WWL>Topics>>11-28 11:35am Garland talks w/Dr. Behrooz Moazami about Iran

11-28 11:35am Garland talks w/Dr. Behrooz Moazami about Iran

Nov 28, 2012|

Garland talks to Loyola University Professor of History and Middle East Expert Dr. Behrooz Moazami about AP reports that Iran is working on a nuclear bomb.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Think about the beliefs his cell -- what precipitated it was so huge because Associated Press report. What they did they publish -- diagram. That they say your pretty good proof -- wrong was working the nuclear bomb. -- civic come from a country that -- more to remain anonymous. And the -- Graham news calculating. The force of the nuclear weapon that they were allegedly building. And it come June and about crippled explode supports -- war -- to bomb that destroyed. Erosion. And in the international atomic. Energy agency. Reported last year. That yet. And obtained dollar grand indicating. That Brohm was calculating nuclear explosive view it's. So too good to look closer at this will always -- our Middle East expert. And we have got a bit -- more Zalmay. From loyal one. Middle East expert bird or -- and doctor welcome to the show. Does this convince you who in the more than you've ever been that are wrong there's actually no. Working on nuclear bomb. I know it does not. It does not. I think what the policy has been in the last two years. It in front it's pushing more and more you're around to have an IndyCar ball and know what is happening is. Apple wiping some sort of cheer. Do you treat -- as a compliment operation. That that you run -- game with -- -- feeling that the only way that they can keep there's such a -- which immediately interpret. It throughout our public option. -- continues as he pleased I'm sure they -- more towards stopped but took -- I'm -- can be used these. Is there a smoking gone live far away from having that smoking gun yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- United States said they -- had suspended. Such words in any meaningful way. And that turned out to be not true. A do we really know what's going on I think -- primarily impartial in the military. Base where they think most of this is going on. You know I would say the most thing we know is -- -- -- creations we don't have a hard evidence that. Most likely most likely Iran in the movie -- that erection. But this is it's speculation everybody is this back -- that -- yet to. I've I've been polling didn't use I have not the company anybody. Staying permanently Iran doesn't have them and they kind of rebels. If if if you're writing to an -- most of their church or read about -- the same thing. We don't really know what's going on there. Do you think in the coming years Israel will strike could. Just because they say dead they're just Kendrick chance. A man yelling the ball. Well it depends who would certainly give -- -- It's. Not to act between that and yet or real and it's not in the Iran goes in the wrong. And most probably. Because the military clashes between the two. Much. I'm not sure in the long term Netanyahu -- -- of work. And I'm not sure in the long term and you run envision him being ballpark. If you're talking in -- a couple of years that it's coming up. I do not think Campbell took them are facing elections. Most of them know that the United States now is not so much in favor of another part of -- it's in the millions. And so I do not think so would be. So so what we have seen and because that would do more episodes so what we have been seen in the country India that's so that -- and yes there might -- some Indy -- connections. Between the two course sparked. Where I do not intend and I do not think. This is it possible in the water coming up. According to live -- wrong but I I think I wrote about a number of moderate roots in the complicit. That have been kicked off -- committees. A downgraded and their power and and I think it was a what secretary of prints that retiring he's seven years so. And then he intended to be more mod written brief some like it if Brian Ramona -- -- Is that an indication they could be getting closer to a strike. 01. Boo what you look I mean look glamorous evening news that the -- attorneys -- -- -- -- -- months. -- State of Israel. It is not so much in favor of a walk. -- When. All Obama and went back and become a Netanyahu are pushing. The muted establishment in his -- what so much in the favor of the war. Because they know what it takes to make the walk amid. It's there it's terribly dangerous things went through two Abu -- another prolonged war in the Middle East. I certainly don't that program though it. -- -- that the Lieberman debated right to be -- that oil minister for and that's where in -- Israel might be the next. Now minister of defense. Then put. Galaxy he would have so much of -- convincing -- over the news today. It's in the and they had and so that's an independent and itself. And it's not going to listen so much of the politicians some of them don't want to force the politicians. To make its decision so. Caulking gun duck and I I would. We have to see what days -- an immediate immediate reaction might be. Okay boomer come back more -- -- portions and of -- here in the past that that. A lot of people do -- soon have much of an answer to is there any thought that they -- you're behind the scenes where. The world just says look there Ron's gonna get the bomb they're like crazy enough to destroy the world. They wanted because they see what happened in Libya. And consequently they wanted -- says they deterrent. To keep Q my decision is through prom ever in Beijing nor ever attacking. We see what you think about those thoughts coming back this is the think tank Carla -- there with a double -- Particularly the Associated. Press reported to they -- -- -- -- there's certain suggests a sprawling -- Kindle Hooper Holmes. And an intelligence -- -- the into the report provided with the drawing -- -- to -- other alleged. Nuclear weapon to work. This article says significant because -- indicated that -- is working not own I actually in experiments but brand girl on single program aimed at mastering. All aspects of nuclear formed development. And the we were talking to her second Middle East expert -- sour -- both of which. Have said does not mean they're working on nuclear weapon and this time. Were on the radio were dug too big -- more Zalmay promo -- will also an expert on -- doctor of -- one about some speculation. That I have read didn't and smaller publications saying. We're moving towards a world saying look there Roland. -- it's not quarters crazy briefly PR. They're regular blog to world. Let -- have there nuclear weapon than their assured the online search and brought them in Israel cannot attack. But they'll never use. -- what it is how one problem with that irrational that it is alleged that might that everybody at least more unforced can have a a nuclear -- -- in the Apple's not really do we do what I think might beat the best solution. And it's to outbid the nuclear positions of the Middle East I mean backup group just gives link it to the people that part of it as they opt. I think we should take it different approach -- I knew I was with -- you -- had a very nice up it'd be a book. Pre ordered cleanup the houses are put to see what good is that an -- Point gap amid would have to duke -- out so I would have to do that to a vulnerability -- incorrect and should not only put the pressure on Iran. We should also put the pollution and Israel Israel as -- -- to -- about -- well so -- had or hadn't read it to float to the it was -- -- -- It -- it's -- -- that's what has to be done otherwise we should not. Encourage anymore there. It is not being in the limited time musicians of the region's. Nuclear positions of the region's nuclear Ronald we've been -- to -- target them. So what he would not that I mean that's gonna that's gonna become a major problem in the future. -- them talking to the of the Middle East expert I ask him why don't feel Palestinians in Gaza. Now that the Egyptian borders open border among the go to you to -- -- Gordon in particular that such a huge fellow -- and population. And he said well not old pal assistants get along together in the region. That has never done I've been able Reid had -- of British renewed peace. With the the same people fighting each other inviting others. Do you really ever received a good chance that won't reach a point where Israel says okay we're gonna. Doorway with a nuclear weapons Iran says we're not gonna get one. Do you ever see that happening or does sooner or later. This police explode. Was definitely if they could speaking -- religious minorities in the Middle East. Before 1917. Step up not being completely at peace compared yeah. They have been leaving much that it send a religious man -- -- -- and you'll look it over a long history. So what you're feeling is firms so that they've given that can back it is figure out what you do is seat from 1970. Particularly from 1948. Arm that is happening and so. It is certainly a good long debate that Palestinians should they would not have their own ambitions go out somewhere -- them -- -- Where we had our knowledge that you could have used for the people who work. The who alerted you forced out of there in the owners that after the Katrina that this should not return they can go on someone output this. If this competitor but consider that this is that the logic that consult the problem that they exist there. The problem that could -- it's sort of put these Hulk. -- -- -- aside objections to deductible salt. -- -- -- comprised of the rights of the Palestinian. I mean give all the states in fact Omar Odom the Scott they knew that the United Nations. That's some good journal tomorrow is going to be Scotts those same questions remain. If it was accept that people will -- not now. Doctor is always. Informative gonna blizzards talk to you have good -- thank over the time. Thank thank the order a Babe Ruth was on me. Professor of history an expert or no middle east of slowly university.