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11-27 7:10pm QB to QB with Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert

Nov 27, 2012|

Bobby and Deke talk to Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time council QB to QB are we to conversation with Drew Brees in QB to QB you brought -- back. The great employees -- Crosby took down Miguel Angel in Coventry Health Care of Louisiana individual family and the group plans drew. Thank you so much for joining us a tough loss to San Francisco 49 those. And a quick turnaround to take on the Atlanta Falcons -- -- we talking about this forward drew after a tough loss that. It's these guys anticipating him want to get back on the field quick in the really can't go any quicker -- this -- drew on his Thursday night game. There's a quick turnaround ever since it's what we want you know. Obviously we want to. You know it's. You're positive feeling back and -- -- bad -- -- -- and obviously just you know started your streak. You know we we went on a roller awhile once in a row. And so we've got to -- we've got a few of those this season here after our start. Don't want to row and then -- won three in a row so hopefully this is. It's sort of another streak. Now. All of that group will look back here. Right now compared -- -- -- the what is the message. That you being -- that the leaders obviously group leader on the team that. Replied I think we just one game -- a final out correspondent. And not -- -- it before you know it is you general I think they've been yarder you know final along. -- by our team. -- I think we don't there's supposed to trigger or progress here you don't picture of us you know order. It almost seems -- you know we all know we're kind of fighting for -- that last that six seater that precede whoever it is. You know a spot in the playoffs. Don't play each other you know at least most -- you know so. I know there certainly were played a lot of teams that are in those positions so. We know it. We control our own does that you know they -- all right there in front of us. Our hopes and goals for this this season are still right -- -- force so obviously we understand there's. -- know marsh turner. You know and so we've got a lot and we play our best the match build -- and I know we've got to write out a lot for -- to to get accomplished. You know that size five games and minutes. You know we -- -- -- he's -- And it doesn't come around any record of Thursday night at Atlanta. Kind of fresh opponent you know having played them just two weeks ago. And and obviously use it divisional opponent which Mary there so we're trying to get back on the children Oakley. The typically charge them. You know -- true. What are you games you've played in all the different things -- -- ever been and gain work all of sudden the opponent scores 21 points in under four minutes. Brazil like it was doubly as prefers it and -- football I mean. I you know it started to look back if you partner memorable iron to 21 points in under four minutes you don't see that happen too often have you ever experienced that. I -- how -- -- -- him obviously it's it's not a good -- the chart but it was across the record. Arm bar argument could be -- you know we despite all that you we still had a chance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got the ball again until the chance to go out and that cost two yard line. It's a shot at the end zone so. You take it one play there. That I was up against tried again you know and then all right I can post some. God I think we were very resilient cheap. You know resilient bunch of guys to -- situation. No matter what you know. Should change your momentum or turn of events. You know we if we always believe that he -- up enough or top schools under way to chemistry background with the golf course. There -- talk about there -- fans what goes through quarterback's mind you don't appear you know things are going well and then. The first interception. And I'm trying to -- the -- as a quarterback you always trying to. Symbol that has potentially your eyes are they really TI's that you had motion and it seemed like you try to move -- better linebacker Ahmad Brooks -- the right. Because they -- or made a great break on the ball of trying to take shape. We're look like initially you were -- that are -- trying to -- so but he stayed at home. They can with the picnic that would happen. And yet he. -- eager are you to capture assuredly dropped out. And -- strategy at the ball hitters Jimmy. I don't actually have -- is more worried about what the other linebackers you try to move serve and then Jimmy -- -- -- -- around him. The first shot at the ball and I felt a mark Brooks. And he made it what you -- -- jump on and made a great playing -- finger tip catch. Area source as saying it's early -- kind of -- momentum already headed in the direction of the end -- them. You know he'll be a problem so. -- in that situation under their last. We just got a turnover essentially. You know -- blasting it didn't happen if there's a return over the Colts and portrait -- everything. You know we don't have that we can perfect you know him and we're trying to about -- like -- got momentum but that was a big momentum sure you know on our Arthur. And I can't -- He's listening to look at that. Before I go back to the you look at the crowd to root for a month balance and I think -- was driving the -- -- there -- -- at in the first half. It's forty passing attempts and been out fourteen rush defense so you -- on pace. -- -- his seventh when he rushed -- it was then I -- you putting church don't think he's 21 passes. In the second half and only seven rushes. And and what you say that we played at it like 49ers the Giants or. Whoever he might receive his degree past Russian team that if you become one conventional. All of senate had zero sacks numbers have. That's when you don't -- all the injuries he would have all you all you you know teammate. Then -- when they know you gotta be one dimensional that the make it pin their ears back and all the sudden at five -- Yeah that's that's true that he can thrive on it's it's what their greater. It's still playing well policed in the American built. -- upper cut throat and you're trying to get the turnovers and all that stuff so. That I would really no reason why those things went virtually here you know the -- -- Obviously he -- about Sue -- in the first I think we would like to continue to happen unfortunately were down ten point twists and all of a sudden we got first national. In the fourth quarter figure bigger slopes so that we it was church of a couple of. This portion of QB to QB has brought you -- Steve Johnson America's favorite sandwich and they're great guys with. Several locations in the New Orleans metro. Area drew always have talked last week about all the people jumping onboard an opportunity to raise a lot of money put the charity of folks choice with the super surface challenge to come down the stretch -- Holidays either by thinking geared up what's what's the feedback you have -- -- beginning with this new going to. Well ordering during -- back out here right decided that there's certainly a million dollars -- purple. You know charitable funds that are going to be distributed amongst the local nor charities we've got over 200 applications already what people -- -- their videos like everything's so. Really excited about that bigger -- embraced it obviously. Personal time. And I think it's great. Team building you know exercise -- all also great Warriors certainly -- when you talk about. -- your company and organization that your ball game maybe your church group getting together group of people going to serving. A charity. Stand and then. You are submitting as a -- entry here on our application on line the super servers child start come. Am hearing that organization opportunity here it's between 2000 -- -- ourselves dollar grant it's really great field. It's. Yet but not true look at that out. Nuclear development and I don't know you. I admire and look at your own young players and you look at young players across the league but talk a little while. The development of Joseph Morgan I thought they had an outstanding cage scored 33 yard. You grew in the post route where he's you know you need a couple of guys to stretch the field he's kind of you -- that they're taken the place of Robert Meachem -- it along with Devery Henderson. And then just talk about his development and also display of Howard covered it. And what his future looks bright the end the young 49ers. Quarterback. Here. -- Joseph Joseph Morgan I think given more opportunity to get the more he seems to China pretty apparent double. You know he certainly great church. On that -- out. I think you know the possibilities are everywhere -- -- we continue to -- extend the play book -- and also. You're just heard the opportunities -- I think we've got a great mix and a great. They're kind of wait -- week we do these things up amongst our receiver group that worked very very well together. -- cap -- you know he's played well these last two games in these starters. He's done you know great team around him because the Chinatown you know his ability sure. Spiritual Obama -- also get outside the Falcons to make plays -- but also his arm. -- anticipate things a lot of guys get outside the pocket they're great athlete to make a run but you're. He seems like he's always looking you know for big play opportunities. Given the task insurers -- faceoff runs. And that's I think I can answer another dimension so futures price for a. Drew a short week this week the Atlanta Falcons and a lot of success against him that was in the midst of what we had the three straight games were rushed the ball fourth. A 140 yards or more you look at bag drew in the last three up to the 49ers. That balance that we need -- coaches talk about was phenomenal we hit 61 offensive plays. Against the Falcons 32 passes -- forty man rushes in when it's all said and done group we have that type of balance they were rushed the ball -- level. We had a very good chance to win the game Thursday night. Here he you can Doug if you were here when you're this close to sit supercenters and you can't -- -- -- well balanced between run and pass. You know that means that you're moving the football it means that spoke to work committees -- compliment each other. It is the prime minister convert a lot of third downs and you're gonna score points herself. You know turnover ratio about this year big factor that's something we gotta win. Certainly would occur or the run game battle on the big play opportunities. And interest. Converting third downs and -- and kind of sustain drives and in fifa club well and you know your favorite that's overall good things and that's a winning football. QB to QB has brought to by the -- employs -- Crosby -- again handle. In Coventry Health Care Louisiana individual family and group plans drew thank you so much for the time to look Thursday against the Falcons it worked out next week. Barker hurt they're all right.