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11-24-12 11:10 a.m. Scoot talks about Bayou Classic in New Orleans

Nov 24, 2012|

Scoot talks about the Bayou Classic in New Orleans.

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Thanksgiving weekend continues this is a special Saturday edition of the -- show the home improvement show with -- grange will return. Next Saturday. Beautiful weather but the wind makes it feel cooler than it really as I walked to the station just a little while ago from my apartment downtown and they had to had to Wear a jacket it's cool if you're going to any of the -- you classic. Activities outside of the -- homer heading to the bayou classic in the dome it'll be nice and warm and comfortable in the dome. But it's going to be a little breezy on your way there. And the activities are just include a crowd gathering -- -- square I took a walk yesterday to a -- classic car fan festival and the vendor village. -- champions where yesterday outside the Mercedes-Benz superdome and -- of vendors there are a lot of vendors on the corner of O'Keefe and Loyola. And I would think the champions square will be a crowded later I I saw this performer there were some local performers and -- -- -- local or not but there were some performers and some of them local. As champions square yesterday during the -- classic -- fan festival and one of them I was named Elaine yeah. And I was really impressed with our internal issues local or not protest very very impressed with her a battle of the bands was last night by -- classic at 130 today. And it living downtown I see people in town people in town for the 49ers game people in town for the by -- classic. It is just another great time to be a new -- and I know it's a little breezy and might be a little chilly for some -- you. But we. -- so much during the summer it's Thanksgiving we can't. Once chest in brace this weather and enjoy it and enjoy the idea that we can put on a colder put on a sweater. And and we're not sweating I I I love this weather. Especially this time of year. And will be talking about the saints in the forty niners saints I started off Owens Ford now five and five going up against the 49ers were seven into. A forty niners looked great last week so did the saints in Oakland. You know I've mentioned something out again and attacks about it is just a moment ago I mentioned something about this and this young quarterback. Yeah Colin their -- Who had just a phenomenal weekend last weekend. I with the 49ers having this kind of looked incredible and an Alex Smith has been to such a great quarterback for the 49ers. I I again let me remind you what a great moment this is for the saints. The forty niners -- the saints out of the playoffs last season we thought we had a game and toward the end. But Greg Williams defense just let the saints go right on by and score again. And we ended up close he was there it was a scoring battle I don't know what's gonna turn up tomorrow weather's going to be a defensive battle -- an offensive battle I think it was going to be an offensive battle. On you just heard. -- Christie Garrett talked about how -- forty niners are giving up just stated defense giving up like about thirteen points out per game. On the saints should supersede that tomorrow but does -- a great moment for the saints having one of several in a row. And -- -- now five and five getting a chance to win what will definitely be one of the popular national games on TV tomorrow afternoon. Because some saints fans were not treated. Kindly. At the -- a -- -- Cisco last season. There are some fans here who want to seek revenge. And treat December Cisco fans. The way some saints fans were treated as San Francisco. That's not who we are. That's not what we do here. It's not necessary. An English you could be sure that you word getting back at the fans who were responsible for. On not being kind of saints fans of that play -- game. Then it's not fair to. Attack people who gonna be totally innocent and I would think that December Cisco fans who were coming here to enjoy this game or not the fans who were involved. In unnecessary. Taunting and confrontations. At their playoff game December Cisco. Plus that's not who we are you come to New Orleans and win or lose you're coming to New Orleans that we want you to have the new orleans' experience. You know if if you are so. Dedicated to seeking that kind of revenge but you need to do some soul searching. Made you feel like we need to is a city we need to get back at that at the San Francisco fans in general because of saints fans were mistreated in San Francisco. You need to do some soul searching. And if you've got insurance or can afford it I would -- in therapy I guess gets some help for that. Because that's not who we are we're -- -- points. And you know at living downtown if I see somebody in opposing Jersey and their team lost to say hey -- lost the game great -- -- I hope you enjoy the city man -- I love the city of love the city. And I also wanna remind you that tomorrow. It's a later kickoff. It's not a nighttime kickoff but it's a later kickoff kick off -- 315. Now when it comes to party and saints fans don't seem to care whether they kick off visit noon three or seven. They start their drink and and their party at the same time. So by the time this game is over since it's a later games. They're going to be people who are gonna be a little farther gone than they might have been. At the end of a game that starts at -- so just be mindful of what you are consuming our coverage begins tomorrow. At 11 o'clock with fans first take with former saints offensive lineman Steve court. And every WL Todd Manassas life from Oceanic grill corner Bergen and -- -- I know I asked after church that's -- I'm going to it's a great place to have breakfast it's a great place to have have lunch. Mo and post say in the whole staff they're they're great they will help get you in the mood for the saints came -- And then at 1 o'clock it's the bond like countdown to kick -- with Bobby indeed -- from gate C at the -- Kick off is at 315 with a best play by play team in football Jim Henderson. -- guy shot Kristian garic. And then after the game it's the cajun cannon and big chief Deke Bellavia with a point after -- for Dini seafood in the French Quarter. That is a lot of fun after the game that's it's I Brazil and go to adult themed Gandolfini and I -- police. And that's gonna go on until 9 o'clock so we've got ten hours of wall to wall scenes coverage beginning tomorrow at 11 o'clock on sinks radio. WWL. -- actor Larry Hagman passed away yesterday at the age of 81. He will best be remembered for his role as the iconic TV villain. JR Ewing and one of the best cliff hangers in the history of television was the the end of the second season who shot JR. And this guy in the show had so many enemies it could have been anybody. I remember having the biggest crush. On little Lucy. Played by Charlene Tilton and she was just so cute she was and well she was I guess you could say she was a rather active young lady in the series. But she was she was cute there a couple of scenes with her around the some mental that I terrorist -- remembered -- state. Today is small business Saturday it's the third year of this national tradition. And hopefully will become a big tradition follows Black Friday when all the big stores have all the big stores and get people to come out at midnight. And we're also now talking about great Thursday because a lot of stores open up at 8 o'clock Thanksgiving night. And I can't help but think that maybe. Maybe that's a good thing you know people eat this big Thanksgiving meal and what do they do. -- lounge around they watch TV they taken that maybe it would be healthy to get up and actually go shopping. But this national movement is. Designed to encourage consumers. To shop locally and to buy from small stores. Now there are areas in this area magazine streets Metairie road. -- the French Quarter. The mayor Ernie. There's an art market at tech clay -- and -- Carrollton today. I was Louisiana residents are selling items there is the French markets that would be considered local -- -- and attacks the the whole elm wood area. This is local a lot of local businesses they are but I would also look for the small businesses in your neighborhood in your city and in -- -- In home. Covington Slidell Slidell -- there there are downtown areas in their local businesses everywhere. And in the suburbs even in strip malls there -- local businesses so this is not just about. Going to an area like magazine Streeter Metairie road is nice as they are. It's also about honoring the small businesses. And it's not big business. It's small business that really drives the economy. But the United States. And collectively small business is much more powerful. Then the big business. In America contrary to what many people have believed it you know if you can take some time today -- -- necessary to go on by something. A locally do that you know and I got decide tracks. Never had a chance to talk about my feelings about. This this young quarterback -- Cohen -- for -- And I got a text about its somebody understands what I'm talking about but never really thought of it this way. I'm not so sure he's gonna have a good game and I'll tell you why. When we come back if you wanna join us with a comment on this Thanksgiving Saturday our numbers 2601870. Toll free numbers 8668890870. And Arctic -- 877 and will be right back on WWL. Next week. I drew and -- breeze I shared their home and their feelings about New Orleans with the nation last night on person to person on CBS. And we got video of that right now on our website at WWL dot com also Pierre Thomas has treated the saints are wearing black. And black in the dome tomorrow afternoon against the 49ers who love those uniforms Pierre Thomas is asking All Saints fans to Wear black. To blackouts. The dome there's a proposed. Ordinance for Jackson square that is causing some controversy won't have to return of this next week. On this crucial now there's Monday Night Football so well I'll be back with a -- 08 to midnight on WWL next week if you haven't been tuning in and night. We invite you to tune into our show one of a very interesting callers and done a lot of stuff goes on. Every night here so if you're in the car at home -- work we're on the -- eight to midnight dispute show on WWL. 870 AM. On the proposed ordinance it deals with restricting. When and how the public can use Jackson squares pedestrian mall between one and 5 AM some controversy over this again we won't talk about this today but. We will be talking about that next week on the -- -- also a North Shore police enforcing sagging pants law. If you listen to the show that I do ignite you know how I feel about that's -- we'll talk about that next week. And a bit there was this it's a controversy about the Turkey that I cooked for for Thanksgiving. I just was so excited to work to do a Turkey. And two I I cut the skin and the fat off and and and people center -- how does a ground is it isn't any isn't any good is it you. The Turkey is delicious and it's juicy. If you wanna see a picture of it took a picture of it. It's a WWL dot com under our opinions right column in effect I I even show before picture it's a really pretty before. Does it looks all Indians just. Doesn't look good -- it turned out just great so if you wanna get rid of some of the fact a look at it doesn't mean that I don't ease some of the dressing and some of the stuff is bad for your. Or -- not really that great for sure does taste good. But the Turkey just came out great even without the skin. And without the fat and what I do is I handled beef broth I like the contrast of the beef broth with a poultry taste. And it gives it just a little bit of a -- year our taste and and I used that to. To make up for the -- that doesn't come from the fats in the Turkey but again that's just my name. Iraq's seed now you know why don't have a wife for a girlfriend it's because if it's because of stuff like this. I was talking about. Young's ever Cisco quarterback Colin are -- as I mentioned this yesterday and earlier in the show and it's something that we should think about. In sports there's some in psychology. There's something known as spontaneous recovery. And if you don't do something in a while. -- at play golf for example. And then you go play a first round of golf for the first time in a long time. -- spontaneous recovery allows you to do a very good job because you don't over analyze what you do you don't expect much out of yourself. You're Lucy -- I haven't played a wild is gonna go on relax and play. You do a great job. It's that second round of golf that you play close to the first time you play the next day or next couple of days. Where you don't play well here's a Texan Reese I really thought I was the only one who did that with golf pull excess drug I didn't think it did but I didn't think of it like that. Is the second game is anything like my second round of golf can you say blowout -- who -- Yeah so my thought is then it's Colin cabernet is going to see he was loosened blog. Nobody was expecting anything from him and he was sensational last week. But he he goes on the field and tries to match that performance. In the -- home with all the noise against the saints the way they're playing now. I think could be charged as it tries to match what he did last week I don't think he's gonna have a great game. And I expect the saints -- were -- to win this game and -- from from 14 to five and five to having an opportunity to beat the seven into 49ers this is just gonna be a great game tomorrow afternoon tailgating is gonna be crazy champion square's gonna be crazy. I here's a -- the reason I was on Berber and I was in Burma street club last night December Cisco fans and saints fans were getting along fine. Good hearted teasing and cheering for both teams and that's the way it should be -- there's nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly trash talk and but this idea that we seek revenge against 49ers fans who were in town for the game because of the way some saints fans. Were treated at the playoff game in San Francisco defies the very. Nature of this city and who we are as a people. And then I get a text serum. That. Me to this text reads shut up skewed to F the niners. And their stupid France. Now you know there are people like that in New Orleans is well. And I just hope this guy stays at home or woman stays at home I hope she doesn't go to the game we don't need people like that in our society -- They're free to express their opinion but shut up screwed and the niners and their stupid fans that he will kind of attitude is that to have. Let's just be nice once -- gracious. And if the forty niners lose just ask people hate. Great game thanks for coming to New Orleans hope you enjoy the city. Steve -- one of the wild guys from jackass. And guys who just. Did it all which jackass is now the host of true TVs killer karaoke. He's talking now about how these dogs. Help him with his sobriety. We'll talk about that when we come back if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our number. Is 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. And our -- number is 87870 years it takes sports fans ought to be good sports whether their team wins or loses what show the 49ers fans that we are good sports. Amen to that no other tech sports fans ought to be good sports yes what we should be. There's far too much hate in liberal when it comes to politics and an even sports. -- not who we are. If the saints win great if the saints to win the game it means the 49ers were better team tomorrow -- I think the saints are gonna win but even if they don't win. You know let's be let's be gracious and I would expect December Cisco fans to be gracious. As well we're coming right back with more on this special Saturday edition of 8668890. Late seventy. Are you classic today at 130 the champions square will be filling up before that I forget a fear at noon I'm gonna take a walk over there are champions square. This is just a great event and as so far I've just seen a lot of people in town just here to have a great time and we should be honored to have to buy you class secure just a great. Historic. Rivalry between Grambling and southern means so much. To both of those schools in the fans of both of those schools. We're happy to have it here in New Orleans and in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And a lot of fans are looking forward to the game tomorrow in the superdome between the forty niners. And the saints here's a Texan -- As scoot most home games are good for three point six advantage. Our fans aren't like others we should be good for no less than seven points -- dad's baby. Here's a text -- Schuylkill 49ers fans with kindness. -- here's a text I do not disagree with you about who we are as a city but the folks down here. Are loaded with pride if that makes sense and I don't think that there's a chance. And I don't think that there's a chance in hell that some saints fans are not going to. Get their due at least in their mind well if you do it in your mind that's okay. But I don't wanna hear about one incidence. Other saints fan. Harassing. Or confronting. In an ugly way 49ers fan and if you see her here -- -- Monday Night Football on -- be back on the air. On Tuesday night with a -- show it to midnight. I wanna hear about it Robert you're on WW LA good after a good morning. -- ordered the raid on -- good. Yeah I know look -- -- about these stand vs fan thing. You know -- you know get around to the same people industries unit that was fiasco -- Colombia as stock apple -- -- if congress does suck it up. You know. Tape strip about how we get mystery is that that the final blow -- baseball bats come out. You know can't do that so we're out further grow our go to games are always always felt we should and the guy above you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert I appreciate your call to show hopefully had a good Thanksgiving weekend. All right good Roberts. You know -- the last game I went to -- the Philadelphia game -- Monday night game I have some friends in town I work with this or girl radio station when I was in Portland. And we've looked at Tennessee friends over the years and she was succumbing attention -- New Orleans so much she got married here a couple Saturdays ago. And she -- her parents couldn't make it his parents it came in and so she asked me to to stand up for her and give her away. On the steps of the checks operate the river where she she got married and she's a big saints fan even though she's never lived in New Orleans lives in Portland put her husband is from Philadelphia. So here we are in a section with mostly -- fans he had a Philadelphia Eagles Jersey on and other Philadelphia fans were in the area and it was just. It was varying congenial it was it was. It was nice that's exactly what we what we should -- there's attacks that we showed up -- you should be fired. I should be fired. Because I'm talking about saints fans getting along with 49ers fans I mean don't don't some of these text. Frighten you. They let you know about the mentality. Of some people. -- -- Among us. -- here's a text. A brilliant analysis of a collins' performance I totally agree with this thinking. And your golf analogy is a perfect example I think our. Is Tebow won the wild members of the had a jackass crew has been -- sober since 2008 and what these guys drank and did drugs. And did everything and if you've seen any of the shag dance movies or the jackets TV shows you know the kind of guys I'm talking about I mean I look I love the show I'm glad it's on me doing that stuff I love watching the show. And the movie was on the other night placebo was one of the more outrageous ones among the Johnny Knoxville crowd of a jackass. But he credits his two rescue dogs ball turned Bernie. With helping him with his sobriety. And you know these guys drank and did a lot of drug these guys are like rock stars he says his dogs gave him a purpose. He went straight edge straight edge means you don't do drugs or you don't drink that's a movement that started on a college campus I believe of Syracuse University. And I wanna say it was in the early. Nineties and it really did spread across the country I don't know how popular the concept of street NG is but a lot of young people. -- are pars are straight edge I he's gone for years eight months without drinking or doing drugs in yes he's still counting. He said it's good for a guy like me. To have a priority that's not myself. Ever regiment and discipline and responsibility. It's all very healthy he's now the host of true TVs killer karaoke. And he said that he doesn't remember much about life before becoming a dog owner. So if you have a drinking problem a few of the drug problem can end it -- -- again it's a sober do you wanna go straight edge you wanna change. You know maybe this is something that you should think about. On the cities are terribly complicated little guys who won his very aggressive no one likes to urinate on everything in marked everything he and he said but they're my babies. And I love them so much. He said he doesn't understand how he lived the way you live before and how we live without. Having these dogs he said they -- such an emptiness in his life and if so in reached his life. That he doesn't know what he would do without him so his dogs helped him with his sobriety. I saw the movie flights with the Denzel Washington. Last week. And it's a movie the the movie seems to be focused on a plane crash but a plane crash is just is just part of it. It's about alcohol and drug appears Denzel Washington one of my favorite actors I see him in almost any thing I it was a great movie and if you have gone through. Or if you're going through. Alcohol or substance abuse. I would highly recommend this movie to -- it reveals how he was a functional alcoholic. And it might even have been and he was he was so used to drinking and doing drugs -- might have -- did you get the feeling that it might have been. His drug use. It absolutely helped him and and his drinking because that's what he was doing at the time that might have helped him with this miraculously landing. Of this plane were only a few people. I lost their lives and only few people were injured he did a phenomenal job landing this plane. Under incredible circumstances. And it just shows that there are many functioning. Alcoholics and drug addicts among us and I'm not criticizing anybody for what they do or who they are. But if this is something that you have battled the -- It's a very very good -- -- tell you the end I didn't. I got very emotional the end I've sort of canal place -- and walking down canal street still wiping tears from my eyes but that's just at the very end. And for me it was a sentimental kind of sadness it wasn't that bad tragically sad movie. I'm very uplifting. Very important if you've dealt with some kind of substance abuse of you haven't seen flight I would recommend it to you this is a special Thanksgiving weekend Saturday edition of the -- Free at 866889087. Anybody who -- around when -- Spanish city was thriving. Back in their seventies and early eighties that is -- make you think about that have played this in past. To play this in many many -- here's your WW a pretty general opinion poll today push your biggest sports Turkey of the year. Lance Armstrong. Roger Goodell. Eric Gordon. NFL refs who went on strike. NFL replacement refs Sean Payton Alex Rodriguez. -- Gregg Williams. I think they all are to some degree it's a firm Sean Payton Lance Armstrong 7%. Eric Gordon 6%. NFL Russia went on strike 2% NFL replacement -- 4%. Sean -- 2%. Alex Rodriguez. 9% and I'm -- 1%. Gregg Williams 4% other 2% Roger Goodell biggest sports Turkey of the year no surprise here 73%. On the North Shore Stanley -- on -- WLA good morning. I do not want -- restored we shall not be financial Motown. I'm glad -- -- okay you're most welcome Jim Alitalia to let them out and -- German guy and we beat dragon each other united. Well I always look these people that tell him -- glad you're here but there and a guy we were -- he's. Yeah that's okay -- friendly trash docket. And that's what I -- do however blood out again I would look at how these people are just are that our approach and I'm I'm not some New York from close by Obama but like I am out. Company that's why you just -- -- while it. Stanley I agree with you love the attitude. From pearl river Mike here on -- VW on good morning. They're longer and yeah man it well. Astronaut right man to go learn play you know you have to answer to the -- and you know we we -- and don't -- game in Cameron indoor game Q. My mom had a strong play and ran Tyco and other sales withstand this don't go there were no great strategy just. You know show what we're all about down here don't well don't -- yourself below their standards you now. Might I I totally I totally agree with Syria I was surprising that to hear that there happened in San Francisco you expect that in places like Oakland and Chicago and and Philadelphia -- fans of Philadelphia to the absolutely. Brutal. And when I lived in Philadelphia went to many united many different games with a sports franchises there -- of the fans can just beat. Ugly and brutal not all of them but many of them but that's not who we are here it it's kind of like in this country if if if we capture somebody will well. You know the other country tortures are people we should torture them. That's not why we should torture them that's not who we are -- need to bring him to justice. But we don't treat others the way others treat us if that's not what we do naturally and I have southern hospitality here. That's what the -- about ten -- -- for the game aren't like the game boy oh hello hello we are we're channels rather worship remote camps it up. Mike I appreciate you call the show I wanna share with I -- when I'm very famous for. I'm very famous for promoting something going into a break and then getting distracted during the break and start talking about other stuff and I never talk about it. I had a call earlier from a guy name Paul who is a part of a group called visit Baton Rouge and one thing that they promote is at LSU fans always. On treat with respect a look trash talking is one thing but confrontation. Violence berating other fans especially after a game and when your team take such tests unnecessary. You can have fun and trash talk and you know course you -- -- hate the other team. When I talk about hate I don't mean true hey we're sort of -- sports -- we hate the falcons fans and always she may tell about it we we can hate that I understand that kinda hate. But when it comes to real thing and confrontation and violence that is just not necessary. But I had one experience that was so unique in college football when it came to a rivalry that I was absolutely stunned. When I was on the -- and Seattle. I did the pregame show for the Washington Huskies. And the Washington Huskies were playing the pillar of Nebraska Cornhuskers. In Lincoln Nebraska. And it as you know -- with the cornhuskers were even bigger -- than they are now they were they were they were huge Stan. They were expected to win the game. The Washington Huskies came in and beat. Nebraska. And home in Nebraska. At the end of the game. The cornhuskers fans stood up and gave the Huskies a standing ovation as they left the field. And I thought that was one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship and I I I heard that that's what they do. As passionate as they are about their football. They will actually. Recognize the other team. If the other team wins. -- San Francisco fans. That are coming to town. Let's treat them with respect. Hey we can trash talk and we can say where we're gonna beat you work that we've determined that you can say what you wanna say. That's all healthy. But let's don't try to seek revenge because some of our fans were mistreated and San Francisco. And if there are people who disagree with the statement you're entitled to your opinion but you know we don't need your hate in the world. Let's be saints fans. Mets. Who we are up next at noon it -- color analyst Cokie guy John and -- sideline reporter Kristian garic. On WWL sports Saturday your reaction to the LSU Arkansas game. -- -- hung on to win that game and what a one handed catch late in this in the first half. I Jarvis -- for inclement that is making the highlight real and I saw that on the network. Before coming to the station are basing your reaction to that what grade do you give the team how do you grade -- miles -- -- -- exact commit murder. And after three straight wins do you think the saints can keep the food and dream alive against the 49ers forty niners are seven into saints are five and five both teams had. Great games last week. And also who wish your biggest sports turkeys of the year all of that is coming up on WWL sports Saturday next. -- saints color analyst -- guys -- sideline reporter Christian -- a lot to talk about there are gonna go see the movie Lincoln tonight. And we'll talk about that next or next week on the Scotia and if you haven't been joining us at nights I'm I'm on midnight loved doing the night surely I did morning's most of my life is screwed in the morning -- desist so much fun to be back and I love doing the night's show eight to midnight on this Monday Night Football so a beyond 262 Friday next weekend. Every Tuesday through well this high school football on a couple of more Fridays but basically Monday through Friday -- is a big sporting event. Right here on WWL -- chilly night hope you'll join us. Time if you need any information about saints or politics or whether or anything go to our website at WWL dot com.