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11-20-12 7:10pm "Around The League"

Nov 20, 2012|

Deke goes "Around The League" with reporters covering the Cowboys, Packers, 49ers, Patriots, Ravens, Texans, and Broncos.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Under fifty yards this year. -- would say the team had been. It's got nothing to do. And the Dallas Cowboys were victorious today extra stand in overtime as Dallas came behind to beat the treatment when he. Three to 28 to around the league as we take in all the division the National Football League we've done off. In the NFC east took over the Dallas Cowboys and the division for the Fort Worth telegram plans TO players that you put on the -- The chance to take out Cleveland on Thursday night when he played Baltimore's. You know all of the teams that don't have a good record client -- and it is pretty tough demand their front seven. It got to the Tony Romo out of them mean they would they would like so I mean really put. -- that out border and promote the report in the -- yet to run that record. Kicker -- walk in. And they're great couple years and Adrian you know player -- follow them -- out -- would have -- -- -- -- Erick -- interpret your. Are you -- you know the -- Baltimore. Or the other day they've been right in so it wasn't for it going IQ and and and cheaper quote that you know a triple double and -- you. There have been like that -- -- -- -- you -- Now they have not put together -- clean -- that were completely frustrate you know couple of fans and people that. It wouldn't talk about you know a chance to make their put the word of the well. You know itself will go to start playing well because a -- came -- -- -- play like that. -- is twelve for 145 that they. Do you think Dez -- is thought to realize if he just. Takes care of everything he's supposed to he runs Iran Iraq. Nobody can stop it on the Klansman is that doesn't he's supposed to he really if he's unstoppable as the talent talented as Brad hand. On the order you know -- they appear remote is terrible as being grouchy because you see the potential. Like you know you'll see the production -- -- But that can go look at it and you know he's you know they say look look it up whether you call me mad among. Either suitable talent you know exorbitant god you -- you -- your apartment and injured. Or you know -- he got some of the table. Feel that really kept Cuba. Formerly put -- -- a -- -- it finally. Figured we're here lately because of street and get the first. Up for lost in the end career. -- -- -- You know -- for them and you came in as a rookie into the last year. He -- -- injured in you know because of short ankle -- his rookie year. Did they -- -- and lock outs so early part of the each year. This year you are well -- -- which are hurt they're out there may be. In brickyard year's order in the seat at the end probably look what a bad -- but -- threat to -- -- put it together you get to break you have to bet your career. It looked like -- great -- beat players like it. And -- another ballclub that I think is much better Erica we saw me the first week of the season. Washington and RT 34 touchdown passes and lo and behold. You know things fall into place -- in Green Bay held the guys out the winner of the Dallas wants the game will be a game out of first place in the east. -- and and that would account -- saying you know he looked good but you know it drew attention inward is it -- -- if the Cowboys. If people -- build and get him out what practically your league game Sunday in India -- it. And you would think it department will be able to do. The Tigers note they're both would figure -- and the like it's maybe the best achievement if you -- out. On the job of the purse split step on the doom and gloom here earlier were there were -- other wild -- -- operate damage in my own and there aren't what they thought they are currently wanna yet. Not that -- game Ripken because. You know we're we're brought partner Derek Dorsett and they have not get -- -- in interpret outlook for the way they've played that epic -- -- -- -- must -- a better equipped to get rid of it hopefully. Currently in C east in the Dallas Cowboys before Werth stole a telegram plans he'll -- thank you so much time haven't had the things you. America you're all right well -- To play Packers don't six runs in the shotgun snap so it won't really don't put -- -- who's got it touchdown. Not with the catch 22 yards out and the Packers have tied it at twenty. And Green -- came from behind to defeat the Detroit Lions 24 wanting anything that Packers. Are the best team in the conference right now as they are right back in the thick of things that the -- don't like Chicago could keep some distance but now. The Packers back on top after the baseball -- -- these spot if by took over the packed with. In the NFC north and Steve. This is excellent ballclub it's just kind of pulled it off the deal like he knew they were put up with a tough fight against the Packers they always do that Tim Jennings -- innings. 72 yard interception return for a pick six that was a big play in the game. Didn't play that game and I think come out of that game scared about -- Giants game that anything has figure packer sent. Batters off a -- well absolutely atrocious -- that Matt -- a horrible. Daniel left guard Evan Dietrich Smith who got -- to the left guard. After the injury to the right tackle Bryan life dot the year -- daylight somewhat guard right tackle. Thought -- -- -- on the line does not look good against Detroit with the Giants coming up. And their formal front seven in the -- struggled in the past. To go back to last year in the play out of the tibia pretty ugly game for the Packers offense coming up on Sunday night. Steve you know -- -- our players our coaches always say the right things -- becomes the you know -- team that coming in he sees that we before we face the same thing Sunday. As Saints take on -- out of the game they feel like they. Should one of the Green Bay had everything and they're -- control and make it down made about New York anything new lingo is overload you think you clearly. 2012. Pack is -- time. And and I definitely think that the Packers -- this game circled. -- last year and for -- and in the pocket but some of these guys they -- right for the week and we are talking about it last week about my game actually might have been a trap game for the packer team in the middle of the week. The -- in -- lolly -- him to a practice kind of sleepwalking. And Aaron Rodgers had to get the attention. To get them focused and get going and then Donald Driver after -- games that they have any energy in the first half of that line -- so. -- believe everything kind of focus. I'm a Giants game on top of that they practice outside. Last week in Green Bay evened out there in the home team in Detroit which again points decide that they were already kind of started to get ready. I'd have to go to New York can't play outside in. Trying to cold weather at this time here. Steve now the big match of this we -- you talk about yours of the charts is playing Houston on Thursday so the rest the visa will look at. As Chicago takes some Minnesota that's of one extra playoff implications. To tackle Minnesota. Talk about that game now bad ballclub they look really good at QB though. Now has lost three straight in there. Heard. Yeah I'll be out to the I'm questioning whether or not or didn't make the playoffs to be out here at this point. After watching -- Korean Mueller is now former Wisconsin badger you look like Tony -- trying to guard Reggie White -- years ago that's all around like rag doll out there both tackle obviously have to play better Minnesota's. Up front four can go out probably know that the weight Frank Gore was able -- football against that Bears defense. I'd give -- I think if you're Minnesota Vikings and that -- to get a contract and long and they don't turn over the ball Beisel in the football I didn't like you get every opportunity to be their so we can. He is balky five flew over the green bay Packers and the -- antsy -- -- that you as if the in the Milwaukee Steve thank you so much for the -- have a great things you. You bet you -- all right thank you very. Third down San Francisco short run him. Looked around strip club fight that -- Ten yard touchdown in his second. It's not down for me for the game or moment hampered him. And it was a big night last night Al west as San Francisco took care of it has dominated Chicago Bears 327 with back -- -- captain -- here to help us talk about. The NFC west and the San Francisco 49ers Mike -- okay geo television might. Doubt that the -- last night by the 49ers this wasn't even close. I think yeah -- rather curious set that out on cabinet would slide that the -- ever started. You know regular season game and we just sort of see what the kid was made boy -- perhaps greater mobility and arm strength supplied Colin you know open up the opposite article -- a little bit. -- -- -- that Bears defense was so anyone that's the only city that it looked like they. I've never played before so it was pretty impressive. Mike Seattle comes off very good position when you think about -- the today about a week it's except for. Now they are well rested and they have a chance long trip. But they go take on a Miami at -- mean I was looking and they have not won a divisional. A game this season but they have three hit at their home coming up the rest of the way he went three. The remaining three at home a Seattle team that looks like they can make a push for the playoffs. They -- -- -- -- but in the it would block on article 49ers now. Whether the out or -- -- -- opposite Bobby. That -- outlets that oil well because we Jets about the game was not a problem -- start against the Marlins they actually QB that will be. We thought that -- -- kind of interesting that. You know well out to let it all year that he -- that door open but. You can make around there and kind of built like -- -- uttered you're the current good run -- young quarterback is going well that. The Puerto at this position -- about but it -- in the -- those starts at quarterback actually gets -- well. -- she recovers the San Francisco forty pounds in the NFC with the KGO television. In San Francisco might thank you so much for the time have a great -- he would. I guess you have go to jail for president Obama's that that Chicago probably has the best defensively -- out. It gets so won't be the first time it's been wrong about something right. He had yet so I don't know. Whitman took the ball down -- they are that. Reached. Kevin back Chris price of the with a over -- and the guys that. The rest. And it's a round. With the football all three games there will be you know that you haven't heard Detroit they -- Washington. Redskins. Eight at the new York. At a Thursday night's -- off the year on that. On the plate they want to prove stepped up in the pocket throws to the battle you all the throws to receiver -- it's intercepted. The Patriots. Running up the points in the field instantly. Right tackle for the numbers but for the Littlefield that if not it's funny to the fifty that's and it it. Patriots. Well not -- no way. And a big pick -- their for the Patriots in a blowout victory over. The Indianapolis Colts what's now fourteen to seven they outscored the coats the -- -- suited to hand. The rest of the way Chris price of -- he had that come come with the Patriots secrets this looked like it was going to be a very good game and Mann act you know I look at it is something -- going back to the week before Buffalo had the ball the Patriots in the -- habeas court game. But I just didn't think Indianapolis would get blown out like the isn't Osama -- with a rookie but this equality went for the Patriots -- a dominant -- I think. It really is when you consider what the Indianapolis Colts have been able would you over the it was they -- six and three missed that that's a good ballclub. It is it is and and and I. Being in you in in in the wake up and rocker got you about it before forgetting about that but they got a really good performance. Not only from their offense and put up 59 point but they got fourteen point from the defense that returned to. Interception for a touchdown to go to such a special teams -- great contributions from all three areas of the game it was certainly a the kind of happy that the kind of windy you can -- pure Patriots and. Chris now looking at the resident visa -- does seem like now this is it I mean you know doing the wins this week you know Thursday night. I've always it's just a -- but to -- you going to put does this thought next to them they've they've lock up the AFC east once again I mean I -- -- surprises -- in the Saint Louis. In -- won the game the way they have been struggle in the way to Rams have been playing what they did good enough defense and -- ran the ball well which Shawn Green but. I still distinctive you know. Other than that the robbery -- a little bit. I'm seeing more of a matchup this week Chris -- to be wrong but like one of the ones -- it was real lopsided in the favored Patriots. I don't think it hit the clintons that good as it has been when he first met that would mean when Rex -- first got there. I agree I think that is going to be some -- just because the primetime game on Thanksgiving night. You know that the crowd majors he's going to be pretty well I think it is pretty excited but you know I think. Started a couple folks probably get and they think that's going to be kind of situation for the Patriots appear by at least two touchdowns -- up and outline you look at the individual matchups and each one of them you'd have to think they're most of anywhere without the tip of the Patriot yeah I mean if you talk about the division in the Patriots ability to wrap up the division they would go up by at least three teams with five games to play. And at that point you know you interpret at the teacher to a lot of people concerned. -- or is that now then it becomes okay you look at the -- you look at the way as a way you -- you look at them all that you look at the south in the end you know all about right now you know. Manny you just gotta keep winning -- thought this past Sunday it. You would have been basically just the game out of the top seed because of what you do with who they were down fourteen points in the fourth quarter so if you win. It's not a given that Houston and all these are the team to -- one out so I think it Patriots at -- Very much alive for everything including a -- seated in the -- American conference. Yeah I think the Patriots missed that opportunity this weekend with that I used to come from behind win and I think if it checked the critical that game I think you know that December 10 game between the Patriots the Texans in Foxboro would have a far greater implications that it has now I think that being said it tilting it's going to be important when except that -- going to be -- playoff picture I think you look at the situation now. With the Texans and the Broncos still have Utah attracted the double double of the number two spot. But the Patriots are right there one of the that this slip up so I think the Patriots are comfortable with the number three Q obviously -- better at it like that first weekend off come come playoff time. But you know the greens with things to third Hughes located that report. Chris as far as the rest of the AFC. Won't UT is the team that matches that the best the Patriots may be the Patriots. Don't wanna see in the post season. What a -- question. You know why we go back in into the deep struggled lately but I go back to Baltimore Baltimore's mentally tough. -- he played the Patriots go to south over the last years including Lester in the Egypt Egypt you -- right there at the very -- the Cubans Foxboro I think it is a great. Respect between those two teams but I think the Patriots. Would definitely go -- him in the postseason I think that they match up. Across the board with some other teams very well. You know it did they handle them earlier in the season I think that that Texans matchup will be very interest in one. But but yeah I had -- Baltimore and Indy Pittsburgh again you know there's there's a bit of a rivalry there with the Patriots so but I I think really Baltimore the team that that the the -- -- really don't want Pete -- dark and also to Europeans -- what happened earlier in the -- -- -- went on the Baltimore. They lost the lead in the fourth quarter the Ravens. You know turned -- -- -- -- -- come away without one and though the though a lot of questions about you know have a replacement refs affect that you -- getting ahead at the Ravens went out there and again I think the Ravens are probably the team that the people wanna be the least they don't suppose he. And Chris as far as that look on the other side over you know. You guys have a lot of history knew along the first two bowl loss the bears' second Super Bowl loss -- the Packers in the third with a trauma. One of the biggest of on the Dolphins Super Bowl history the Vinatieri field goal so. I know the fan base over their New England it got to -- point toward the great history you have this in order to get consumable that you won your first year. Yeah you know I doubt that the Patriots never born suitable nor did -- -- -- -- I always think that that -- -- Very. Deep connection there for Patriots fans when you're talking about that anymore I'll put dimension to -- what reasonable thirty wanted to -- 36. All very memorable game for one reason or another for Patriots fans and a lot of interest and would love it. More than anything to be able to get down there one more on this -- were. Chris price that was the New England Patriots AFC east for the big -- -- UEEE aren't back there Chris thank you so much enjoy it they'd given. Prepare all right we will continue around the league covered up the National Football League week. This past weekend's action points -- a short week three games Thursday come up here on WW. Shot with a god throws -- quite -- wide receivers yeah. If I'm playing I'm playing good -- And access to good. The Red Sox -- 48 yards. Thank goodness. You did win. Overtime. And it was the biggest favorite this week in any needed overtime and lead in overtime to win but he got it done. Improving to 91 on the season I would the league desperate with -- event that they -- that you detect the it would it's. Talk about the Texans in the AFC south is Chris Duncan of the Associated Press Chris thank you so much for the time in the like now with the loss of the the Colts say that the Texans this is basically a formality discount them a number of weeks which they lock up the south but also lost -- -- can give him all four division leaders not the same AFC still have a shot at an all of the season captaincy so. You -- you know I have a lot to play for deficit -- the. Get it certainly view it and I mean as a matter fact we were talking to players taken there and actually -- an area where the Texans can actually clinch a playoff spot this weekend if they win. And they need a combination of the Titans and -- the Chargers and and have to lose I mean it's it's it's a bit of a longshot but -- -- I'm going to last already armed this weekend that they you know that the players don't even know about apparently thinking about that it's. It's such a hectic week because they have emotional game you know about like we heard on just then on Sunday. And then they get it's quick turnaround at a long flight to Detroit tomorrow and they got to play the early early game. On Thanksgiving so they're really upbeat about the big picture just yet they just -- -- game by game so far. Chris Cheney comes in man in Jacksonville was not afraid they win early in all the DT Justin Blackmon seventh at 236. Is that an aberration or a week or we gonna see more teams -- to go over the top targets with with a guitar ballclub that's -- -- receiver to Calvin Johnson. They certainly do. Again so -- supposed to talk about that today and he kind of was accentuate the positive. Looking at other Texans defense finished the game I'm ran in the first three quarters language at any you know like they came in. Not playing every game at the first period -- double. And Wade Phillips admitted today just look at were short pass thrower. And we kind of had a game plan setup for you know short -- and that's that's he'd Chad Henne has and the longer you know stronger arm thrown it down field. And Wade Phillips just kind of signal or bad calls out there might -- just kind of a bad bad defense. -- walk in. And -- and he would just seeing opportunities on the field and Justin Blackmon. You know and it breakout game it's got him all the way to keep him but -- -- -- secondary you know they were bigger -- guys are shaking her head up -- quarters that. It was an aberration because you know remember what happened with the Packers. Match Sunday night game. You know Aaron Rodgers just shredded them on and it's really quite a -- and -- -- -- -- up next week against shall Flacco agreement to have a pretty good opted to seed in. And they completely shut that down so they're thinking that it's an aberration but again like he's. Now Matt Stafford and Kelly Johnson a dangerous. That the that the formula for no one goes -- protection because I don't they had those two guys and Tibet has not been and I'll also only two days to prepare work. And two teams in this division all likelihood that they continue to play well we'll be in the playoffs. India Texans and the -- of separation in the three game between the first two but I guess my question Chris is we saw. I used to go into Baltimore and basically but -- won that game should've won that ballgame but all the division leaders New England Baltimore and Tim Burke. Which -- do you think. Gives the worst the matchup all opposed the biggest problem that you. Well -- what we're gonna see in a couple of weeks. I'm we're gonna get a definitive -- on -- in the play at New England on Monday night it kind of shaping up like the other game of the year and you see armed but minority you know -- they went on out to Denver in week three and they beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos -- -- a huge game. But I mean obviously -- Manning wasn't quite you know in Britain won quite you know than -- the Broncos -- quite have it together like eighteen have been together now. So that would be I'm really really intriguing matchup that he -- Texans and Broncos Natalie. You know because of the team you know themselves the -- -- -- on the Texans but it appeared as finely win. You know but it almost it almost -- -- -- he -- the protection standpoint that they would have been a true Peyton Manning again and nemesis. Gary Kubiak would have to go through -- only team. To get right to know them behind and in the play out that almost seems. You know we're talking now in in that media room today and -- almost seem destined to be he kind. The Broncos at some point did Peyton Manning and the Broncos it is going to be like in the way that it it's certainly be interest in it it. All the important again against the Patriots because you know it's obvious to the most political -- in -- -- And one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Against the deeper and that is that has really played well the last two years. Chris Duncan -- with the AFC south and the Houston Texans below the Associated Press Chris thank you so much have a great Thanksgiving week. No problem here is so. Think -- many. Folks want to -- he's got stuck strictly as a touchdown the play him 31 yards banning -- -- In Denver Brees is currently the 67. And was shades of that but the equipment there a -- 1043. They're hosting element on evidence it AM damn game where we want people that. In the Balkans and the media was -- -- -- I am am and the at the end that you think it gave up a touchdown and dare we I'll -- by half a point and I know it -- -- -- a local news week. -- Micah. Is -- many many years. And we gave mark the Broncos. Chargers and I'd been a lot -- players of any game where you more frustrated. That -- Rutgers went straight to the point that time. And so. Quick. And in the that this year. Then you look at the rest in his division you're in the history I mean nobody's come close to them army come -- they've they've they've got every kind of break you can think of against. San Diego elsewhere the and so. -- look at. The rest of the week the week in Houston. Baltimore Pittsburgh. That was possible playoff teams and they would come the divot whether it's the divisional round -- the -- we couldn't put -- What do you think this team to date. They've met so well across the board seemingly from the outside looking in we saw you guys want you can run the ball well deeply that the fifth. And I get Peyton Manning I mean I think this team could commit to -- but. The only thing we. And pop the question that -- beat the Patriots. On the road and -- we still haven't figured that out but it. Was pleased with Tebow. And out burger the agreement like paper tiger not rated them. It's -- tournament they're gonna come back toward third. The Patriots to an end. We are right now we I don't think we can't be -- it's. On the road now -- here and different deal. At any. More about it -- I. -- -- All but on the court. But we had an incredible. Hitting department. I think. Bob and we can do that and go through. Well I you know and they could be yeah I I just think did it if there's a teammates feel they can do some things. On a road and it is not an intimidation tactic if it is the event knowing that I mean I know you don't tackle him but. All likelihood he's is that you know if that's the scenario -- when they played at Texas and a couple of weeks you do you keep him out of the top two seed they have become the units. Bears do much elaborate you talk about Thibodeau greatness down here in new wallet with Super Bowl history -- I'm sure they would like to make another trip. About it autumn and into the conversation -- because of that. One spot there do you. You can get that she's a scheme against the readers and it game against the -- and what. -- -- out pretty well and then on the road ball more that would be interesting but the the clean up. For the Broncos right now I'm in the conversation here has -- and Manning that. Was is that beaten all fired at what they can view in the playoffs. Yeah. Right now and you go into the punters. And the -- apples won't -- that answered. By Cutler. It appeared and -- not they were a bit. Actually. Can't if you had your vision now the white horses in the Big Easy and you who would you like -- see him hopefully in the Super Bowl. By -- that -- -- as the easy one amicable and this is the story and can we yeah we don't want to hear that they'll give us another one. I. Admit that at the end of the team to be quite -- you -- against the Broncos. Off. That cut -- off all. -- -- -- worst team in Atlanta this year. And they'll do you know what's going to be on the road early in -- and that that -- you look at the end we just really -- -- I'll -- just. You wouldn't UN won't get to have his beaten notes them via that that took. But I was just think I was just thinking I don't think it came to Noah. Well I think the first who bullet in the dome was was the was that the -- in the Bronco if a couple of things. Great -- it but you guys out here you guys have much better trust me -- if you guys want to play in the Super Bowl it. If you play in Atlanta oh lord ought Dallas you would have ended by Dan me and him mom and dad is code poet Jack Robert -- Or. Go mine own game. In the third quarter we think now would be wonderful place to be enough early February and but it nipping at the way they've made an up and -- and felt that. The offense can -- in in the -- The debate -- clinic. It is going to be helped by the -- the different view in the last sixteenth creep into the awful awful competition and a fumble. He is. -- a key though was the Denver Broncos in the AFC wins but the thing again and again. Thank you so what's the term have a great Thanksgiving week you -- All right thank you there. Went out Friday night in a big day for -- Friday here on WW of course all sorts of coverage you know they'll beat traffic coverage for you in satellite balls at right. Dave -- -- his crew reported this is that it's always a fun day for radio because we've got a course that I a couple of early in the morning. It is Gordon who's next in the morning it is like we come on in life you know that you football and they don't you also at San report you -- figure -- that makes that sent it out. It's been neat -- it's different malls in different places they -- you covered. And it's a football Friday -- issue. Who at -- his thoughts at Manny AM 130 that kick off in the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- but you know some huge matchup. Including a dream matchup a dream matchup that the we will be at. Revisited them do every week. As senate doesn't lost the car and it's and that cost. The against you say. Irresistible force against the unstoppable object in an opponent in the -- all -- knight's involvement -- I have been waiting and I want the brackets came out this is what we pointed to a classic you know sent -- can go because. Go on holiday played a seventy at saint Thomas -- -- I was group. That's a perennial second third semi file type team with the gold in dominate in the way they did. Who -- I can only imagine how many people on beat this game Friday night. -- -- that was a little bit surprising to me that they didn't have any trouble whatsoever with this -- him this -- the Cougars have been on a roll lately you know they start off a little slope. And end the Bob midway through the season they just got Roland in and they were just killing people and and saying all went to their house. And dominated and and that that to me shocked me a little bit. So yet you know I think car's -- cars to get all they want out of out of -- in all team you know especially. One week after car went up north to Shreveport. And -- about half of that ball game. It was you know not not in the 77 and and then in north woods. Had had a pretty good game going against car in the car blew it open right there at the end but. It is going to be interest -- -- see how car handles the scene on a team that seems to be firing pretty well also. But but -- who was with -- he's out my right hand man on prep football of course while gives you what you need to know each and every Friday night we -- off all the off prep shall. With that -- and he's a big bought from a -- over saint covers -- is well opponent last Ortiz and Marco you talk about -- heavy -- with area teams including. -- make 35 ballclub it's got some tremendous talent. In the -- at the final final weeks of the season. They improved their position at 22 positions they went from basically being nonexistent. To gaining all aware of -- to the Taiwanese and so they basically thought a playoff format about seven weeks ago. And now they'll win away from getting to the state semi final take on -- Catholic. One of a handful of teams that will be here in New Orleans area but clearly class forays historian and a walk -- -- there. Definitely three games at home for for New Orleans area teams just in the foray bracket alone he got Clark at home technically but they're host insane dog. So really amicus a fourteen at home. But -- holy cross going to be hosting the groans and then like he's -- McDonald 35 who. Came out of nowhere to make it in the playoffs for the 41 seed and now they're at home in the quarterfinals and that's the -- interesting match up because too early exit 111. And you know. They've they've dominated teams at times this year but their won loss. They they didn't look so good souls you'll see what Terrell Owens rebels team shows up. When they make that your appeared and plus it's also their first road trip these playoffs so we'll see how they respond to it to a a New Orleans crowd that's probably going to be raucous for McDonald thirty -- Holy cross that there was it's Tigers would have found them all season long it was off first -- -- around the -- talk. In the great America around every day in Jazz -- only two losses the holy cross and with a badly I would do it's we and number one rubble. They entertainment bronze in the beauty of -- is either cause -- all hold across. If holy cross comes out that we know bought a semi final four -- -- albeit a city that's -- you're saying now we get credit for traveling. This week to -- so even if saint now -- to win and all the others that the grunt sort of wind was an Ozzie at home they get credit for Trabant. From the -- to the West Bank that's that's half that's what makes -- so much fun. About Trabant here and and so -- put on hold across Bob LaMont is that -- haven't flown below the radar but let's not forget they beat San ultimately losing. They did and they they had an off year last year I think -- one -- we look at Adam but they've they've come on strong this year and in Dalton you know. Don't sleep on them because number six seed and end. You'll they'll be an if they win they'll be back at home basically even though they're playing against -- -- as a as an away team they'll they'll get a hold of almost a home game. To try to get to the superdome for the championship so holy cross is definitely a strong shot to make it to the final game. And then mark of course -- goes to watch at all the big thing for -- they go out there that's a hall ways to go fight it trip that is the way you wanna make the -- because. If that is who you have a little -- if they want to date before and so forth and leave early and don't have the fight at this week. But -- went that regardless there at home the next week but it's even and the -- all Catholic of bad routes in. Romo's now just a two wins away from it back the state championship marked the second time forcing. Yeah and and I think this week for Romo might be even tougher than than if they were to make it to semifinals -- -- was one of those teams up north. That you know every year they're strong their their up up north they they they put the ball keeps. And -- and the loss at all Lions have made had definitely you know made some strides it in the playoffs this year and they get a home game against the number one see we'll see what they can do with a all right that's -- -- -- out extra on man crippled by a random -- of disaster. He you know -- on Friday night. It would always -- off our program with what you need to know awkwardly off prime guys who come to you live from garments they. I'm sure there's going to be 78 the people there and it's going to be jam packed one of the most anticipated playoff game we've seen in -- Mitchell -- In a very long time was that the in the call cuckoo's. And the senate does that purple and I thank them at the moment I'll -- -- studio and of course on things it puts him on the belt -- makes -- school. Right here on -- BW him but he.