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11-29 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 29, 2012|

Dave talks about the results of the Powerball and the Saints/Falcons game tonight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL. First news on this twenty ninth of November 2002. Out the day before Friday roundup that Thursday. Friday eve and yes indeed it is not saints game. The -- yeah. I -- my dog wow. Well thank -- replied. Yeah. People. Would -- And. It all a little bit like on -- a -- and come -- -- where. -- I feel good and it you know the. Flowers will be in pregame activities. You know just fourteen hours Horton and a half hours that can -- hit it off against the falcons that they did it needed found him. Atlanta I CD and Bobby already getting warmed up -- it -- put it this time yeah all day Lansing non of them. What I think that nine horse racing there are already up and Atlanta boy that you. And it's not just any old game. But dirty birds and it. Really am I I mean you get things and it now maybe we can lose one more -- make the announcement really you wanna make the playoffs. The thing to have to win every game from bureau announced. New. Have a shock at the and a foul and some don't know. At the falcons really don't have to worry about Natalie had they you know will lose the game film you know. Would that make a difference. I don't know they want -- real battles you heard it happened when the team get to the airport yesterday you know I don't think. Get off the plane they get on the bus and airport workers are throwing an exit their flock thank you. Atlanta airport workers hurling eggs at this thing teen violence. I got -- back -- quarterback chase Daniels we did was perfect. Eighth last year Atlanta. Now. I don't see us ever doing something like that year but they do there. -- -- to New -- airport workers not making any bottles. Even if that is the now -- I think that only motivate the thing. Absolutely. No gators angry. Still sore still bumped and bruised from the 49ers. Yet here we go look at your prediction for the saints. -- that's coming -- -- twenty -- -- of adrenaline and everybody else in our next. 87070. Coming your verdict calming music in one place them. No -- he's six X 89 -- -- that night. Hey how'd you do without power ball very well the good news tonight. My my wife bought our tickets. Hope you get one number any time it's 4 o'clock this -- to buy the tickets yet and I'm going to them getting ready in the well I'm out now -- them -- you bought our tickets and on one ticket we match. One and number it's better than I did did you think of not a single one. You learned tennis here but there. No -- get away but I'm hearing that someone in Slidell. May have -- and millions. Whether or fifty you believe tickets again you know the first. Budget numbers arriving on our lives and I think it's worth of -- it yet but not power on the -- it. A million and it went -- -- thing now. Here I am and I guess you know the president actually means that if they want me because you know me. Here's right here. -- there's nobody there that he cares that it -- Oh well yeah -- a -- it was one of dreams. -- is thought of how I would do it my adult plant. Farmers. I was gonna visit your ranch with the helicopter hello I was gonna get a whole lot of land somewhere. Probably here in Louisiana. And nearby -- you're but away from everything else build houses for myself and All My Children. Only Miami on and -- get helicopters haven't even I was away from society you get back to quickly. That idea. -- -- And keep bat in the gulf somewhere where -- just -- out of Atlanta I really like the plan and I think the -- yesterday was compounds that yet we have everybody wanted to like Kennedy compound. Yeah and Donald Kennedy camp a -- in camp and yet that's not much there at the Kennedy. Also -- that the parties would be good -- that's what they did it. I folks back to work back to school back to realize dreaming is over in the assurance Tennessee or Missouri and win the prize. About those two people who didn't vote -- are so -- they got a split that 500 what it ended up 88 million dollars and I guess what that Corzine. I'd. -- -- things about the making of the boss. By the Atlanta airport workers egging the saints but who do you think wins the game. -- -- 1808. Nearly seventy. Exactly and it -- then we'll take your forecast and head to Atlanta to check in with think that that reporter Christie -- right after that. -- 99 year Friday's key and it saints game day good morning I'm gave. -- thanks for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news of those jackpot winners from last night's game were sold in Arizona. And misery there was though a one million dollar tickets sold in the Louisiana there were a whole bunch of those sold in some two million dollar ticket people who bought the power play. And -- all of the numbers right except the powerball. There were at least 12345672. Million dollar winner's. And almost every state at one million dollar -- there you go congratulations to everyone who won something because I won. Absolutely. Nothing not -- -- not any -- one number on one of my tickets. Oh well. Can't win a mall apparently can't win any of them -- the saints win and great text messages coming up the sending -- an 8787. The after your forecast. Thursday is looking beautiful lots of sunshine -- -- try to get outside for lunch if you can temperatures will be mainly in the low sixties by that point. With highs late this afternoon around 66. A little bit warmer than yesterday. -- tonight also a little bit warmer in the mid fifties on the South Shore and only in the mid forties on the North Shore. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra Branford. Clear skies fifty degrees at the international airport in -- east wind at five miles per hour relative humidity 71%. Of it is still that damp cold chills you to the bones slide out clear right at freezing thirty Q is there any of them places away. From that freezing mark that are up in the mid thirties well there's enough wind northeast at five where many places like 36 right now but that windchill makes it feel like. 32. Degrees text messages and 87870. -- boss is like school on Saturday no low clock at. Thank you Fat Albert plan -- 28. Falcons 25. So one who -- predicting saints' victory. And those defending the Atlanta fans despite the airport workers egging the saints team bus that -- a handful people who did something stupid hopefully they represent the minority not the majority of Atlanta fans. I think Atlanta beats 35 to 28. Another says I think the making of the bus shows a real sign of weakness Atlanta knows there's not bought equipment common to the Georgia Dome -- Jack. 3514. Saints win paid. Another one says. Hey. -- day. For the Atlanta Falcons like that saints the -- for falcons not then. Another another along that lines that easy prediction because of the -- saints' 35 Atlanta zero big -- snag. Zero for Atlantis. -- got good -- now let's go up to do. The peach state. And art peak of sports guys -- sideline reporter Christian Garrett. The saints were greeted with great class at Atlanta airport yesterday. The team bosses were pelted with -- by airport workers it's game day for the saints tonight on Thursday night football against. The Atlanta Falcons the big question is. -- assays do right tackle we have we have a couple of options I really -- -- talk about them right now and that's what we close our practice coach -- says offensive lineman Zach Strief. It's questionable still working his way back from a groin injury William Robinson won't get the start of street cannot go kick off on -- radio tonight is at 720. Right here on WWL. LSU football coach less miles will receive a salary increase and a contract extension that will keep him in Baton Rouge through between nineteen season. An announcement of a new contract was made it one day after Arkansas reportedly offered at its head coaching job two miles LSU's second winningest coach in tiger football. History is appreciative of the rays with. And so mom who else -- special thing this year. And now it's nice that the administration. Until leave they have a chance for Jenkins. I recognize that community and and say you know coach we want you to be here. 96 to eighty for the Utah Jazz take down in New Orleans Hornets last night -- -- are back in action on Saturday at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder coming up today on WW LR pregame coverage starts at 3 PM with first take hosted by. Steve -- and top Manassas. Followed by countdown to kick off -- Bobby Barad. 720 from Atlanta Georgia with the saints. Kristian garic WWL sport. Since it's there right after this timeout I wanna talk hear more about less miles do you think it was the right decision for allies you. To negotiate a contract extension any raised for less miles to keep him coaching the by -- Bengals for another seven years. Chris and Erica tells about that -- and coming up a little later we'll get his prediction for the saints and the falcons. Mark your predictions coming up from text messages at 87870. And your fellow colleagues to six one point 78. -- with your forecast right after. Size 27 message of course. -- Thursday looking beautifully you probably already noticed of course starting -- silly especially on the North Shore highs today around 66. And then for tonight about 54 on the South Shore about 46. Expected for overnight lows on the North Shore tomorrow looking good as well -- Might start off with some -- on your Friday morning and highs around seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- -- -- the airport now 32 freezing in slide now up in Atlanta -- sideline reporter Kristian -- look at your prediction for the saints falcons a little later about twenty minutes -- right now was the right decision relative to extend -- miles contract. And gamma rays I think it's the right decision to -- less miles -- for a couple of reasons. One he's won national championship he got to to a national championship this year. He's developed players so a lot of players to the NFL and -- And prove your program I think you maintain your program. Since taking over there he's won a lot of football games another season didn't exactly turn out how he would've like -- now. LSU fans are like they had national championship aspirations but do you look at this guy -- -- double digit wins seemingly year -- year out. I think is the right decision he's one of the best coaches in the the Landon and all college football not necessarily the best in his les door open is Nick Saban every week but -- For the most part man nothing less miles gets it done nothing was a good move. To a lock him up long term. Makers and -- like some of the acoustics at 187 needle free 866889. The year race that and he. Frost on the windshield and almost as one text message noses in mirage this frost on our cars it's cook -- -- call poll. That. Yes indeed are right we didn't win the powerball. So we -- at least we in the game tonight you think the saints beat the -- into text messages on that coming up. Two winning tickets sold one and Arizona won in Missouri. As you know don't want it get million. 37 minutes after 5 AM to his theater and the addition of WWL offers news it is November it's the twenty ninth -- 2000 and -- now and it's already today before Friday welcomed a Friday he. -- Thursday -- and a little saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean. The grand. -- I'm not a good judgment. Can let me what is. OK okay okay yeah. We've got the hot word good here again I love that it's not like just. And those things that we get ready for today although the access. Airport workers in Atlanta and this thing. After the team got off the planning got on the -- one says -- your -- they've got it wrong way. People you are now taking the team bond it's totally flat patch that childish. He's motivation equals saints to win. And I think the airport needs to let spending get rid of those -- -- game. And those at Atlanta fans that this -- -- -- never beat the same. I was just out laps the -- And they obviously planned this out you don't -- -- have legs on hand to -- you don't walk around when you go to you work with that you exit your Condo and a -- -- -- At Boston you know the needs. It is a victory. And it preordained plan you know they do it. NN -- spur of the moment. Anything but I'll think we'll win. What do you think about the saints -- it's time for dinner plates reading I don't know the growing up now -- and -- -- football right here on them now -- a lot of steak is Reno because of the saints lose this one is pretty much. -- does -- playoff history is -- put to rest -- This is a tough one with the offensive line but I've got the saints winning. By three something along the lines of like 2744. Earned him. Eight months into eleven and Q over the last thirteen games that help us. They have the falcons' number both here and there over the last several years. And we said earlier this is not a critical game for -- falcons' other than revenge right. -- they are running tennis yet at that prevented a pretty good motivated my idea. It's an intervention as a way of getting people wanna. But this angle notices -- this is yes visit our network. Worth listening -- you. Keep their playoff dreams alive that you think that even if they have a bank kept saying that this offensive line even of that -- to go out there that the -- strange. Tackle in his place that the same tools they'll get it done -- I hope. The coaches have been working on a backup plan to save Drew Brees from surrounding the night on his -- a lot of people honesty Drew -- rolling out more money Danny from the press screaming at the senate passed where you also drafted in for that app. Happened there has to be enough of -- pocket that he had similar role to side. All right then you'd think the saints will win -- Donna -- thank you David Crystal Miller's gauging the thoughts from The Who dat nation able -- -- that in about twenty minutes when you return with more WWL. First news. Let's Erica that's not even -- it as a frigid start as we say yeah. My game today meteorologist Alexandra grandstand. -- right now I'm. I'm doing well once again glad to have used it in from moron it's very cold morning I got text messages government and from the moment Thibodeau area from all across the north York. Where people have frost on their cars 31 independent with Ross's attachment to donate them but he then. Yet very -- -- aisles checking in at 32 -- -- have been right around the freezing mark this -- again I think I -- a couple of minutes warm -- this ends in -- the frost up the windshield women but not for a while it they got those are all considerations early this morning especially in the North Shore. And places them in like in him Edwards 36 the wind she'll make -- feel like thirty. I'd be able into the breeze coming in from the northeast this morning so it's very silly out there and -- silently or out late this afternoon it's gonna be a little bit warmer selecting presently yours for today I think that would be good right right dress in -- because -- -- them because lump of sunshine this afternoon how warm again. About 66 for this afternoon I mean. How does that -- in the at a perfect. With the sunshine absolutely. Yeah yeah I'd get a feel a little bit warmer and that direct sunlight little bit of the wind if you were saying but not enough to really. You know bring this wind chill values we will for the afternoon right take it's not into our Friday and the weekend. Looking good not tonight and early tomorrow morning you won't have to worry about the frost I think on the North Shore you'll be closer to about 46. Sounds to -- in the -- 50s for Friday morning. And then highs around seventy -- of -- we start this morning at her yeah. -- number seven is panic and -- some. Careful about going bell bottom. -- like seventy degrees. -- -- Until like Saturday and Sunday to pencil -- neatly around 75 -- so. If you're traveling in the -- Smart looking at fault possible so I think that's the only thing you gotta watch out for as we head into the weekend. Action on our rights no rain in our forecast and after today's frost no real cold there is now. Just about perfect for Friday Saturday and Sunday other than maybe a little bit applause yeah you got it for our -- for now I have this to share with you okay. And and I got back at OPEC at apple and at Oakmont and -- You know that is. No -- -- Chris Rock playing Marty the zebra. From the Madagascar -- all okay the reason I was inspired to share that you. Is because it's New York City. -- zebra was found running through the streets. It made me think about it that's the -- Madagascar started with Marty the zebra wanna date. -- out of Brazil and go to the wild. The Staten Island advance report that is zebra and a miniature horse responded trotting through a shopping center parking lot yesterday on Staten Island. Metropolitan. Drape and -- donors Zachary I if you're says the runaway equine. Surprised them to reach out -- video of them as the animals ran down the streets and narrowly escaped being hit by a car. It is two men in dark suit and after the and went last it's. A police spokesman says the animals were corralled and return to a local settings it is. That's really funny I saw video that this morning actually it was super -- pick as a running around you know looks like they belong in a -- its site it stated that while. Ultimately clearly they were leading the charge to escape to Madagascar are the penguins could have been far behind with the lions and hippopotamus in the draft out. Folks if you have kids you know exactly what I'm talking about just some Madagascar three with my sides we finally get to the medium that yet there was it. Now this time the humans -- the plot them. Thing with income for the rest. Is when. Thank you Alexander have a great -- things he Alexander. I've direct from the highways is forecast that our next we head back up to Atlanta to get things that line reporter Kristian -- prediction for the saints and falcons tonight. On Thursday night football night for a good morning I'm Dave Allen. And I didn't win the power believe there I wasn't in Arizona or misery so no I didn't -- the winning ticket back I think I got -- all the tickets my wife and I never actually did buy it in my way when did it for. We have one number on one ticket. And text messages and 87870 the falcons will have more than egg on their face. And more -- than what was on the saints team buses the saints beat them 28 to seventeen who dat. Thank you someone tying in the fact that airport workers in Atlanta threw -- at the saints team bus yesterday. Another -- says the dirty birds through bags however the yolks on them hot. Things went and does does this game does mean home field advantage for the falcons if they win so they do have some motivation and reason is obviously -- -- I was at 2723. Saints who dat baby. Nolan says this is done and for the saints get real it's over. Oh yeah now wait till next year. And have someone in every bond you. Believes that the saints will lose tonight but it most of the nation pretty optimistic we'll get that sideline reporter Kristian -- prediction coming up first is just tells all about morning scores on this there's. What do we -- fifth grade Atlanta airport employees and the saints team bus before departing the terminal can assays continue their dominance over the Atlanta Falcons tonight in the Georgia Dome. The saints are eleven to two against the dirty birds fullback did Colin says that's just happenstance. Every game you have to approach. As any team -- be tube and not -- any team has a has a mental dominance over another opponent SH could be without offensive lineman Zach -- for tonight's game he's questionable with a groin injury. William Robinson won't get the start of street cannot play the saints and falcons kick off tonight at seven point. Right here on -- WWL. That well he's staying in Baton Rouge as LSU's football coach after being courted by Arkansas less miles in the tigers agreed on a multi year contract extension. Exact terms of the deal are still being worked out and miles won't disclose on the. It's embarrassing to me to have to talk about money and so I don't end up. I can tell you that now I'm just thankful. Miles currently makes three point eight million dollars a year for nuance -- fall to the Utah Jazz last -- 96 to 84. The world is back in action at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday December 1 coming up today -- pregame coverage starts at 3 PM fans first takes. With Steve court and Todd Manassas followed by count down to kick off what Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- time as a 720 with Jim Henderson and hope you guys John. From Atlanta Georgia with the saints Kristian garic WWL sports. Christians there they're gonna think at 92 timeout and then get your prediction who will win tonight the saints -- the falcons. I -- sincere thanks for joining us on the early edition of WWL prisoners on this day before Friday and it's saints game night Thursday night but also it's like the the weekend comes early right. And that nine reporter Kristian -- up in Atlanta that we -- you heard -- David Blake predicting three point saints win what do you think how will it look on the scoreboard when this game is over. I don't like the seats in this Olympic and Atlanta Falcons a similar score though it's going to be. Very similar to what we saw back in week ten in the superdome. Four point -- some light that I dislike the home field advantage for the falcons. I don't like to -- in the world is banged up along the -- it's why we saw. The problems that that caused. Last week against -- Atlanta Falcons. Just really made a football team right now for the saints. Ally the falcons you can pick the school right around the thirtieth two point seven NN -- a 2724. The falcons. I think -- will lose a bit extra motivation this week because of what happened to them in the superdome just eighteen days ago. Trying do you think that revenge motivation be enough to put the falcons over the top with the home. Field advantage throughout your right on with what Vegas is saying they're predicting a three and a half four point victory. For the falcons thank you Christian democratic column talking about fifteen minutes more sports than -- listening to you tonight. And the saints falcons game here on WW -- it doesn't work again. Text messages today 78 Saturday not really great frustration what it says -- -- our part of the battered and -- if Malkin. Again. And another one says -- -- and Battelle dot com Roger get down telling him I want the airport employees in Atlanta. Suspended for 100 flights with no pay for throwing the eggs at the saints team bus. But -- that. Bruce named Dave Allen will be back after. Text message today 7870 says Roger Goodell probably paid the Atlanta airport workers to throw the exit the saints team by a -- don't like it called the -- you might feel like that must throw an exit the forecast. Things are looking really nice to your Thursday it is chilly -- what's sort of start off especially. -- in the South Shore as well and later this afternoon we're looking for another beautiful day blue skies. Lots of sunshine highs around 66. Degrees tonight not quite as cool as last night about 46 on the North Shore. About 54 tonight for the overnight low on the South Shore. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Alexandra -- -- all right so after starting out freezing right now and slide down fifty international airport also some freezing are pretty near freezing temperatures down -- at the moment David area and across the North Shore will warm up what near seventy today and around seventy all weekend long says thank you Alexander denigrate them filling in. For Laura blocked out got a text message today 78 -- -- a man I really feel -- now. I was so sure I was gonna win the powerball but I sent a nasty Reza. Nation letter to my boss yesterday it. Tell you didn't really do that bit. I thought I had a shot of winning I did not expect it would have ended the chances through one and 175 billion I thought I'd match more than one number on just one of the ticket. We've bought ten tickets. One number. -- that's -- they can result in Arizona and there's a moment you've got to take it there. -- and win although you may have a million dollar whether there was one of those sold in Louisiana but to Seoul on Korean. At least seventy million dollar winners people who bought the power play and that all the numbers right except for the power ball. Well enough dreaming. If I'm not going to be able to buy that big rain tonight four with the helicopter. Landing pad on the yacht in the gulf. Unsettled this you work in and budget on for a -- -- that if they can beat those dirty birds and pick up a wicked night in Atlanta I'm Dave don't have a great unity was tired and sports leader.

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