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11-29 8:15am Tommy talks to Clark Judge ab. the Saints

Nov 29, 2012|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, an NFL writer for CBSSports.com, about the Saints playoff chances

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Bush football team out there wanting -- tip my hat's off to a -- resilient I mean. The players are closing through five picks and have a turnover for for six -- 06 turnovers they find a way to win the game. The very resilient to athletic detail didn't. And their record the speech herself who they are what they are. Saints assistant head coach jilted I know he's the interim head coach but the saints refer to him as assistant head coach -- traffic notorious images -- and a car broken down on the Crescent City connection. Heading from the West Bank to the east bank. Senator Elaine just before you approach the superstructure. Right across a river -- to be aware. Of that in the delays I would think they're gonna build up pretty quickly. -- at 819 Clark judge joins us right now NFL writer for CBS sports dot com good morning Clark you -- I'm -- on the nobody they connect are there. Now men and tell you what you know -- laughing about this in a way in that it's and get a lot of ponds here I've seen just about every eight on that you can imagine. But you know we hear from Christian Garrett near saint sideline reporter coming from a saints. -- did this happen in a secure area of the airport and and I get a text that comes in freaking -- relaxed. But you know I don't know if this came from a catering cart on the tarmac or not but it does make you wonder. He held tight security is at the Atlanta airport doesn't. I'm currently there are a lot of -- -- saints fans that that a lot of people like eggs from the security people I think. Yeah I mean and we got a guy going to jail here on ten months for -- immediately and Alabama and what needed to pass out LHU and involving. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some as he'll wind up losing their job over this so oil are not in and what the -- I guess I'm saying Clark is on a serious note if this happens. On a street corner and some -- they exit the bus that's one thing but in an airport in a secure area post 9/11. Not so funny do you think. You know I know like I created to beat here at protecting your absolutely right into these guys that -- think the more important things in Detroit had a think about the NC yeah I mean should -- be doing that like. Checking for. Security -- you know in bags or at that security check out -- points and that there aren't they were hard to exit the saints and I would bet somebody would lose his job over and rightly so about so disgusted. And you would think that the -- NFL teams somehow did this this couldn't happen -- that they exist on who knows -- to be next on the let's move on. Taxes -- nose and playoff scenarios are ready jaguar opinion polls morning. Is asking people what happens tonight do the saints winners this season over. Is that too dramatic -- a scenario or does that pretty well encapsulate what the the options are tonight for the -- -- pretty much encapsulates -- -- options because you look at. The NFC and look at the number of teams ahead of the saints dependency and at least ten. The -- that huge deal to overcome them granted. You talked about a K five that are there we know -- about and can get into the sixth spot. Can you beat someone like Seattle for the sixth but they can't we can't afford to lose many more gains and tonight a huge game and is that the team. That you've. Played before been successful against before. If you've played in -- stadium where they really rarely lose so you better bring it gave that any that'd work last week against him consist of but no I think that has pretty much kept it. And all that being said I really think wins. You know it's funny I. I I think that that the falcons just because that well again it's going to be close game would shock me -- the -- went -- the -- things just seem to have their number. But the thing that desperate team I do like desperate scenes that matters is Atlanta's got -- -- and it's hard argument. Yeah and objectives sent out a tweet this morning. And let me get a right here that says. Falcons vs saints and I'd since week six of last season falcons are oh and three against the saints and eighteen and one against the rest of the NFL. The group now and that's put -- that that's why you think you know there's that chance -- that -- -- look what happened last time they met. And you know soccer cup warmup this year we're -- by the saints so. I do think you know desperate team to light but especially desperate teams at home they're not on the on the road and at that said it is very tough place for anyone to win but as. Green -- demonstrated two years ago in the playoffs as a wild card -- -- can do that -- and he can beat these guys but they better be often and they were off. Nick Green Bay game in talking specifically about that rampant that it it. And let me talk about rivalries since we're talking about that is well what do you think makes for great sports. Rivalry I -- meet personally I'm kind of pass the falcons just as a fan because. We kinda own then terribly -- But it Timmy it's a 49ers now because until we don't of that 49ers -- Knocks them off for you what makes her great NFL rivalry. Well generally -- -- teams that play ball often but it seemed to play in the same division not quite the same with Indianapolis New England need to play in the same division but they used. I'm -- to see each other frequently so you can think division into the court. A year but it's also got to be a close. Competitive. Game constantly you look at to -- Baltimore Pittsburgh is as good right there is look at the that did the game the last in the last ten games. Basically public that there isn't exactly three -- you report that always quote competitive game. And north -- for something that's been at stake so that have to be something at stake Khatami and and you think it. You -- 49ers in the world and often areas opposite. You know the that that they had and there are new and edit and it is that people trying to get the top end of the and that's what I love about that rivalries last week in the fortnight Domingo in a commitment that. They got it back in the ball in the 49ers -- -- Augustine. And and you -- so this does I think that the department Atlanta north because of that this same thing is that we're talking about. -- -- that is constantly trying to. Bark at the top of that division however which you pointed out there. You know the fact that north constantly dominate that elected he would win -- was talking about you know it's more divisional in the driver I think there's probably competent. And maybe -- on back to the eighties and we had so many great teams here believe we're in the same division. Those damn 49ers are no money and and couldn't get past. Break and I covered up -- -- and that would be huge rivalry because. With the New Orleans stand for defense defense and special teams that have a could be to -- special teams and that bill. And the 49ers coming there and support this is going to be. I -- -- brutal game he always knew that that was going to be a game were guys that can get hurt and it's going to be a battle toward it and there was one I think they they constantly put the top of the list and this -- the game we better be. On our game because otherwise we're gonna lose and you -- it goes that far back. Clark I appreciate your time have a great day.

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