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11-21 8:10am Scoot talks about PETA & Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2012|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about PETA and Thanksgiving

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And I'm still thinking about -- Flowing Turkey in the and the refrigerators you know that you've been inspecting finally going nicely what did you get in their new. You know you feel the Turkey you feel the -- of the legs and everything and -- and it's it's just it's it's really supple and it's how often does that mean are you doing this I'm. Starting that they're worried a little better. The dolphins legend and a half. Noticed coming along very nicely -- because you give your body frozen out on a Sunday you're needed to do lots of inspecting well. You gotta make sure it's coming along at a I -- I'm raising the second yeah epithet that. It does it seem like it's the frosting this really on very nicely -- -- -- by taking out a little bit and and put it back in and poke around over this. Well you know you. You can and again you. You know you've you've you've field that you feel the Turkey and it's there nice and soft and or even a public look at now Motorola while -- how. -- I -- glory. Your -- well I am and I'm not in a relationship can at least is only got the turkeys are. And -- -- be just the right they're Erica yeah ever though pay prosecute sixteen pounder thought. Right time of year it's a wonderful time of year. Did you hear the and the -- controversy. I icon just a bit of -- you know I've always causes controversy around Thanksgiving so it's not the controversy but it's what they said you know what what is the problem now well they they want to do away with the presidential pardon. Of the Turkey because they say that that's somehow. Portrays the president of the United States is being in some sort of business partnership with the Turkey killing industry. But then Peta goes on to say turkeys do not need to be pardons. They are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice. They are innocence. -- should be respected. Where they are -- good mothers Smart birds an interesting animals when you know what if they were that Smart I wouldn't that Turkey wouldn't of ended up in my perfect fit. As iffy at that moderates are you through this intense. Not I. You know I try to keep an open mind with the appear forks I rarely do I do too but sometimes they just go overboard then they go on to say. Other not done yet now -- now they go on to say. You understand so well that African Americans. Women and members of the LG BT community. Have been poorly served throughout history. And now I'm asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed. Belittled and -- And treated. As if their feelings and nature's come from nothing so now we're equating the plight of African Americans women. And and gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transvestites. Took turkeys so now will there be like you know you can't discriminate against Turkey -- like eating it. And I'm sure they spent hours making this up and then riding -- it I'm an animal lover I have to admit -- I couldn't kill Turkey now and they're not a big potter never have been I'm gonna enjoy eating at. You know I mean it's actually gets to that point I mean am I -- you know just kind of I mean it's nice to have something for -- They give from a Turkey -- race when I again you got it you you got it you gotta hand it to -- You say you're going to be dining and to Mario Stanley -- do on the whole fair only retain and novels and a little traveling over the mobile and and do the after the whole burden. All the trimmings -- that's nice of the other night and I strive to your beautiful beautiful day for wherever anybody is -- -- just continue with this absolutely perfect weather. And and as -- don't be that way for even for the Black Friday shopping and it's amazing all right David we'll have a great thank you ma I'll talk to you in just a little idea. If you're gonna join us with a comment about anything we talk about this morning our number is 260187. In soul free 8668890878. -- numbers 87870. Like I'm an animal lover. I couldn't kill an animal. But I do enjoy eating -- I appreciate those who do. I'm not against -- its just not -- deal but I really think Peter and a little too far when they describe turkeys is. Good mother Smart birds interest in animals and then -- may be true. What we're also -- that's the part of connecting the plight of turkeys with African Americans women. And members of the LG BT community I think it's a little outrageous. It's a thirteenth Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving hope you're having a great -- glad you're with us this morning. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker we'll be right back on WWL. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I hope this is a nice calm day for you. Again we have so much stress in our lives and you know it comes to talk radio when it comes to political and social debate about the issues whether it's during the day. Or up on the show that I do at night here for me to midnight on to -- WL. You know we get in some heated discussions but. At a time like this while we are. Staying aware of everything is going on. If we can just take a break and relax and think about it talk about it Thanksgiving. And this time of year. And the beginning of the holidays. Then that's what we wanted to hear today. And -- will continue on the Garland Robinette Joseph Dave Cohen sitting in for -- today from ten to one. On top it's morsel joined him. Talk about holiday families and shopping and are you eating and eating out calling with your favorite your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Here are a couple of a more. Responses to our FaceBook question. What is your favorite non Turkey dish. In our FaceBook page is WWL. Radio. David the garlic stuffed roast. Kate asks home baked Mac and cheese. Patrick the hot sausage dressing sweet potatoes with crawl -- topping. Yeah I have to say mine is just going to be that the simple. Bean casserole. With the the cream of mushroom soup. And then the little fried to onion things. On top can't wait to do that I actually I I started doing a little cooking yesterday. And I I'm I'm so excited about getting off the air today and going home and starting to cook the that this stuff and and then I'll do the Turkey -- -- working tomorrow morning on Monica pier and I are going to be on the tomorrow morning for happy Thanksgiving New Orleans. We'll share of Thanksgiving family traditions and what we're most grateful for and you know I wanna challenge you to think about what your most grateful for and and maybe it's something that's not obvious but maybe it's something that you can mention that somebody else -- realize. We you know I really have taken -- for granite maybe I should be thankful for that as well. We'll talk about that tomorrow morning happy Thanksgiving New Orleans a Monica pier and I will be on the year from six to nine. On the station you call home for the holidays and all yearlong WW well. Charter boat captain Wayne you're on WWL happy Thanksgiving. I have consistently distorted. You know -- chocolate look at that date people out -- -- And every once in -- people show and -- and you know when an audience that people. And I got -- actually -- hero who was trying to talk me out of position. And that does -- And -- it well I'll tell you what. -- -- If you can get it finished and stopping a little fish out quickly. And it. I. Yes it is and and while I admit I'm not a -- I don't I don't. Present hunters it's what to people do is what is what's it's what needs to be done it's it's part of -- as you say it's. It's part of the is part of the whole process I can't do it but I'm grateful that to people do it so. So like and enjoy them the benefits of other some things that I won't eat because I'm too much of an animal of -- when he baby deal. And I've never had venison although I guess that's a little bit hypocritical because I love elk and I had that a couple of times and went in Denver. Captain when you -- very happy Thanksgiving. All right -- color show. Here is text about non Turkey. Thanksgiving dinner. Dishes oyster dressing and we've had a couple of those -- right I mentioned earlier about. I'll still be friends with -- your ex or being happy when your ex. When your ex gets remarried or. Start stating. And I got an email late last week the person I was with for sixteen years in Denver the person who. Who left me and that's what caused me to move back to New Orleans and you know that was a blessing and not leaving her but moving back to new worlds coming back to WW it was a true blessing in my life to have no regrets. When I got this tax that she's getting married. And we were gonna get married we were engaged he bought the wedding dress and we were gonna get. I am so happy for her in as I said last hour. If you have an -- and you have resentment. -- you can let that go because it's an -- if you can let that go. The freedom. Is. Exhilarating. The freedom that she will feel if you can let -- I'm so happy for her and I'm so happy today. And I'm not in a relationship but I'm going home cooking after the show and I can have a great Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow I hope you are too. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker hang on we will be right back on WWL. Yeah I gotta admit I don't know what is about this song but if I'm out and I hear this song this is one of the songs that makes me wanna dance which is not something you should really see its. Consistently pretty good. Sometimes there's a song that just makes you wanna dance and sure you've got a few I've got a couple of them in this just happens to be a wonderful. By the way Madonna highly criticized by her fans at a concert in Miami. On her concert was supposed to start at 10 o'clock. It started at 1130. And fans were apparently. Very upset now I heard some people -- talk about the at the concert here at the New Orleans Arena. And she was she was late but some say she wasn't really is -- deceived as she could have been because her concerts always start label apparently your concerts always -- late. But to sit there for an hour and a half. I mean if your star at what point don't you totally appreciate. Your fans to the point where you just get out there and perform. Not many performers get out there on time and I understand. You know being a little bit -- in in building the you know building up but he the the anxiety if you will. The the excitement in the audience but an hour and a half late going on stage Madonna who do you think you are. I guess we know she's she's been done. You know the election 2012. -- proved to be. A classic example of how divided we are as a country. Thanksgiving 2012 though should bring us together. As a nation. Though the actual documents are not necessarily solid proof but the actual documents. That we do have. Show that in the fall of 1621. The new settlers from England. And native Americans came together for gathering to give thanks for the harvest. I have to remember this time of year you know it gets it gets dark early that's not something that just happened -- daylight savings time that is a function of the planet. -- starts to get dark early and a lot of people died in in the winner. And so there was a celebration over the harvest this time of year because. You know you couldn't just go to -- as you could just go to the store in the middle of the winner and get whatever you wanted you have to have enough food. In the beginning. Of the winner to survive the winner and again some people -- not only from being cold but from from starving. So apparently is 1620 of the pilgrims arrived. 1621. Was the first gathering to give thanks for a big artist. Now if these two distinctively different groups. With entirely different sets of beliefs. The new sellers from England and native Americans. If they could come together in sixteen Tony want. To share a feast. And give thanks for all that they were blessed with -- then in that same spirit. Can't conservatives. And liberals. Come together this Thanksgiving. And yet we know that tomorrow at Thanksgiving. Dinner. There will be conversations. Not everybody will agree this has been a very heated political. Election. And they heated political debates does continue. And so I'm sure there will be some heated discussions tomorrow but you know maybe this is a time to just let politics go. The other thing that I love about Thanksgiving is it's not -- a religious holiday. Which means that all religions can come together. And we can acknowledge what we're thankful for regardless of our religion. Regardless of our race with -- were conservative liberal suburbanites. Urban night smoker non smoker or any any of the countless groups that define our differences. We can recognize that. We the same things. We don't want good health we don't want happiness. We want the best for our children and our families. We want the opportunity to provide it. The one positive look for the future. And we won the saints' victory Sunday against the 49ers we don't want the same things. We all want what's best for America. Even though they are different ideas. About how to make America the best. Even if the results of this election. Have led you to have a negative view of our country and our future. Let's come together this Thanksgiving as one nation under god. And celebrate all that we had as a nation and individuals. Compared to the world we have plenty. And we do have much to be thankful for. And if you think about that first gathering to give thanks. And 1621. If the New England settlers the new new settlers from England and -- the native Americans could come together. And peacefully enjoying a meal and give thanks. That as a nation we should collectively. Do that. Right now. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's -- -- David just said there weather's just sensational we have had just such area such a run of good weather and it's gonna continue. Marriages. Don't often. Last night I hate to say that but it's it's true when we -- Another went to report act. Danica Patrick. And her husband. Getting divorced after seven years. He said I'm sad to inform my -- she said -- -- to inform my fans that after seven years. Paul and I decided to. And our marriage so -- Danica Patrick her husband getting divorced after seven years another one bites the dust. I say before Thanksgiving are you going to be dining in or you going to be dining out and when -- -- dining and I mean either cooking or going to somebody's house of family member or friend to eat. Or are you working. I here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll 80%. Dining in. 14% dining out 6%. Are going to be working and you know let's remember the people who are going to be working tomorrow. Because they are going to be people who are gonna be working tomorrow. Who we're gonna be there to. Help you get the things that you need at the last minute. I'll be here tomorrow but did this isn't this really doesn't count as work and I love what I do and I really consider this to be almost a hobby as well as as Smart works of this this doesn't even even count but there are people in the background. Who do a lot of work and there are people here who -- Here 24 hours a double they're not here but the station goes 24 hours a day seven days a week regardless of the holidays and I want to thank all those people who. Works so hard. To make this the station happened what I do this is the fun part if you wanna give us your opinion about dining in dining out or working a go to our website WWL. Dot com here's the -- WL perk of the day Seymour restaurant in -- hand. 125 dollar certificate for just 1250. Seymour has seafood -- boys and a lot more meatballs feel soft shelled -- boys. Or you can try their fresh sea bass with crabmeat menu or sauce fettuccine Alfredo. Shrimp stuffed shrimp -- I grunt it's all at Seymour restaurant inherent in that -- and other perks are on sale right now in my New Orleans perks. Dot com. More Thanksgiving talk will continue with the -- Cohen who was in the think tank for Garland Robinette today it's in Thanksgiving and this is what we talk about this time of year. Here is a text reads and scoot you are correct. That they sat down peacefully and had a meal together. But one thing you're not mentioning its effect events. The native van. Who lived there lost their Lebanese that live there or lost their land. On to the very same people that they broke bread with yeah that's that's true you know I -- I talked about this moment in time in 1621. In fact they were actually more Indians. I've been there were English settlers I think it was something like 4045. English settlers and ninety Indian super. Apparently they are dispersed gathering and sixteenth when he went for Thanksgiving. Yeah not long after that we slaughtered the the native Americas which was a tragic and I think if we can go back and we do things we we might put. Now that that'll be a topic for another show but I just wanted to to take a moment and and celebrate the the bipartisanship. That day and 1621. Win these people that you know each other they looked him totally different they had totally. Different sets of values and beliefs and the -- new English settlers and the native Americans came together. Broke bread shared a -- -- thanks for the harvest. And that's why Thanksgiving should be a bipartisan politics. So let's give the partisanship as much as we can arrest although I know there are going to be arguments at the Thanksgiving. Gathering tomorrow because not everybody is around like minded people. And there's always a possibility that. You're gonna say something that somebody's not gonna agree with. And if you add a little bit at the beaujolais nouveau and there are some other beverages then sometimes that can make the conversation even more heated. A that's the title of the blogger wrote for -- WW dot com it's on our web -- a Thanksgiving. A bipartisan holiday. And you could find that it WWL -- comes on the front page under our opinions if you gonna join us with a comment about anything we talk about our number is 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And -- -- number is 87870. And our FaceBook question is what's your favorite non Turkey dish. You can give us your opinion by going -- -- FaceBook page to -- a dual radio we'll be back with more those comments. And more of your calls and more of your text I'm -- for Tommy soccer on this Thanksgiving week 2012. Under the WL. -- -- my favorite groups gym class heroes. There's a lot of really great new music out a lot of great news groups out is an open your mind and and the and and try to appreciated and a lot of I realize this kind of gets a little hip -- here but there's a lot of a lot of hip hop has worked its way into commercial music kind of a real. A mix and you know on the same way that Chicago. And blood sweat and tears and some of those those bands in the in the seventies. V they fused jazz and rock horns with rock there's a real fusion of pop music and -- and popular hip hop today. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker it's 848 on this Wednesday before. Thanksgiving Day and want to remind you is that -- and we're not gonna think much about this tomorrow because we'll be all wrapped up in Thanksgiving but tomorrow is the the anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. It was it was November 20 seconds 1963. And for those of you who were too young to have lived through that moment I mean I was really young. But it's still had an impact on me. For those -- you were too young to remember that moment I just imagine. What this country went through -- the president of the United States was. Assassinated. And he was assassinated and it's really I would say one of the peaks of the Cold War. So. There was so a lot of anxiety in this country as you can imagine and and a lot of sadness and and even people who worked Democrats. Very saddened. That the president of the United States had been shot. It's not something that happened live on television like it would today if the god forbid anything like that would ever happen. But just the reports of what had happened and and it wasn't long before we we saw the assassination. I said this on the show that are doing nine out and -- I'll I'll be brief with this but I really think that. It was the assassination of John F. Kennedy November 22 1963. That really started. The anti establishment generation of the sixties. It was -- The Beatles. -- Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963. The Beatles came to America in February a couple of months later -- 1964. And this is why I think you should always pay attention to what your kids may. Be hearing on the news. And talk to them. You know my parents didn't talk to us they didn't think that we paid attention to the news but even as young kids we -- could sense that something was going on we realized that. The leader of our country. The leader of the establishment had been assassinated. And -- an entire young generation was watching that witnessing what it happened to this country. And I think that. That yet established a deep rooted insecurity. And lack of faith in in the establishment. And I think that's one of the things that led to the anti establishment -- generation movement through the sixties. The Beatles happened to come along at just the right and I'm not taking away any of the talent The Beatles have had. Very count. And still to this stay -- have an impact on our lives. But The Beatles and that whole movement came along at a time when I think the young generation. Ways subconsciously. Distrustful. Of the establishment. And was ready to rebel ball every young generation rebels I think the the Kennedy assassination. Really did have a lot to do with establishing the anti establishment generation of the sixties. I'm studying for Tommy Tucker if you wanna join us for the comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. And -- text number is 87870. More of your text -- your calls coming up next our FaceBook connect question at WWL radio FaceBook page is what is your favorite non Turkey dish. Here's one from Paul's team dirty rice pork -- points. -- Jacqueline. And for Tommy Tucker I'm -- and we will be right back on WWL. It's a great time -- fear the weather is beautiful and since we don't control the weather you know there're there are gonna be years when the weather's not perfect for Thanksgiving. So let's enjoy this Thanksgiving because the weather is perfect it does it mean that you don't like -- sometimes but this is just. Ideal weather for doing whatever it is you wanna do it -- your if you're driving out of the city on -- -- somewhere drive carefully and remember the left lane is for passing. And I know sometimes we get -- rush. But don't take a chance on. Hurting or killing yourself for your family by being reckless on the road just be careful and don't tailgate. And you know one of the things it always bothers me is when you're when you're passing somebody in the left -- And then there's somebody behind you right on your tail. The -- not passing as fast as they want you to pass it back off. Don't endanger my line for the life of anybody around me because you got to get a few inches from my bumper. If I'm passing the car on the right back off. Okay. I'm not taken up the left lane I'm using the left lane for the reason it's intended to be used and that is for passing. But sometimes if you don't pass fast enough somebody gets right on your -- so just back off and relax. And don't be in such a rush that you don't even enjoy the journey I mean you can you know it's almost as if time. It's almost as if on a trip on Thanksgiving. In the car is a metaphor for life. And don't be in such a hurry. The -- missed the scene. -- such a hurry that you you don't enjoy the journey. Enjoy the journey enjoy the trip. Every once a monument to smack the kids around I'm just kidding about that. Announcement the kids just take their their toys away. And and I mentioned this earlier when I think about what we had. When we traveled on long trips compared to what kids have today and yet today today I'm sure. My my son's grown so I don't deal -- this now but I'm sure to this day kids are going. I'm bored and are we there yet. I'm sure his say the exact same things. It's Thanksgiving week you know I was watching the -- the Christian mean goes commercial it's it's the web site for -- for Christians to meet Christians. And there's something about the commercial. That bothers me I wonder if it bothers you I'll share that with you coming up in the next hour and have a good.

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