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11-22 8:15am Scoot & Monica talk to Jim Henderson about Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012|

Scoot and Monica talk to the "Voice of the Saints" Jim Henderson about his Thanksgiving traditions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm screw with Monica here. Graduate this on this Thanksgiving Day 2012. If you wanna share with us your Thanksgiving tradition your Thanksgiving thoughts what you're most. Thankful for on this day. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes numbers 870 it's -- And joining us live on this happy Thanksgiving New Orleans morning on -- VW -- Jim Henderson voice of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Saints radio network Jim good morning and happy Thanksgiving. Still the very same view that's it's currently talking with. Thank you so much damn Jim what's something special in the Henderson households it's a tradition that maybe you have carried on from your grandparents and your parents that you continue today in May be an even passed on to your kids. Well I guess primarily since we've been in New Orleans. Is making -- We took my. My son in my family out for dinner one time and Thanksgiving or having our house remodeled and in the -- took a moment. My son probably eighty holes doubled to about nine years old so ever since that it's got to be Gumbel. And I just think back to the traditions and I hit -- growing up in upstate New York. Our government not getting up in the middle of the night to put in the Turkey in late in the morning connect greats now. To -- and a soccer season. Beginning at that the policies and I remember going out shooting baskets in the driveway -- the snow's starting the ball and it was a wonderful time. And Jim the folks go to Europe home growing up -- did you'll all be to make the rounds and other relatives as well as well. That they all came to our house we had a home. Right near Lake Ontario and -- and everybody came there it was a good coach you've made great -- -- on anybody that. Could equal out that are dressing. Is there something that your particularly grateful for and thankful for this year and may be something that's less obvious. Well I think probably. There are so many things that feel thankful of course to the primarily the health and happiness in my family. At this time of the year you also think back to the people you that cost along the way it should. It's very sentimental time as well but I have to put that to -- capitalists. Everything else was a distant second. Jim do you have that a Turkey of the year. Is -- -- Turkey of the year. Are at the -- that we you know I'd okay yeah it's OK I'll look. -- besides really. The Euro would that work here -- -- -- -- and Nokia news. I think that's oh he was runnerup for the sexiest man alive award came out of the along with the rest of the world. -- no way didn't take long for somebody dimension Roger Goodell is the turkeys of the year into. -- -- actually see it choice. That probably be a very -- centuries in the YouTube saying it's come out now. You know that is that look at this clip of of the Nazis and Hitler -- in Germany didn't duck title -- protector could help by -- about the defensive reached five -- it's a pretty funny clip. Tim do you have a hero of the year. And I will. I guess probably the collective people the winters in -- in the first responders there. The governor there at the people who responded to that storm I think everybody's hearts and New Orleans. The Gulf Coast go out to those people and knowing what they went through because we've gone through it so often and so recently so Belichick collectively those. In some ways or watching the news was like looking and -- yes. It Jim let's start very briefly about the saints in the forty -- are great opportunity for the saints to seek revenge the saints are obviously playing great football but so are the forty niners and the saints aren't sure who they're gonna play. Who they're gonna face this quarterback. I am sure that I'm not sure there's -- -- want -- and those guys right now. And should all split that complete -- that again but. That remains to be seeing what you couldn't help the people impressed with the forty war before watching that game Monday united Jason Campbell. Is that -- breweries in in injury is gonna. Do it sure does that's the -- that you nasty 49ers defense bigotry great linebackers. All the Smith that your defense of that it I have stacks and -- game Monday night. He's got his teen sex and the seat that's four more than illegal operators that as a team. Well we will be listening to see you Sunday afternoon Jim Henderson voice of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Saints radio network Jim thanks for being -- and very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Well much of an amplified. If you join us with a Thanksgiving thought something you're thankful for or Thanksgiving tradition that you continue to carry on from your family. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy text numbers 87870. And you have a Turkey of the year other than Roger Goodell. And also Hoosier hero of the year and here's our WWL party -- opinion poll it's simple. White meat dark meat give -- your opinion David if you don't don't count hang on happy Thanksgiving New Orleans we'll be right back.