WWL>Topics>>11-20 12:10am Garland talks to Steve Scalise about fixing the Republican party

11-20 12:10am Garland talks to Steve Scalise about fixing the Republican party

Nov 20, 2012|

Garland talks to Steve Scalise, U.S. Congressman, about fixing the Republican party.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Agree Jim about pollution control. Lung functions Clarence Thomas church in Washington. Nerves a couple of multiple remote -- children. The whole way of security trust -- forward to deal effectively with the problems producing country in the coming months. President Obama converse true Democrats. By a large margin. 50% congressional Republicans 32%. 46260. No wonder he subtly your taxes said if somebody its February I am tone just shorn by and review their new student -- -- congressman welcome back. -- backcourt and talk to a long time. Yeah I don't well well what do you think about this -- -- in the audience about it as crude entrusted to you moral affect a loop where the problem facing the country. The coming months 50% of people -- President Obama congressional Democrats 32%. Congressional Republicans. Well you know I mean I've seen. Some different polls over the past that that show it differently but you know course we just came out of it elections a week and a half ago two weeks ago -- and you know and President Obama won another four year term but up. You know at the same term I think if you look at the big problem. Facing our country we have the house Republicans especially a -- pats and bills to control spending chimp tried to -- to get our economy back on track and in a summit saying it's gonna take it to get our economy back on track -- are not always the most popular especially to talk about controlling spending cycle there. There are a lot of people that are getting the industry government right now and they're more to keep getting it probably has what 40% of every dollar we spend as -- money. You just can't keep doing all of those things is an errant pass a bill on toward kids so. You know it's it's it's a -- right now where there's a decision that I have to be made -- -- for whatever reason president Obama's not. Confronted how about how to get control overspending but we have and we've. Are you we've made some decisions that might not be as popular but frankly I didn't get elected to do. What's popular elected got elected to do what's right in to address the big problems were facing and you know and hopefully get our economy moving again. Were collected the subject but -- -- culture and before illusion. You're -- dead deadline isn't going to be a bipartisan agreement torrent another split. Well I think that they can be bipartisan agreement to Cilic just two years ago we were in this exact same spot where every tax rate. That that people pay I was she was getting ready to expiring co -- Here and -- we came up with a bipartisan solution which you to continue goes for everybody for another two years so that nobody in the tax increase. You know of the house just a couple of weeks ago passed a -- to do just that. To keep the rates as they are I'm not really sure how it's gonna work out you know obviously the president's negotiating with the -- streak Boehner and and Harry Reid the senate but at the same time the house that was passed a bill to stop this fiscal cliff sperm from being Chet. The senator to pass anything I'd like should the senate go and do some work and actually parents opened and -- what -- negotiation for a part. Are you -- we're gonna end up in the same place like we did two years ago. You're really a couple of ideas governor jungle. Resume soon and the other night you said there seven bullets and Republican should learn that in order to move forward number one. Stop looking backwards to do you think -- the Republican Party has been looking back. I don't know it's it's been looking backward I think you know you've got -- from your mistakes first of all but. When you talk about moving forward I think the pershing you have to do is yet the way out of -- you have to tell people what your score. Aircraft openly in the presidential election. There was a little too much -- and defense being played in you know. Being ever sage and -- of of the old days of the of the strange where. They you know they had some good -- but they we get on leads and they -- prevent defense usually they believe is. And I think right after that first debate Mitt Romney about -- a good job of laying out is true vision. In sharp contrast with Barack Obama and I think the polls reflected -- -- into that whole campaign and Kiki took the lead back. I think after that. It was almost like what it a little bit of Shelly said he was afraid to talk about details on economic policy on tax policy on on -- on some of the failure and you mentioned -- policy issues like they doubt -- where I think most Americans. Are -- where it stops and you know create a more conservative. Police but -- -- and the networks Colbert enough. -- and you know what if you got one person saying what their foreign and another person and try to sit in the show and not laid it out people watching a vision they wanna look forward. And that also means they wanna hear what you're gonna do to solve the problems of the day. Number -- to according to governor in general compete. Republicans. Should contend for every single vote not just the 47%. Do you think the Republican Party has been. Focusing on the 47%. I think I think we all are you know especially if you look at it that battles here on -- -- in the house. We won a majority on Election Day even though Mitt Romney did -- in the presidential election and we didn't win the senate where Russia lost ground in the senate. But a majority of people felt that the Republican should leave the house special wasn't mixed message but it shows -- -- think our candidates announced literally did you -- Folks competing for all of those votes but you're talking about you know and we wanted to someplace where we. You're aware of where we -- not naturally in real Republican strongholds and so. Are you not think it shows if you go out compete for those -- surely not gonna get all of them but you know you ought to send a message that. We're number one we care about all Americans we want opportunity for all Americans. Aaron and I think what we want is very different then and what -- the president and they're liberals in Washington -- you know only when you talk about people. Don't have the same opportunity. Do you really wanna tell people the best they can do is. There's just you would want true extension on welfare programs or is that's something that's a safety net. All but you've also got -- lay out a better course for how people can change it out of the lower income levels and even gore officials. -- higher above middle class of state if they wanna go out there and do it there ought to be a level playing field and it -- a little -- given that opportunity. Number three the governor so broad checked identity politics. And I -- can my reading and hearing and debate -- in the Republican Party we quote Republicans that I talked to over the years. We're almost violently. Against M news New York in the tight program loosely. For Hispanics in this country now some of the most extreme right wingers are now talking about some form to have to end this thing. Do you agree -- the. What -- -- I think first of all you know immigration isn't a problem that's gotten worse and our country and and how -- to properly deal with it would immigration law. In which it is we ought to make we're gonna have that discussion. I think warnings and the first thing we got to do is its first -- discussion about how to enforce existing laws for the -- The frustration most Americans have including a lot of people who came here immigrant to check into our country legally. Is that if the government. And our policy in the so big article Republicans and Democrats think it's been ignored our current immigration laws and excrete a lot of problems. When you talk about a level playing field the people -- -- -- but those rules -- like. Why is that that somebody can jump ahead of them and so I think we've got to be real clear what the laws are in and there's somebody is waiting an outline an -- there are millions of people -- another war contour country legally in strongly support. Legal immigration -- you know. You're a little about the eleven million Nelson injured now. But you don't obviously that's what it -- one of the big challenges as far as how to deal with. How to deal with that I think are continuing to have a clear policy on how you can become illegal. A citizen of this country. Which it's something that I don't think we have a clear path right now. Offer legal citizenship and got a strong support that -- its -- -- strong immigration policy. Is that not only exports in the law but also making it clear how somebody can come here. Legally it can be a citizen of America and we ought to embrace. We ought to embrace that the book we ought to do it that way that's that's clear where people know what the rules are and right now -- there is not a clear. -- will bring in Republicans and Democrats assailed on that front so we need to come together. And in Europe the best way to do that. Number four governor -- and also stop being English stupid party which certainly unity in furs that you have bitten the stupid party. They didn't. I think they're just like you know just like they're their political candidates who who have been stupid and then in the way that they carry themselves you know we've had candidates. All of our side that that it acted very stupidly in general think there's any denying that there surely not surely enough -- open at the same time there's a lot of evidence of people. Who have run really good campaign that where. -- you know I think if you look at at conservatives who still aren't Smart campaigns. They've they've -- more -- not been successful. And so I think we ought to be proud of our conservative police we have a share with people and explain what what we mean by that but you know when you get church they go out there and maybe don't understand. What it is they're talking about -- -- -- things are you away that's just incredibly insensitive. It it hurts everybody and so in -- sure a lot of examples in the cycle that but. Again are you not think it goes back to -- each each candidate is -- the best salesperson for their message and verbally actually in on how we we have a lot of really good. Candidates who were out there are going conservative police action and that's why a majority of us you know at least 235. About a 430 spots. Member of the house will be Republicans shall we do we have a strong majority in house check -- more additions or work -- But -- shows if you got people -- that really articulate conservative message. You can elect somewhat you know I don't think it's it's trying to throw in the towel by any means I think there are a lot of things we can learn. What happened two weeks ago -- and then moved forward and try to get our country back on track. I was listening to tune GOP strategist one like -- reveal moments Steve Schmidt one room and other NBC. The other -- radio talk -- And Mike Murphy. So and driving. The primaries were driving the Republican. Brand out to disaster. And that Republican -- to choir of -- -- -- country. That's not Brian lovable right wing -- you talk true dream journals. The other when Steve Schmidt says that and Dwight. Mailed 65 plus rule Orleans is not what the country looks like anymore. And that message of total Ludacris none cents on the other side and I bring you'd former presidential candidates -- in bowl. Uh oh we had no real abuse strong. And our conservative convictions as we worry infect even more so sounds like to split. Within the Republican Party unit that is what we're reducing you'd go. I don't know there's a split but you know of course there's going to be a lot of people trying to. Trying to figure out what what went wrong two weeks ago but you know you'll get to that election. Are -- a four million fewer people voted for Barack Obama. This year than it's four years ago. I'm sure it's not like -- just automatically got more popular in fact I think is number one dial up but on our side Mitt Romney. You know John McCain got two million more people vote -- Four years ago and voted for Mitt Romney so. I think in the end it -- if church going conservative values do you think most Americans and an exit poll what kind of -- itself. Most Americans do things more cheap things -- conserve their way to the liberal way -- you go look at that democratic primary you know Barack Obama didn't have to run at a primary he was. The sitting president. There's a power of incumbency no matter who's president and it was shown and I think through the fact that when Barack Obama didn't have to worry about a primary. You don't sit around it was happening now. With with a number of different Canada -- and frankly the Obama campaign would also spending millions of dollars defining Mitt Romney before he was the nominating. And show not gonna have that for years are so I don't think the primary. -- conservatives I think you need -- to be proud of your idiot explaining -- York. But I think you also need to show visions and voters voters don't just ordered city. Well you know somebody kind of sit back and -- the other guys bad. You know although Barack Obama did that he didn't warrant. But at the saint underground they'll think it's good enough job saint. Forty score in NYU's forty where is gonna take the country and you know the fact that a majority of people and exit polls that they didn't like obamacare. You know that that's a big difference we had the election but didn't hear a lot of talk in the last few weeks. How about that show that we need to be proud about what we stand for and explain it. Parts of people who aren't yet weapons but at saint that we ought to fight for every vote not think. Conservatives can win and how sure you're where conservatives weren't as conservatives we went. Governor Jindal said quote we need Republicans most notably the party that simply protect the well lost so they can keep their towards. Have you been that party. I don't think we have but I think there's a perception I mean if you just look at that's a big fight over the other the meltdown on Wall Street a few years ago. You know people people in general might think that the Republicans are more party Wall Street but if you look at different people. But give money Wall Street too much more heavily. -- Democrat -- Barack Obama think that over 60%. Of the Wall Street money our -- Republicans in about 40% but you know the perception right -- a little bit different. I think when you when you talk about where we really -- You know we've been fighting for hard working taxpayers and small business owners and and -- opportunity for people. Our secure the low income and you'll want to loop into the middle class certain middle class and you ought to move into upper income. Are you got much better opportunity you're -- extort conservative police and follow the conservative philosophy you're working hard. A player models are in advance so you're not having government imposed more taxes and more mandates and more regulation on which actually slowed down and appear ability. But to build stronger middle class. Actually -- always good about given Richard -- your very busy thank you a lot for the phone call you have a great day. Our script everywhere but eventually you -- issue as congress -- RM what do you think when we come back -- -- -- 260187. Lead text and 770. Played his poll shows Barack Obama Democrats. Mega popular when it comes soon. People believing who can do a better job at this point for the country. So that stubborn bill. Brigades -- again -- 53 of them.