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9:45am - Tommy talks with watchdog re: Letten's office

Nov 27, 2012|

Justice Integrity Project Executive Director Andrew Kreig tells WWL First News he is worried any time the Justice Department is investigating itself.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy tiger when he's here on hold hang on -- when he gets here calls -- first -- Andrew Craig joins us the executive director. Of the justice integrity project Andrew has joined us before he spends a good deal of his life. I can't and I had an eye on the Justice Department in the making sure that. That they are in the business of justice I guess that's -- way to put a good morning Andrew played on. Did real good debt Tommy thanks for having me around and boy another not a -- here. Yeah it really is a bombshell if you will fifty page order from I judge Engelhard. Concerning a new trial for the Danziger defendants basically he says. Don't have enough here to tell you whether they deserve a new trial or not but I do know there's that they got up big. Mess over at the US attorney's office basically you have -- man. Investigating cell Barrett tone for blogging sending the judge Joseph letter on October 12 two when he twelve. I implying that he was the only guy blogging when in fact she knew that she was blogging under the EW -- man moniker. And I gotta tell yet Andrew you you see this not the United States if you can't get fired for lying to a federal judge. And conducting an investigation. Of somebody that's blogging and not disclosing that I don't know which you what you have to do am I miss and sounds and. No I think. I think you hit it right. On the -- here. And you know of course it's. It's withholding information and it's not that the total lie because he didn't know enough to ask her this specific question. But it goes sit and let me clear this up legally OK it's not a direct lie but in terms of honor. Come on Andrew is he week is the intent of the investigation. Is a find out who's blogging and you know your -- won it -- -- conducting an investigation. You might not be directly. Lying but you're certainly misleading are you not. Exactly. And -- and part of what we don't know. Because the judges saying the right things. We calling for an investigation and so forth but do what's what's missing there is we don't know if he really wants to get to the bottom of that. Or he's just saying. Let's investigated because a lot of investigations. And these kind of situations. Are really white portions. Two. Say well what's -- who will look into it economic heat dies down and my concern. So we don't know that yet. But the judges say immediate possibly in an independent investigator right does that happen and other parts of the country or not. Sure the most position. -- -- famous one. Where the judge was highly rape kit addresses birth records. One enough former Alaskan. Senator Ted Stevens was convicted in 2008 to losing his election. And didn't the judge spotted irregularities. He demanded that the Justice Department to. I had to dig into it -- and name a special prosecutor which they did. And ultimately it was so embarrassing if they vacated the charges that Stevenson -- -- -- losses reelection narrowing because of the scandal. Didn't see it and we vasser had this conversation before. Could Jim let me have deposed all of these people under oath and if found out of under the penalty of perjury. When all of this broke the South America don't put everybody under oath. Had them give a deposition with a court reporter camera whenever. And said are you blogging do you know of anybody that's blogging and gotten to the bottom of it immediately. What he could have immediately done entries he could also -- the pilot had violated anybody's right he's right he -- needed a court order hasn't. As an all officer of the court they would have been subject to that. No he's he's the boss and they do this all the time both. These two members of the public remarks particularly there's all people before grand jury and ask some questions and if they. Lie you're releasing count on -- indicted for perjury. So that this happens all the time and they. One of the basic issues here is. Is there a totally different standard for members of the lead to long enforcers. First of some public and it's very unhealthy efforts. CA Jan men conducting the investigation sell her code that came out -- order from judge Engelhard. Who herself was blogging she later admitted this correct yes. This could have all been circumvented. Prevented if when it broke when the news broke about South America -- if everybody. Had been brought into the office or into a conference room one at a time. So -- under given -- nose. And then under the penalty of perjury and criminal stands asked are you blogging do you know of anybody else in the office that's blogging. And at that point Jan and would be the subjected herself to a stiff criminal penalty or -- tell the truth correct. -- -- Well an end there are things that. The US attorney can do we don't know. I'm sure he's looking for the cloak of the larger investigation. To adjust to afforded to. Making decisions but -- How she's still on the payroll. As opposed serve at least things suspended. Is a big question. Yep that's I don't know and you've seen it around the country if this is not something. For which he gets fired I don't I don't know it is what you see happening from here. Well I think it's going to be an investigation in the bowels of the just department. Few blocks away from my office here and were neck and -- What they do for at least a year. You know maybe two months but to -- a long time to leave this kind of uncertainty. In the public mind. And observed that they should be much more transparent. About this particularly. I mean for example the judge could all people and yes and there are some portions now architectural works for him and supposedly the Justice Department is doing and but to you've got a real crisis of confidence here in New Orleans where she people should take the extra step -- To help resolve the public's. This concerns. And I don't want to belabor the point -- just be clear if that would be you or -- suspected this. We would be slapped with a subpoena immediately and brought before -- grand jury correct. And so what what. I mean there's a -- never Everett about Charles but donate. And that's Connecticut who's serving to server years in prison. Because he fought his boss might get in trouble and need deleted to the -- The law school graduate doesn't. I think they're good men and but he deleted to an email from our firm has -- computer. Insecure -- his boss might get in trouble. And he's serving. More than two years -- obstruction of justice charges right now he's been appealed that this all happened in 1999. The man's life has been totally destroyed. Because he deleted. A couple emails compare that to the. I'll tell name and drop preceded time I'll talk to you again soon thank you thank you sir I'd take itself with Wilford grimly from absence of malice and this is where. Life should imitate art but it is and Jim -- -- done this very thing judge Engelhard could do this very thing if they really wanted to get the truth. But none of this is being done. Now if you get -- talking here. Mr. Marshall delving Patrick Ferrell -- you want them to repeat he's he's got stuck down in his pocket -- downstairs and talk in front of the grand jury now we'll talk all day if you want it. But come sundown is going to be two things through good and true now. One is that the United States Department of Justice is gonna know what in the good Christ excuse me and he is going on around here. And the others I'm gonna have somebody's -- in my briefcase. AC one if they really wanna know what the truth is not will be back on got to WL.

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