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11-21 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Monica Pierre

Nov 21, 2012|

Monica in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about the Thanksgiving holiday and turkey tips

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Dave and Wang I was struck by its general says that many people on the road. I'm coming over drive from the west bank and driving a look around and I am the only one we're on the road -- to kind of lonely coming in this morning in the dark it did feel very little doubt no doubt about it later on. I think there'll be a little pick shoppers restart ahead. To grandma's. Absolutely. 43 million heading to grandma's girl what is says hey -- my -- don't get to grandma's grandma -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah I got a cheaper gas which is good. And that helps and so I guess the increase and in travel. As we're going on for about the last 34 years. We've seen this increase increase increase and people are rooms you know here in the -- I just. You know I was dismayed but I wouldn't wanna be doing the airport thing down Nadal -- -- issues too little bitty one at all in her and her husband their flying to her home -- -- Iowa I'll. I I you know I appreciate the effort you know in everything you're gonna go through red -- it now are -- sorry I'll just call you it's still little friendly level -- -- -- -- -- absolutely we -- talking before that was -- about this whether I recall a nicer Thanksgiving week off. No I don't either it's just been like wonderful every single day. And 7273. Yeah that yeah. San Diego weather every day it. And and it's gonna continue right on through life if you haven't got the Turkey yen in the fixings is gonna be perfect weather in which to do that now that'll be another ordeal. Our -- I had a taste of it yesterday and I didn't have to do turkeys and you know I'd had a -- a couple of things my body was account again in the little elbow to elbow. And I made a mistake you I'm gonna build a better than baloney I promised people's says I'm gonna go to night means that meeting last night. And I got lazy so I'm gonna have to do it today. Man Eddie long is that Iran is there he is ready. I'll be ready our parity pay the logic -- it. Good morning everyone I'm hoping you're having a wonderful wonderful start to -- And it's going to be a nice they would check him lie about now in the Eyewitness News forecast that about half forecast -- Christie Garrett will be up with sports. Check on if you love molesters for the holidays. We'll find out how available they -- this Thanksgiving for you of being mean you. Why many Americans are not even eating Thanksgiving meal at home a lot of them are opting for another option. And the news about twinkie that they had there -- -- added if you heard about this story this controversial whether or not this little boy. Who has Down syndrome can keep his little. Twinkies the -- that's all coming up my month this year in the vehicle in this morning Monday the addition of WWL first news. It's 515 on the early this WL first news I'm Monica pier in forgave Colin this morning and the weather is once again going to be pretty perfect -- that Turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings. Laura but Telus and the Eyewitness News four tests in today's sports. Yes lots of sunny skies today in mild again seven before this day before Thanksgiving and tonight lows dipping into the forties to the North Shore and fifties to the south. Mostly sunny for Thanksgiving Day highs around 73. Hang out early Friday morning will be in the forties on the North Shore and fifties south of the lake if you're grabbing some of those Black Friday deals. And highs Friday afternoon about 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent our meteorologist -- about -- Thanks a lot lot of right now fifty degrees under clear skies and another nice looking day well did the in New Orleans on its end. -- let's find out from -- yeah -- sports. The saints taking mama San Francisco 49ers on Sunday as they returned that a practice field today to be one of the best teams in the league coach -- -- says it starts with this week of preparation -- have a great week of preparation against San Francisco when these elite teams -- National Football League. Well no we won't have a chance to compete over get exactly what we deserve some and that's it. The saints are banged up along the offensive line with tackles Zach -- still recovering from a groin injury Charles Brown suffered a leg injury in the win over the raiders. The black and gold signed William Robinson in -- wide receiver Greg camera Ryo yesterday. Elsewhere around the NFL Steelers bring back. Wide receiver Plaxico Burress after sustaining some injuries at that position and ravens safety Ed -- has his one game suspension lifted by an arbitrator. Read what they get 50000 dollar fine. Seventh ranked LSU was on the road against Arkansas on Friday for the regular season finale. Coach plus miles talks about the much improved passing game over the last several weeks with quarterback -- -- murder. Can really beat the chemistry of the passion usually come tell them come cook. War can connect. The the protections better than me come the routes from more defined and more expected. The New Orleans Hornets losing streak extends to four straight games the New York Knicks smashed the hornets 10 today eighty hornets topic anti Davis did not play with a stress reaction in his left ankle the team says. His status going forward will be date today and wants -- back in action tonight on the road. Against the Indiana Pacers in David West today at four on WB well it's forestall what Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia who's the biggest sports Turkey of the year. -- the -- miles show on WWL 87 EAM at 7 PM. At 6 PM we'll have the hornets and pacers on 105 point three WWL SN Kristian garic WWL sport. And Christian -- go to -- is pretty bloody says the saints really are going to have to prepare and bring their a game for this Sunday's game against San Francisco. Yet the best in the league east last. Niners. Beat him 3632. Divisional round the post season. -- -- done in the that -- blew out the payers in the night it. A lot alike at the better the -- -- it felt so the good news is Monica they give at home and they'll on that faster. Surface India that we that each item so. Yeah that could tip the scales right and also adding on the the -- is going to be a short week for the 49ers -- yeah yeah I mean that that's part of it but. They blew out the bears have been in it and if I -- -- -- so it's not like we would have liked to have seen Monica one of those thirteen to ten. Knockdown drag out. It's on Monday night -- physical but it wasn't very. And what's that case on Monday night but yet they are going off a short week plus they're traveling. From -- a -- different time zones so it's. That's an impact of. And the people Turkey -- -- -- Is stuck on an -- a lot of I like it -- is -- -- the ticket in the next step Christine parent all the sports. We're going to talk about while people -- deciding to. Go to grandma's house for the meal with Thanksgiving but by another spot in which to enjoy the and -- the -- there BP is at the center of a big dispute. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As emotional problems really does little page in lines that they say -- -- -- this. That's all coming up as well. How do you like -- Turkey. -- -- -- -- But he elected regular traditional -- amber. O'Leary would -- Okay boat right both US and traditional one anymore you like your Turkey. 26187. Or 8688898. Then you may send me text and -- -- but he -- them. I'm on the year in for -- -- this morning on the early edition of WWL. -- news. I'd like to -- via. If you golf course and it's only out there you have to travel to work however that many people on the road but it'll probably not as people like many full Thanksgiving making deals last minute preparations. Is going to be really. Nice you're Wednesday outlook lots of sunshine highs of 74 this afternoon clean skies tonight and lows dropping to about 45 on the North Shore 53 -- the lake. Tons of sun for Thursday your Thanksgiving Day -- toward the afternoon 73. And for your Black Friday shopping partly cloudy skies we'll see -- starting in the forties north fifty self but Indian by the afternoon around 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast tenor I'm meteorologist -- -- out. Thanks a lot lower right now fifty degrees and clear we're asking you this morning how do you prefer your Turkey of course. You know what's Thanksgiving without -- beautiful bird right -- as the centerpiece and everything up at the supporting role. And despite the prevalent online debates overdrive vs wet. What people are talking about now is traditional debate over. Deep frying. Your Turkey so do you like that the further deep fried -- as the regular traditionally which is always pretty good. We had some texts coming and let's see done. One person said that Thanksgiving he's thankful for the saints but they're going to actually handle the 49ers like. And over affront to Turkey. -- mom -- -- -- that now. I don't like Turkey equipment be much happier if I could order a pizza. -- -- Make you happy. Have you wanna tune in which you can -- -- -- today. And then put in the -- refrigerator and does that in India and tomorrow going to be. -- believe them is so -- am not arguing with somebody who prefer to on a pizza at Thanksgiving. And Dexter for the 225 -- says to wrap it in bacon. Absolutely beautiful cooking your bird to a fried -- as the most -- kick beat nationwide according to Google. People are wanting to know how to use deep fry a Turkey and the highest number of where queries on how to defrag Turkey. I'll come from a deep southern states though folks like -- -- Louisiana. Want to know how to do it according to Google people was searching to find out how to do -- South Carolina Mississippi. And Alabama. Americans love friars that increasing number are concerned with -- So why. But there's also began Thanksgiving searches going up the 35%. From two points and 22 and gluten free. Turkey. -- it's once -- and a once a year it's. The real Turkey -- -- is like doing cool. Are being hailed it why have the -- one why I have blue light Philadelphia cream cheese jest get the real. An amber agrees with me on that one as well so how do you like cuter you prefer it. Bates traditionally I do you like it deep fry but -- doesn't really good deep fried Turkey. An amber you might do it to eat the Turkey. But be careful I don't know why people would do it in an enclosed place. Why I don't Nelson is probably why they are actually Google and you tried to fry a Turkey under attendant -- Additionally -- it was a rating. Well at day. Have of course you're almost burned down at -- Absolutely I prefer my Turkey out of office. The -- that. I took my in oil less fire on analysts friar on the -- So sit on the -- even give us the opportunity to not talk about a smoked Turkey. That I really really like packages between. Traditional debate one at the fried won -- smoked Turkey I'm going with the smoke I think that is absolutely deep malicious. How do you like your Turkey -- prefer it colony at 260187. Or 866. 889087. -- You can detect that would be at 870 -- that cell deeper for let's go to quickly Mike on the north of the morning line. Lot of us -- go out fine -- bit. Don't write again I'd sell. Traditional which debate -- like it ride out the early smoked. I vote but not much different than that out bookmark -- -- history. It just has more in here and there has it would be I have you don't want me to waned and the found that let you do try. You know because again that's not -- part that's probably why now I'll eat it -- -- they have but I don't always -- must -- -- fried Turkey. It would so more. Love love love it's are you spending Thanksgiving. -- but yeah. I'm all about how much Obama and the government and down here. That's one god country areas you know that the wonderful amateur EU which is great traveling the getting in your car they'll fly out anywhere in the coming. One of my happy Thanksgiving to you at all by a guy. Coming apple -- and a -- part smoked. Right our abate the top in Turkey indicates that -- of the year yesterday -- this morning on the early edition of WWL first news. And David we're talking Turkey this morning right now you have how do you prefer your Turkey do you like in the traditional way you know that big beautiful birth dates and just yeah. -- -- Do you like it deep fry on do you like it's. Smoked. To the other it is an on camera I've got to be honestly and we've we've experimented in over the years we -- deterred -- and at times and redo the the deep fry it. And -- I dislike them -- regular rolled the general of the old roasted Turkey yeah you know liberal media -- butterball then again pop pop pop up yeah. And if you do that right in baste it and get -- just you know acknowledges the yummy stuff and the -- slice it it's property we always we seem to end up back there are gonna you know back in showing a story. That's hard to beat the other once through but I've I think I've had trouble with the of the deep fried some of the ones -- -- And these I didn't do them you know somebody else -- -- the came -- dry and yet you know I don't know if it's a big and let -- house down amber about recently new years ago she -- A deep fried Turkey under at ten. Oh and it was grain. So intent on fire pretty much -- unit on the thing yep yep yep yep and a half ago I've seen some fancy ones and even in the store this year over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before we go you know people -- talking Turkey cooking Turkey frying turkeys smoked Turkey. There's a Koppel in line -- completely alone their Turkey especially Thanksgiving. But it happened actually at Turkey's -- Turkey -- have a body doesn't hurt them Arkansas on duty. On a farm my god did I would one of these people next door. -- got going on. Like this of nameless Turkey. Europe on holiday. And sell some of these birds. They wanna sell them -- dollars a pop guy admit that would be -- -- folks that buy the Turkey is certainly would be you know you get an awful big one for forward. Maybe a giant a jive Turkey. And we say yes robot 39 a around different -- -- look at Turkey you know it is a little bit more so do these big bully them at all that you -- -- keep them keep them OK all of the hand people are indicative. At -- -- relegated. All right that's iWeb -- Bogota the lower but only just a moment with a talking to you about our Turkey and fact. I have a couple of -- feel at the Monica I'd try smoked Turkey one year I had problems inhaling. Like. Didn't like Turkey one text -- -- says until the discovered did deep -- And I think up there if you go to -- Turkey and all that -- -- do it -- adopted so what do Texas that's the way to go occurred docket. Very very -- -- -- Turkey this morning Heidi like your Turkey. Right. About now still -- 84. Giving at the day before Thanksgiving so we gonna get your Turkey choices -- preferences later Q okay. What are things you says. About them and tons of fun -- like that that is a wonderful time at at. It is hot hot hot mild mild mild and -- part -- -- I mean we haven't seen much of a change all week we've been in the 40s50s in the morning. And then right around 7875. In the afternoon and it again today. And again that -- I'll I'll absolutely take anything like mild weather -- that I want to be a little bit cooler for Thanksgiving holiday -- -- maybe but that really for us. -- mean it's near perfect comfortable whether you have to Wear that jacket and that sort of thing. After aides are going to be mild -- touch football game after. Thanksgiving once again tomorrow. With the -- about 73. And get your -- -- parents today maybe extort one last time at that cranberry sauce stuff like that it's Miami where that rain. No problems it's going to be great one any changes at all on down the -- beaten. It's bound to be beautiful it it through Friday at and we can't looks nice off coming through Friday night. It's not going to bring -- rain with that but it will drop temperatures down -- it for Saturday and Sunday's highs Saturday 63. And -- sixty force that will be a pretty big change for the weekend. Cooler it'll feel probably more like that it d.s on Saturday probably have to bring that jacket back out for the weekend at least through Friday. It's gonna be mild. And also okay how do you prefer your Turkey you know I'd say I'm happy to act like anyway how my favorite way is -- smoke at and that's. And my grandfather ECT -- gets each smoker it's -- -- you're three Turkey beat date I don't have time for that at bats and I do it up at stake to an irregular way you cook a Turkey acting up. But that now look fried Turkey and it's hard to pick I just -- -- -- -- the Victor -- -- -- -- -- I love that -- -- at one myself but had -- at the staff's prepared at act and act. Wonderful you know the wonderful thing. I'm working tomorrow I meet you we'll tell we'll chat and more okay do you discuss them our favorite sites is doesn't answer all I love side dishes sometimes I would need and want the Turkey eldest son of -- beside item and yet I items in the industry absolutely -- little backwards -- I. Others that may be like that you. They can sell my stock used to have a -- meteorologist Laura but tell Libya Eyewitness News forecast -- so she likes Turkey anyway you give it to our -- it will continue talking Turkey. One person text shot up with injection and deep fried by yours truly -- right 95 area code. Absolutely fantastic. Coming out we'll check in with Christie Garrett at the latest in sports plus. We'll tell you a little bit about house folks are saying you know. My Turkey that at home and other place double talk about that coming up I'm -- appear in for Dave Cohen this morning on the early edition WL first news. 547 on the early edition of everything else refuse them -- sea air and joining us now is Kristian -- with the latest news. The saints have waited to get the 49ers on their turf since San Francisco bounced them from the post season. Last year in the divisional round of the playoffs coach Joseph -- says they haven't forgotten about tag game but. We run into a buzz saw last year they beat us that being said this is a new season this -- a new set of challenges this is a whole new week and this is our next opponent. The saints are banged up along the offensive line -- right tackle Zach -- still recovering from a groin injury -- Charles Brown he suffered a leg injury in the win over the raiders. Black and gold signed William Robinson and -- the wide receiver Greg camera Rio. Elsewhere around the NFL Steelers. Bring back wide receiver Plaxico Burress after sustaining. Some injuries that the wide receiver position ravens safety and Reid has his one game suspension lifted by an arbitrator Reid will pay 50000 dollar fine coach less miles -- EL SU tigers looked like a team that has some things going on offense on the ground and through the air. -- -- Continues to make a -- ocean that knowledge of communal that -- things come together truly. Benefiting immensely and very confidently -- little ball well again this describing. LSU was on the road this week of the regulars finale. In Fayetteville against the Arkansas Razorbacks the hornet's -- -- -- -- 102 to eighty new worlds is now on a four game losing streak topic Anthony -- day today with an ankle injury the hornets are on the road tonight against the Indiana Pacers. The action starts and -- one at 6 PM today at four on WWL it's forestall what Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia who's the biggest force Turkey of the year. Plus plus miles show on WW LE seven EAM at 7 PM. At 6 PM we'll have the hornets and pacers on 105 point three WWL FM Kristian garic WW wells. Ports and push and I liked but the coach is saying coach a bit about you know -- you when you have. A bag last in a game you just can't think about it that much in this can't be on the forefront this is a new page in new season a new time. A new experience going forward with the 49ers. That's one of these like about -- it now runs the team Monica is that it's more like Sean Payton and that's the MOR the message that. That jumping would add even after a win today it's on the next opponent -- -- dollar time and it really doesn't matter. They don't put a lot of stock into what happened last year whether -- the regular season. Or the post -- face esteem and ego that -- on Sunday against San Francisco 49ers is probably. One of the toughest teams they faced all year or. Absolutely in the -- on Nancy you know snag though I'm doing good and it's a young team and everything that unit got a heart we keep those like -- -- four straight losses now -- of course it -- do you heard Eric Anthony Davis sidelined with a stress reaction in his ankle. He's dated days and they need all hands on deck if they're gonna make any -- toys RR have a respectable season that they keep. And a few injuries going to be along year they are young team coach money waves doing his best that I think he'll. They'll end up getting you know the best that that team but they're just young and -- their suffered some injuries right now. All right Christian thank you very much. A coming up we're gonna continue talking Turkey we're gonna talk to Dick in Florida who says. He -- the traditional one but you know he has a few tricks up his sleep we'll talk to him. And also all one person says that the way the best way to eat Turkey that she refers. He prefers is the one that someone else cooks yes happy -- you think -- that Laura but feel I have you give it to me is how like. The Monica -- intraday Cohen on the early edition of WL first news. How do you like Turkey -- roasted do you like it deep fry do you prefer smoked I'm getting also tried a rotisserie Turkey better than fried Arabic how do you like it. But to go to. Dick Dick in Florida good morning -- That morning and am now are. I am fine -- from Florida so you liked the traditional roles did but you have -- a pick up his sleeve what is it. -- -- -- Where our I wrote that Turkey traditionally. The first hour cooking. I Howell. -- -- Now. What they sure do. Our I. And the first now. -- -- there. Be. Cool. Air. So even based and you think it works better when you do it you're away because he could be. Now I'll turn it also put -- -- for -- that proper keep the tree from. But. I add up all up where they can you can't. Use your. And very well okay -- that sells a lot of it if it works for you that's fantastic. He. Put -- out. The first hour and take the towel -- -- -- helpful or. Aren't saying. A ROK. Al I'll put -- that out. -- if you have a wonderful Thanksgiving game. It's a treat to hear you on the Arab League -- listen to your every morning and and days and again. And we started out let me because you're the old -- so that we can get news in the morning. But then you become our more -- station a shortage murder. Poor drive time in the morning especially they'll. We'll get a Arctic -- we've become family that's what it is. So there they'll who never -- -- -- Saturday morning. -- urging people well. Right Dick thank you so much and happy Thanksgiving to you in your family. You also and have a good weekend here. Well I'll write a go of a lot of war to me dolls -- -- -- but OK if it works it is war. What about knuckle sandwich is OK okay come on now -- right that's not what we're talking -- talking knuckle sandwiches were talking Turkey. -- prefer there's you know roasted do you like it. Smoke the it deep -- we'll get what -- -- that's coming up against the moment I'm Monica pier in pretty solid on the early edition of WWL for -- And it's 557 on the early edition of the WL first news and it's going to be a great day to got a lot of run around do. Sunny skies today and 74 this after being -- she prepped for all your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and tonight clear skies mid forties on the North Shore 53 south of the lake. Mostly sunny on Thanksgiving Day highs around 73. Then Friday Black Friday heading out to shop should be mild by the afternoon highs around 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast that our meteorologist Clark -- tell. Thanks a lot lot of right now it's fifty degrees well how do you prefer your Turkey do you like it down which rose theater bait to the one and I say bait but the typical boasted. Do you like it's a smoked a deep fry let's go to Oscar in river ridge good morning Oscar. More and I as more time him talking Turkey. Yes they're now what value the way up and I did the last -- outburst are a bit -- not wireless. Prior. Isn't that -- keep texting that I am not familiar with that. It like almost. Crawl. -- pot a little bit smaller. It's like oh wall. And I guess but. Boy it didn't -- but wall. It and it's very good at spike mark mr. law yes go last year for the they get -- -- that bitter. Both stopped -- it but that's Turk mine I've ever. He. The period so it just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they enjoyed it out but -- pretty decent start but you ought to do but it caught. They doubled do that the that was not familiar with it and I and I love honorable Alan you know and again that way you don't have all that dangerous the that you can happen. -- -- pretty good happy Thanksgiving to you really appreciated. Are much UN -- -- -- absolutely think I'll ask -- river ridge. You -- well a night. My favorite isn't the Turkey on Thanksgiving it's that Turkey Gumbel that follows yum yum have a great day guess we'll split -- up next with on the topic -- right now.

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