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11-19-12 7:05pm Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr.

Nov 19, 2012|

Bobby and Deke talk with Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr., about the improvement in the Saints' offensive balance in their five wins this season, the team's 38-point output against the Raiders, and the upcoming contest against the 49ers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- first down Saints will run with Ingram he's got several left side fifteen and then five. Store for the touchdown Mark Ingram makes it to the house. And -- one of many big plays yesterday as a black and gold have now won five of their last six. And the Saints coming up big yesterday 38 to seventeen. Over the Oakland Raiders at the at each point the program every week we welcome and a special guest assistant coach at this time and optimism welcome him. Saints offense according to Pete Carmichael junior. Coach -- thank you so much for the time and ball Bobby now crutch and a number was in these five wins we've put up nearly. But what -- 100 yards in the ballots has been tremendous. Our offense to defense. Offensive consuming two or 96 yards passing we've average in -- I've gained a strict so -- to -- -- rather. And a 115 yards rushing. But once that this is incredible were -- and those wings coach converted seven of twelve. Third downs that's that's his ties that you could come in the national football only. You know the one thing that's been nice definitely is like you have -- been able to get back to a good balance. Hobbled one impacts. And you know the support third downs I feel like we've still left out there. We were converting at a high rate obviously the Denver game wasn't good for us. But were converting at a high rate at -- there's still some opportunity that we feel like. Probably at some situations yesterday and Kurt -- -- -- -- -- that we feel like we need to convert don't know a 100% of the time. Now -- coach Carmichael exploit that if fans how hard it is when you got a stable of running backs. When you know and yards can't make the run the ball which means 25. It thirty times a game how do you distribute those carries. You know a lot of times you know fan favorite -- -- -- the -- have more carries than Ingram. And then obviously Pierre he does the evil guy and and probably put the -- give -- the wall but how do you decide. They have it -- who's getting the touches. And I know we do it by committee but as far as the number. Well what we go to a game plan you know if you look at the openers that we put together about fifteen or sixteen openers go into every game. And then all of sudden yesterday we were in the red still pretty quickly the world all those openers. And now Juan you know what we try to divide up those reps and these guys getting. For a five plays out there maybe two or three carries. -- between that group album. Also we were in the red zone. And so that not change where you are off the openers. And then to our second driver three and now. Came back and had a good third drive where we -- able to get -- some touches. And there are four drives really it was a it was a two minute drive so. I think we got to do -- continue to you know sustained some long drives. And give -- you know give our defense off the field for time of possession. And now we're more plays and hopefully you have more opportunities obvious that we only had. 56 plays. Not at the end of the game so. You know we try to -- him as much balance as we can. And -- divvy up the game plan to try to try to make sure that is that balance and you know sometimes that can change with the situation in the game. Now coach Carmichael. Obviously next man up because the -- bit about this. Give defense a little bit of a scouting report -- Harrison restricted free agent. -- pretzels they -- believe he's on the Falcons practice squad. But talking going forward I mean boy you talk about welcome to the NFL. Are you going to give that front seven in the forty not niners. Just talk about maybe things you can do that like chipped in with a back utilizing the tight end. To help uprising errors that success. Goodness there's like a couple of times in the beginning a Raiders well aware that -- made adjustments and even. Particularly that does not pass to Lance or. -- it never goes -- way it looked executed a high level. Right you know I think. You know one of the things that we try to do offensively regardless of who's playing at tackle was it to try to help those guys out as much as possible what would like you said some chips and nudges. And you know he got in the first couple snaps youth and speed of the game was pretty fast forum but. As you know he got tore into a two minute tribe and as the as the game went on alternately put together pretty lengthy drive I think the game slowed down forum which was good. And you know get right to plated like you said the 49ers and we got to account for these guys the whole defense. And so we're not to help those guys now has as much as you can. Now coach Carmichael you that we -- forever I mean it's speaks for itself. Going back to the charges days and now with the New Orleans Saints though I had thought you know all the gains up witness withdrew and you think if the rule changes. That I thought jrue did an unbelievable job hanging in the pocket and take it that shot. He got brought to a three times and Alec about it as good as it -- is that what you see when you watch the film. There's no doubt impact you know during the game a lot of times I won't see him get hit because you're watching the other defraud the routes down field. And you know that also any catcher -- -- or so you know -- -- like I just got hit on that one but. You know this toughness and durability. And his availability. For us since you know since I've been with them has been phenomenal. Saints victorious just that they over the Oakland 38 to seventy our special guest assistant coach is offensive coordinator for the black and OP Carmichael junior. Coach -- Michael -- so odds you know against these. New physical athletic tight ends in the -- like at Antonio Gates I was obviously Tony Gonzales has been known for a long time and then gronkowski. You talk about with the Patriots and now Jimmy Graham and these guys are very athletic kind of a basketball type two but the but the way they use now talk about not only did the targets you say the involvement of these. How physical -- -- type of basketball type but ideas but also the way -- -- position an offensive -- the National Football League now. What -- I think does that. When you can put those guys on the field and the threat of bull run impact that exists with those guys on the field it. It helps with your running game and your play action and I think. I think you haven't Jimmy Graham and makes to a better player. Makes -- played a lot easier. Because of his ability to. You know to block and it also would you know be a threat downfield vertical insults. You know you've completed the defense -- -- -- if if you can mix it up with them. Now. You know Cotto Carmichael and you look at and it goes way back to -- spot -- fans volatile offense. When you look -- who's eligible. You know that extra tight end. You know is actually played that role in -- was the starter. Almost done though -- street Greg -- talk about. With Greg Olsen has meant I know he's primarily the back -- make guarded senator. But then just talk about what he's done in all all of sudden you see him eligible as an extra tight -- Well you know one thing we do is. Keep you know he brings a physical presence that position and when you play against some of the bigger defense and our big outside linebackers. It's a better matchup for us. And so one thing we've done the last couple games is that. You know we got to -- them down the field every so often just you know just keep teams honest but. It really helps with our running game being able to. Bring him in and really be solid at that point of attacks. Now our coach Carmichael though you look at all quarterbacks. That are playing in the National Football League also at the college level. Though you can have probably watch some other casually as -- -- of observer the team affairs in the 49ers but. What do you know of college Kopper make the thing I know is that they. The -- can run he can make plays that is the good what more can you elaborate when you look at what he accomplished. And I University of Nevada at Reno. I think this that the for his production was was on the we will coming out of we -- you know we obviously looked -- -- -- he was coming now. And he was a threat both with his legs and his arm. And so the production that he bought to that team and in the the other winning -- -- that he was able to bring that team was was impressive. Coach Carmichael -- San Francisco forty man as a ballclub we're familiar with we played him out to several months back. I think in the season this second week in January their -- January. A talk about what you have seen thus far breaking down -- what. Mean he could seal of -- feel and coached the Joba it's that he thinks they're the best -- front seven a football on the 49ers before. Yeah you know we got finished. Finishing -- -- yesterday's game. We've had an opportunity this afternoon to get on to them get on the 49ers and start game planning. And you just see if physical. Physical defense faster. Aggressive. And soul you know we got our work cut out for us this is this top notch defense and I you know that there is no weak spots or I have to be at our best this weekend. Coach Pete Carmichael junior offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints coach Carmichael thank you so much for the time you look you in the Saints Sunday against sentences aren't there. Right things out.

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