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11-25 8:30pm Point After Show

Nov 25, 2012|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And well with a one out there on Saints radio WW IA MFM in that -- final score from the dome today. It was San Fran 31 New Orleans twenty Juan -- -- around Thursday night. And they would take on the Atlanta Falcons Q would you take it 5042601870. Point 03866889. 087. To the phone we go let's go to grade can do all of the alliance have a great thank you for calling the point after. I don't gentlemen I'd just like make this statement thumb infancy you guys think the body. Aram does that and that you Drew Brees threw like we've sort of had the pick six to broaden the most -- people. Can report that plays it was almost like you apply and do well. Reporter yeah at play here it's just listened to an outside line and Abraham did the same exact thing. And I'm just wondering you know I know we listen to all and what somebody -- outside line you know being polite and shouldn't we be spreading those type things you know in between time I'll bet networks don't know 94. Well the people -- tackle. Our plan Brian he was in the -- pitchers. I mean I'm just saying so would be more story is studying -- well you know the next play next situations. Are what we got to do -- -- -- changeup. A -- don't stay at a block you know that's what they want in that. -- in the fifth in the pocket not whoever I'll. I'm just won't know what you guys think I'll hang up. Well the -- is always sits in the pocket so I don't know the point you try to make in. And realistically. That one play -- nothing to do it a car on the NS nationality now on the sidelines. And have breezed to -- -- as they complete that could've been a big play. And then what Ahmad Brooks the veteran that he is I think he came all the assignment. On instinct about like Darren Sharper you know -- look at the plays Darren Sharper made to help us get does doable a lot of times he would take your chances instinct. And -- and the pool we even veteran quarterbacks so I think that's that I mind -- Bruins did on that time but that's when you see. And they showing on TV that players a look at that pictures and every team does that so and mean there was than it was then nothing. That the 49ers to do and it drew not wasn't prepared. That Dallas won a gold -- it's a tie when how many -- he Drew Brees -- -- -- at small window and you don't say anything because it's a positive play. Though it's a negative play you always get you know exploit that. It was San Fran inning Hussein's three game win streak with a thirty want to wanna -- -- overlook victory over do all of will continue the point after the eighty seafood in the first quarter and year. On Saints radio WWL. And welcome back. Final score from the dome this afternoon it was San Fran 31 of New Orleans one more. If only one I've been here on Saints -- -- UW would be a massive -- Tom Brady is included the French Quarter results of thought -- Does that rants and a Budweiser what did have a great to have -- -- bought into eight -- -- native -- You know let me get this thing is how disappointed. And and I thought. We want our defense we are making strides. We are getting better. And out. That's it. Plus the wind Drew Brees got to play great and he just has to play Brady can't be good obviously you can have to pick sixes c'mon. -- is probably a 100%. In an NFL. Preview of football history may be the high school college or pro level. You have to pick six's yeah you never win and it's amazing you know only lost by ten points we seem prudent to have those negative plays newly gained. But this said it to home it's fourteen to fourteen -- half. Now you could say there was a momentum swing because all of a sudden we think we're going to be up fourteen to seven in the 49 is tied the game. But one area were outstanding. In the first half was third down. You know departing -- its only two of five. On third down conversions. And I thought the second half we got him you know in long yardage third -- 113. Down and a number of yards we think the -- should be in our favor when the 49ers with six or eight. On third down conversion and then that it was frustrating because. Like this started that are that second half they kind of said that to home as there was six -- eighty yards. And they'll those you know convert on third and do they get now that should be favorable and all that but as the 45 yard play. That we gave up a bit of a number of episodes. Then I look at. You don't lose the third and long situation. And we're not able to stop them and and a lot of time -- -- -- to get back in the game haven't sustained drives. That that that that's the difference in now. You know you can't have that guy that -- a little surprised how. Unsuccessful reporting that has learned a thing and after burning things that they don't third down. To the phone to go Bobby and let's go to Chris. In metro on -- -- Chris thank you to call unsafe radio WWL. Everybody -- guard doubled. 200 how you don't bother. -- eat your -- yeah. -- man. I was so desperately pulled for the Saints plan is just. I just -- like it is the -- I had -- Eagles last year Frisco it is no homes. There was no let just as you move all over again. And yeah -- defense play good approach -- put. Those who still like to me through. Like you said proved got to play his a game he's got up please god you know do his part to win the game quiet there was no -- -- -- blog gave -- -- there was no perfection. Itself may almost popped back tomorrow mad through. That was very -- terrorist but like Drew -- to throw two interceptions and well you. You are well I didn't they right now. Yeah I really -- about it. Yeah you know of course being the seventh Wada has its been that I wouldn't give up okay -- -- 147. Okay if you can't find about so I'd take that OK instead of forcing the ball. And then you brought the ball and then like you did. You know popular series. And then batted well bizarre god damn you get momentum back that would gain momentum back dissenters is. And. -- -- they -- they have yet though they withdrew -- never play conservative. He's put the ball in tight -- a number of times and it turn out to be touchdowns but I had no fan. But there's -- as a fan of my do you watch it and homer and -- stadium you think how in the hell did he get that ball in there. And so yeah I guess -- got to take the good with the bad. But it -- within this knee especially on the coach Harbaugh. College state Indiana fourteen point lead against anybody in the second half they're not loosen. Not I might be wrong what I'll do any investigation. Where they were up 28 to fourteen. Not -- the immaculate and that game was extremely low and they had us primary that they wanted us considering the kind of team they are. And up to me the fourteen. And then that was not a good sign other teams we baby. Who particularly come back and not get this 49ers teams. Hi Carlos going it was San Fran 31 New Orleans wanna -- wanna we will continue with the point after All Saints radio W fifth you have. We -- knocked out Pierre Thomas in the playoffs last year and helped the niners KO the Saints again today. Shotgun breeze on second -- eighteen Brees stepping up throws one mid Ohio ball. If -- thirty quicker to what he weathered what it's like it's my. It's down boarded and. Paris San Francisco would pick off Drew Brees twice returning both for touchdowns and one on 2831. To 21 victory over the Saints in the superdome. The loss dropped north of five and six on the year and a black and gold have a short week now to get ready for Thursday night in Atlanta. The Falcons meanwhile improved to ten and one as Matt Ryan threw for 353. Yards and a touchdown to give the AT LH when he scored 23 victory over the Buccaneers. Tampa kicker Connor Barth had a chance late to give the -- belief. This will be. 56 yard field goal to pick may have been partially blocked it's going to be short. We'll take over. Outstanding field position with 332 ago. They just ago just to get a good we can get the ball -- and touched it. The Colts TY Hilton scored on a 7475. Yard punt return and scored eight yard touchdown pass leading the cold feet 820 to thirteen victory over Buffalo. He's the first player in Colts franchise history to score both ways in the same game. Peyton Manning racked up 285. Yards passing and two touchdowns. And -- Denver Broncos rallied to beat the Kansas City Chiefs seventeen to nine for their sixth straight win. Back from a concussion Jay color threw for a 188 yards and a touchdown lead the Bears to victory -- cut their staff. Behind him through the end zone diving grab per -- They just look for a touchdown. Touchdown because that's good. Chicago marched onto a 28 to ten victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The Bengals took down the reeling Raiders 34 -- ten. Since -- QB Andy Dalton tossed three touchdowns while the law firm BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a 129 yards rushing with the score. Dan Carpenter missed a 43 yard field goal on the final play kick the -- feel 43 yard field on the final play. And the Dolphins scored seventeen points in the last eight minutes to rally past Seattle 24 to 21. Now according to league sources. Seahawks starting cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are facing a four game suspensions for violating the NFL's performance enhancing drug policy. The Browns forced eight turnovers and picked up a rare win over the Steelers twenty to fourteen. Rookie Trent Richardson rushed for 85 yards and. -- the go ahead touchdown for Cleveland. Jaguars QB Chad Henne threw two touchdown passes sparking the NFL's worst offense for the second consecutive week. In Jacksonville beat Tennessee 24 to nineteen. In San Diego the -- completed a comeback beat the Chargers at sixteen to thirteen in overtime Baltimore has now won four straight. And for the eighth time in nine games. Jim Norris Jenkins returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the Rams 31 to seventeen win over the Cardinals. Arizona rookie Ryan Lindley was picked off four times in his first career NFL's stars. And in the Sunday night game former LSU tiger Reuben Randle has a sixteen yard touchdown grab from Eli Manning. The Giants are dominating the Green Bay Packers. 24047. There is three minutes left until halftime and -- one that's a look at the NFL scoreboard I'd Steve Geller on W. WL AM FM and WWL dot com. And welcome back to the point that anyway -- seafood and -- -- caught off the corner of Bible good healthy with a point after it was always hear -- -- at the Saints games. And don't forget the original location in the book now but it was the tried awful seafood also. Roger finds that -- they do all of that is it's ATV united Budweiser the official -- -- -- have a great time but -- -- excuse me designated. Driver. -- Ball Manaudou of -- meet at night who reliever who Ruth leave -- at the studio and that you know he couldn't think they want today. By all of the division and conference tomorrow. They wouldn't be -- Succeed today. Yet like everything is falling in the blade to accept you play in the forty -- coach today unit came in and you help the continuing played the Cardinals with a line like that. Beginning of what they've lost seven straight big I'll wanna say when they lost six straight -- never happen. That NFL team -- start out born on lose speaks very well now they've lost seven -- Fly out Iguodala very close to snowball whatever Delcarmen lately. And is it doesn't look too good for the Cardinals won't allow it it may be they've maintained Beulah did think -- is always like hit it just shows you. Does it have to porno and somebody -- -- that you know coach -- and hunt. Looking at may need to get fired an idiot it is they're like you're crazy would be talking about a porno. It just goes officially every year everybody wants to win and the pressure. They have they have 32 teams and I tell you at least six are 868. Coat -- as the average. We have coaching changes it just happens because not everybody Q when they expect you don't win. We'll look at look at my good friend Jason Pierre with the Cowboys. And that's situations. The one that probably every radio talk -- -- -- -- of his head and that's that is because the character sort of bottom line is you have to win that just the way it is. Also Green Bay just couldn't -- the 24 to hand. But they have Saints at Falcons on Thursday night you won't say trade -- about eight. Each and every week beat Louisiana school history gets 250 dollars for each turnover created by the New Orleans Saints. If they give that to the coalition school history that's Louisiana -- -- -- -- -- a -- of the wall and saying that the day was thought out voted. Thought up close to yet again we want to beat even -- that even was to pick sixes so. The Louisiana senate has to be the LSU school district it's 500 dollars from Louisiana -- Wilson the converted seven of -- -- that we created the turnover. With -- look yet that was a nice play about you rob. You know he probably catches the ball as well as any about guys in the secondary we he looks like a receiver catches it. And that's the one this that was back Cameron -- I got it off with Ronnie because we kept -- -- -- -- in the fourth and then there. You rob comes that are okay in the intake gave junior. -- -- multiply that and I thought this was going to be a field position battle. If you look at that cut through the best players in the NFL for shortening NFC. And Andy Lee not Thomas Morris day. They didn't do -- fumbles. Our bush not Reggie Bush that Rafael bush comes up -- the big recovery. And two plays later we get it in the hands all of and I thought bill that are kind of plays we had to have obviously to have the momentum take deleted when the game but. He would be almost like god. But this that we have at plus two for the game though we wind and this tied the game wind up being even Luke was -- -- the season. But this particular because the opponent we needed to be on the plus side. Back to the -- would go Bobby and let's go to feel in slide -- on line -- field thank you for calling the point after. On WW -- Maybe he got here. -- -- OK but yeah Lotta wannabes -- doubtful whether it's got to get her off my chest and shouldn't you probably know would probably talk about the run gave. Played predictable. Or wrote stuff down here I believe on that it has to happen it probably don't -- -- folded yet people started -- are. Certain people probably looked up and he found it already good at running back -- -- wouldn't -- that these he's got to thank. They could run the ball I mean you know he can't do that these guys because they're not respectable running game -- we need a good running game. We don't run out south attack with no hit the ball I feel like we scored on a bit long but you know you have a big athletic gifts pleased with the the ball full blown out they don't we have had a ball we got a couple of hurry -- offense. We've got a full court. We know we don't have a good defense we can't fit yeah they'd go no huddle offense we got a ran the ball down the road when we got we got hit that ball go. You know it is palpable at all. Oh well well what does say it's safe you know ran the ball down their payroll. How many teams truly run ran the ball down the 49ers through. Yeah -- a good opponent you can't just say. I'll look I'm not a problem before they haven't come -- but ultimately you can't get a general ball. They don't try to go to the no huddle you know they don't try to play -- won't let go let score that you're passionate -- global lackadaisical and all that. Lackadaisical no we yeah we usually. We usually fast pace I mean -- -- that. If you look at four minute offense the minute -- look at the history of through -- Sean Payton. We as efficient as they get to the National Football League that it -- -- -- lackadaisical that that's not true. Now you could say maybe this game. Maybe you wanna go fast pace now that we could be considering the opponent. And out them pinning their ears back as far as when you trying to play catch up and I'm really listen when -- trying to play catch up you got to be more lucky the good. Sometimes but in the first half. We did have fourteen it can't. Now while we're on pace to have one needed -- then you're down 28 to fourteen. So you need not necessarily gonna run the ball lucky human like Duke. Throughout the game I guess that that's what I wanna kids who would like that could be. 1872829. In that range now. The only about what you charting a percentage isn't that what they call looks certain plays. -- at the Saints at bat and a more important that number one offense for I think here. Right now coming into thinking they were -- all five are you kidding me that it that they have been top five since 2006. Thinking about that how long that is. The worst ever finishes fourth. And when you say. That third it or they don't ever run the ball where no NFL teams run the ball look up every game if you truly wanna get in the number. Look at any NFL team to see how many times they run the ball on third and four no everybody passes. On third and fourth. That that wasn't a good example you gotta grow better and that. And because he would would you would you challenge anyone. To do show a team when -- thirty born in National Football League and their running. Good luck that the percentage is a very low when you think. He has. That's the -- missing yes that's kind of things you just now I'm not I don't want something I've looked quick. Pop thought gadget play or something like they are not allowed back dug in about 323334. Of them. -- in the National Football League that's a that is a passive -- LSU Tigers. 34 against a lot of things they can run a third of four in yet but it's all I've never been NFL coming back we'll wrap it up San -- Defeats New Orleans is at new 31 to 21 at the point after on -- radio -- because Buick. Well -- who thought they just haven't this goes 3121 -- we'd be in Atlanta Falcons to final followed well. I guess. The short term remedy as far as the -- -- -- hitting get the fan base excited in our giving a little optimistic is. Just rain on the dirty birds parade community he beat them twice and once these before you know it. Who we watch and the Saints -- third tonight football. Thought I know that game was very meaningful to them you look at the standing my -- up my numbers if they can't. Wrap up the NFC south with a victory over -- and -- dusty thought. Think within the that's enough motivation right there for food and fill up yet that their fan base came in here and the superdome put a lot of swagger talking smack. And they got humbled but -- -- at a lot of -- naval wake -- next game. Before you know because of the about two and a half weeks and it's it's here it's hears those -- -- a big challenge for the -- but. Missed a week being the Falcons eleven out of thirteen games. And I'll -- like play we match up against Atlanta. If it if we play the run like we've played in the first game and obviously. You know not lose the turnover battle no we'll blurted -- all. And beat the Falcons Matty ice Matt Ryan has been a little of the Georgia Dome but not against the faith the -- that had his number ended.