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11-23 5:10am Dave Cohen talks about leftovers

Nov 23, 2012|

Dave Cohen talks to WWL listeners about Thanksgiving leftovers and NFL football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this November 23 2012. Welcome to blacks cry. Ready. Are you ready nine wind Drew Brees says went on 3123. Win you've got to say win at the right time. In order for us to keep the streak going OK so the pressure is on you Chris -- here again. Thank -- replied. Yeah yeah. And cool yeah. It. It was Chris -- -- arguably. 3123. Win and he got it just ride Drew -- says win on every once -- free -- they win what -- -- I am a little crazy. And along. Hit a midnight door buster. There's thousands and thousands of others are you here on no sleep the night at about three hours. Hey guys I went to the midnight door buster does that present for my wife and my daughters they wanted that -- like top hundred dollars off. So that was a wonderful thing I can't tell you they are -- when I save a hundred bucks any for those who -- presence like getting -- -- at midnight. And then as you're interviewed about people as well out at lakeside mall they were there. We're told not as many people do on Black Friday shopping this year but I don't think it's been stretched out. Law and more and more people of course going to be doing there Black Friday Cyber Monday whenever shopping online. So we've got that's a look forward to. Also we've got a look forward to LSU today. Against Arkansas and all these people talk about how LSU as the hottest team in the nation right now promised they lost two games along the way. Otherwise we'd be talking about a very different. We know they've gone into the championship before with the two loss season here now that we need a lot of funny things to happen and I mean. We need Alabama lose again we need life Notre Dame to lose again Kansas State to lose again. -- Well Notre Dame to lose again they haven't lost yet but I think now at at a middle of the championship game play either so now but it would still help have they lost. Yeah and really everyone else needs to lose yeah. We -- they -- out of most probably too much to hope for for Alabama to lose twice now -- an entire bowl of -- the SEC championship game. Yeah Ron that they did they just lost ones that would really help. But I don't see that happen I don't see enough teams losing to give us your shot at a national champions also very -- us. Well we lost the Iron Bowl and Alabama would go to the SEC champ -- came into the -- you provided they went from. Anyway. That being said yeah. It is what it is we be talking about a much different situation but we're not admit it's good to see LSU and hottest teams in the nation at this point in the season. Every once again that we don't wanna play LSU right now and they wanna play LSU next season. Right it does you can expect very much intact we'll talk to Jeff form ours every WL I come LSU columnist about that coming up. -- 49ers. Sunday. In the super dome that should be a fun game. And really. It's another any spring. Almost must wins for the same -- wanna make the postseason. We'll talk more about -- coming out. I was saints' sideline reporter Christian Americans and mr. Miller we'll hear prediction. Coming -- and see. The end of the news at 530 here on that because he. He had a good Turkey -- W Thanksgiving. Yes -- good I'm looking forward to Turkey gumbo and Turkey jambalaya -- -- to Turkey left -- this -- like here for the rest. And you can handle. I don't want it may be Turkey sandwich. -- even -- in his place so thin and that's how I want my Turkey leftovers. And I'm glad that no one won the powerball. And that is what -- 323 I'm only five I think because I forgot completely devising. And didn't even participate in -- Yeah I guess what if you had maybe numbers of machines fit out for you would have been the numbers of fell out of the hopper. They -- Wednesday night so it's really guys. It's no consolation to say I forgot to buy ticket -- no 110 good. How do you know the number you had it would I don't know -- but I. But I don't really that's that's meaningless unless you played in same numbers every time out because now I have a chance to win again I can't remember the -- again -- -- I -- but it could have had those numbers when I could have -- in the -- will only be ten million or 120 million -- for which you would've won the jackpot Wednesday. You know well I'm trying to look at the bright side here and realize that. I may win 325. Million now. I have been your numbers fallen out of the thing where if I put -- -- -- I forgot to buy a ticket to air tomorrow then I wouldn't care of tomorrow night's drawing -- -- really performance forty million now. We're starting -- order minimum and then I wouldn't care because I have 250 million I -- use one million G. I say oh -- win the forty million here ego and a -- peeled off bills and fifth would it -- -- we're gonna do about counting your money we're talking in about fifteen minutes. Smart person is he says no I'm Dave Cowan Christian Carriker saints' sideline reporter that next then we'll get jealous you columnist. Jeff Palermo from WWL dot com what are you doing out there today depression -- John. -- shop and you just take into these big. 601870. Toll free 86 exit 89 series and at Texas today 77 days hammered this saints predictions as well. They beat the 49ers. What is your forecast accidents. 519 on your fry day welcomed us cry the ladies and gentlemen I'm Dave snow in your. Forecast over the weekend the Black Friday afternoon looking pretty nice no big problems out there are partly cloudy with high Temps around 76. A front moves through with only about a 10% chance for a shower tonight it'll be cool on the so sure about 47. North Shore about 44. And Saturday much cooler and windy with high Temps around 62. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra grand per. Yeah agency that -- actually crossing northern Louisiana now ahead of the front but none -- -- here we have fog and clouds in southeast Louisiana 54 mostly cloudy at the international airport 43 and fog reported. At the National Weather Service office in slide down Jim Harbaugh was in the well. Turkey -- It's just a lot of color -- Turkey. Yeah where's my window curtain just gobble gobble gobble Turkey from jive Turkey -- you know it's. All right more I'd ever 49ers coach. As they get ready to take on the saint -- obviously had a good Thanksgiving at -- sports time now on WWL. And for that. One of my favorite -- he's -- Christian Garrett stand. Actually take a brief timeout will be right back with Chris and -- in sports right after this. Kristian -- how well as yours Thanksgiving Day sir. Is outstanding how was your state it was super fantastic friends and family food and football friends family food football for important -- in my life. All came together just right. And had a fantastic time thank you very much and today we get more football. LSU. Arkansas and Chris Miller and our dog and a few minutes ago about -- a lot of folks are saying it LSU. Is one of the hottest if not the hottest teams in football right now. Without -- I mean a lot of teams don't wanna play the Celtic tiger football team that you really got two losses they found their rhythm offensively defensively they kind of shown somewhere but. And as a -- that I think you know if they played a team even like Notre Dame. They would give Notre Dame than someone's team that in the country and the -- their first loss of the year same -- Alabama. All right so your prediction for LSU Arkansas. Yeah I think Ellis who runs -- -- with this -- data Arkansas the team that just don't they just don't have it they're really struggle -- Pad granny score you fly yeah she's yeah -- his name your score you know -- 3113. NN heroes. All right we'll get your saints prediction coming up in less than 25 minutes here on WWL. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's November it's the 23 it's 2012. And it is Black Friday -- come to us. Iron -- yeah yeah. I could -- Yeah. -- -- This. Yeah. Italian build it twice Chris Miller rookie to an. I remember hearing how vote would David -- for having trouble with that earlier in the season. Tonight it fat. I don't know why it took all that long to get the pace down from the well we just now I guess in every event and has no huddle commuter applying. Randy you're psychic yourself but you knew he had to do it felt good enough psych yourself up if you listen to that and it's -- Sales have been pretty awesome overweight. Running their record -- even five and five after feeding themselves and Poland for a -- discharged. Chris Miller audio like the same chances against the 49ers. In the superdome on Sunday it'll be saved my fourth save my fourth. What makes you think that. I see it as Baird's -- owned by. Can't find out more incidents touchdowns the most four point victory out -- -- trailing by a field goal by three yemen's and playing our game field goal we're gonna go for the win. The saints hit seven and walk away with a four point wins. I'm not walking away. Now has Rolex crawling out from under the piled up four point oh count they go win the any way shape or form it counts now against this closer Francisco defense it won't be easy but I think Drew Brees will get things going. And towards Illinois like the -- -- -- -- to have their revenge against Alex Smith at quarterback but. They will get them their revenge against a team that knocked them out of the playoffs. -- the playoffs this season. I like your prediction we'll see if -- sideline reporter Chris and Garrett is on the same page review when in his prediction coming up in just a few minutes here at WWL. And dot com right now Chris so we need to get your prediction on what -- matter. And that is the weekend box office of course this is an extended. Holiday weekend box office. Joining the fray at the box office must evolve on Wednesday where the life of hi I'm Manny Ang Lee film about a young man who well ends up. On a boat with a tiger we have the remake of red dawn at. Which is not getting great reviews. Chris Hemsworth -- before you give me the rundown tonight. No -- get a get get play by the rules of the rise of the guardians which is the animated. Movie about the evil spirit hits it launches an assault on earth in the immortal guardians have to fight back they of course. Includes Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny amongst the guardians and Hitchcock has opened in limited. I released this weekend Anthony Hopkins Helen Mirren Scarlett Johansson. And others and that all star cast going up against the current top five all of the Twilight Saga breaking dawn part two sky fall link in a wreck it Ralph and flight. Now which do you think will be the top. Money -- at the box up twilight ends over. Quiet area I do -- that's why those erupting there is that twilight. It's not going to be red dog is not getting good reviews I don't think there's really a big audience for a remake of a Cold War era. Especially the last -- me. Yeah what is being called badly done in this unnecessary all right life of -- you don't think has -- Weisel pie in the face of a liar piece pie. Okay. I mean those popular book but I don't think it's gonna get. Big enough for me to wreck it Ralph maybe could edge out twilight is because -- kids are out of school rise of the -- it's got the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and action adventure and Hugh Jackman -- good we Alec Baldwin is it as a tattoo Santa Claus. I preview I don't think that it's a bad bad to say that that. And that. Twilight which is already made hundreds of millions continues to rake it in this weekend will find out Monday morning. If both your predictions were correct yeah. All right thank you Chris Miller. Doctor about twenty minutes -- more first news here on WW now. Oh my god let's say good morning and it's -- well debut on my program so I feel fashion Ole miss meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. Good morning miss meteorologist Janice -- joining us think LA it's going well for most. Folks put out some of those folks out there trying to do some Black Friday shopping and some well Friday after Thanksgiving tailgating for LSU and I guess some fishing and hunting are dealing with some -- -- Yeah a little bit of fog especially on the north source of your living for like man to build a Slidell. He carefully you'll see some low visibility is out there but other than that doing just fine just to keep clouds overhead and it's chilly out there -- all right so the worst of the -- -- the Slidell area you would say yeah that's right near zero in some locations for his abilities they're so be careful one Slidell man to -- Covington I would watch out as well. There's enemy locations penalties probably next on the list but. His abilities about three miles there's you don't -- OK all right what can we expect -- -- day unfolds. Today looking really nice actually temperatures around 76 degrees so it's going to be pretty mild this afternoon and so. Anything you're doing outdoor is gonna be just fine but be chillier for tonight we're seeing a front moved through but. Only about a 10% chance for shower. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Around 62 and it's gonna feel even chillier than that because it'll be pretty windy out there too and Saturday night get ready for -- near freezing on the north source so. Think about bringing in some delicate plants and remember your pets and remember to check on people make sure they're doing OK Saturday night. On the north sword series events and tomorrow night into Sunday morning we have some concerns about frost and some very cold conditions north life. Yeah exactly on the South Shore pretty chilly to around 42 for Sunday morning so get out there is -- I think for this week. All right and and that's called a stick around into the when workweek when people go back to school and work on Monday we'll be -- -- -- for the saints game but then Monday back to around 72 and by that point another -- because there is things that -- warm up local down again and that would actually bring some rain chances I went -- the tailgating forecast for Sunday skip right over that right. It's looking pretty good up until getting forecast. Making it into the 64 degree range by the afternoon hours so immediate jacket or sweater and it'll be windy out there excuse to keep that in mind -- All right part of this -- is you've got to predict if the saints will win or lose on Sunday I. Are always does that for us on Friday morning says they're filling and you've got to -- to the saints beat the forty -- they can't baby. I think easily or is it close -- closer I think that you know things are gonna folder right absolutely. Panel think Laura's ever picked against the same again. Thank you and you're keeping with that tradition Alexander DRI and quick. Yeah I know as a meteorologist you have to know your geography better than most of us Americans who are very bad at geography. What is the name of the country just south of the United States. Ul -- Mexico. And enterprise. -- they've changed their day in Mexico is now the United Mexican States. On that's very similar to a hard yeah now what -- match. So you might have to change. Some of those graphics ACLU's especially when we get back and hurricane season in south. The country's now official title the united. Mexican states Lal all right I'll keep them how little or no -- on your passport well I have and I had I think she already knows. -- -- -- -- -- thought that rallied IRA you are getting getting doing Black Friday seventy Amir. Beautiful black dress on in honor of Black Friday. I you know publicly heads of the stores -- May -- this weekend something like that and. Right gets crowded path I have. Alexander thank you so much we enjoy -- have -- Alexandra Chris -- who live indirect from the Eyewitness News forecast center on WW. Our -- Welcome -- dry game blog and then let's get your force. Am looking good for whatever plans you have on your Black Friday afternoon high Temps around 76. A front -- through tonight and temperatures will be so cool 47 or so South Shore and about 44 on the North Shore. High -- tomorrow much cooler sixty -- on Saturday for your high -- Windy out there with mostly sunny skies. Early Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. A thick fog on the North Shore visibility below a quarter mile otherwise cloudy 54 as the international according tanner foggy and 43 at the National Weather Service office in slide now scoops. How was your Thanksgiving meal that we heard so much about the preparation for you're going home to. They've put any of unless semi talk -- how did it come out it was incredible it was really great -- his first -- a couple of years and I've done it. And I knew it was he really turned out great and I am glad be here I am I just made myself so hungry for leftovers a minute ago talk and Kristian garic. I woke up this morning that's ahead for breakfast I leftover scraps and leftovers relies development over all of leftovers is at least you damn well make some I'm mom big fan of Turkey gumbo in Turkey Camelot had no idea how to do this. Could come with Morris to the rescue that he can help you out what you had dug by the next for the fun if you fill in for Tommy Tucker -- it's a Black Friday but you know now we're gonna -- about great Thursday. Here things were opening up last night. I was out there at midnight and it was a madhouse. This a controversy about it so who do you blame though do you blame the stores for being open or do you blame the customers for. Make in the stores open up then they wanna shop they were there a few shots but. Does it -- Employees who --

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