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11-27 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 27, 2012|

Dave talks about the cleaning fairy, a Hornets win, and the Saints/Falcons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WL first news on this the 27. Of November 2000 and well it's a Tuesday. At the last Tuesday of November December right and cannot go and and then. Then from there it's all downhill I don't know why that. 28. Days left that's that until Christmas less than one. Month and so Christmas and then well -- New Year's. Will be here the memory in no -- in 2013. Will be upon us. Before we get there we get some rain to deal with this morning yes some light to moderate showers and that's a heavy thunderstorms -- through the areas. -- of that to contend with the cold front makes its -- your -- -- tomorrow morning will be a little little on the that the side by tomorrow morning -- obviously -- -- stay -- going to be year. Via the radio now and watch the -- clippers game last night out on the West Coast. But when I did hear the news yeah out that. Green is Vazquez. Had 25 points and 10% and the New Orleans Hornets defense took Blake Griffin completely. Out of the game to a 100 M and five to 98 victory over Chris Paul and that's giving Los Angeles Clippers. That just -- thing. Now if not -- the hornets and they're losing streak. Against the clippers I could have picked a bunch of other teams you know for that. First win in awhile but not the clippers I didn't with the defense holding the clippers under a hundred points than well today. That's important emotional victory I think. For the hornets and in many ways one just because it. Stop you from losing your game in a row which obviously nobody enough. But secondly because it does come against the team that well symbolizes. A lot of what has been troubling the hornets for the last couple of seasons yeah. With Chris Paul there now -- -- here and -- the rebuilding that's been going on so congratulations in the morning -- and they did it without the big man you know at least Davis now moves on the bench for that -- About punishment. Had Davis been in for the last -- -- -- seven yeah I think we wouldn't know a lot better -- that are going won seven of the last eight perhaps -- -- -- make a big difference so now for the saints -- kind of weird. When you think about it days like Friday already for the in release coming so fast -- well and you play the third game normally plants it's days like there. You're barely got to the hot tub and it's time to apply thief and -- answer the saints have to go back at it in Atlanta in just two days. How you feel about. The effort to right the ship and hopefully -- out and get into the playoffs you think they can do it again and of the dirty birds and on their term. On their turf shortly for them to get on -- they had at about three and a half hours more power -- and at noon games that read. When he went whenever the game. And I don't like the fact that we just came out of one of those revenge you know nightmare kind of games. And now we got a team that really wants. In the in the falcons say I mean you know that. This can be tough. I have made any predictions on this one yet at all. You've been vacationing and doing them and get them with a family wonderful. Great holiday good yeah all the way around a bit too much did all the right things so personally Estes finally I've. All now he's in no. If you like games nine. This movie even anatomy games mine and -- -- -- it's on my less violence on Sunday morning good you know I haven't done -- What's that I'm a powerball ticket. Ivan Avic I got to know so I -- sticky you know actually stuck to my wall in my pockets oh. If apple I want them between now and Wednesday at 9 PM with finesse not Celtic it's an hour before Arlington and ticket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you David right back about fifteen minutes or news here of the well we'll get your forecasts it's raining out there -- And -- Garrett. It's the day off so we'll have Steve Geller and was on your morning sports. As a saints get ready to take on the falcons just two days in the hornet's. Now they get to enjoy a victory finally. 5:18 good morning welcome it's Tuesday night -- you know it's nearly vision WW Albers is so there's this solid line of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Truck in this wave from -- north. Northwest right now the leading edge is kind of moving over backers and -- stretching up to -- meet. And moving pretty -- rapidly. Down to the south so expect that line to be moving through over the next couple hours there's smaller cells already of thunderstorms. Or remand of bill and New Orleans and -- isn't -- New Orleans east area let's get your forecast. From the Eyewitness News forecast manner. -- WWL. Some showers and thunderstorms will be impacted us for a lot of the morning and maybe even early afternoon hours cancer rates at about 70%. Through noon. That it does drop off after that. Temperatures today going to be the upper sixties maybe touching seventy but -- dropping off chilly tonight. Cooler air will start to filter in other are sure we dropped to 44 south lake near 49. Temperatures tomorrow 65 degrees with clear skies and sunshine on Thursday as well with highs near 69. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist. There camera. All right thank you Jackson the rain last until about noon and then we clear -- and cool off mostly cloudy now and 64 at the international airport not raining there right now knowing -- but it is raining and well downtown New Orleans now pretty heavy it's mostly cloudy and slide down sixty Cuba. Thunderstorm over -- ended. Sports time now on WW Allen about that hornet. They brought a storm of their own and ally and took care of the clippers meanwhile the saints. Play again and just two days and days like Friday in their preparations for the next game how bizarre bizarre. It itself all of that and everything in mourning scored -- things like Steve Ellis. Good morning -- and despite Sunday's loss dropping the saints to five and six on the year interim head coach Joseph Vick tells us. With a win on Thursday against the falcons the team's goal of making it to the post season still remains very much within reach. It's important we have our best game Thursday night we get back 500 every dream every hope and aspirations this football team has is still sitting at their force our players know that our players are welcome back to prepare hard this game. A person familiar with the decision says the NFL will not be suspending saints' starting defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley. First kick to the back of offensive lineman Alex whose helmet during San Francisco's victory on Sunday in the superdome. The decision means Buckley Bunkley can play in Atlanta on Thursday. While Cam Newton shine in his first appearance on the Monday Night Football stage this happens it's. The ball like a local residents trying to end the love Jane you get the job he barely got his body into the end zone with all one yard touchdown lead. Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others -- the Carolina Panthers handed the Eagles their seventh straight loss thirty to 22 in Philadelphia. Greivis Vasquez as we led the charge for the hornets who took down Chris Paul and the clippers' best six suppliers. And Vasquez had 25 points in tennis is that helped snap the hornets seven game losing streak with a 105 and ninety -- Rio de LA clippers. Today apple were on sports talk kicker Garrett Hartley this week's guest on the saints players show at hooters on -- As Bobby eight there goes QB to QB we Drew Brees with early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. 21 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW offers is -- on Steve Geller hanging out on your radio you now when -- left -- yesterday. You're kind of looking at those seven losses the hornets and had instead. And then look good looks like this can be number eight out in LA how does the hornets pulled to gather. And beat Chris Paul on the clippers. They held Blake Griffin threw his. Career low for points in the game which is actually amazing the defense just completely shut him down. And also from three point range shot 60%. There the fire from the on the -- sixty. Percent from three point land that's everything you hear me out well -- -- did that well as a as a basketball team. And your chances are very good that you play some defense and take out their second top scoring threat and hey. That's -- you get a victory. Yeah rob Butler Chris Paul still had good games but the this horse is really just took Blake -- completely out. And you know without Anthony Davis just the huge really huge achievement of this team is even doing. It even managing to stay in games also Eric Gordon won that game I was there yet we know he's been rehabbing in LA it was even tweeting you know when a great win all supporting the team and all rob rob but still no timetable for his return on parents. Hey maybe this hornets can build on this. What they -- -- and a I'll Wednesday is their next game at home against the Utah Jazz. Still expecting -- feedback Campbell we'll see what happens. Have shoot around tomorrow with the latest is on him. All right so today is like Friday for the things they play in just two days. On last Thursday night affair -- in Atlanta. Any word on exact street will be back to kind of shore up that offensive line. The guys that. Coach Joseph bit about him last night they said that they'll go more this morning. About his status and that he does look good and he's progressing better than expected so -- -- to -- today for the afternoon press conference from -- All right we're talking more about the same for me to back -- excitement more sports WWL and -- them and that means you know I'm Dave Taylor another look at your rainy morning forecast. And then clearing cooler coming up after this on WWL AM at seven back -- we heard Joseph vets say it. All of the saints dreams and aspirations are still ahead of them all got to do is win in Atlanta. Do you still believe the dream is alive of a post season berth for the thing. We have seen Thursday night we get back 500 every dream every hope and aspirations this football team had -- -- that they're forced our players know that our players to welcome back and prepare hard for this game. Do you believe that all the dreams hopes and aspirations for the saints are still there to be had do you really think they can still make the playoffs well. They win the rest of the games and looked pretty good form starts Thursday night. In Atlanta I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL offers is that we have a line of thunderstorms. That is truck and down from the north. Through Louisiana right now Baton Rouge getting hit hard to meet taken the leading edge of it right now on the -- that line that stretches diagonally across the state. It will be moving across the North Shore and then into the river parishes and the city over the next couple of hours we have some isolated smaller cells already. And it dotting the radar as we get some rain already this morning let's get your forecast. Showers and thunderstorms impacted us for a lot of the morning and even early afternoon hours today here in southeast the -- and a rain chances are at 70% until noon but the drop off after that. Preseason thunder lightning mixed in as well didn't really see that yesterday we. Could see that today temperatures going to be the upper sixties for a lot of the day tickets Chile that overnight. The showers and storms are cold front that habit through so colder air filters in and we dropped to 44 north for the -- 49 south of it. Tomorrows sunshine and cooler with temperatures in the mid sixties we stay in the sixties through Thursday. From the Eyewitness News forecasts -- -- I'm meteorologist. -- camera. 64 south lake 62 on the north or witness scattered showers and more rain heading in I'm Dave no I just checked the powerball website thumb -- like -- I checked the website jackpot remains 425. Billion dollars estimated for Wednesday's drives. If you take the cash option. They'll hand -- 278. Point three billion dollars before tax. All right coming up the latest from CBS news they've exhumed the body of Palestine. Yasser Arafat. And outline what they're open to figure rat in a blanket in WWL. First news. Traffic and weather together in sports with Steve Geller. Also tell you coming up the sentence for the cleaning Mary heard about this moment. Economic we. But the early edition -- WL first news on this the 27. November 2000 and well it's Tuesday and not much anymore and just two days away from the next game I like that. Yeah well I like it -- they win he now -- you'd be nice to -- the of the boys in black and gold a few more days two year old. -- was a hard hitting game -- 49ers the it's hard race vary vary defensively talented players. You could feel the pain right through the screen yet absolutely. Not the last thing it. No time for that no rest for the Leary -- and lake it runs and get right back at it the senate to take on the hated hated. Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta on Thursday enough to bet that the Carolina saints and the travel up there for the mats and Ambien doing that they travel. Very interesting and -- -- report. That these new occupancy three years ranking New Orleans at number three in the nation. Behind it. Nashville which I get have been the national I am nationals got a lot to our brightest and what people go to nationals a lot of fun things it is there and testing sites to the end. You know music history and all that. And Houston. That's surprising. That it could -- to. -- a lot of business travel news it's got to be a man known as the Houston convention and visited here and I know I get their materials that promote Houston. But I'm not the am not sure what you know makes -- family planning a vacation go I know will go vacation and Houston a year out but it is a very large city big city you got a lot of folks on the top five I believe population wise United States. And a lot of you know big businesses headquartered. And you got baseball to that helps a little bit and beat people go check on mountain. But the out of surprise yeah that your life you know I'm I'm I'm gonna gas and I don't know him and I am not down -- Houston Houston now is what Houston it. Man by but guess has a lot of business news and business travel -- hotel rooms but interesting. Beyond that the Don Thomas the rates that people pay for rooms in new Portland compared to the back in the and that -- formula. Second only did he -- huddled in. Ohio people are paying a premium price they're willing to shell out the box. For a night in a room ya here in new war I think you've got really nails it and I hear from people all the time their friends and like coming in runner in this and they call us and its -- It was a huge bill arming all right general we can afford a -- and he had enough so you're right now obviously though the vast majority of folks think it's worth it for sure if we're number three and occupancy and number two in kind of price per room filled. That means people find that hey there well -- the -- little more than. Maybe to go somewhere else to come to New Orleans because of the value of the trip. Everything you do you think a lot of fun and why is -- that expensive it's not expensive figured you know ride street cars not expected to go look. It's a historic and oak trees and big homes and saint Charles avenue Atlantic. Expensive thing out in the French Quarter marked down Berman watered down merger created in Louisiana Tech at. The architecture of the French Quarter and in you know kind of window -- at the antique stores and and you know refund. -- wandering around. Those -- -- -- great great market -- there thank you David contacted about twenty minutes more birthdays Chris Miller joins us where else you gonna play when it comes full time he's got them. Prediction homes to share with us here on WW well we'll check in with meteorologist Eric -- account for. Forecasts that are coming up right after this. I am talking about reclaiming things on the rain this morning because there's some heavy showers and thunderstorms around let's go to the eyewitness these -- that aren't they get caught him mr. meteorologist Eric Enron -- ridiculous idea I'm daughter all right good I saw a few heavy showers -- and -- and I'm looking at your pinpoint doppler and mammoth solid line of showers and thunderstorms struck in this way. Yeah it's all different than yesterday yesterday we had persistent light to moderate rain today we have some heavy showers mixed in thunder and lightning is popping up especially north of the lake. Related extends down about twenty miles south of Baton Rouge continues all the way through the North -- and that's the thunder lightning in the rain really impacting everybody here. Probably arriving in the metro area between seven and 9 AM I think after -- heaviest showers and storms will be impacting us. But we really have a chance of rain that starts now and continues although it's about -- to. All right and that afternoon things clear around the circle and -- I think so I think afternoon -- drop in the rain chances to 30% until about 5 o'clock and then after that. It should be much drier out here on right now this associated with the -- that's true -- a -- front obviously leading the charge here with a stronger rain so it's going to lead cooler air in its wake. Later tonight or short drops to 44 south lake about 48. So chilly night in -- a cooler day tomorrow temperatures in the sixty -- -- frost with this one -- down into the forties on -- that lake and then. Sixties for -- the next few days yep that's right just got to get through this morning with those heavy showers and storms again. Starting right now and continuing till about -- I think it's win now a lot of athletes activity. Right they go ahead with an out for the afternoon yeah have you heard about the woman dubbed the cleaning Mary. Koppel yet it -- in Ohio in the Cleveland area broken no home claimed it. And that's 75 dollars. -- Did that that a lot government. -- that they arrest there of breaking and entering no and it judge sentenced the 53 year old woman in Cleveland on her guilty plea to attempted burglary. To what year probation in twenty hours of community service ballplayer that she wants to break it into my house clean and leave me money she can do it that other adult authorities. Accurate driving my though was the lake Ohio home. And once it's up and so she broke and wants -- copy cops took out. The trash -- -- and does it then laughed at bill written on a napkin and included her phone number yeah it's a lot I would invite her to my house -- were listening oil changed and mow the lawn and do all of that form as well okay it's a few okay. I'm explaining her and I strategy did not leave 75 dollars -- -- -- -- bill for 75 top -- makes a lot more -- -- you know truth be told that's a pretty reasonable bill -- -- 35 -- -- the vacuum does take up the trash washed -- -- if she wants something to do -- loss of 75. I would prefer those that we -- prearranged Aniston I know she's coming in you know well okay that's a fair although you know this kind of money but money now I've never. Employed and made myself but of people who have. They do before the -- they click the click now the -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't ever to have a normal basis okay but I don't want like dentist and I don't -- -- right before you go to the dentist look. Like they don't know that right now. YouTube and flossing but you yes absolutely. -- -- I'm Derek doesn't want the cleaning very good anytime between now before she count yeah I value would welcome. Commodities like nicely at. Today -- look at it today. There camera live and direct Eyewitness News port that's what it was the -- sport that. -- and it's and it's evident fact our conversation about why Houston is. Head of New Orleans in terms of hotel occupancy. And the one thing that Houston has Six Flags have been used after world closed a few years ago although if you go just now the Houston down to Galveston. And -- they have some entertainment there armoire parks and amusement -- -- -- there. In Houston itself sports time now. Well CC does have a bunch of sports. But totally the management. The -- volume morning sports what our team's surprise doesn't want last night and another has got to play in just two days -- -- Good morning and -- saints have a quick turn around. Having to put the falcons on Thursday night but interim coach Joseph Pitts says it doesn't help that they're very familiar with their NFC south rival. There are sure we just like we are supposed to -- -- that they know best and try to cut the formations and motions ships because we -- things that he was at this point in the season you won't shortly. It would do. Person familiar with the decision says the NFL will not be suspending -- starting defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley from his -- to the back -- offensive lineman Alex who's ever held in the final minutes. The 49ers went on Sunday Bunkley was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected from the game but looks to be available from Thursday in Atlanta. On Monday Night Football the Carolina Panthers are the only days seems too embarrassed to Eagles and Philadelphia. The stamp of thinking adult group so explosiveness. It's my Bible -- 50%. Thought it. For the the end zone but the ball in stride and takes it a little 43 yard touchdown strike might Cam Newton. You threw for two touchdowns and ran for another team as the Panthers handed Philly their seventh straight loss thirty wanting to. And gulf hornets put an end to a seven game losing streak and a big way. The greatest players who threw the ball play good. Those those hit five threes and. Greivis Vasquez had a 45 points and tennis is leading the world's 28105 and 98 road win against Chris Paul and the clippers. Today -- sports talk kicker Garrett Hartley. Is this week's guest on the saints players show went through some bets plus Bobby -- -- goes QB QB Drew Brees I'm Steve Geller with your early morning. School as an appointment radio tonight here on WWL let me ask you this Steve does either team. Have an advantage with a short week does that help the saints or the falcons more in terms of who's more injured or. Or which team can turn around more quickly or it does is it pretty much even since they both have the same turn around the falcons played at noon on Sunday the saints play the 3:15. PM kickoff on them. Completely even that would be I would say a little bit of advantage if Atlanta had just played at home. And got to stay at home but they were on the road in Tampa so they had to travel back home. I'll go through the same key issues the saints did and states have -- travel now but I mean these teams like Joseph -- said -- each other so well. There's not much of a difference there expecting to see it just all about execution we keep hearing and ready to pick a winner. I think I think when that's when the weren't the ones who was -- that I am worried about is in in New York coming up but let's get this without the -- I think the states and it. Only the second loss of the season would be for the falcons Steve thinks it happens to you talk about that after this on WW. Your forecast now Lotta rain headed this way right now heavy showers and thunderstorms coming into the metro area over the next hours. -- -- from the west we are seeing some heavy rain and even some thunder and lightning and I'm like what we saw yesterday which was just. Heavy rain showers the range blast until probably noon before does start to taper off later this afternoon is certainly by this evening. Clear skies later tonight as temperatures drop from the low seventies. Into the forties north of the lakes and chilly air 44 for an overnight low south lake near 49. Tomorrow clear skies 65 and 69 by Thursday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Here have brown. Couple of text messages and 87870 wanted to say it's our lives but on life support and other says the saints are done. And -- has bring on that 09 magic. Needing the saints to win Thursday and make a run into the playoffs. -- does heavy showers and thunderstorms amendment and -- -- the loose. And Gonzales right now and everything south and west of that. Already. North and west that are seeing the rain south and east of that get ready to yet whacked. Tommy -- prison for the next correspondent hello -- Dave we realize of everything we do here our primary responsibility. To get folks through the wet streets and to work or school on time so that will be. Our primary responsibility this morning. My Brian Williams of -- and I wouldn't say OK I was -- That's -- expecting flooding or tornadoes -- -- heavy showers although I didn't check the weather out. You can -- -- -- yes absolutely we talk about fiscal cliff. Because now they're threatening that it. Some kind of filibuster. Maneuvering in the sanity at eight. They've Harry Reid subject tries to change of filibuster rule in Mitch McConnell says that can affect. Fiscal cliff negotiations. -- Wall wall one more Charlie Brown teachers and is stuff -- you know what it -- could affect it would -- by the financial consequences of this is -- really affect people -- -- maybe 3600 dollars next year -- message -- extra taxes less money you got -- -- -- can't afford this page if you -- thousand dollars -- taxes when -- next -- a lot of money as a down payment on a -- you realize that. Upon a carbon debt that I need that for political event that's half a private school tuition every long look at it that's a lot of money. -- talk about that we'll also talk about the powerball but in this context 425. Billion now have you ever won. Anything in your life. -- people have you. -- -- here and there you know like a little prize the only thing I have ever won in my life was a Wizard of -- -- in third grade but that was skill to have yet and I days somewhere that was still driven now is because I wanna spelling -- that is the only thing I have ever won in my life so we'll talk about that when any football -- when -- One well -- me as different teams have. We won three in junior years none in senior but we did time warnings in the jamboree based on my three extra points well I haven't -- touchdowns to go along with a but I at least not strain on the exports. It's about Christmas decorations. Right one listener Texas today 78 Saturday speaking of winning it -- of course the saints will win and we -- crap Atlanta that analysis expands enough already. They will not make the playoffs -- Diametrically opposed to -- it is today is like Friday for the things they play just two day. Shortly -- weaken the economic docket next. Have a great Tuesday folks stay right here.

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