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11-20 8:15am Scoot gets the latest on the situation in Gaza

Nov 20, 2012|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to CBS Middle East correspondent Edward Yerenian about the situation in Gaza and Israel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a 17 on this Tuesday morning Thanksgiving week so I know everybody's in more -- A jovial moods at the weather has just been great just cool enough to make it feel like that. At the time of year that it is at Christmas decorations are going up Fulton street will be -- between six and and eight tonight -- festivity down near miracle on Fulton street if you've never seen that that's fun. And we'll be talking about this about the holidays bring your kids downtown. And show them downtown New Orleans during Christmas. The conflict in the Middle East continues rockets are still flying back and forth between. Gaza and Israel. And CBS correspondent Edwards Iranian joins us on their BWL Edwards is live in the Middle East welcome to our show this morning. Good morning it the situation in. Pretty much at that was yesterday and the day before. The rocket they are still flying were curing some of the noises. Op and a great -- the climatic activity being equally. The UN Secretary General ought to include -- -- in Cairo. Earlier today gave a press conference -- the -- -- head. The -- or the foreign ministers at least. Six or seven. Went. To god. There are expressing solidarity with the Palestinians. In narrow war. And we're hearing from Israel Israeli media is reporting that secretary of state Clinton will now any cease fire which you're right. Opera Asia. I don't know that true perhaps they're planning to announce the cease fire. Will there be a cease fire. I've been in the Middle -- for 25 years and I I don't see a lot of reasons. To be optimistic certainly not after listening to the Palestinian Hamas leader. College national press conference yesterday. -- basically said that the Israelis and able they're goals and operations and that the Palestinians were prepared to continue. Rob. The job military commander are also -- Another bellicose. Statement doubt about an hour and a half. Have to go on the current channels a recording a recorded message actually was on the Palestinian Hamas TV. Station. But. That that really didn't. The a lot of room for -- either so perhaps. They were into and out the fire and perhaps the Palestinians are planning to the call it. And Edward we did hear earlier is that it looked as if -- Israel was to hold off on a ground Boris that might be a precursor to some kind of a cease fire announcement. Yes I think the Israelis came directly due to pressured to go round I can't imagine that the prime minister Netanyahu really wanted to do anyway and from my vantage point here -- I think that might be a gigantic error. That he's walking -- to because. The audience -- -- a lot of these rockets that Hamas perhaps once in the fall in the trap. It would deflect a great deal of attention away from what's going on in Syria. -- pressure awful president Assad. Air ally they're trying to help him out. And I think that might be wanted there are -- Four for helping out certain content some of that stuff. The calamity in god obviously people who were not familiar with that at least that's how Micah. A bit of a stretch but. You know you have to understand how these are all these events are interrelated. Picture you're actually here on the ground. Ever there was a report that the build the longer range more accurate missiles that Hamas now has. May have come from I ran through Sudan and ultimately physically came through Egypt to get to Hamas. And in. In their territory. -- any credence to that story. Quite probably. The Israelis blow job ammunition -- Factory in Khartoum the Sudanese capital three weeks ago. And that suggestion why is that they were Ronnie rocket. In that are free were going to be sure it got up. -- During 20082. Out -- dying -- -- Israeli -- there were military operation in god the last time around -- they also bombed targets in Port Sudan suggesting that they were. They were seen rockets or other weapons coming in from the key by Iran usually Iran the -- Iran. Parents are both locked in god that Hezbollah in -- -- How they actually get you're -- get to god is anyone GAAP -- really. The how how the nerves of steel to try to well. -- -- Wish probably by in any case I don't they -- they're probably getting there by Sudan and supplied by Iran. All right live from the Middle -- CBS Middle East correspondent -- -- thanks for being with us this morning on WWL and damned good luck. Thank you to thank you for having me.

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