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WWL>Topics>>11-19 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

11-19 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Nov 19, 2012|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about the Saints win over the Raiders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning good morning good morning what a weekend to weekend David -- and -- again it. Oh I -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Well thank my body. Yeah yeah. -- -- Yeah good good good. United -- on -- and good looking aren't at all. You -- carry over early on in the Anaheim. A total of the big blue. Well. Big would -- -- as accurate as the Monday. Actor even record and start all covered them really. I think you ride ride ride ride. That influenced this morning requested. By the saints on -- rule. In the honor now what do you think -- now about every. Well they're being called the most dangerous team in professional football right now have. You know we didn't say that in the beginning everything that the quality is saying it now. You. I can't. A wave that they're going under I just you know I understand the financial ramifications. -- I understand their companies that want to buy pieces of the whole thing out al-Qaeda and we just have Detroit yeah I'll take the during dawn Saturday that the underground at the one Deborah divided up by that body count. It's just that. That's all we've known that since forever. The tradition. And I have to admit that may have. Twinkies in my whole life. How is that the big -- mainly -- -- but I committed the brand was there I knew the man appreciated the brain and -- yeah I had a whole whole problem which admitted an -- my degree guys are several problems. Yet. I have -- I'm glad you are written X -- MP. People it does I've stepped off the shelf a solid report does -- moment ago. Now -- make -- -- -- maybe if could be worth a lot of money Sunday I didn't and the problem is someone else buys a company it's not going to be the same. Arnaud and Lenovo change the recipe he is not going to -- -- probably you remember -- -- iPod cheaper version you know but I voice on one -- Spending actually a couple of -- get a real hostess twinkie. You know not not something some other off brands. But here's a crazy story is able -- goes again the. At what they do today of the India in particular room the process of selling itself. Rob and in response to be eating healthier and every. -- of course Hollywood as people who probably couldn't do it -- list twinkie they feel about its. People. Street -- being regatta a whole lot of that to do this week absolutely. Be ready yeah I understand the birds more expensive it will have more on -- forward now. I can't wait the 8 July David. Good morning everyone I'm Monica at the year in for Dave -- this morning you don't worry hostess twinkie lovers if we retreat likely will not die. With the demise of the -- his company's so we'll see who buys pieces parts of it but we want to talk to you about the saints how you feel in my big question. Now that the season the saints are on in the season are you feeling much better about the rest of the season. This is some kind of threshold that you now crossed with them are they on a roll. 2601870. A total free 8668890. -- avenue you can text yet. 87870. Plus a look at forecast with meteorologist Laura but count. And the Eyewitness News forecast thinner Steve gallery is it this morning with voice this is the only addition of WWL. First news. Well it's. Time state college and yes we have a lot of callers on many of you already on the line holding on its use as soon as possible. We have techsters it is basically asking that the saints are five and five. On the season hollow -- you feeling on the on a roll he rejuvenated we'll get to called as quickly as possible. This is a wonderful week to have this kind of feeling because it's Thanksgiving on Thursday let's find out how the -- at the shaping up -- the beginning of the week. Should be an easy week ahead with low seventies for a high today and partly cloudy skies. Tonight little chilled to the air 46 on the North Shore 52 south of the lake. For your Tuesday partly cloudy and a high of 73 and Wednesday plenty of sunshine and -- -- before. But the Eyewitness News forecast than our meteorologist Clark knocked out. Thanks a lot lie right now he says PP three -- -- the 48 at the reporting -- and it BC's the Lakefront. Well people are feeling good example say they've never lost faith others are feeling rejuvenated. Saying wait Monica late Monica let's get through one more game before we say there on a roll let's find out about played the big win. -- -- -- Good morning Monica the raiders failed to their old black hole as the saints went on to win their third straight dropping straight back Paul birth. Throwing this -- is going to be intercepted by Malcolm Jenkins and his feet back to the quality 35 out of the box at night when he stood on his feet well reflected. And it's going to be a touchdown return like Malcolm Jenkins hip deep you heard. It's New Orleans leaves Oakland with 838 to seventeen victory moving the black and gold -- five and fives last year. Drew Brees said after the game that this was -- total team win. Very balanced offense. Defense we can with the big turnover resulted in points and other one that took. You know points away from them and just plain good football and special teams from the big return to start the second half. So that's a look at our team just -- were building on the way to winning we're doing the right way. And other NFC south actually the falcons overcame five map right interceptions through tonight in one within 23 to nineteen victory for the cardinals. Tampa Bay capped the comeback with Josh -- throwing 850 yard touchdown pass to Dallas Clark and the Boston beat the Panthers 2721. Overtime. On Sunday Night Football Baltimore took care Pittsburgh thirteen to ten. To give the ravens 82 game lead over the Steelers in the AFC north race over to college go forward Notre Dame alum favorite -- Appeared to have the inside track to the BCS title game. The Irish descendent of that top spot in the BCS standings for the defending national champion. Crimson Tide advancing in the second and -- do everything in Santa. And Brad Kozlowski finished fifteenth in the final chase for the recoveries in the season and that was plenty good enough to -- Its first driving title and give -- you owner Roger Penske its first title since entered NASCAR in 1972. Just last finished 39 points and had a good Boyer forty. I had him like five time champion Jimmie Johnson they have four on WWL it's the second game show followed by the -- -- coaches. I'm Steve Geller were here early morning look in sports. And Steve we are happy that the saints are five and five it was a win yesterday against a not so good raiders team but still -- is the wind but how important was this psychologically momentum lies. For the saints. Well it was huge just because two of the -- yet the raiders were a good team but going on the road. Into hostile territory of course it's -- you know West Coast road trip you gotta adjust to that time zones and why doesn't seem like a big deal. When people are creatures of habit if the notes has the gets you. And the saints right now our crews and they've won three straight the defense seems to beam and my improving every single game which is definitely huge bonus they -- had. 45 turnovers in that game and it up with two and it just a combined with the fact that the running game is is really clicking right now. The saints are deathly probably I would say the most dangerous team in the NFL right now. Right so even if you say momentum but the fact that they are dangerous really -- it all in our favor for the most by at least in a lot of enough but you got to look at it as right now if you're gonna beat -- -- you at least have to score twenty plus points as the other than that there's no way you can stop this offense. There again we have a lot of calls a lot of -- gonna get as many as possible peninsula Steve to be here and form a little bit later in the next half hour but I'm gunning for you next. Coming up how are you feeling about this. Are the saints on a roll you feeling much much better are you renewed refreshed rejuvenating yourself as a -- that. But the food at nation gonna be talking about that -- just the moment it was a call 2601878. Until 38668890878. You -- text me responsibly of course at 87878. So glib and Brian hold on let's read a few text that I have already this morning. I'm Monica appear in for Dave -- on the early edition of WWL first news. And it's 525 on the early against it and to -- well first -- news we have a winning team I at least so yes it was a big win for the saints what about half forecast for this week. Mostly sunny skies today another mild afternoon 71 for a high today. With the northeast breeze to ten miles an hour work tonight we'll think partly cloudy cool overnight 46 on the north sort. 52 south of the lake. Partly cloudy for your Tuesday and mild highs of 73. And plenty of sunshine on Wednesday highs in the mid seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent our meteorologist -- -- out. Thanks a lot Lar it's around 53 degrees and on about 48 annual international airport. So it was a big win yesterday 3817. Victory for the saints against Oakland Raiders they -- the best team of the bad shape but -- a win is a win. We're asking you how are you feeling are the saints on a roll -- you rejuvenated. What are your -- I think so far -- is my favorite at text. My -- -- to wagon is getting full. Now that they are winning the same people was putting down on the -- four weeks ago getting down on them but -- The mood at Rickie thank you Ricky I love as go to the line Tennessee Glenn is holding hi good morning Glen Arnett. -- Yeah Brussels Madrid where it would trigger and it will go on -- road. Opulent. It was. -- -- Bet all eyes are straight so all old being read contributions all brands. Special -- be sent to look at our. But in golf but the laws. All the next three weeks of the on the -- I know I'm excited really by. Have you heard the post game show it -- he says something intriguing to me he says -- he was concerning yesterday's win. Was like the season now is one and -- for the saints and their reflected really is are we setting it for him in his mind would you go that far. Thought I'd say -- -- -- -- every at -- thriller where as -- at that they are all part of the on call for. You know all look well slow start currencies but he and it's a new system large they have a lot achieve that toward the currency like. That -- courts. Just. They just got to get an art -- -- well division leaders now it does absolutely well. -- league east. Without the league style it's going to be out -- greatly by. They're just got to take one game probably built. Like the -- I think it's big it's speaks often -- great players. And not go out there -- trying. To deflect aren't making progress probably. I'm excited about that too and as Drew Brees said it was a total team win and that's very important he always gives it all the kudos where it belongs. Thank you so much Glenn we really appreciate it. By other give what your calls coming up another text her I've never lost faith. You just have to grease up the tires -- -- and their role and now I absolutely who'd ad from Adam Donahue thank you so much for your text as well we'll get more in just. The moment are you feeling. You rejuvenated you exciting. Five and five psychologically does that help you. As a -- -- man by The Who detonation will get to call the comets coming up in just a moment I'm Monica here in for Dave Cohen this morning on the early edition of WWL first news. -- like this sex as well watch out and brand here on the rejuvenated saints team absolutely. They have to -- -- friends and it will really be on a roll another -- -- right so we'll have more of your calls and comments coming up. But now it's time for this CBS news update. Wasn't talking about the saints -- -- on favorite to Exel Floyd David yes my who debt to wagon is getting fooled at. Don't you love it you death. I'll like drilling anyone -- -- of a -- and lag and everybody is tonic I'm onboard. This year look good and now absolutely anniversary and other hitters on the greatest thing about. And Barbara -- and one of the effects of black. At 53017. Victory. Erskine and have tossed. Out -- Jenkins returned in deception at least. Three touchdown passes so hey you know I'm still I'm so used to the nail biting -- the heart stopping thing in and really. After that first score we got right after the the halftime break it was Don. It was all done just cannot come to them exactly at the super super super where you predicted the -- to Italy and I got -- Euro and on that that it check out you also predicted. Although on the my breath it was an easy prediction. That that's life on Mars would come out in full force it was damp eyes and try and -- are. James Bond -- it and I'm done knocked down I'm like but -- And as its opening weekend with light. The the last of it the breaking dawn I -- in the record territory nonchalant at 41 million dollars opening 14141. -- US -- the man that's insane that Imbruglia is. You know the fly by the embassy again and again and again. Yeah and that trio just keeps getting richer and I read the line against maybe they'll figure out something I don't know the -- off. But he try to resurrected in some way usually when you make an act on a dollar you get my no way to arrive from the holes of the we're ruled it is them getting exactly. -- are available return guy. I the Twilight Saga was number one an I think he also said that it was going to be not Lincoln number to be -- on its annual right. Apple is number two. Looking at another 41 million dollars well ports I've always you know on top of a piece on the yeah potted. Lincoln to there racist when when -- now. Well it's good movie high quality -- certainly is not retake the whole gang -- now failing -- camp -- overnight in an odd one hand you know. Like it of course is number three followed by a wreck it Ralph polite. -- ago taken to pitch perfect you're comfortable. Number to. I saw that movie you're dead and a intriguing very -- battery -- all real big that was killing and a lot of hard to follow it is a little like to follow it makes sense and in that it is just it was very ambitious or remove this Tom Hanks drowning you out there and jumping around from centuries and centuries -- people of people in images of himself -- different you know entries -- he had given -- grade and ABC. I probably in the USC IST. OK interesting. Right thanks -- -- David are rogue creditor role in general of the whether any I would choose yes let's let them lie about. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- You'd be directed at a lot of gave -- I love it I thought our yet again anyway but that I've by. -- man. Every week I did gorgeous weather -- -- -- -- in my mind that the church one yen at 85. The and a -- -- managed to surprise them. With -- and friends who go to pebble mine on how fun it would cake if it that that the that they don't party out at a birthday guide -- -- no public fast for you here it was. Call my goodness apparently the good weather. Had something to do with -- at a -- line that good weather brought it right that was the mood about everybody again and again but I have Kathleen -- -- -- -- -- a lot of peoples of the week off I now and -- the week off and yet talking. Cool mornings and just mild afternoon -- What the department and act OK with that no major fronts on the winning the talk about Thanksgiving travel. A snowstorm in that lower -- there's a front coming through with severe weather. Like it. That. Question because on out of that I am a parent and let it area and the planet because sometimes it's absolutely too early it all put. And that it's on it's expected to be theory that it's a couple of warning. Midweek to eat wheat or -- -- little but it patsy August temperatures in the warmup. It's got closer to sixty degrees overnight lows in the forties or fifties that squeaked out. That concern with dance while it may be few spots with some -- -- toward the week mostly going to be. And it -- on ours look yes maybe it's -- -- you will be. It. Earlier. -- great. Yeah you heard that that's wild cards that inaudible -- feeling. My -- in the absolutely 1412. Million dollar and right here that. Will keep the impressive web economy. If you keep an a average -- need to do -- now pressure pressure aspect of a look at -- all the literature and well and -- a statement if the weather's somewhat mildly with what we talk about that are. -- I can't thank them right -- can -- a lot. Alarm but they'll -- urologist Laura but wonderful in the Eyewitness News forecasts in a quick break we're going to talk about of course the saints. The big win yesterday were asking you how you feel -- all we climbing that mountain -- say eight. Are people getting on your who'd get away and bag in bandwagon either too many people so far are you happy about that. We need to wait until this past with -- the coming up weekend duplicates in there on a roll. How are you feeling. 260187. -- till 38668890870. Protect me at age 7870. How are you feeling we'll talk to Jim was that you -- opulent all the coming up in just the moment. But 46 on the early edition WL first news I'm Monica pier and for Dave Cohen this morning and save the wind and back at a good place let's check in with Steve -- Pounded their readers in this admissions and even their season records of five and five. First down saints will run it would -- but he's got several left side fifteenth 10510. Score a touchdown. Mark Ingram takes it to the house. New Orleans went on to 838 to seventeen victory in Oakland Mark -- little things back from twelve carries for 67 yards. -- -- coach Joseph Pitts says they are on a roll right now. There's a big win for football team -- defective. 55 if you start known for myself last week -- -- attribute to those players and locker room I don't for the stuck together -- order today. -- the point fingers and now just continue to try to get better every single day and paying dividends now. On Sunday Night Football the ravens now owns a two game lead atop the AFC north after holding off Pittsburgh thirteen to ten. Jacoby Jones is 63 yard punt returns produced the only touchdown from Baltimore and tour now even suit up here. Notre Dame is the beneficiary of those losses by the top two teams in college football -- The fighting Irish jumped two slots to number one in the BCS standings. While -- week after dropping from one to four following its first loss Alabama moved back up to number two. LSU tigers remain accept it and breakfast last week is celebrating his first driving title after winning the chase for the Sprint Cup driving championship. I don't wanna be good I want to be great now one of the best as I do and everyone else does miles career I'll never be the best and I know that -- in. It's good that it seems committed to -- Kozlowski did also delivered the first bring cup title for team owner Roger Penske who became his who began his NASCAR career. 1972. Today have four on WW well it's the second guess show followed by the saints coaches show -- your early morning with a sports I'm Steve Geller. And Steve you know on -- Steve Galilee comes to sports but you know what I love about sports and the saints is that because they're just the ultimate in life lessons because to be just look at what the stats say if you just look at how you start. And then you lose an ATP title you ticking on the ball in which you know to be truly heart you'd just start the Soledad but if you to stay. Focused. You turn the -- and I think that's what we're seeing. The and you hear from the U we hear costly from the players and from the coaching is that the just take it one game at a time and they just. They leave out all the negative you know vibes that they're getting from the outside of saying they're out of that they can't do it it's not possible no team has ever done this. That they've managed to stay the course and with with leadership like Drew Brees and even you would -- -- return you can see a difference in his ballclub. Absolutely so Sam Francis is going to be a very important game. GAAP and may play tonight vs the bears so little scouting report we can elect Monday Night Football and check out the niners. -- wonderfully getting some ego and ask people how are you feeling and The Who detonation is really feeling. But the saints are on a roll they really started to feel that they have turned that psychological corner that page. And that like they're gonna be gay dangerous. Yet that the passing game has always been there it's just the nation now. They're they have a a rushing attack that they seem committed to and it's producing. Running backs like Mark Ingram who weren't really doing anything at first are now suddenly. Churning out these big yardage inning -- his -- over five yards a carry which is huge for them. And then the defense being able to apply the pressure on quarterbacks forcing bad throws and creating turnovers has also being -- The saints when they were the only time in franchise history when they were on the plus side. Other turnover battle they won the Super Bowl and right now this year their their winning that turn over battles that's a great sign for them. Lots of great size -- alive and can you please appreciated very nice the thing to. Coming up more of your texts and calls about the saints how you feeling how is that -- -- bandwagon of yours doing. Lots of new folks on it on the same crowd. How significant is that 500 -- right now is that huge for the saints and huge for you. As a who debt and we'll get all your calls and comments and -- coming up in just a moment. Right now but if you want on the early edition of WWL first news. How you feeling this morning out of the saints -- five and five. Psychologically are you excited how many people are on your who'd dad let bandwagon probably a lot of folks one texas' playoffs question mark. You know Monica absolutely who'd bet you -- read. And the weather is going to be just that -- as well a great week starting off. -- -- Monday a mix of sun and clouds and a little milder little -- about 71 this afternoon tonight partly cloudy skies with lows dipping into the mid forties on the North Shore. And about fifty to -- to the lake. Partly cloudy for your Tuesday highs of 73 and plenty of sunshine on Wednesday with a high of seven before. For the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out thank you Laura let's go to I think it's nice that GM Jim analogy the morning I am. The -- and Monica and. Way out when he -- -- I you do the program. All all they do. You do great job on its EU would say it's wind. Well you know particularly that should get ready when you cannot blended in I just had a conversation about that just split so smooth anyway. You know back in the old days when Oakland Raiders were good. One that they raiders one time said. It would -- what women toward the end of that -- -- -- -- -- the -- time that part of Oakland -- -- the ones -- -- actually play. We're doing great. I believe an -- there's something about momentum -- something about this return. Into in a shift that really makes a difference that's how it is in life. In business in working on your dream when you have something that you focus knowledge in -- that goal according to the way you wanted it from the beginning. It doesn't mean that it's over and so these are the important milestones in life and especially for the saints as well. I agree that it out one thing that. Bob. Yeah. I will be an eighty year old. -- Thank you so much have a great day day -- -- I -- all right happy Thanksgiving at all right I just love it possibly Tex coming analysts the a -- down. The them and oh and four I stand -- them now love my saints absolutely how you feeling this morning on the saints and roll with talking about that. That climbing that mountain Eagles say it's another -- -- says they could be old and ten. Eyes still loan mind. Thinks I believe black and gold. Food that I had no only -- to know what they're not they're five and five -- celebrate that as well are you feeling. I excited about what you're feeling right now in what you're seeing how we termed some kind of pointer here. As -- a guy John said last night you know this is a whole brand new season. For the sake this boy is he is concerned the season really is one -- -- and five but what -- Nelson we'll talk about that all coming up in just a moment. I moniker of the year in four -- Colin on the early edition of the W -- And when Texas says even the pine needles. On yet Christmas and -- stronger. When the boys are in them times. Now says. Morning in New Orleans absolutely Tommy Tucker is coming up and let them have a parade forecast for today. As he began the week that a lot of people who are actually off all week long but for the that was the -- than it used to like weeks it's gonna be a fun week. Other checked the factors say I love my saying I love my thing and feeling optimistic. And we're going to school all the way. The 500 record is psychologically is helping a lot of people feel really good about the things I agree as well. -- committed to make it. Up the second day at angles they. All right guys coming up. Well wouldn't talk about the same as we talk about the oil rig explosion and we'll talk about energy drinks. -- love have a great day we'll go I live by a -- tomorrow.