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11-28-12 11:10pm Open Lines

Nov 28, 2012|

Tonite Scoot talks about: the Saints bus gets egged as they exit the atlanta airport; a 45 year old mand shoot at teenagers in a car and kills one, after he asked them to turn down their loud music, also; a 64 year old man kills two people who broke into

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what we're talking about on this very chilly Wednesday night in November infected here on the North -- there's a possibility that you will see frost in the morning. We're talking about the the powerball jackpot 515. Million dollars over a billion dollars. The numbers 51622. -- 329. Powerball six. If she didn't win I hope you're not too disappointed I mean it's it's it's nice to fantasize about what you would do with the money. But don't ever buy a lottery tickets and put too much hope in winning. Because then you're too disappointed when you don't win. And think about how old's your life might not necessarily change for the better if you had everything you wanted to. I didn't have to work for -- Something happens to us. So they happen to human beings when. They don't have to work for what they have. And it's not always good. And a lot of people who have won lotteries in the past are broke today. And it had problems and some have have died some have seen the ugly part of humanity. Not did you not I wouldn't take the money to see the early part of humanity. But there are still things in our lives that we can we can say will we won the lottery. And again as I said died -- moving back to New Orleans to being back on Debbie WL and this is all home to me. I won the lottery. Coming back to New Orleans I maybe didn't win the powerball jackpot maybe I didn't -- a big lottery like that but I feel like I have won the lottery. LSU coach less miles and say he won the lottery with his new contract and I mentioned earlier for the mind obvious Sarah who owns a southern oaks plantation. He constantly says he won the lottery when he married his wife sue and I've I've received a number of text from people who say. They won the lottery when they married their wife. Can you look at some aspect of your life and even though you didn't win the powerball jackpot still say you know what I won the lottery. The -- takes a few moments ago from somebody who who who said they won the lottery when doctors said he would he would walk again. We're also talking about the saints team bus. Being pelted with eggs by workers at the Atlanta airport when the plane landed tonight saints play the falcons tomorrow night you'll hear their game bright here. On WWL. Reaction has been instant it is appalling display of unsportsmanlike. Conduct. This is just totally unacceptable these workers. Should be absolutely fired and the mayor of Atlanta I should say something about this. This is just totally unacceptable. It's immature and it shows the worst side. Of a sports. It's okay to hate the falcons it's okay for the falcons to hate the saints but the airport is totally neutral territory. And it's the job of you know about the mentality of these people. Think about what they couldn't couldn't do. To. -- it thinking it's funny to maybe do something to. Sabotage the plane. Or do something to sabotage the boss -- this is the mentality. Of these ignorant ignorant. People who work at the Atlanta airport and this is not all the people the Atlanta airport that this is this group of people that knew the saints plane was coming in. They had eggs with them so this was a premeditated egg. -- In the first degree. Think about what else they can do to. Mess -- the saints. This is totally unacceptable behavior this is almost. This is almost -- this and look it's not the worst thing that they could've done. But I think this borders on on criminal activity. And I can't imagine that they're not totally fired I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about this under the WL tomorrow. And it's gonna be interesting to see if this makes the national broadcast. Tomorrow night. On NFL network. And again I wanna remind you that you will hear this game tomorrow on -- WLR pre game begins at 3 o'clock. Tomorrow afternoon with fans first take with Steve court and -- Manassas here and every WL. And then it just continues from there. At 3 o'clock it's on a -- caucus hands first they did at 530. The bond like countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia game time 730 tomorrow night with the best play by play team in football Jim Henderson -- guy -- And Kristian -- And then after the game to indicating cannon and big chief for the point after until 1 AM. Ten hours of wall to wall saints coverage on sinks radio WWL beginning at 3 o'clock tomorrow and you know -- -- and a Thursday game like dead even though it's on a home game. -- people like Tennessee got to work a little early and don't forget to Wear your jerseys tomorrow we're also talking about yet another. In my opinion inexcusable. Shooting. A 45 year old man in Jacksonville Florida found out about this today. Over the weekend. Got into a verbal confrontation with some teens -- a car isn't a gas station waiting for his girlfriend come out of their convenience store. And he tells the teens to turned down the music it's blaring from their car. Michael -- the 45 year old said he heard threats and thought he saw a gun in the car. He went and grabbed his gun fired at least eight shots into the car killing a seventeen year old. No gun was found in the car. Michael Dunn was arrested denied bond earlier this week he faces murder charges. There's there's nobody. Vets can and there's nobody. Can argue. That this man is in the right. You can you can pray to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment can be your religion. And believe me it is for some people. But you cannot justify this shooting. Not killing somebody over loud music that is unacceptable. In our society. And if you don't understand the rules of our society. We want you here. With the right to own a gun. Comes great responsibility. I wonder if this guy would have been so brave if he did have a gun. Guns are not supposed to give you courage. Because you're not supposed to give you. Confidence. 'cause is supposed to be used for your protection. And for hunting. -- They're not used to. Vent frustration. There not to be used to seek revenge. And then last night we talked about this. Case of this 64 year old man David Smith. Who -- Thanksgiving Day and shot an eighteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy or her cousin. I -- after the end here invaded his home. On Thanksgiving Day now look I understand you invade somebody's home and they haven't gone and they feel pregnant -- shot. You're -- that's your fault for invading the home. However in this particular case. The girl was shot -- on the stairs. His rifle jammed as she lay on the ground he then pulled out his 22 and shot her several times in the chest to me that is. Execution. Or seventeen year old cousin was shot after falling down the stairs the homeowner then -- I want you dead and shot him in the head. Now he's gonna have to argue in court he deserves a fair trial but he deserves. A trial. He's gonna have to prove in court that he felt imminent danger when they were lying on the ground injured. Oh by the way. He called police and a day or two later. He told police. He left the bodies they -- because he didn't want to bother the police. On Thanksgiving Day. Does this tell you something about the middle stability of this -- And in a few months ago we talked about the retired -- they retired a firefighter in Houston Texas while outside of DC Texas. It was a confrontation over loud music with a neighbor across the street. All of these people use the edit the concept of the bid to stand your stand your ground law. And this is something that we've learned a lot about from the George Zimmerman. A -- on Martin's case. So few months ago this firefighter I'm in a suburb of Houston retired firefighter. -- in a conversation that is neighbor. Goes across the street. Shoots and kills his neighbor over loud music. He was convicted of murder is in prison for countless number of years. You can't claim it stand your ground if you look across the street to your neighbor's property. The -- blog tonight at WWL dot com is titled gun owners beware if you only gonna recommend that you. That you read this insurer with your gun owning friends who by the way you can you can comment on the block. I've go to WWL dot com and under a shows and schedules over the Tom -- Go to the -- page in it's they are also if you want an update on all the things we're talking about tonight. -- we have an update on that the top eight date. On this -- I'll get to larger text you're just a moment if you wanna join us with a comment tonight. Our numbers 260187. He told 38668890. Point 78. And our -- number is 87870. From Gonzales Brian you're on WW LA good evening. -- -- -- -- I agree with Q 98%. Of the time but denied I have to disagree. -- -- That entered the gentleman's home in Minnesota lost all lying through their next breath the minute they entered his home. And that's obviously going to be the argument in court. Day who lost all right. To their next breath but the minute they entered their home do you disagree. In this tell -- that you disagree with that. Or you gonna give me a chance to answer. Will okay. You lose rights when you break into somebody's home. And then laugh all right that moment they pictured here at home I don't care if they're laying in the dirt on -- seller for. I lost all lie in my home is injured it's called. Brian do you own a gun. Yeah. He's viewed if you do with this man did I just can't will Brian what I'm in a -- right on October you're gonna go to go wrong you've gone through O'Brien you're gonna go to jail I'm not to go wrong. I don't wish it never go to jail if you do that Brian you're gonna stand trial I'm not going to -- Minnesota court since this granted jail because he killed someone who has been baiting it's private space. Then they are wrong. The argument will be made in court did he sense imminent danger while they were wounded. You can't scooped. They -- in his home. -- like you you know you're entitled to your observation of this but I'm telling you if you do this you're gonna stand trial dude. Some moron sit here all these people they are in here -- yeah. So it's kind of revenge he once they give your home it's not if they're not dead in -- -- -- your goat I didn't say that's. Issued -- -- -- I did -- listen honey I'm probably I probably won't come until the police get here it's what you're saying Brian. I -- say you always hungry -- reasonable we get there. Are you finished. I'm not and I'm not connect and I'm not gonna compete with you Brian but if you let me talk we'll have a conversation if not I'm -- -- -- it. To go to war in that gentleman's -- -- -- Everything right. Hi Brian -- new major points tonight. Brian my advice to you is. Don't do with this guy did because you're gonna stand trial. And you may go to prison and and maybe it's manslaughter. You know maybe go to prison for. 510 years you wanna do that. I don't know what's gonna happen in this trial. But if you shoot and kill somebody. And you don't sense imminent danger. Using a trial. And rightfully so. Now I -- all night. And I say this last night. If they entered this guy's home. And he shoots him and kills him coming into his house. I'm OK with that. What I'm not okay where. Is. Wounding somebody. There on the ground. You could call police. But no you seek revenge. And you kill them. Mean he really feel. Imminent danger. At the moment that they fell down the stairs and relying on the ground. Is -- jams. Many pulls out his 22. And executes the girl. And then shoots the -- in the head after he's wounded and falls on the -- Nobody should in my home and if you had in my home and I shoot you and I tell you at the door. Fine. But I have a problem with this idea. That. You have a chance to call the police. And then the guy doesn't call the police right away he waits a day or two leaves the -- because he doesn't want to bother the police on Thanksgiving Day. Doesn't this indicate some kind of mental instability and if you have a chance to call the police. Rather than execute somebody. I think that would be the wise course of action. Now nobody should break into anybody's home. And if you break it to somebody's -- of a gun and they should Jim Kelly able that's your fault. But -- the prosecutor in this case I would argue that. On this man could not have felt imminent and again. He's gonna have to stay in court he deserves a fair trial. I think he deserves a trial. If you wanna join our -- -- comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- number is 87870. Here is a text stand your ground law definition which state. I I think most states have some kind of stand your ground law. A Minnesota does it's very similar to the one that we've heard about in Florida. And I think it's similar to one that we have in Louisiana Texas may be on a little more lenient when it comes to shooting people on your property but again the state of Texas. -- recently on the senate this guy -- I forget how lawyer read a long time in jail because he had a gun and walked across the street. And shot his neighbor. Over loud music can't do that. Again. If you break into somebody's house. I agree with the caller said. What do you know you lose some rights. But you can't exe -- somebody in your home again what does it say about a guy who doesn't call the police -- -- -- -- -- dead bodies in his only doesn't call the police because he doesn't want to bother them on Thanksgiving Day. It seems to me like he he saw them as trophies. Maybe he wanted to. Again like I can't speak for him but maybe he wanted to have them around for a little while just so he could. Relishing his in his trophies. Here's a text Brian scares me him -- Anna -- is wrong. Here's another Texas to Bryan. And can't hear. That's why he has to. Talk so loud. Here's another text you can only use a gun on -- strippers. I told a story about this was some months ago he expects. Walking down burger stayed on -- sunny afternoon -- a stripper spit at me she didn't hit me but she spit at me and that story keeps keeps coming up -- I have interesting things that happen to me. This is the -- -- we push boundaries at night and if you wanna join our show with a comment our number is 260187. -- Until free 8668890870. I -- number is 87870. I hear is attacks that reads what kind of idiot fires a gun at a gas station. Another text I got arrested for egging us when I was sixteen. More of your calls more of your text up next on Demi WL. I can't confirm this but we got a call from the convenience store worker in Slidell he says that the. The computers reboot at 11 o'clock. And that's an indication that there was no winner that's what he's showing that there was no winner of the 550 million dollar powerball. Lottery -- chances of winning are over 175. Million. A 21 again I'm can't confirm that. But if that is true can you imagine what the next drawing is going to be -- saints team bus pelted by eggs by workers at the Atlantic airport. I hear is a text in a -- you're taking this too far. Yes it is unacceptable but it's die hard sports fans being die hard sports fans know I don't like it but I'm not mad at them. You know I I just think it's I think it's unacceptable I think it's taking them for sportsmanship. I'll wait too far. I hear is attacks that reads armed. A scoop please sir tell these callers these kids were whites. And see -- public opinion changes. I guess that's the case in in Minnesota you know I haven't brought that up because side but I do I don't think it matters -- and no one. In the words of Depeche Mode to people -- people. I hear is attacks -- no such thing -- stand your ground. The viable. A viable in most united viable and most United States' laws. Has to do with property protection. Not claim of self defense. I hear is attacks in Texas. If you can't reasonably believe. You can protect your property and you can lose usually full force to protect it felt like I say these people -- deserve. A fair trial. But I think all of the people that we talked about tonight's deserve a trial. -- here's another text with every right comes responsibility. This man did not live up to his responsibility. As a gun owner. -- to join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And our -- number is 87870 from Metairie Larry you're on the -- show good evening. Based -- courting Depeche Mode. Yeah I'm I always quote I Depeche Mode I called -- I to a heart and mind ignorance is kinda guilty go -- no rhythm but it. Oh no we got to put the -- happen is that the warm gun. Alabama some guys -- -- down -- you. For a father gave us the right to bear arms. Not all I can definitely range. Now much. And it'll probably we -- to keep a -- in our home. But we know we limited 'cause we live and extremely violent town and it also have a Libyan number one vacation destination so you know. Ten years they aren't there could -- Look I don't again I don't I you know I support the Second Amendment. And again I also. Emphasized the responsibility that goes along with owning a gun and we don't. We don't use a gun to seek revenge or vent frustrations or to retaliate that's not what gun ownership is about in this country. Yeah I get through crazier yes. What about the what about the 45 year old guy is at a gas station this weekend in in Jacksonville Florida. And it tells the teenagers in the car to turn down their blaring music says he heard threats from them. And thought he saw a gun there was no gun he went to go get his gun fired eight shots in the car a seventeen year old is dead over loud music. It is crazy about -- -- ask you do Danielle have been held at gunpoint before. Folks act well I have when I was seventeen were at a gas station -- technology is on TV. And so when that the lady called and she's gone that you are not political. So now all for the deepen their -- You know she didn't have a right. Yeah -- different situation there is that nobody knows that until it happens to them. I don't say she we're not the enemy she had a very passionate story to tell about it. Down an incident that happened in her home but to me. -- she conveyed to me and imminent threat of danger now I haven't talked to this guy in Minnesota personally. But what I've heard about what he's told investigators what I've read and what I've heard about this story. I think he's gonna be hard pressed to. A convince a jury of his peers that he felt imminent danger. After these people were shot and wounded lying on the floor anyone gun jams in many pulls out another gun and in my opinion executes them. Yeah well well look I realize that I. I think that they have been held it would play all season so I don't really. I mean the old school population OK okay like on the big hill I would note you know maybe it'll get reunited tiger maybe Google -- with the -- -- No I -- zone where I am glad to call the show thanks listening to WWL ignite the saints know how to beat the falcons even in the Georgia Dome and the falcons are ten and one. That one loss. Is because of the saints'. Drew Brees. Did not have a good game last week. When great performers. Don't have a great performance. -- quite often. Come back with vengeance and precision. In the next performance. We need that from drew we also need the defensive players. That actually. Get their hands on the opposing players. To actually tackle that it's not touch football. And when I saw on the game and the Mercedes-Benz superdome last Sunday. Against the 49ers was a lot of saints defensive players that look like they were playing touch. You gotta tackle the guy 49ers are great. Great football team maybe the best in the NFC. Probably the best in the NFC. But the saints have got to play. A little more. Tenacious defensively. And if they do they'll win the game and what do. What a great thing for the same -- me -- you hate to talk about Muster wins and I guess mathematically it's not I'm a must win. -- Practically speaking the saints have to win if they wanna get to the playoffs. And how great would it be for the image of the saints nationally on national television. To be the ones to beat the falcons. Not once but twice. And in their home dome. From New Orleans John you're on WL. There like this either age you know afraid -- problem. Tomorrow night. Well I you know I I hope that happens to them it's an interesting you know metaphor. He's getting bigger story. Well and it's always drive right down. Pennsylvania senator -- earlier we need to pelt them with touchdown passes in there and you know we certainly have the the talent to do that. Thought they would Drew Brees got an aid they can't stop right there. The day you don't go right in the face. She's like that would. Big. I'll -- -- note Torre would be ideal Wednesday. He had just done you know what bothers me most is to -- it it wasn't he wasn't from a group of fans. I mean obviously these workers at the Atlanta airport are falcons fans and I don't I don't I don't hold that against him but these are people who wore on the clock there working. It is their job to. Accommodate those people that land at their airport and transfer from a plane to a bus or plane to a limousine that's their jobs. And they're gonna they're gonna take time. At their job to help the the saints team bus I just think that to me is totally off sides. And -- -- is -- you know we're certain. It's pretty. That is very. Good solid two. Well you know we we hate them but it's I'd like to think that at the airport or we would have the dignity and that's what's lacking or John I'm glad to color show thanks for listening. That's what's lacking here. There's a total lack of dignity. Look it's okay to hate in fun but -- again I I have a real problem with the idea of employees at the airports. While they're on the clock. Throwing eggs and our customers -- the saints are their customers at the airport. This is not the main terminal. But job a private jets this charter jets come into certain areas and in airports. And those airport employees are -- to accommodate to the people who fly in the here. And if they hate the saints that much. I don't want any of these people around the saints playing. It's a -- show the common are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Wait seventy. And it takes a breezy 7870. Here's a text that read it's. The whole thing sounds like a scene out of the movie pulp fiction very twisted. Here is -- Execution is not protected by stand your ground. By what I've heard about this guy he seems extremely unstable. It's unfortunate. That people can obtain firearms so easily. I'm in the minority in Louisiana. But I wish it was hard to get a gun I would argue that gun laws are strict enough. I'm here is a text America must want to return to the days of the wild west remember Stephen. Stephen seagulls. Movie line kill them all let god sort amount. Here's another text. -- demand didn't even call police police visited his home because of reports of suspicious activity. Then he told them. He'd killed two people. Nothing. About the story makes sense to me. And it all of these cases. And this is gonna come up in the big the case of George Sherman from the -- on -- shooting. I but I believe there might be some preliminary hearing next April but I believe George Zimmerman is set to stand trial next June. And that will be. As far as we know that may be the next big. Nationally. Watched trial. And we will be talking about it here every nights on this -- show and you'll hear about it all day. On WWL. And there's a good reason to pay attention to these trials because we learned lessons. You know from the Casey Anthony case. I would hope that everybody would learn that if if your daughter's missing you better reported right away Casey Anthony. Was found not guilty. Now did she do it you know everybody has their opinion about what they have heard and whether or not it -- what they think they know whether or not she did or not. But she was found not guilty. But she might not have even stood trial if she had reported. Her daughter Caylee missing right away instead of waiting thirty days. So like to think that that's something that we can learn from that. Here's a text a taste of the fireman was a retired bay town Texas -- he got forty years. Okay -- that we talked about this a recently and this is just another one of those cases where. You know these stand your ground laws. Seem to be giving some people this idea that they can go out and start shooting people can't do that. Now I knew I was certain that somewhere outside of Houston and they town is not far from from Houston. So here's a fireman who gets an argument with a neighbor across the street over loud music. What is he didn't goes across the street and shoots a neighbor after a confrontation. And claims. Stand your ground in fact he had the whole thing videotapes. And -- instead I'm standing my ground was already trying to. Establishes defense. When he shot and killed his neighbor. You can't -- stand your ground when you walk across the street I don't care if you own a gun legally or not. So I'm misunderstanding when it comes to the Second Amendment. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll if you won the powerball lottery. And apparently nobody won the ninth when I'm I'm hearing we may find out differently. But it's one if you won the lottery. Would you quit your job or would you just go to work with a different attitude. 69% say quit my job. 31% say. Keep working with an attitude. There's always something new -- WWL dot com we have got the tweets from the saints players as their bus which being. Pelted with eggs at the Atlanta airport after the plane landed. Today we've got the tweets on our web site. Also believe or not NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Is a candidate for time magazine's person of the year. Now understand one thing about person of the year. It's not necessarily about somebody who has had a positive impact. But the time magazine person of the year is always based on the person who. Has had the most influence. In the news that here positive or negative. So do you think Roger Goodell should be time magazine's person of the year. What's your vote. I tell me -- going to be talking about this tomorrow morning -- WWL first news from six to ten. Also the saints getting ready to tackle the dirty birds tomorrow night on national television we got a full preview for you plus check outs -- new cartoons. All that more online right now at WW dot com and the WWL -- that is now available for both iPhone android users. So this means you can listen to WWL radio live for every you'd take your iPhone or Droid and it's -- Just search for WWL radio in your phone's App Store. Install it and you're good to go and then Tommy garlands -- -- coming years of Bobby indeed. How we go wherever you go. Stay connected to WWL with the latest news sports talk weather and traffic analysis and opinion. Get details on the WWL. Alive after right now. At WWL dot com. Yes. There are times on the show when 3% rather bizarre quotes and a moment ago like quoted Depeche Mode to people. Are people. This is the Schuylkill we'll be right back on every if you. This is the most popular songs in America and around the world. Kingdom's dial. It's a Korean most Americans don't even understand the lyrics and as you don't advance it goes along with it. It is the most popular song to ever appear on YouTube beating Justin Bieber. Doctor -- and -- says the song and dance are popular because it conveys simple fun though this this doctors really looking into this whole phenomenon. He says this there -- psychological reasons on why this song is so popular. He says we want diversion. We want. Anesthesia. And we wish not to be known. Who we really are and insists he's wearing sunglasses. He can't look him in the nine. To this doctor saying we wish not to know who we really are not three known -- who we really are. To not be looked in the -- called out by name on our ideas or I or for our ideals. We wish to to take a metaphor bit too far. To ride horses that don't even exist. Through landscapes filled with pretty people. We know nothing about -- Conveyed through life by foreign and an infectious beat to nowhere special. You know I wanted I want to know what this guys on time we need to get some minutes stuff. I embrace -- it was fun to be drugged whether by music or technology. And these -- of the pesky things called. Emotion. And this article on on Fox News dot com goes on to say if blues and soul. Spoke to people in pain and struggling. To find love and freedom. And it's rock and roll spoke to a generation ready to rebel and getting them style. Speech to a generation. Ready for nothing. A psychological vacuum. A flight from reality. A fear of being a human being with a capacity to feel for oneself and others with ideas and ideals. It rarely truly matter. Wow somebody really. Thought about that. Have to admit it's -- catchy song and kind of catchy dance it really is kind of -- nothing. I here's an update on something we talked about last night the teenage actor who is in ninth Two and a Half Men he's their -- man into an -- man. Angus and Angus T Jones he plays Jake. Well he's now apologizing for comments we talked about last night. What he said on in an interview that was released by his -- his Christian church. That Two and a Half Men is filth and people should stop watching and stop filling their heads with filth. Now he says I apologize if my remarks reflect my showing indifference to or disrespect of my colleagues. And lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. This and I never intended debt. In another interview and he also said this was with sudden our christianity today he said that he is a paid hypocrite. Of the show -- was before his apology. Of the show to would have many said it's very weird that I am on a television show especially now that I am trying to walk with god. My television show has nothing to do with god and doesn't want anything to do with god. On he still plans to fulfill his contract I wonder his apology and has anything to do with it is. 350000. Dollar per episode. Salary. -- WL -- had nation we wanna send you to a saints game just listen in winter Garland Robinette in the think tank tomorrow when WWL. When you hear the saints play of the week. Call 260 wins that's 2609467. For your chance to win tickets to the saints Tampa Bay Bucs game. And the Mercedes-Benz superdome Sunday December 16. So don't miss Garland Robinette tomorrow afternoon at 1252. Wins saints tickets for -- radio. WWL. I hear is attacks that reads hope somebody -- -- checks out the saints playing before those guys leave. Here's a text. About the shooting this is just plain murder. I did he murder them and staged the robberies. And here's a text about the guy who shot the dude that shot a fifteen car killing a seventeen year old because of blaring music -- how could he hears the threats over the blaring music. Interesting point that may come out in court. I'm scoot and we will be right back on every WL. I'd say -- James bus pelted with eggs by workers at the Atlanta airport. -- you'll be a lot of talk about this says tomorrow morning starting with Tommy Tucker -- WL first news from six to ten in the we talk about this. I tomorrow I wonder if this is going to be part of the NFL broadcaster I wonder if they will mention it's on the NFL network during the broadcast tonight tomorrow night. I -- it takes a reads my first game in Atlanta what -- do. I'm a season ticket holder. Doesn't make me feel good about going to Atlanta you know you'll be fine. You really will be fine I mean there's a lot of hate between saints and falcons fans and and understandably so we hate them they hate us I understand that. But I think it's a totally inappropriate. For employees at the airport. Who are in charge of accommodating. Customers that fly in and the saints and their customers they can be big falcons fan I would expect him to be anything less. But I don't expect them to take that kind of physical action against the saints. I here's a -- reason you don't know who these people are you keep saying workers. You don't know for sure it was workers. On the saints players Serbs said that these were employees at the airport the tweets from the saints players are on our website. WWL dot com. And yeah I mean certainly if you wanted to if he -- defend the people throwing exited the saints playing you've certainly have a right to do that. Here's a Texan -- Atlanta knows there's a weapon common. -- -- in the Georgia Dome I here's a textile falcons throw eggs so weak throw. Touchdowns. Here is a text they read this. While that might be the first time ever I've ever agree with Fox News taught him because of what I read about it again and style. And the insight into that I here's a Texas who looks like the workers say should be suspended and or fired for their actions the NFL should address airport safety for these players its eggs this time. Rocks next time. Told by the way. -- I'm doing here. That's my lottery tickets. And I didn't win it did this win this powerball lottery I hope you can look around and find something in your life that make you think hey you know what.