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6:35pm Jeff Palermo

Nov 21, 2012|

Jeff Palermo joined the radio huddle to talk about LSU taking on the Razorbacks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jeff -- John is now just view it isn't entertaining battle between Arkansas -- -- issue of Arkansas the big question now is. Add to this game they look awful -- -- Knicks coach will be that's the most exciting thing going on. In -- right now. Yeah pretty much it's going to be really -- -- that the -- what kind of our crowd they're gonna have there in Fayetteville would that be in Thanksgiving weekend and Arkansas finishing up with these and where they've just won more games than. Only. To those victories were get that he's the team they'll. But it's really amazing when you think about it the can Bobby that -- he's in both the teams that were ranked in the top ten in here they are. Ballot you had the chance to win that tenth game of the season and Arkansas played out the schedule and -- pay them what I've been able to people market that these and you know they come out and you know maybe outside the Alabama game in week three when they got blown out if he -- and -- think. That as a team that's -- -- competitive in the first half and and one thing Darko and bad for them it's it snowballed and it built from bad to work and before you know it they're blown out of the game and end up with another loss. So for LAQ what activities do in the game whatever -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're just gonna have to put their foot on the gas -- And then try to blow up Arkansas the second half and don't let the right the back take around here in -- game they can that they have a chance to win it. Now Jeff what do you think I mean obviously you look in that we always excelling at the highest level that mean Tigers. And you look at the secondary and how. Well Mississippi State and Ole miss you know as far as passing yardage you look at it like bull Wallace. I mean it would be to resentment 310 yards and you look at Arkansas's passing attack there right at 300 yards. That you know I'd be nobody minus for fourteen in a turnover ratio. Obviously when that happens -- not winning but do you think -- should maybe. To turn around needing to get to see -- -- put up a lot of yards in the passing game. I -- be surprised that market throughout the world for you know them 250. Yards in abilities defense you know you go back a couple weeks ago Chad -- that. Veteran wide receiver that that burnout with you for all those yards last week. It was. Doubt in my -- who had -- -- -- for a 161 yards and two touchdowns and Arkansas has a wide receiver Colby -- and shoot 63209. Pound. He's a senior he's capable. -- putting up some big numbers in fact he leads the FBC. With eighty catches any -- over 12100 yards receiving they'll pay that man at the fact that the -- got a pretty good wide receiver. LSU defensive secondary -- little suspect. Yeah I -- the Arkansas put up some you know put up some points. And put up some yards at least power will -- in. He hasn't and obviously this senior campaign that he that he thought that he would have -- He's still he's still going out there battling competing but the one thing that'd been meant that a little bit from analysts view it. They just haven't had been a consistent pass -- That maybe they had earlier in the season you know you go back especially for the game and Johnny -- deal with -- -- him. What was the big difference in that game -- you with capital in the backfield constantly disrupting him. And he did have that acceptable book and outing against they'll let you the last couple of games. LSU has -- put much pressure on the quarterback they've had they've been able to get a couple back. In Kenya at the end of the game but for the most part they're back at the type of pressure that they got -- earlier in the season though it's going to be up and brought more and if there's a linebacker blitzing. It's gonna be up to those guys to get to the quarterback and make things a little bit tougher for the quarterback and help out the defensive back there a little bit. Check out his SEC rankings and the keys to LSU and Arkansas will be on Friday morning Jeff thank you so much. We'll talk Friday morning hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. All right thanks so much too big chill diesel big sale big band between these get 72 -- 1819 names like Jack. Also say arrows on and it was a -- it's the last in my house show and have a great Thanksgiving obedient to him some time with your your -- the Mars to meet. And Bobby and everybody here at WW Bobby a ban on the -- -- people.