WWL>Topics>>11-21 12:35pm Dave Cohen talks w/Alfred Richard about movies

11-21 12:35pm Dave Cohen talks w/Alfred Richard about movies

Nov 21, 2012|

Dave Cohen, in for Garland, talks with WWL's Movie Critic Alfred Richard about Thanksgiving weekend movies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Conan for Garland Robinette on this Thanksgiving eve command has been fun and the think tank thanks -- for the opportunity here to us. Terrence -- -- folks in and chat about all things Thanksgiving we've talked about football we've talked about families we've talked about stores opening on Thanksgiving instead of waiting for Black Friday. We've talked about preparing the Thanksgiving feast and dining out on Thanksgiving and now something else that comes with Thanksgiving. The holiday movies and help us break down what's worth seeing and maybe what's not and what's gonna be out there in the coming days weeks and couple of months we say. Hello and happy Thanksgiving to Alfred Richard -- movie critic. Hello there and happy Thanksgiving to you I -- usually -- reserve. One phrase I always say with -- -- I'll say it now from downtown to the North Shore from Canada cam loops hello there can't switch camps camp glimpses. Area just about a 120 miles west of Vancouver. -- Columbia and you go all the way to you'll go all the way. Well it means there are nothing holding you back what traffic is definitely want to get an idea movies wherever I've had the opportunity go out there and even to go to movie sets. So it's fun. And doing movies. I'm a little. It's a look this holiday period just reminds me one year ago one year ago myself and sixty of my Brothers. Clad in red white and blue known locally -- 610 and -- this extends stoppers were there in New York City preparing we were preparing for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. One year ago tomorrow I watched I watched it on television I was very proud of the way you and your. Teammates for lack of a better word represented the city of New Orleans we were very Macy's Thanksgiving we were very pleased to do so -- even more amazing. Is a reaction of Matt Lauer and Al Roker on air. A quick story about that they did not give us a chance to practice we had the rockettes. Blocked off our time. And that area Herald Square so we didn't get a chance to impress no -- see no reversal for for the cameras. So they had no clue what was -- they had didn't see it and so this is a surprise is to be broadcast crew and their reaction was. Their reaction was well besides howls of laughter. The great line I think Matt flowers that if have you adjust soon -- in control. And saw that one minute of us doing I I need a hero. And our great dance moves extraordinary dance moves for that. All I can say from everyone from Brett for -- to PD -- drug to word all the characters including myself chocolate thunder I guess that's my name in the group. There we are so happy we got an opportunity to do so but. Even more so we're happy that we were able to help the roots of music kids get to the parade. At the on New Year's Eve on the coast on in Pasadena so we're really happy. -- -- talking speaking of entertainment folks states in coming up as we wrap up the think tank here in about twenty minutes we'll share with you some of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu singing. We have that to share with you we're also gonna posted begun to WWL back coming click on my picture. Right after the program I'll post a video of mayor Mitch Lander singing this has absolutely nothing like Mitt Romney singing isn't -- how -- -- be the judge of that -- you will hear it in about twenty minutes and then right after the program you'll be able to go watch the video. On my page at WWL dot com to scroll down to they Dave's videos from right now though Alpert Richard -- talked about movies yeah hopefully some that are entertaining and keep folks away from those that maybe not so much. Because of course Thanksgiving marks. Really when we see the blockbuster cavalcade roll out for the holidays also the movies that want to just make sure they get in theaters in time to be. Oscar -- exactly so let's talk will begin this segment by talking about what's in theaters now let's start with James Bond and sky fall. The nets have critics saying it's the best bond movie ever after the midnight showings I talked to several people coming out of the theaters who. Really really enjoy it feel like Daniel Craig has now become the bond for all time yes some not so sure may be they have their own preferences but. Overall -- sky fall Rankin do you recommend it for a holiday movie. I do recommend it for a holiday movie I am and I said it before I am still a Sean Connery fans and I still think that Sean Connery is the bond how ever. Daniel Craig has done a stellar job in bringing this bond. A great year bond I mean they're very the one thing about Skype although I really liked is -- head humor. Lead the field the Daniel Craig films they had before quantum of -- -- and casino Royale yes it. Re energize the bond franchise but there was very little humor in it now. The Sean Connery films such as gold finger in thunder ball had their. Different points -- -- -- -- Roger -- -- Micah -- okay well we won't hold that against your credit it's the idea -- Roger -- definitely was more camp and humor. I still get things like for example in thunder ball. When bonds season villain about to come at him he's just quietly grabs a dart gun the blow gun from. Right into the -- -- and he says that he got the point to. Got -- pointed out. Yeah I just point -- Skype all a very good it is not very good it's James Bond movie sets up the franchise this is actually the fiftieth anniversary. It's hard to believe that 1960 to doctor no was the first film and now there are some wonderful. Will asides to. The early bond films so I'm not gonna spoil anything I just say the people. Go see it and if you're a fan of the early bond films you catch also a theater now Daniel Day-Lewis. Point in what do you think -- wow. What can I say I think Linkedin is jumping out in the front runner for best picture. Daniel Day-Lewis is absolutely stellar as Abraham Lincoln. But also Tommy Lee Jones he does a great job in that I expect Tommy Lee Jones to get a best supporting Oscar nomination out of this film. Sally Field is great in that Steven Spielberg -- John's plays a different character because usually he plays the same Carriker are almost -- -- well look with the exception of Batman and where he plea to correct who has read but no country from no country for old man winter but yes. Tommy I mean you look at the cast -- Daniel Day-Lewis Tommy Lee Jones Sally Field James Spader. And directed by Steven Spielberg. You can't miss with this one this isn't one of them -- high -- and -- highbrow or is -- and have a little bit of something for it has little something for everyone. I'd like it it covers Lincoln these shows him as a human. Dealing with the stresses dealing with the problems of trying to hold the union together especially dealing with the emancipation proclamation and the issue of slavery. I think Spielberg hits it. How the park on this one I've a feeling Steven Spielberg is going to get an Oscar not -- well what they say I you can put it in the bank he will get an Oscar nomination for best director. IPhone very good Lincoln very good about the Twilight Saga breaking dawn part Q also now in theaters well you would have to -- twilight and I -- I am I have did not on -- -- television saying I am not the big thing. Of the twilight series I'm sorry I really am not I I went to the midnight showings -- went after the midnight showings interviewed people and the vast majority of the audience. Was female the vast majority of the audience seemed to be between the ages of twelve and 22 yes now there were some older females there were some and there and there were some boyfriends and alike there as well who went along. But now may -- just don't fit the -- for who's supposed to like a highlight -- well. I like I've been a fan of different horror films and horror -- For me the of course Baylor goes sea of Dracula the Christopher Lee Dracula as of the 1960s. The hammer films with Peter Cushing. Those have been my style even Franklin -- as Dracula 1979. The idea the glittery vampires who -- I don't know over one bite you were not well. Bite or not just yeah. We do our job is Sean Payton would say and the court she got there have been grown aware Walz who take their shirts off at any time so. All in all I said and I still very. Twilight for those fans or other great I'm just not warm clothes -- in that. We'll house. -- -- -- that John tired and a sack quickly silver linings playbook Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Robert De Niro. There's one in theaters now that when he is now in theaters and I light this would be nice surprise the -- you can love this. I had the opportunity to get the chance to see it is okay and the idea. We don't know which you can really care who's had to stay in the mental institution. -- I mean there's a film for you of course they said. Jennifer Lawrence. And Robert De Niro who's doing a great body of work now if he's getting away from being the leave after he's become a very good supporting actor. Tied to their horror movies we've reviewed three really light one not so much when we get back after this timeout. We'll take a look at the movies and opened today and see which of those are film critic recommends. And take a look on into the rest of November and December as some of the big films that will be opening up here on WWL. Don't come to all of us. A clip they're from the movie read on just one of the many movies that damn well leads off this holiday season opening today's so Alfred Richard hour movie critic. But stirred their what do you think about the reboot of red dawn. Okay -- the red dawn I guess you could say redo. This one based of course on the 1984 film and the majority. John mealy is directed that when there and of course it gave a lot of the young talent. A wake up of course a late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey even the young Charlie Sheen -- it. Was telling the story -- a group of teenagers look to save their town from invasion this time of North Korean soldiers ran of course it was the right. Right that's coming as the Russians and the Cubans so in this case now they say well does now the north Koreans have I attacked us. You know -- there was some parts of the film that. I OK I watched and I thought OK I remember this from the original. Days. Yeah and the other hand there was some parts are just laugh probably bad about this when this went in the some of the dialogue and some of the acting. Did the original one wasn't the greatest ever acting films either. But in this case I really just sought to now now not being not big on red dawn this morning. So maybe you don't waste -- two hours save your fancy resume your money your best -- to get the video the original -- that I -- fees that -- download or download that one -- well let's take a look at some other movies that have opened today -- about life of highs what do you think about this and believe directed film I light this film a lot better than the Ang Lee directed Hulk. Of several years ago I don't know anyone who like bath towel I -- still trying to figure that when Allen went from Brokeback Mountain and ended Hulk and no win no one like. But now he's got a life of pi a young man who survives a disaster at sea. Is hurled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery having to get along with his archenemy that tiger. Yes it's not an LSU tiger it's a tiger on the boat and you figure. You're gonna have to or do you get along if you have a tiger on the boat with you in the middle of the seek because eventually the tigers during this -- I like eight. So but I light this film it does have a lot of the images that. Avatar they speak of of avatar. Again it is. Ang Lee's idea of this story is a very cryptic -- but. After awhile you get into what types are just one you would recommend I would recommend the Iowa continue discussion after this on WW.