006. Everybody thought about the Cowboys. The -- with the Dallas they crushed them. I wanna -- like 42 to seventeen they president. But I remember all of a sudden after that. The Cowboys have have hung in there with the Saints had no Thanksgiving Day. Remember they could do in the post game I'm like saying man. Reggie Bush you almost -- and now I think I did say that -- is David's tackle and then they get an authentic you to go buy him a Christmas present. As far as to beat Dallas but yet that -- the bottom line is right now it just shows you. The parity in the NFL. Big if you look at the number of games. It would occur with the Houston Texans and I think it takes is -- awesome. Look at the dog fight the Iranian. Look at the Cardinals in the -- if you look at the Providence racket I mean they look look at Green Bay online and it goes on and on -- right you just never know. It's more so it in this league obviously you had to be in position to beat top six. In your conference one through six whatever you think you wanna be there and strike against you could -- man. But you got the same record is 60 you're right back at your game by -- they were behind Tampa but we still got to play him. Yeah -- -- -- tried to control your destiny but it's it it's more so about how you're feeling about yourself and how you play it. But let's face it and I'm not beat up on Atlanta but you look at Atlanta vs Washington. Vs Carolina vs -- Vs us vs Arizona to date him I've played well now and then I mean one open and they don't they don't feel good about himself he'll tell you they don't -- -- -- at Atlanta they raised the fabulous sets and today no and the Raiders went to the Georgia Dome and and and the -- were lucky -- when they gave any. Got on the right the Raiders are horrific that they're not a very good -- and that made it and they gonna come in your backyard and almost beat Kitna targeted -- No -- think they've -- airline air -- the Falcons unbeaten humble I get my swagger on notably there was a lot of college fans they gave that is superdome. They thought they thought they were gonna beat this Saints and they got humble. You don't go to a good -- I don't know what's gonna happen in the Georgia Dome. But at Colorado and play like they did today we go there I. McNabb and could -- about freaking me out will let -- I'm saying if I'm a college fan I would take a wait and see approach. Instead of -- I'll get smacked. Because. That the problems that did and I dominating nobody right now -- don't have a great wrecked under on January 15 if they if they still alive and of wells. Now -- -- another that's impressive Vietnamese don't look wanted to bet that got me Matt Ryan that would've won in the playoffs and they've got something accomplished. When it -- they got an 80 lead and you don't advance -- in -- -- -- now gone back to. Yeah -- New Orleans 38. Oakland seventeen to support a strong Saints radio WW yeah. A good evening and welcome to the point after unsafe radio WWL AM FM -- downtown final Scola from Oakland this afternoon it was New Orleans 38 Oakland. Seventeen we ain't been easy puts up Beaumont as a delicious pride -- -- seafood it's also brought Dubai. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the saints' final four to six or 1870 told free. 8668890870. Is the number to get involved Saints went 38 to seventeen to. The -- BCS standings are out of Notre Dame as they want Alabama is too. Followed by Georgia and Florida -- again. Kansas State -- issue with its seventh Stanford. Texas seen him in Florida State all round out the top team when you don't know different scenarios later in the program as well then and now it -- by -- The front runner for the -- and it is a freshman in the -- men -- so we'll see if we can overcome that underclass stigma because if they give with a digital minutes hot right now I'm playing the best football analyst that I don't know who else they can give Atlanta an overrated then -- command -- And at the beginning you look at geno Smith West Virginia yeah he had better numbers -- RG three but it's a process that's very you have to look at the whole season so love. What have you done from a lately how -- an -- at Johnny pro ball John -- until I don't care either freshmen or whatever movement big portrait. There -- -- we get them to because one point he wanted to bring up at the end of the first half. The Saints with a remarkable. Display a quick work if they always do eight plays Manny on three minutes -- 22 seconds Indiana. Kind of a bizarre start to the second half on ability one way. And gravity big hell yeah I'll kingdom but we've blown open 28%. They let me tell you right now that dome would go crazy if this would happen let's say against the 49ers. Any meaningful game when you start -- thing and have it doesn't get any better than this. Now you can argue. Whether Darren Sproles would've taken it to the house or -- He goes forms angles and now you cut back -- breaking tackles. For Tarvaris today. You know the pre season favorite -- come out Appalachian State. Mean how -- here but that kind of guy and -- the 75 yard kickoff return. To start the second half. Now we look. I mean what was unfolding. And as far as the score at the time we're up to what they want to seven. He goes 75 yards -- and a lot of not a fans. -- games they go back and look. Look at the hole. And a blocked by Hakeem hicks. The -- to tackle isn't young but they got them out there aren't contributing. He had a bloc oh my god he liked he liked. Thoroughly humiliated the Raiders the pin there there was a hole you could have driven a -- drug to. Now -- drag guy you don't hold you to making it to the house. So I mean probably go out to eighteen make -- day gets 75 yards what do we do bam bam. Mark Ingram. 27 yard touchdown one play 27 yards seventeen seconds to say to run to 18 to seventh. Then all of them have a dig at the 49ers. And I'm -- the superdome. Is gonna go crazy. Next Sunday. Now. England got a penalty for taunting. Come on any nerves so excited he's they -- plays in the Saints uniform. I mean I don't mind him Tony that was that was ridiculous come on he -- a black hole I don't -- I don't -- don't -- -- -- is so you. I didn't do -- line. That's that's not who mocking Ramirez. I mean he's not he would have dual layer I don't know I don't -- -- even with the bad judgment call on the official did well. So yes he -- a bit and do stuff right there and he's not he's not that type of player and as I would have been probably more eager had an attitude. -- and the big old. I'm gonna forget slam and against that wall and the black hole arm and a point at that then there are no you can't do that because they don't want fights. To break out. But I think this and all of that taunting penalty. I don't mind more -- being -- we need him to have that attitude. Don't read over opponents like Chris Ivory hand in hand where all of a sudden you went back home a defense could you keep pound and I'm glad no problem but that. Now -- -- the officials we've been the benefit. Of the doubt as far as the calls going now wait. But you look at all the stuff over on defense now. And Carlton Palmer. This is another player we could've been -- to you plus three plus four plus five of their turnover ratio. We're always said it done this goes to -- the ball. By the official visit is one call that went against the Saints I would say he had a -- will play basically. Bet that that was just a terrible call it was a wrong call. Out of all the stranger. With that included Jeremy Stewart plus 43 yard gain it was a swing route out the back field. The pro -- at this grade -- plus nine. It's -- that by Jabari Greer that's a fumble because the battle. We -- pleased to have them go fumble recovered by Roman Harper. Not only dissension. But all of -- I didn't get a chance Cooper's score whatever it. Recover about Rolen -- -- 57 yard return. They end up calling incomplete. That was a terrible call ruling on the field out to show you the media don't want override the call on the field. Because did they call a far more available or ruled that and he called. They can police shouldn't know the officials definitely. You know -- and I -- I'll -- -- them getting to a field goal in that position. As genachowski kicked a forty yard field goal they -- -- kid plays 45 yards to make it 28 to ten. But note that -- me that was a fumble caused by Jabari Greer and recoverable I Roman Paul -- And he advance in the balls the 57 yards Dallas -- like we did. You know 2009. So that the officials totally blew that call and I know -- to be objective. Because the -- political they complete on the field. I settled -- I get overruled it but they called a fumble there's no way I'm telling you straighter caught the ball to Tuesday -- did he got his trip. But this -- completions so. Committed no matter in the outcome of the game at the Saints dominate 3217. But to say is defense goes wrong on that critical play it I told -- for Susan on line to -- thank you for calling. The point at Duke on WW out. Paying Bobby indeed it is student from last Sunday. Yeah. I got it into it that this Spain kudos to my three favorite team. Only current -- LAQ it is and you aren't sure eight. I don't tie game and so I have EC. All right Susan thank you so much for the -- we appreciate it. Manned a -- LeBron -- -- I want everything to put to go to Bryant okay. Wouldn't you think because you have the polls. Of the saudis in comrades that LSU tiger fan base -- and you look at Wear red now because Kansas State is a loss. Oregon has lost. Now I don't think. LSU fans that -- probably Georgia revenues inning SEC being in the national attention of our truly believe they don't have a prominent right. What do you think they would actually. Not one. That can continue as far as the SEC being in the championship if it is Alabama. Don't know it's kind of like I -- -- -- -- I don't know the full blown go -- -- I'd be the SEC won an NC able to two years ago when Auburn won yet. They looked around at Alabama campus they had church on its payroll they'll throw. -- -- the most -- -- and you -- what you think it's Tennessee with immense damage at Alabama we put him put him no no absolutely yeah so it's kind of you gain ACC but that's okay. Comfortable if you have the U you know no I was like is South Carolina Fam and have a terrific Clemson never Alabama never took a charge of -- ever trip to Georgia Tech never. No Nadal third things in the deep -- BC we don't have that at LSU and Louisiana you know you could say maybe peace deal missed potentially -- to see them. Who we truly now -- turn -- Alabama. But you don't have that out of it's -- and don't look at it like there -- no. And Alabama hate to tell you now I've taken a lot of Alabama fans hate Tennessean are remote and LSU and it's not close and I think that. And thank you for calling -- W did you have. Kinda gone well I can't you -- question -- good analogy and I definitely would never pull for Alabama it's like. Do you think trampled for Atlanta it check it shouldn't happen. Call me and how we're going had to win today you know and I was illusion food for -- talked earlier about if you wanted to win and I don't think it. Part of my -- now looking at how would -- down. And are the way out of the -- and I'm I'm not one bit because we -- I would look at it if Tampa Bay laughter they Carolina. And Atlanta headlock. Pain in the -- Kansas State and Atlanta and we really can't it's easier Atlantic sleep the only game behind them. I'm going to to a point one -- we keep winning weekly division. And as well the -- Yeah well whether -- I mean it just looks let I mean what has -- occur. Not only you winning but the the negative aspect to win the NFC sell right now I just think our goal should be to get to the playoffs. And -- and just -- The model of the New York Giants. I mean nine wins -- and a basket it's gonna take morning that I think to get to the playoffs which is look at it a wild card spot just looked at the wild card spot. What the Packers were able -- promised in the Giants come on -- a wild card spot and used to a bowl chances. I mean you have to say anything more I mean it it was it then -- do their regular season what do you do in that second season. And the Giants and the Tigers proved that he can be done and even though you maybe don't have that home field advantage. Back to the told -- go and we will go to move. Steve in Houston on line three Steve thank you for calling the point that don't Saints radio WWL. Everybody -- are you doing tonight. Okay he's been calling people upon you from Oakland and everything -- they work -- stuff in the upper deck in the world. We have a good thing was we sort of military that you brought paratroopers are build off you've -- fly over the I think it definitely -- for the cards game and I told people that you have taken on. But the potential to be quite an empty championship in my book and counterproductive because if he thought the guy that is going to ever you have to think things and that's usually if I -- not being in. That's up to the thing that you didn't. Critical critical plays that -- there. So there's always -- it you weren't that I feel you can easily common and so along the. That's got me when when I was doing. Didn't mean that he's he's a Houston resident yeah but he he appreciate don't -- bullets but he's he's -- -- outrageous fan. So anyway well if you -- out of -- it they'd go two to raise it a statement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't feel like our lives threatened. You know they've -- to have the 49ers. Raiders. Game because. The violence. Unity they have people that have been murdered. And the fights and also the united get a -- anymore so you -- they controlled environment where you do feel safe as the number one priority. So what I'm saying here you are an -- and I until Saints fans listen I don't build the raider nation and I know. And Oakland fan base they are kind of blue collar I played an open in California one year with the invaders. And it's not a prima -- crowd. I mean it's a wide variety in the very loyal. But I don't know followed gruden Holler if I'm by myself I don't wanna get -- jump whatever. Who went around saying you look at the black hole obviously you would get a Saints fan a goal in a black hole you gotta use common sense but how -- look as good. As they've prepared so when you look at a Saints fan. And you go out loud in the upper -- that they treat you we respect our what was that atmosphere of at the coliseum. When the saint Thomas who was in control. The majority of the game. Don't want him a couple of hits and no restrictions -- really you know given -- because the business for most of the game and everything and nursed him you don't. -- -- -- back and forth but when you're going to somebody tells you respect and -- your team that you don't think you're right on the other fans all of their Malone. The there was a couple of fights but it was that there are people usually don't I don't think -- for the most part there's not enough for some people didn't sell suites. Calculators are the program called Belichick -- supposed to should -- -- -- The other team has come up on the Jumbotron -- -- -- on. It was really awesome Bobby and yeah it was pretty bad when I was you could get on the field with him. Elegant more more -- control and I'll eventually get bombed by the convention is coming home. Was -- we appreciate you calling in and you have a safe trip back to Houston. -- all right -- that now. Always on the everybody he said delegates as seagull. I -- that token I don't know OK because -- in -- was mentioned in any game here this he's going small Kuwait. Maybe it was -- I don't know you know -- this Eagles know what's going on did that could have been three -- Where all the popcorn. I don't know probably -- the -- bit down they come up debating. They look at attack in this stadium big -- -- that food in this stadium is almost done it's like -- Alfred Hitchcock and the you know the birds that come and all of a sudden. And you really can Sammy get a bunch of birds overhead right we know yet and you don't want -- to land on whatever they don't go up and I was read some with some home. People like when they were doing and they were -- on how could sell things. Well not that that it. No oldest and anti gun in the Ebola Peta and humane society know that that you -- -- -- don't do that -- -- maybe you can trap -- and you bring him to another location and other improper and Hitchcock -- we don't have that problem but the -- down the by daylight time this Eagles got -- prompting them might be better -- they might and then we take what you know farmers do they put -- -- -- -- the field it. And they sound all like whom the scariest element might be different type revert to come around a mess with the -- Listen up. I've again and it's seagulls basically -- with the wings I think -- a couple of what did you do -- good about survival of the fittest. You know if you look good Garland and why the Penguins here. And what is seagulls there right there over the cock roaches when the crowd it's the fans that admit finding a way to survive. I bet you calls plus Drew Brees addressed the media after the black goes under seventeen victory road -- over the Oakland Raiders is the fun out there on Saints radio WWF. And it today it was a big day for the black and go offense they have overcome some things Charles Brown went down and has Bogeyman. Drew was harassment did today it into an arrest without Richard Seymour big on the up. Side. Yeah and he definitely is Tennessean -- -- like at the beginning of the at the post game show. Is that I don't know about the availability of -- three against the 49ers are the extent of Carlos Brown's injury. Well when you have a rookie unrestricted. Free agent rookie who was Simon the practice squad. From the -- that they put on the active roster with the Saints -- Harris. -- -- to be challenged and all -- know his game planning and stunts when you're trying to get after drew. I'll come on they going to be gone right out of I don't know what's gonna who could be available he's gonna have to play. You whether you chip and a motor running back we have the -- -- You know help put a mile before he releases than in the past battered. But that's only to have this gonna have to be addressed. You know going forward get ready for December physical. Now big if you look at but I think it's crucial. I don't care of the Sally Smith over. Whoever you play any quarterback -- many -- -- Ryan again. You know we ended up to haven't three -- hit -- that a quarterback. Don't pulls -- quarterback I think that's going to be crucial. Going forward if you look at we were -- 28 -- -- at the time that this in the third quarter. The offense went three now. Almost only had a 31. And -- goals. And make him the given the ball. He got what he was one -- chart -- TV thought I thought he should hit it hard that play over three now -- -- got a punt. I thought our defense really stepped up at that time were up 28 to ten. Iran every board or reverse -- more outstanding job. Our should -- tackle by Harpring -- -- good defense by Hawthorne. Paula -- -- -- injury did make the tackle but how holly strung out the play. -- -- was able to make the tackle minus five. The next play. This is critical. Because it beat you look at percentages -- you get a sustained drives all of a sudden Palmer. Goes back to -- it he has nowhere to go even -- Grambling quarterback probably would've got sacked. On this occasion. -- Johnson from southern -- comes up big time. Minus twelve yards -- Believe -- or trying to move in the pocket. He kind of ran into Tom Johnson because it was good penetration. By Cameron Jordan average arm to beat his man. So -- diploma and Apollo way Al. Mrs. Tom Johnson also had the edge he ran right into -- so all of a sudden. The Raiders got thirty point seven come and shame on the defense. If you've given up a conversion on third and 27. The -- laid back. Now Reese went did they'd be elected to run the ball -- with a plus thirteen to guess what. That means. The Raiders have the punt. That they put the ball. Greens to get dead plus eight Ingram was six. Chris Ivory gets into the mix. Like he did against the Eagles outstanding run in the Falcons and Eagles took plus 45 yards on that drive. And then drew. -- hits Lance Moore and plus fifteen yard touchdown. So we go six plays 58 yards two minutes 46 seconds. They now make the score and at that time literally did ten now Saints 35. Raiders can't. And it all goes hand in hand a total team effort what the defense is doing and what the offense was able to accomplish to get to that point in the third quarter instead -- told. Coming back to -- -- final four to 601878668890. Rates in the New Orleans 38 open a seventeen -- get -- caught up on an NFL scoreboard in a big Q. On the BCS standings disappointed after on Sainz radio WWL. And welcome back. New Orleans 38 to seventeen over the Oakland Raiders that's a short week this week. -- holiday coming up there is it will have on their program for you it means football all the while football I think we have 123 games coming up. On Thursday the -- -- at the Detroit Lions the first from the Dallas always plays at the -- game. And they will have a night game point yet. And then on Friday it is. College and the prep football on the same date LHU and Arkansas -- thoughts at Manny and Friday morning because today after the Tigers. And the Arkansas Razorbacks that was he just needs to win because you don't know what else is gonna happen out there is being positioned for BC is -- whether it be the Rose. That took a little bit of a hit this -- -- Oregon -- well. Call whether it be to -- good good which. The -- is a marketing kids as they do it did open the door back up well -- -- to be in the Sugar Bowl quality. He goes to show you how things did change rather quickly. For coach Petrino and Arkansas. And how that that old soap opera started and if you look at it they got soap operas whether it's in major college football thing everywhere whether as the CIA whatever -- you got whenever it is -- I human being is so whenever there's women and men involved yet there's still probably Timmy come on if you look at. You know that the whole debacle was gone all went on national security around and it did it I don't know it's like you know the house lives -- all those -- As the housewives of West Point. It always come about what that and then you look at what happened and Arkansas coach Petrino. Here they are if you look at who they lost to last year and they faked -- gonna finish here and then. What occurred. The bottom line is. If you living dangerously. You don't want a W chances the fallen to face and obviously be riding a motorcycle. -- the first being eligible to be with so. Little articles that right now -- expectations. Think I think is going to be crucial. This Dallas she's still gonna win I think but. You I tell you get a team down. The become -- city state beat Arkansas you look at Arkansas has faced this year. Did it -- you look at the bottom line is big jump on that number -- guarding our itself is gonna quit. Does that make sense and I'm saying yes it does make a lot of farmers from a confidence standpoint. Don't make him feel a -- led don't. Don't come travel confident yet ready Daily Mail we got a chance right we got to chant jump on Arkansas from the get go. And with the way -- do there and -- the football passing. I think they have a lot of confidence now he is not like they're going to say oh well if we can't get you know offense the only man in the box -- trouble an outing compared the football now. And and I have to get the mad hatter hatter the riddler props as far as some I think you know I played so conservative even -- coach stood where they are throwing the football. And putting in in comment burnt his hands and I think going forward that is critical. We have so many in the box you should be out there. You know I'd be successful in sort of football PO major program come on it is almost the next step before he gets an NFL. And they have been in the box and you don't want along and came when you you don't have the why is that the right receivers their quarterback if you can't beat that one on one coverage. So going forward you should -- -- explain that. And now you and then you look at coach miles on -- he's the common speaks for itself but. I think some fans appreciated some fans don't but missing the matter. The riddler or whatever I mean he's like you're guru. Is like almost you look at -- miles. And then post game press conference I mean. No. I think that's very entertaining and oh my god I'm hitting it I mean how much good stuff no that is good that this like almost. Like you trying to find wisdom. And one advice and you've gone to see Yoder. And and and every -- -- I don't know him you know get a little bit governor they have bump into CNN you've spoken -- by -- -- -- because moment all I even -- didn't play that much. I mean that's there's like that I mean he he has a great way to repair tentative no question about Hedo. -- -- let them listen up I think the bottom line is you have to win you got to win and and the track record the record speaks for itself. And you know and it is I. I mean not I mean I just think it's very entertaining and now -- that was good stuff you know it's like passion. And love. You know the people questioning whether. Injury should have been on his medicine are that is medicine run out whatever but all I look at is like game. That day it's it's all good I read to have somebody passionate and is so boring and then you know what the hell they sing. I kind of like it when you don't really understand what they're saying. But it's -- passion again passion pride I'm tied it goes a long way well that's there's hopefully a lot of people like what you just say it because with the not understand what people are saying that's probably what they get a dose of me is like we gave up allows that I didn't just wanted to come out and just say hell yeah we did little. -- hell yeah. The latest lines out Bobby from RJ -- Alabama would be a ten point favorite over Notre Dame and an -- championship game. Alabama's gonna be a seven point favorite over Georgia at Indy. ACC championship game Saturday decent person to Georgia -- bridge but I think now do you think we had to say is it. Do you think targeted sort of book I think to me notables -- Alabama I think Georgia Alabama is going to be a great matchup. Alabama Notre Dame not so much. Being -- dainty little. I tell you Notre Dame Alabama game if you come to fruition will be much like -- -- -- tentative game was played here. They gonna hang on and hang on and hang on for awhile and it's going to a Colorado -- and it Alabama's don't break -- -- -- -- Alabama yet but they would. Don't count out Georgia do not count -- Georgia. Jones got five pro football players on their defense. To have been a first round. -- maybe a number one pick in the draft. And they got an umpire profile quarterback and I threw the football and we look at. Number one NFL type players -- -- -- number and make garment and Mingo and they've been an outstanding job you don't gotta give my -- may go presents. I mean -- it should stay. The Mississippi State game and Ole miss game at the end what did they do they got they got. The quarterback head to Madison -- down have been allowed to -- as well because he is what's in their institute and the coaches over the Associated Press poll. What happens and everybody wants a what do Lawson somewhat two losses. What does that do -- Ohio State. And I'm not just an idea how state I mean they would be undefeated I think that's going get some recognition as an Associated -- my rule. If being eligible for post season play you cannot be voted upon in the coaches poll. But they went through they would be twelve and -- So Lucy if you got a budget to Monty to depend on some teams -- one loss right you never know where the -- he's gonna vote on. Also Bobby it also says -- talking about Monday Night Football they Ohio State's garbage this much time. I don't know like I just think that's the way they play and is not -- -- Ohio State no there's not but I don't think they're they have. Now the fat and out of playing and I -- -- on Monday Night Football have covered 36 of 48 against this created by the that's so steady in the 49ers have covered 36 of 48 appearances on Monday Night Football which is 75%. Against the spring. That's probably a lot of those games -- was in San Francisco and they were the home team. A lot of times they set out of those primetime games where they're the home team. The Moneyline last night Bobby the 100 alimony and learn. -- requiring both teams to win on Stanford vs Oregon and Baylor vs Kansas State if you -- put a hundred dollars on Baylor. Over Kansas State and Stanford over Oregon that 100 would have -- you sound corny fab 4500 dollars. They continue to take the event I don't think the only men out and put you have been all that oh man I think -- I don't stand there with a point two and a half points. -- -- Do you know what I just did think I had. I didn't believe I never thought they -- somebody were guarding anybody and -- -- all things down 88 he would say hey they saw it give Tampa credit. And is that I have I have -- NI -- is -- Stanford are Berkeley traditionally and as of late. My daughter went to cal Berkeley so you know I'm like cal fan over Stanford. But I'm really gave Stanford their props the whole interview I wish it was Jim Harbaugh of the Harbaugh -- -- like man in the alumni. Listen deep and they state that in no announcement -- about Stanford. They're not assault team. Their traditional snot bubble what you think is Stanford -- lead is. Ivy League type school made Stanford on knocked the crap out of you it has no place when you look at this and they play in the trenches. Maybe maybe the exception and not through. But if one can do it others can follow so to Vanderbilt at Tulane the -- there's no reason why they keep feel like there -- there a reason why they can't be right there. -- is Stanford is beating a lot of programs they came here. I don't know if on the line and I'm a running back out of the banner did it nobody wanted yet but he was Smart to play good ball I -- -- roses in the conference out there. And now they want out -- go to a big may go to a BC has. Bo Mel the either coach Harbaugh a -- kind of laid the foundation Indy. You know ultimately you know you wanted to very NFL he's now with the 49ers but. It is net there's nothing but then us as of late. Which Stanford football I don't know no way it is like winning in the trenches so that's why I respect. The Stanford Cardinals. Yep none not divert their color Cardinals at the tree I mean to have a mask on third -- there. But they don't play like their you know stuck in the ground though they fired a ball and they win in the trenches so you gotta give him credit for that. At the two minute warning of the first half Baltimore CN Pittsburgh seven other -- -- -- -- -- school obviously New Orleans thirty opened seventeen to. It was Atlanta overcoming five Matt Ryan and assistant who beat Arizona 23 to nineteen at. In overtime I committed seventeen Simon a set think that that's why do I like to know someone and to people all look it up this. Look at how many NFL quarterbacks that narrative they've thrown five interceptions still one. -- big I guarantee that's in his -- single digit percentages. He threw five and it says in the lane value women where Matt -- was able to do that today is the Cardinals in all the time Dallas wins over Cleveland point 320 Green Bay gets by Detroit in the motor city twenty. -- -- Sent on Cincinnati beat Kansas City in Kansas City 28 to six it was the New York Jets 47 and thirteen over the St. Louis Rams at was -- that they Edward Jones dome. It's why you would think that would surprise them because you'll give the bako with the card in the yard. And the Rams have played I believe by the home. You hit you you'd think it defense that's their way I was surprised that they got points have for the -- they grew especially the week before -- San Fran. Not the Rams may have found cornerstone for the Rams gave -- game away were you thought they out played semitism on their back yard. Bridges goes to show you week in and week out and and the Rams and home. Jeff Fisher had the -- roll but. You know the Jets turned down an outlet and not quite down enough they go to Saint Louis Newman nagging question all of Philadelphia this afternoon Robert Griffin with a big day for a touchdown pass a 3160. With Philadelphia. Tampa Bay wins in overtime on a possession now -- put into overtime rule its sudden death. If the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown that's what Tampa did it but just being a touchdown fans. They went 27 to twenty wanna. Houston wins with two minutes left in overtime -- -- shop hands. Downfield real victory at 37 to Jacksonville who had attempted a game winning if you go prior today. Big. A lot of time left a particular could be back to back -- you know the -- -- Rams prior to and it's -- -- -- -- Roddick two minutes Matt Schaub what do you -- climbers some yards and what was that like. Was an NFL record out some amount I was reading or hearing. That a match jobless if they feel what it Devlin was his most yardage got your team replica yet a team ranked you know a maintenance employee -- forty yards. That's a great accomplishment primarily yards that's ridiculous. Winding down it was -- 32 point three over San Diego doing minutes. Gets to pick sixes they blowout -- -- -- 59 to 24. And of course that Thursday night game at Buffalo nipping Miami's nineteen to fourteen to one win tomorrow night. And Chicago and San Fran sisco. Bobby but given ready to wind things up here tomorrow night it's a coach's show from 63730. They would have Monday Night Football. Tuesday night now because the holiday will be the course like -- were All Saints players who it is. Tuesday night at hooters on veterans boulevard -- an auspicious this will be Saints offensive tackle. To mom Busch -- with Jonas this week so look at the public amount about -- it is because. I think in the par -- nine NCAA and -- get out of an -- of involvement the last and it is going to be a big challenge job. Now they. Does and I hope we can run the ball in the 49ers IBJ right now. When all said and no -- when you look at an a stout defense amongst the best in advance. Of reruns -- 120 yards. It you know now not know what they win -- haven't -- if you look at when all's said and done their undefeated 30 okay Tony scares the word now 440 yards or more of we're now like thirty quarter to we get a 120 yards. We gonna be 35 to get the flu 120 yards you beat the 49 -- not a team is said and done not an over its gonna be accomplished. But it really did give Drew Brees a little bit helps. No we get a role in the film and with the 49ers -- back is -- good Allison and -- minority New Orleans 38 Oakland seventeen up next is LSU Sunday night thanks everybody out here at the knees and Randy says I've big Olivia. He's the cajun cannon Bobby gave him. Among the -- -- on the night people. --