WWL>Topics>>11-23 8:15am Scoot talks w/Jeff Palermo about LSU football

11-23 8:15am Scoot talks w/Jeff Palermo about LSU football

Nov 23, 2012|

Scoot, in for Tommy, talks with Louisiana Network News Director and WWL.com columnist Jeff Palermo about LSU Tiger Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- your final game is this afternoon you'll hear. Right here on WWL late 78. LSU taking. Arkansas in Fayetteville. And Jeff Palermo who is our WWL dot com columnist also Louisiana network news director joins us live on WWL Jeff good morning and happy day after Thanksgiving. Thank you could take a lot yesterday. On I was nice and relaxing. Watch a lot of football. How ready to see what the ability tigers can do that's Saturday and advance bill. Are closing out the season you know at the beginning of the season. Hopes were. -- prepared grander four -- issues in the way things turned out a couple of a couple of losses that. -- you really didn't have to lose those games and many people continue to question. The be a very big game time decisions and during the game decisions -- of less miles and I'm sure a lot of people think he was the Turkey of the day yesterday here for for the year when people think about the Turkey today. What do you expect out of LSU and Arkansas this afternoon. Well. In you would think just space -- how this season they've gone and that pellet fuel go up there and went by you know two or three touchdowns but that was that. Think he last week against the old method and the rebels were ready to play and they gave LO do all they can't handle I think in a game like this -- -- tigers I think what. What they did for them digits. Try to put them trying to. Put some negative thought that mark in arkansas' pat well we've seen so far that people are targets so that when things start getting bad. They go from bad to worse. You know last week it against that Mississippi State it was just the three point -- Arkansas trailed the bulldogs seventy the fourteenth. The Mississippi State scored a touchdown. Got a turnover scored again before you know with a seventy point game meant. Arkansas was ready to go home they may be ready to go home already today but I think -- you've got to make sure that. They got to put it in their mind that they're not gonna win this game so for LSU I think it's. To develop the positive momentum early and if they're able to do that I think they win this one rather useless. -- -- -- a lot of anticipation coming into the season I didn't seem to do as well as people expected early in the season doing a lot better now what do you expect for him from him this afternoon. Well last three games he's thrown for over 270. -- that -- don't count that is going up against the defense that's given up its. Fair share of yards -- you would think that that met burger will continue that. Keep playing well I think that fourth quarter against the all mankind Blackberry they would really. A big confidence builder forum. I he had already had counts and it's but the fact that. He was able to go through some tough times today game against the rebels and still that come through and play. Is that quarter really of this -- independently ability on a couple of fourth quarter touchdown drive that was a huge confidence builder for him. So you know I would think -- you know he's gonna spill continued saying that the progress I think he would step when he turned a corner. There's no turning back at this point I don't -- seats. A game like he had against Texas -- when he failed to throw for 100 yards. Now. If -- she winds. -- oil issue fans are gonna be hoping and praying that Auburn beats Alabama but I think Auburn is a 150 point favorite. That the Taliban -- -- like that it is like 3540 point favored. Yeah yeah I mean I don't think really anyone you know even less miles and -- coaching staff. They understand it's gonna take a bigger miracle that on 34 street took. To win this tickets for -- the weight cut Saturday campaign Alabama but obviously the superior team and Auburn has just been out they don't just dreadful but what jealousy is obviously open -- here in this game is that they get the win here they get to ten wins that's three straight. Ten win season. On the tiger that need Florida to lose to Florida State because remember Florida still has one loss so when it comes that it. BCS bowl pecking order Florida would get the nod over LSU especially if Florida finishes in the top for the -- yet standing. The big gators have to go to a BCS bowl. Of course the FEC champion will likely play the national championship game. So only one other team from the PC from the FTC complaint a BCS -- so I think getting into a -- yes -- it's not. What many people thought at the beginning this season they were they can return to the beat CS national championship game. Yet that there -- cannot -- put that back it happened but to get back to a BCS -- I think will be chronic count accomplishment. Considering what this team has gone through that here you lose your best defensive player -- bad -- you lose three guys on the offensive line. They -- are starting tailback. They had at the -- basically from scratch at quarterback all the go along with a wide receivers. He had new linebackers out there. Abuse started a freshman quarterback -- -- to freshman point in the secondary quite a bit this season when he gets better that. You know what that's -- the good people says gonna get a win a national championship no but it was still really good -- that there are able to do all that. Just best case scenario for -- issue in a bowl game. I think it's the Sugar Bowl at this point you know that and that would take against Florida lose of the Florida State. You know it's somehow -- right now it it would take a miracle I think at this point. For an SEC team not to be in a national championship game and the Sugar Bowl it's gonna take another team. Most likely from the FTC to replace -- they lose to replace the FCC champion. And it will be -- do you know before all the major upsets last week we were talking yet the -- maybe the Rose Bowl. I think that the applied but I really think it comes down to two bowl games at this point charitable or couple. Have a great to see you minister Bo Jeff Palermo Louisiana network news director and every WL dot com columnist. Thanks for being with a happy day after Thanksgiving. I think he would do I appreciate having that.