WWL>Topics>>11-23 11:10am Deke talks w/WWL listeners about LSU v Arkansas

11-23 11:10am Deke talks w/WWL listeners about LSU v Arkansas

Nov 23, 2012|

Deke gets ready for the last regular season game for LSU vs Arkansas with WWL listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just a few moments left in the program go -- -- -- the LHU sports network of 135 kick off the Tigers. To get to ten victories and regular season. With a victory today over the -- are Razorbacks LSU was a two touchdown favorite. Over the -- and tonight it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football around and meet scene did you hear us right now talk a new ball on the road already. -- to play. In the third round of the playoffs. Romo is on the road a washed autumn night in the Monroe area that's a long trip coach hero and the -- has -- -- -- route to be on the -- showing a game that took place earlier this season. As the banners go to a manager to take on a much improved skip the bulk of what about the job coach got to cop has -- amend the -- when he first got the people with saint. Why you schedule than the Curtis is why you schedule an all these teams. This is one. Sixty general Amanda goes in the state quarterfinals they try to eat the semi finals close they -- -- general of the -- -- that when you play eighteen. This week of the season I don't care what you see is. What people thought you were you'll good. You'd damn good to be one of eighteens. He eats at the five classes that's the way down to wood down to the final eight in each of the five classes I -- match up from what I -- talked. Catholic Amanda do the one of those two games to square off next week in the state semi finals of Romo wins. They would be at home regardless of who played at a Catholic and Vanderbilt airline is that west Monroe and bar is at parkway. It class fully realize that McGuire an event of a Catholic areas on the road at Melbourne night the defending -- state champions in this city. Logan with getting to seated. Charlie is Catholic if it meant down -- 35 coach rock Dwayne -- the run Eagles improved 22 positions in the final six weeks this season. To enhance their playoff status in the 21 seed. But like no other 21 seed a game away a win away from playing the defending state champions. Know tiger in when you go back and look at what they would do in the post season the year they won the state championship the only team they -- heavily game. Was make thirty McDowell 35 in the state quarterfinals McDowell 35 and I'm down by eight. What about three minutes left. And never came back and won their -- game determines a very good vocal coach -- -- in -- Has a very good team LeBron is in the -- to take on the holy cross Tigers bear with that ballclub. Perhaps one of the best teams coach Wilson had and that he would be better served at Jimmy that. And I don't like to ask coaches that -- its all said and done the Bear's club that tiger is only two losses this year. What do Jets what we're Rommel no the five -- Paulus holy cross to get to the semi finals it's set up a huge matchup they would give the seat next week in. Of the winner of caught this second C a perfect eleven though and it's an operable nights that -- seeding -- zero Crutchfield. Big expectations on this ball -- live format. And his team last week. Going on the road and beating a very good saint Thomas More ballclub and tonight -- the -- nights in the called Cooper isn't -- the -- of -- leaving the house. At about 2 o'clock today. They'll tell me because that can be in the -- that. How would rather be the stadium would nobody there and we know the game. Because the game is not going on me and I'm expecting -- 7810 people deep hand offensive night in -- unexpected -- all throw crowd. This is if there's a five star -- the Viet. This is it car in Saint Paul man two of the greatest coaches we've had. In the area -- long time at the scoop you know with zero did. With the bullets off of it's up black Cummins you know Jabbar to look at them as a player it's on the university as a coach and coach watney a car and now as a coach at car. This has all the makings -- city class that's where we will be tonight. Burma stating -- side for the Allstate Sugar Bowl pro football -- -- Allah want they'll myself along with sideline reporter as. Said Dunlap he will be Manning the cost side line and -- Pritchard will be on the same accustomed silent. Also on 3 April view Baptist travel and all the Soto there on a road already it's in his record there at the Griffin and the number one ranked team in the state equals. Did exam of -- -- the Louisiana one of the best players in the state still yet undecided on football it's between LSU and Alabama Gary Beckwith. -- east Louisiana Tigers owner organize the -- go for almost. And I weight is -- crowded take on a notable crowd Pioneers. It class to wait a big game in right around and a Metairie area John Curtis what take on a Riverside Curtis number one in the country and one poll. Number two in the USA today top 25 looking for not only another state championship the coach TT Curtis. But a national championship Curtis is clearly one of the best programs. In the country every year. And I don't Norris and all the -- the mathematics the formula behind. When they decide but to -- Curtis is that is a top ten program in the country every year that they got the numbers to support it. Pockets and he would tell you about the blue in the face but. They have the numbers to support they are one of the topped him programs in high school football. He every year Manny isn't -- Livingston pairs for the Springfield vote ought to be jam packed tonight as a -- Tigers take on the bulldogs -- Springfield. You hat is that -- regret -- -- tomorrow expect a high scoring affair between 23 ranked -- they have a talent -- Rams. -- ball what did you coach Byron Addison has gone with the rent making him play our power. You just a short amount of time out in the final eight and three teams from that New Orleans area two a district Curtis river signing -- all of and the state quarterfinals how strong is that. And event as a call tomorrow night and we wrap -- a class one a southern Lebanon defending state champion squash it talk Christian they can't would kangaroos so -- brazile. West Saint John as if the -- Catholic and paint video is that Westminster. Christian. That's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football around and not all about great opponent will be stationed. Across the state of Louisiana and we will be feel excited -- stayed in the night between tonight's. And the Cougars average salary of college football coaches. One point 64. Million dollars. Head coaching Pena soared 70% in six years in now assistants are making. Have had come out. A money. In 200642. Coaches made at least one million dollars a more college football. In 2011. That improved to 64. Now 66 coaches. In division one football what is considered bowl subdivision. That's a 120 schools say it's well over -- over half. 66 make a million dollars -- more at least 42. Make two million dollars a mole and that you've got some assistants at a make it near the million dollar mark. That's incredible. Incredible instilled to some when you look at some of these programs. They are underpaid. I can tell you right now with the way college football is structured. The F three universities that are in the black every year when it comes at that just three. The University of Florida. University of Texas. And the Ohio State University. Now Ohio State could get some consideration for the national championship in the Associated Press poll this year in urban Meyer's first year criminal. They are eligible. Because of a a sanctions levied on their program with Jim Tressel is their quarterback Terrelle Pryor. But I can see arrogant my becoming the highest paid coach in college football because the health of their athletic program. They're one of the very few that are in the black. And Ohio State if -- and without question is football that they do have basketball at a high level also. But I can see -- reminds Ramirez to see where Ohio State seeks out in the Associated Press. If they've beaten its -- more and then as everybody has a loss while some teams have two losses. I think they're gonna finish at least top three but we'll see. And they've become eligible. Next season to get to both Ohio State was clearly right now. They would be Michigan. It would be Ohio State and Notre Dame weren't too. But they're eligible solely ACC does not get knocked out this year they still have everything in front of them you could have two teams possibly for the national championship. But -- the winner of the Alabama and Georgia game. Is going to the national championship to play Notre Dame 0011 loss team will come back. And who have -- game preview it is a robbery week in college football the apple cup. The civil war clean old fashioned good hate between Georgia and Georgia Tech. The governor's trophy it. That play for the territorial caught between Arizona and Arizona State. They're heroes trophies between Nebraska and Iowa the battle of the land the league hit. With Illinois northwestern as -- an event Lincoln have you seen the trailer the preview for the movie Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis I fell asleep if -- but I've got an -- is. And looking forward to see if there is about. The life and times. A former president Abraham Lincoln and I think that -- -- from all -- all -- all the reviews for saying that it could be one of those pitches that dominates. The Oscar award list when they have those announced February so even Dave Odyssey is he would spray for the popcorn to go see in the -- the league. That's right date would extra vote totals in the ball is on the we'll come back we'll have our game preview between LSU and Arkansas. That's how it goes and the Hawks a 135 kick off this afternoon. Right here on -- -- advertise its -- listening to WWF. -- just got. Six -- FaceBook messages from friends Simon had some off finest in Afghanistan. Green is from Livingston -- disease they could go more than two years. Hope you're defending had a great things -- in Afghanistan right now -- -- and we thank them so much for doing says please keep us updated tonight. On all the prep football action Brandt how we'll mom and I'll make -- a point -- -- Allen helpless will look days on FaceBook will also updated on Twitter. And of course if you can out beat WW dot com we will keep you updated with all the latest -- bulldogs. In every score from all of the four games in each of the five classes went down to the elite eight. In the state of Louisiana this week and has Brit Simon and off finest. Serving our country over to Afghanistan this holiday weekend well we called -- our team preview it's brought to buy food remains. And here it is the breakdown between Arkansas and L issue with my main main Stephen. -- In the regular season finale LSU travels to Fayetteville that they -- SEC rival Arkansas in the battle for the golden boot coach less miles and -- tiger squad may not be your mind to compete for the SEC championship but this year's campaign still largely been a success from last season's national championship runner up. I -- Bengals have now won back to back games and are currently and -- into overall and five and two in conference play. This match up is only the fourth road game of the season for LSU could get hurt its third consecutive ten win seasons with the victory as for Arkansas. The Razorbacks much anticipated season was derailed -- head coach Bobby Petrino was let go amid controversy before the year even began under interim coach John Smith. The Hawks who were ranked as high as number eight in the polls early in the season have stumbled point 47 record including a 205 mark against SEC close to the -- 45 to fourteen. Lost to Mississippi State last weekend the Razorbacks were eliminated from postseason eligibility for the first time in three years this is the first series match up in Fayetteville since 1992. And -- who owns 835 wins when he walks into a tie overall. Old record against Arkansas on offense the Tigers -- an old school team that likes to run the ball in utilizing short passing game on the season LSU the fifth most. Prolific rushing team in the SEC with a 188. Yards per game for the Braves just eleventh in -- Passing with 206. Yards per contest would. Would that type of production LSU he's near the middle of the pack in the ACC in terms of total offense -- our stable of running backs from miles to utilized in this offense leading rusher is Jeremy hill who's racked up 500 in. -- -- five yards and nine touchdowns this year. The team pounding the ball on the ground quarterback Zach member has not put. A ton of numbers on the season he's completed 59% of his passes for 2272. Yards and ten touchdowns. Just six interceptions he doesn't throw downfield very all thin as he averages just seven point six yards per pass attempt and ninth -- Average in the conference that -- has not always had enough time in the pocket guide their he's been sacked 23 times this season in terms of pass catching threat for the Tigers coach bill Beckham junior has been in the top receiver in total yards while Jarvis Landry has been the more reliable receiver especially on the underneath routes it's no secret that the strength of the volume bagels resides on defense all -- manages gains that defense. Dominates them on the season LSU the third ranked defense -- unit in the SEC. Conference that is -- -- -- was punishing defensive squads. The Tigers are surrendering just 281. Yards of total offense per game while constantly making plays on the pole with a league leading seventeen interceptions. On the front line Sam Montgomery and Anthony Johnson have proved to be difficult climate for opposing offenses to stop linebacker Kevin -- flies around all over the field and always seems to be able to make stops in the secondary Craig lost in The -- Simon hadn't collected three interceptions apiece well before. Also on the offensive side of the ball has been a long one for Arkansas. The Razorbacks with a top ranked offense in the ACC last season in terms of total yards and scoring this season the -- are just sixth in total yards with 416. Yards per game and twelfth -- scoring average -- 24 and a half points per contest also -- this season is the draft stock of quarterback. Tyler will -- -- largely considered to be one of the top signal -- is not only in the SEC but the country he's had a solid season but not that type of year that a sport a great deal of positive off. Goals and -- -- 3020. Yards and twenty touchdowns while completing 62 and a half percent of his passes to go along with twelve interceptions Wilson really hasn't spread the ball around particularly well to his receivers. Has really benefited SEC leading wide receiver Colby Hamilton who's hurt -- did they spec tac. You perceive him. Eight receptions for 1237. Yards and five scores no other player on this team has more than 22 receptions poor. 300 yards -- the running game also deserves some of the blame for the Razorbacks pulled from the offensive lead of the conference Arkansas is gaining only a 140 yards per game on the ground. Which is the lowest mark among SEC teams -- -- Johnson has been the most productive back with 747. Yards and eight touchdowns such meager offensive numbers have become -- Pounded by one of the conference's worst defenses over the Tennessee there's no team in the SEC worst in Arkansas on both total yards allowed in scoring defense the Razorbacks have not been nearly as opportunistic as LSU with just twelve forced turnovers this season. The defense could be. Here this weekend of the second leading tackler role on -- dealing with an injury. Seeking Ross Rasner is -- -- -- stopper while defensive ends -- flowers and Chris Smith are more. More than capable of getting to the quarterback. This game. Would have been a classic matchup of strong defense is a prolific offense when you look down on the schedule and all of -- LSU has lived up to its end of the bargain and will be able to manhandled the Razorbacks to keep the ten win train rolling. Prediction really. Oh shoot 31 Arkansas seventeen -- being -- with your game day preview. For WWL am FM and WW dot com. All right I'm coming up to you after the game the days for the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- -- who have the purple and -- point at the fully alive in Berman stadium but. Could afford my tonight the elite eight in each of the five classes are great reporters all across the state of Louisiana. So that's coming up thanks so much today power out of Ian Hoch Allison rent some hand Chris Miller on whose team for the news that next. LSU. And I'll consult -- -- out there to travel the day I'm Deke Bellavia. Enjoy listening to WWF.

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