WWL>Topics>>11-22 10:10am Tom Fitzmorris talks to WWL listeners about Thanksgiving

11-22 10:10am Tom Fitzmorris talks to WWL listeners about Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012|

Tom Fitzmorris talks to WWL listeners about their Thanksgiving traditions and recipes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- -- I think we've fixed it I think we're okay I'm coming if you live from my kitchen. There was some funny I put the Turkey in the in the pit and a Biden who send in 45 this morning. I went out to check on the temperature a bit. In the thigh a it was a 175. Degrees all I want is 180 this sucker is done. I can't believe it. 260. 1870 closeup. Tell me while you're on Thanksgiving is going to give any questions about any of the cooking you're doing all -- Bosnia consults Emporia maybe not. The American confuse it even more. Here is Jim Jim welcome. I guess so much. Thank you gotta get a little help it maybe you can answer this question. Okay well we like to. There's a device you can get that eliminates the -- and does he does that beat well the Turkey comes out as. Bidders would it would be as if you repeat try. Do you know anything about the. Yeah I've heard about it and have seen one. And it seems to me just by looking at it that what we are talking about is exactly the same as what used to be called an oven. -- You know I don't see the puck in the poignant -- I'd be okay -- -- you're putting the Turkey and hot. Confined space. And not about the only thing it seems to do. Better than no register regular oven is that it gets the job done faster which is about the only thing I would say there is the recommended doing a fried Turkey to begin with. So. So yes if you're if you -- still get the Turkey done in 45 minutes I hear that these will do it may be like a little bit more than that but not much more. Whereas if you do it in your regular oven you know it's gonna be in their two or three hours yeah other than that I think the -- Turkey is always going to be a better think personally. Yeah or you know not only is it electrical as it yeah yeah I think I exit I. No no it's not a microwave it's some sort of infra red. He's okay. Yeah so it's it's it puts out a lot of heat continuously. Over the entire surface but it doesn't use convection that uses radiant heat eggs who simply -- much okay yeah. All I know. There's a big device sort of -- not particularly hints about the size of of the friar. Object or I -- -- you can talk me into one but you know that's. You know night immediately saying you know I think about it I did I do happen in this into your show -- I wanted to call and travel. You -- now I'm gonna go ahead Google it just got to look at it sure -- -- take -- -- Okay great -- I don't care will enjoy it if you think thank marks the food show here is Daniel Daniel welcome. Great thank you compact is -- you can hear Putumayo. Obviously the sort of talk about one thing to mediate I mean the Turkey of course -- the main. Focus of encourage given that a -- to know why the main thing that I always look forward to for good right stressing. People call -- dirty rice but we don't call it right crescent. To me that's for the most important Portugal O -- -- I love a -- dirty rice he would basically you're doing rice with. With the -- blitz and little middle liver in a little bit of pork in a little bit this a little bit of that no onions and green onions and all the rest of it what's your recipe. Spears is there's examples so. -- historical -- What ground Turkey and ground beef ground pork usually -- equal miles. Yeah it. Get that brown really good emergencies. And it and always that they have -- stopped cold -- was gusting mixed yeah but only in the programs suction. I would a couple of these -- -- and -- -- a look at a couple of prior to that and -- -- down really good. In the meanwhile you know I usually have a Turkish stock. -- would make a Turkish stock with some Turkey necks and some Turkey -- and that their little art from the court you know let up a bit endemic as simple stock could reduce. I've got that exact thing on my -- as we speak are. And right now I just during the news break -- went to take a look at it. Well actually then would -- take take all of that. Of course to give the -- become a clean up a bit and -- -- become -- hard court she. Aren't all that up by a bit to the dressing. -- -- -- really good. And used the Turkey stopped dead in the book liquid that I -- and meanwhile. Have right cook and on the side of competent -- So you -- know that this is this is what I was waiting for you you cook the rice separately and then you add all the other stuff later. Yeah I mean you could do the other way but it's just move on with you an idea I think that's the way to go yeah yeah. Sucker right separately a tropical couldn't have talked to him that I had the right to just kind of folded into the meat. And then what's so I mean you you turn in the gulf and and you hold the rights and the -- right there and and then want -- Hello all that settled for a little while and then put some fresh. Parsley and some fresh outlook. In the gut -- it would -- normal and by the time. In attempting it would gravy Turkey should become an out into the -- Cuba gravy on top of the right stressing. So pastor or how what do it sounds he didn't win this year because. No -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- Well I know we've discovered a difference between your wife and my wife if my wife hadn't liked it she would have told me years ago. I actually don't -- yesterday when I was gonna help my oldest you know and and then there was you don't recruit station at number -- it would all like your card he and we don't like you're got up so. We'll be doing an excellent is. Well mean thank you Cynthia -- problem XY shouted yes. All of -- -- not related to an elective of the women that they don't want all would give their symbolic you and are dying on the L line you know it's it's it. Must be that nesting instinct instinct you know live to make sure that the baby chicks are only given the best food for that that's I think that's what it is. Hello good luck with that that sounds good to me I'd be -- guide to eat as much of that is you put in front of me I love that stuff. Thanks start thank you see it's the food show hey here's a guy who says that he has an infra red one of those infrared Turkey. Frying kind of gizmos is that true Steve. Yesterday of the good Lawrence I am happy that you're. The YouTube. Yeah look I really enjoy your show rod gets grilled every every week here -- dust -- -- football season. When you get to speak -- on the big watcher says no you can't enjoy it helps you you know our our our -- while this is my third Thanksgiving. Yeah you is this particular Christmas they'll at -- -- as you're stuck you are at their correctly and it and it. It's his cooks the Turkey all the way around and it sort of gives you that crisp almost -- -- what you would get -- fried Turkey. But you have not -- back. I and I have a pen that I code that I can't smug dripping underneath that I can use growth thing. But what I've found and that by the way out front so much -- not -- objective real butter and then put them off cajun seasoning over the scanned. But what has done because it's freeze the other about or the other things. Well yeah that's that's -- that's definitely a consideration. Yeah that's sense. That's the advantage of doing it on the barbecue pit -- is that it gets another kitchen and then then we you have the the -- free to do although you don't have. Seventeen batches of -- macaroni. Exactly it's a topic they added a twist to it this year I cranked up -- -- -- -- had somewhat content woods. And I smoked pot that contributed there one last night I got up this warrant put they'll order of the emperor -- thorough five takes about. A twelve count birds -- about two hours and fifteen minutes so what I did yesterday afternoon. Well not so both of the turkeys and -- smoke them or just a couple hours you know the heavy heavy smoke. Then I took about rap from put in the refrigerator and then off spot of this board so if the -- -- No I'm looking forward to seeing how that. They had but how I'd do again like to prevent the -- -- sees it careened Iran thoughtful cocaine until you have a right. Right OK yes somebody told me that that it's a I've those Lincoln it was electric but right yet. Iran the Ukrainian and look couldn't -- -- -- clean it's got it's basically it's like circle is like look like a small smoker. And it doesn't have a tall order houses they wire baskets try to talk and all that does this help around the skill more but again. The other pit -- putting all morning and though I would not have room for Turkey we only have one -- that's. That written -- opener. What we're sharing that with -- I appreciated her joy -- -- here you -- -- -- so this there's one of those things. Theories. Eighteen is that right. Or all Dina can't make this out. Well if you're on the holed -- you welcome to the food show eighteen. Eighteen are you there. I don't think so. You aren't there OK here your come on in your. Own I -- yes. Okay. I've been trying to get potentially do you think years parliament you have. But forensically Quebec and protect it. Wouldn't have been able to get out of it soccer -- -- won't. Yeah. I mean. They expect it compared to blow it staging what if Indiana banking on what method. If you play it's not a big and Abe brown grocery -- All yeah you know -- I thought when I first started. And it went back. My first round I got me jump in the -- I was trying to but that's OK keep on going I didn't know you were finished. I can't say you are -- -- -- well what I was gonna tell you is that. When -- First started doing the show 25 years ago people used to call me with that all the time around Thanksgiving every. It was the way everybody did it in the paper bag. But now they make these are these plastic bags special plastic bags specifically for that and I have been using them not every year but I think it's that it does a great job there's no doubt about it it just -- is tremendous year. You but it -- always funny one year a guy called me up in the middle of the morning and he said. You know I use that Dutch wegmans vague idea yours but the opponent plastic stuck to the skin he he didn't know what was supposed to be paper a couple of my -- anyway. Well we all bad it didn't help. I'm glad we need to know about it -- add it all my friends that they didn't care. Well there you go well thank you very much for bringing that up again that's an oldie but -- It's the food show I think we need a break don't we. You know we do okay we'll come back with more of the food show on Thanksgiving Day. And if you call right now you get right in believe it or not to -- 0187. The stay -- happy Thanksgiving. We'll be right back. Yes sir happy Thanksgiving well it just took a pass through the kitchen. Just looking around all the -- sit in front of me here I can't reach over that far in my wife moved me all the way to the end of the calendar could she's working and my daughters working two. And I can't believe this Turkey is just the -- done already it's running a little early. 260187. -- you have some Turkey stories or anything else you wanna talk about Thanksgiving. Call me we die have lots of advice Korea here is Paul. I'm happy Thanksgiving. Used to morning. Well you know are really sort of have a public service announcement and I should've called you earlier in the week it's a little bit. I noted my -- every year at this stuff merlot but. -- doing its job. I'd be and I -- -- you know -- all that day at auto and -- the -- -- but I make the best show. Yeah well that's. Noted that Petro currency. At the grocery stores this year. -- -- -- They don't have a lot of attacked and burned it to him and the first bachelorette hit my neighbor not vote if this same thing we both -- -- I don't think I've ever had in. My life so this here instead of -- -- there's going to be currently trying to capture all could be -- -- it just bit. Shall we weren't gonna hold up well and you know what this is the last thing to me to go on the matter that farmers market next year and I hit the miracle or -- Could be because the ones that that I see in the grocery store. Are not necessarily from around here this is. When you see him coming in and on under the name -- you OT course -- you OT actually CHA you're right OTE. You know it's coming from somewhere else and the best thing the -- is to have a friend who grows. Exactly exactly but done anyway well I'm sorry you're about that but deadly -- don't -- -- It'll still be doing a lot of credibility to ensure that there though you know -- -- so that's your -- -- you loaded up with seafood. Yeah and you know I'm on my way right now to pick up my girlfriend at the airport she had to come down here for Thanksgiving because you know this place has -- a country that don't. Eat sleep good on Thanksgiving Day can you believe that. No point since when he isn't it everybody's got different ways of leading. I've heard tell that there are parts of America where they put red sauce on meatloaf. Well you know seriously. -- I gotta have. -- used to bankrupt bishop grabbing trip following Thanksgiving hit pay dirt connected one way -- I agree you more. Am very happy thank you. You do thank you very much. This is the food show and over here is Kevin Kevin welcome. -- -- -- -- I don't. I think on the -- this morning we do have been here they've on the Turkey and number Emeka -- Greg drift in and let Janet and I we cooked address them. So we put the dress and then the church he gets hot you know then everything into I mean it doesn't really say that on the cook and it's really. Connecticut it's really my thing because then when you slide that you don't have the phones or anything so. Well or felt pretty good it's taken Marcum -- -- canal well. Well that's. It's almost like a completely different fish though not not that is there anything wrong with crap it's sort of military Duncan goodbye just the Turkey it sounds like. You know it's just that it wouldn't they own Turkey and and we we've always put undressed and then it in hours and whatever you wanna call it you know -- punch it out well I'll listen -- -- at -- and get NC put them. I want to answer your question about from Diane I'm not alerts on your recipes you don't have -- where does that come from is that -- Rib shrimp Diane and I've never heard of it what is it. Well it just so basically like -- -- I know Leo what mushrooms and I got. Artichokes. Basically and -- -- but. It -- I've got it you know probably. Eight or ten years ago it does seem like it was a this that was quite a few restaurants -- and so. I'm honestly have never heard that before. Sure it was so are you sure it was shrimp Diane new -- Diana remember that. No -- -- basically cultural I am and boundaries and I know I have an employee of -- should really we would go out in the secretary's day or something and that was that. Well it can never figure out. If your figure out what it is called -- Tellme is now I'd like to know but I've never heard that. -- make -- -- out there listening merits you know beam on the streets there. And it wasn't that I got I got it did all stuffed Turkey and I -- that I eat my gumbo that operate end though 300 pounds or perhaps expect government. Pay things could be worse they're good luck. You later it's the only show Crown Point nice place to be -- that the floods gone here's Robert. You Robert came along and good morning. Yeah. And almost I'm Leslie now I'm on the painfully. And then -- to pollinate now animals do -- owns. And I got to change my eighty year old mama -- the natural chemicals in the world. You know what she put in them. He -- Sharon and his name and date. And I don't know I didn't understand -- -- my -- -- so -- then then you're wondering there's only -- -- -- -- you know I'm happy Thanksgiving and the candidates. I was there now -- -- demolished they economics and then. My and we thank you very much then -- I will rely on board gain on Monday. Okay all right finally nice talking to him and me I'm not big -- -- -- It's the food show on the big 870 WWL in WWO 105 point three FM. This is dumping -- come back with more of it after -- to we have -- news now -- we do know when. It's time for done things to do it again they come on in and while he's talking I'm gonna look at this. Shrimp dying in thinking -- never heard of that. Also a last minute you venture. It's a good show to -- zero. 1870 we'd love to hear from you but there anything you have going on even if you just wanna tell us what's going on in your kitchen and how's that all going. Feel we have I am in the oven we have a Turkey -- -- on the pit. The Turkey is to my astonishment. Almost done and it has the temperature. In the -- is never gone above abut 250. Maybe 260 degrees hundred -- -- so fast I know it's always a surprise. That's the funny thing about cooking it's not to lose like buying lumber. Where it's every team every bit of it is always the same. It's always different every -- different from every every other Turkey. 260. Point 872601870. Toll free 866889087. I have dar leaned over here -- -- Darlene. All we found some shrimp tiny and you found some to it looks like. Hi there Darlene come on it. I am I know where you can find -- trip and I Internet debate. In the -- cookbook I think it's Coke. From Diane in fact I found it to somebody -- who -- to go -- yeah. But it. This one I always is -- quick search on it in the first recipe that popped up was was in fact from chef Paul. And basically what you're talking by the shrimp shrimp stock. Butter green onions garlic Connie and like pepper like every always used likes to use three different kinds of pepper -- thyme oregano when you -- all this down and then mushrooms. Good bit of mushrooms. And then. He serves it over. Hostile or LeRoy or or or he says you can put it right on French bread and that kid like a sandwich. OK what do I do I I don't know why they just number registered with me is -- as a classic dish but now I will remember. Try to do it and yeah good good on your show you okay all right thank. It's the food show 26018726. Or 01870. In case you're a -- too much of a regular listener. We don't have a show today from three to six on thirteen fifty nor one tomorrow because nobody's listening. Theories re re welcome. I you don't. Pretty good hunch I'm gratified that we kind of hitter you're talking about a pound and a woman at the end of books. You know I'm well though the one I'm using now and I've had since though it's in 2004. Is a big green eggs. But I you must all kinds we don't. There. These things are unbelievably efficient that I use to. Had just the big goal oblong -- -- in fact I had three of one after another until they fell apart used them so much. This thing. This is doing what used to take six to seven hours with the Turkey is -- now gets it done. In three hours and I don't know why because the temperatures exactly the same. -- -- weird that they really. -- many people talk about him and usually. Seemed to be the the other -- out there right now. Always it's terrific guy I've defy what heads if something happened to it. I would buy another win immediately. OK that's good you know I appreciate the bigger -- well. Well thank you see ya and so of the big green -- here now imitators have been out there. Pencil and always happens. I don't know whether they're good of millennium -- trying to make a statement they are 260. Point 87 and I have a list of all the restaurants that are open. The Thanksgiving Day today that I think are good. There are other restaurants that are open that I do not think are good but anyway do the ones that I do -- would have or would recommend to you. I'll online at no menu dot com and though and the and you dot com no menu. And it's it just click on Thanksgiving at the top of the page and you'll get the list and also all of my recipes although it's a little late for that. Theories chip chip welcome. And you don't -- And YouTube. -- a big -- in -- Yeah how Boise State. Cowboy -- can't go out and my wife's favorite that's my wife's favorite cut to put it could treat. Now what word what would you recommend in this city to beat the best place figured that you don't match more memorable. Well the ones I like best. And -- mr. John steak house on saint Charles avenue Ruth's Chris does a hell of a job with that. The and Krejci -- does some. Strangely enough -- in fact they do prime rib too and that's the same kind of meat that you make prime rib with its just a few Coca differently. And though let's see changed -- we -- very. Early yeah they're they're pretty good and then all on the North Shore of key young steak house that place is just fantastic and he he makes a great when. And as they were usually run it is a special but I think it's one of those specials that they actually have all the time. There's every time I think we go. The waiter comes over and mentions it to my wife and that's like telling my wife well here's a new diamond ring. For you do you want it. She's she's just crazy about those cowboys stinks you know. Okay and why -- -- -- thank you got it it's the food show. Cowboy state is just the big grip by with a bone -- that's -- news here here is Corey. Corey welcome. 8 am sorry -- thanks very good. Thank you. We got to chat about the -- -- created this -- I think they're gonna run -- -- bring it is that -- not a motto and I commuted it for years and down. If you ever made it -- on your critic. It's. Candy. Know what would be one how would you do that. The basically caught up at a and they grills with an insert that is cut out for a big -- aren't feeling. And it's it's sentenced. You've got to do it a low temperature and start out with charcoal because if you use. Fluid throughout the whole duration it will be trees smokey so idiot you let it eat your normal number -- and then now. In that area and I mean he can make it ruin everything out it won't -- control here get fired but the deeply about fifteen minutes the smoke going in the end it is just the best thing here. -- added it -- different. -- become I mean the smoke really make it. But yet doesn't make you think they get that night it's hard to explain it to them great smoky which -- number of. -- more -- I've never heard of that before but -- and try. Okay. Well thanks for sharing that I thought it tonight I used to it's the food show Thanksgiving Day here is in drew in drew welcome. I thought I don't think giving someone would buy you. Doing great things on the way to my parents out to get celebrate -- The good -- you just put up with -- very that are phenomenal. Good. Good. You aren't -- Garnett you know November -- it shouldn't keep it. -- recommend doing a friend of mine roasted chums speckled Trout they were smaller speckled Trout. You know they didn't -- didn't come out quite right we don't have very efficient audit. We haven't put women into this hour's up ago -- Marion grabbed it. Kosher salt pepper. Yeah Lleyton Hewitt first this small speckled chatter in the other way you prepare besides writing at all. To do it two. -- you're talking about a whole fish now not full -- Desperate if you don't like to do it it's a way now I called Medina but yes is there anyway to root. But smaller hole says that he's gonna come out right. On well. You can do it on top of the grill you know that that red fish on the half shell thing that's the one that's more popular than bright -- -- Then I think god comes out really good. It because on the only thing that that's happening although you would you -- you would. Either butterfly and or cut it into pieces rather than keep it all in there altogether. All right you is that. The the fish sits on the grill on it the -- you can leave the scales on you know -- to scale and that they heat radiates a rule the fish in all the juices in the fish come up to kind of blows semi boil in this team goes through the fish and just gives this. Great tenderness and inflate her I think it comes out great but it's usually done with official little bit bigger than Trout. For child hopes to meet trial is. Something you do in Japan -- butter with or without the commons. And no lower limit Jews little Worcestershire sauce classic -- -- year I don't think is a better dish for Trout that. And it's outlets are that's a hell of a good dish it's it's very simple really. The well water and butter and -- really. Well thank you for example hopefully get Abacha initially get a guy that ballot that also had and about -- thank you that I want to get their restaurants out of euphoria. Are you familiar with Charlie that matter you know by the under bright change. You that's that's a terrific place it's an old old restaurant I remember when I was a kid. In the fifties it was seats open in 1951. After the hurricane they didn't really come back and frank writes in who lives out there he grew up out there. He said no no I can't imagine a world without Charlie's so he bought it and no renovated it and went in and you know did a few of his things and what's really basically just the neighborhood seafood joint in a really good when they do boiled seafood they do fried they do platters they do. Meat pies and -- all kinds of great stuff. It's it's it really is terrific there's only one drawback to it that is particularly on Friday and Saturday. It is packed all the time and but well worth it. Well worked. Think that we are living Gerald since I know it's fairly close -- -- -- so you know that's charted out you were very much worth your time. Article thank -- happy thing. -- YouTube we will come back with more of the food show after your first -- this yeah. There hello hello. -- and -- 78 WWL oh gosh Issa. -- flown by him it always seems to every Thanksgiving I don't know how many years have been doing this but it's nice to be here. All my stuff is -- the way I hope yours is coming out great. And that I'm gonna warn you one more time. If you have. The dishwasher full clean dishes would you find somebody in your family you'll take those suckers out of there and put him away so you have places to put your dirty dishes when all those people. -- -- Here's something else you should have done a few days ago I didn't do it either. Your wine glasses. Duo a quick run. In the in the dishwasher that's available. You don't have to use detergent. Wine glasses it's better just to a more in the hot water. Takes care of it doesn't leave any residue would what do you what winds you drinking for Thanksgiving. Different -- thoughts about that. Beaujolais nouveau has been. Very popular for the last few years but I think it's fading I can tell you beaujolais nouveau this year than what I haven't I did not like. It was kind of vote kind of weak kind of bitter. Not so good. So -- I you know what I think is the best wine with Thanksgiving and it doesn't sound right unless you're Italian in which case everything sounds right. But with Chianti or any wind light Chianti Italian wines go great with food that's -- -- that you that's something you can always count on. And they do even the red ones with a few exceptions like parole -- or Barbara's what you would that be a little far but they they go. A very very well with just about any food and even with Turkey. Beaujolais nouveau was a big one but does not this year. So anyway here is that and let's see I want to I wanna -- from my hat if I were wearing a hat I'll -- my headphones that's without the to Tommy sitcom pitch. Always a -- his son he it runs struggle his restaurant out Metairie in the one note on pointer street to. And they do something every year that is just super. They do all of a feed at lunchtime. For her. Policemen. Firemen and all other first providers to slow surface -- you know Kucera then they have to work on Thanksgiving and and Tommy goes out there you let me do a Turkey dinner he was suing a state dinner for awhile but. Everybody seemed like the pork tenderloin better so that's what he's doing congratulations to him and what what a great guy and what great things and hope -- Thanksgiving is great too we'll talk to use some more later on WWW. Excuse wrong -- station WWL radio. --

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