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11-29 2:10pm Spud Open Lines

Nov 29, 2012|

Spud takes your calls about what should happen to the Atlanta fans that egged the Saints bus at the airport? Does this act show the fans contempt for or fear of the Saints? And which team in the NFL do you think has the worst fans and which have the best

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. Talking about continued low to talk about that the -- until -- Saying it's him Euro weaving Bertrand Poland Mike the trillion in the -- -- move grow more toys and -- a second half hour. And -- to 0187. In your columns in the questions. -- ask our experts and of course texting it to oblivion so. Call lists or from house -- and killed four. Served listening out there are and actually told three and two exits in Dayton and 07. But -- bed early break we'll come right back -- Julia and the saints. They -- this. Or I'm gonna keep on this hour. Let you drug could be experts about -- a broad subject that sank -- play in the Balkans and the team football. And for the attacks the people who called and said -- you're broken different reports on where they're playing they're playing on fox. And -- -- told on the NFL network. And for you all call holds two Sid 0170. Or tact with questions comments. 770. Whip Mike did Killian admission football Mike welcome back complaint to -- come at all. My pleasure Paula always liked it engaged with expert expert Paul the wanna -- -- -- -- It reminds. Me. I want to that you almost -- on that I know you're -- the -- line. I know you guys constantly come to me behind the scenes when we get on the air I like to see. Very modest -- all of you guys you know Richard. Yeah I got him and not on a big believer in -- certainly there's a quote it is time right. Arabia with a near death experience. -- got. All right -- -- we get into the go to red -- again and and the way up and -- -- The debris I brought him to and about in the pro players not happy with the Thursday in him to to elect. During -- recruit in reason the trees and rough and every bit of the NFL. Is resting they've been approach. Where the other pro in reached for bill its system. Have been -- Thursday night in trees in question in detail. And so far for the years 2002000. Twos suggests. That serves it would then cut different injuries. What their little footnote study paid for by never ever have dinner go television rights. While that we we know one thing is it like in the it's all money. And -- -- been terrific Monday Night Football on the -- football -- on network. And we -- locally I mean can be astronomical. All know. You understand why you know very -- you out there at nine games. From week one all the way it is that of that and because it. You know. And it is the biggest thing on me today. Martin ankles. -- yeah outlook shall you know when. Our own ratings bonanza each and every week. And that is people want to them. Jumps ordered yet won it may well you know what football is it me or be. They opened to including gamble -- into a corner and went on -- a zone and the importance of fantasy. You know people call I'm telling -- Are they wouldn't think would be involved in watching games based on fourteen. But also that poll put it. I'm in June July and it all again so what are some people in -- -- email. Because that Koreans are involved in fantasy football they are -- It's. All it's. All all around -- in the Al central bank's board. -- -- -- -- Taking with me -- so in the point of violence in control violence and people. And now know potentially you can in the deal oh wait I'm on the big and how. It should take away a lot of the and what will be an intrinsic and today. It's -- the sport. Annual and protecting both players but who. -- the console and that. And some of them all the important points I mean corporately and I think the conventions. And things happen out there and -- you walk on -- football field so all. It all month. And it'll. Have an agenda but the court on a bucket. You know -- partly to talk about it anymore. But -- -- do with anything more. There were ritual law and to an end up in court law ending wanna happy cascade -- the became the saints because they're playing with it. The deep -- On hit and collections. -- -- -- -- -- Any chance if they would go with Thursday's game that they do it. Coming -- of the bye week. -- suggestion. That they would do that from them in the order will be later is not from the sport that and so. That it needed to talk about exporting -- cannot hold instead of September but you get attention you know there's the I'm going to play in a couple rules there. -- -- -- -- -- drained again earlier in the summer. So. You know you can't physically do all the time like that the schedule won't go out -- to and there are going to be some shall we with -- just like. But I -- and they gained. Detroit and now as Clayton -- for longer can remember. And I don't hear them or robot. You know you don't hear -- -- those lines Holland has been done and hard. Game on any given so -- -- and that sort of thing and technically. Right in that disparity -- become much watched TV night there's -- and so on it but so many years but those -- though. You know I call B and everything else that play on there is the -- one. More people staple in India and -- It's something and repeated -- written to. Promos -- won't talk about boundaries anymore. But I did review about earlier -- wondering who's gonna begin their run in Washington. That doesn't that that well at all as a source -- -- she's obviously. -- -- over reports by Greg Willard. Well no doubt about it because like in these. Kool -- the face your accuser. -- no matter what is it all we ruled that the suspension Spain and would be. The court again and built and will play the -- and now you know who played that bit. Didn't bring another court and so Morales Indian tribe is the captain that went on and on for a couple years. -- was involved in that. Hard -- Actually. So. You know like. It's all been. Baseball well -- in -- but again it and it fails. Perversion of making sure that they their -- covered in the 31. Or does in this week because in the protecting your kingdom is much like -- could tell people and their work. It -- Secret Service is impeccable for a good you know what you don't want that -- Somebody would -- And that's what's happened so well to come out. You can bank on that and what exactly. What goes on them. All outburst in Purdue and Paula can't stronger and can't. That play out. Eventually. You know that it was in court somewhere -- -- testify in our moral ground. Oh I try at all. And -- Clay Campbell is the. While aboard the sleep so dominant. And that'll you know you look at them with. San Francisco they've been overlooked like the same team looked like against Atlanta. Yeah that's a good question and the game matchup. And -- this -- have -- so well against an Atlanta. And yeah. You know when you go against the San Francisco. Baltimore. You mentioned called they'll match nearly as well by the middle well in those other -- win every game -- New -- yeah. In a lot on this and just such a good seeing. All. Apple that hit the big. The reception -- -- -- for an on again. -- that caught the ball but wait now I'm like he's a Rama. And I think you look at the ravens. Indians. In Chicago. They're built on the same way and so -- -- -- so -- shortage but the catch god what is well. And -- much more physical team. Could you look at it. Well against handbook but don't match well -- play. All cities and if you're seeing in his division. You're looking at players. Draft choice wives or -- didn't match what is that -- you're not go out again so it all match -- And I know one thing this means a lot hit land and honestly. Lost in all on the thirteen games against them in the Olympic -- And there. One -- five. Well going up against the saint in the joint itself. It would -- but all I'm saying is that a lot to them because they could win the conclusion that the Euro Tampa. And the woman he did not want to come out. No one can be as much. More -- Took two point one deal in an -- -- comet swings you can go for awhile and I want it and I. It's kinda like I'm like Clayton. No law against mormons very closely fought contests. But that. High scoring game because good dental school now one of the night. It looks like this -- who would win. Don't pay a third -- to land a New York July Hudson and Tampa Bay and can only do that that -- toe problem. That's a tough Roland talks scheduled on the strict enough thought this would be atop the order of the schedule. All. Coming up against what does face a sentence at school Atlanta on the road in the in the audience. And then -- played and Tampa Bay who you know not quickly pretty close game and so now -- -- -- -- -- and a loss tonight doesn't mathematically. Take you out of -- pitcher. But that you're not a lot different scenario -- all the -- you'd get an out quite critical. For the week. And not get full credit I mean he pulled himself well in control of themselves. And now. Our you don't -- -- to grow up against the team that means more than. Because you know everybody has the same thing. That football game you can't. Just give -- and all of the current. Thanks in Atlanta. On -- -- record. Yes 42. Out of all the Internet content. What you remember from Atlanta these -- Torrey and -- Nick Price -- suitable site. Are there are extorting. Top three right tackle grown so for. -- Robinson who rub read up until last week was a bouncer. In Los Angeles. Playwright Doug what happens if he goes that. We've got a group of -- and noted that go it would be an intro but one thing you can do in helping right tackle is getting some help with that idea off a -- to comment -- that have been coming all the -- And if you can comment past that did better I think -- be on the left side and much more difficult spot. Google that the other -- -- quarterbacks so I think you'll see him giving -- or create. You know. -- I -- trying to get back -- injuries difficult to come back from. Didn't get some help there with that type in a pullback in wanting to get the ball pretty quick and that's why tonight. Watch the battle of the titans. Once battled and I think that the two guys that square at all like -- -- -- the last three years. And look at -- now in all things NFL career. And -- Would hear this. He's caught 32 passes but 306. Yards for a touchdown. Jimmy Graham. -- and gain over at the time frame. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why has there. -- -- -- angle or continue. The tightening well oh watched and I don't get it all. And Jimmy Graham become a huge target for you know in the -- Opted -- run the football well and Michael Turner. You know what impact that's got some -- that Kamal can cause he can allotment it throughout the years. There are trouble were the ones where it's looking more and more on. As -- rub on and on phones so that. -- ballot -- like alone in his bid in court. I missed actually in the well. And -- -- that final line with Atlanta. On the last play with Margaret knock the ball away Matt Ryan look in his direction but Tony Gonzales was wide open unions. -- I appreciate your view him shall elect Bragman Inca a deliberate the question and gave me professionally. What I thought too unbelievable. Mike have a great game we'll talk to you soon thanks for the -- -- -- -- -- We'll come right back. Compact food at all -- that worried. About that. And don't forget. On this forum will we current tickets to -- -- -- on December -- And we continue with the upon allowing you to talk to be an expert but saint Balkan game. Gives college giant sought to Doug Boudreau would govern a bureau. 260187. Or taxes it's. Doug welcomed the show. -- -- -- -- Well I don't find out what terrorize you bit my mother was -- told so we may be related. Only -- thought it came here so we. That you relate to yeah -- eat it cause but one. That. While -- politics frequently. With the Mervyn too there were real brilliant -- them. All right your -- detects. How long do you think will be for all game to be on the at a film network. Or paper view. Got to touch somebody's asking -- don't. How long do you think who'll be able for all game will be on the NFL network or people view they cannot look. Shall much money in view it in two. If you pay per view. Certainly would have to do well -- local market. That you would. Great fans really. For that oh Seattle game. -- happening. And your. -- but that a bigger part of the federal law. Books like I'll bet that at Emory. NFL game. -- leash you know like -- For television in the local bull market the -- participate like an all court game right here on -- Portland PD. Federal law on the books right now so for L could not happen. I didn't happen anytime in the near future -- -- more games to -- a belt or. You get a chance to drug approved drug dog -- drove from governor of DO TV. If you're good to call attention 018. Somebody let's go legitimate in Mississippi Jim Durham -- If you know -- You know sure it -- match but we're it'll all. But you know that. Separate. Each room obviously. All. Bullets. They. Knew that she has. An. Exception. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what he's breaking up and do what Jim Gibbons called back. Or irritable old and to bring get a better connection. One going to -- more about the saint at least from from them during. So the ramp workers at the airport -- blows. Does that does that give added incentive produced edited. The minute you select -- actually there are actually we about it. Each week like while -- at the airport. Our tweet tweet. In. Than an hour later we. Our markets go pro ball on the cooler. Out there at all if you can't take. All from. -- total or about Iraq but I certainly -- it. Any other entertainment called. -- industry. -- little bit at the couple -- -- into a double shift. People actually on the metal all that needs to be prosecuted. Ports to. You wore the service industry standpoint. The preacher yet that. Jersey colonel Republican from another direction they're probably stole migs the -- and have -- good round -- our new era of limits user's question. You have this game replicates many view the sleeps Balkans didn't. May come down to the last quarter. Who's the better quarterback -- in the fourth quarter metal -- programs. Think there's any question about that I think the reason your weapon and to get them. Burglaries -- as -- -- there -- that I think that line in May be a point any score the most overrated player India itself keeping pretty good so quarterbacks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It ten or twelve pats quarterback. -- It'll pol chi or screen they play a lot games or. -- a great kicker. But there. Deal to be the great tree and at all. We in the top of their games certainly. This year. All the art great -- and the falcons struggled in the play just like -- -- -- Being spit out there they'll -- the ball on the clock keeps games. Shall -- what is exactly on the fourth quarter in close games. Much much much rather -- agree -- -- -- that ride back to get one. At some point the Atlanta and it better than knows. You more teams are light and Julio that you don't try it it's a lot -- which you really don't use or not. That guy shoot -- but not all are good now. But you're exactly right. Read it. The saints are -- are in about it in a close game erratic at -- -- interpret that got on a -- dot thirteen. The -- -- a result. We've got -- -- told from WWO. Television. Talking about the saints and falcons coming up and try Jim given. Wednesday called from this stupid Fernando Jim -- -- They try get Egypt in this. -- -- -- It you know these are not real pop. Group reusable. -- I worried that well those two so I'll probably be okay. Which it has the it's certainly no. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shall pay it because. I'll watch we we -- You know don't show is to try it it it -- -- First option. Out there. Are saying -- -- that he. -- Actual vote at. All checked out -- You have got to throw -- out what you thought we were all. So great battle -- -- in the street that shall pay -- -- -- but fortunately -- as. So. True his way through each year that you play without. Sure they certainly seen early in your -- to eat too much -- yet. -- -- Hit the green. Or job to help you -- the -- are -- -- that it was very difficult. They. Gretchen the saints and warned that way but go for the jugular by trying to sport in that particular game retrospect. Say that you know our defense that's good. Good church or will the ball try to run -- yeah. Flee the results will tell you got to. The -- bought into fourteen the great great state. A correction Drew -- clearly. -- memento or we're all here and he took full responsibility. -- Played that was -- Her record for which shall -- and the particular. Network that put off the adult. I get properties so there's no better in game management that it which. It's got a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Game could go away that and of course in. The intent though it was an important kill. -- and kill a law in the city game earlier -- -- were the same scene in the first four weeks and how that. It's so amplified. Can it make it actually held at the plant spy swap. We all ought to get it play out that is such a difficult position for the saints to be here and -- -- and -- agree that you're two point trooper has tried to do too much -- well. Quarterback. Since the green -- Including Green -- game at all but he in her view. That -- that this shall -- in a way ultra. Made adjustments and got much better. In the past few weeks. Doug I've got one question that I have virtually all season long. Do you with -- such words from recruits every Mark Ingram Ingram looks like these certainly use improved a bit. But it's every room like one -- and you know he just looked like he does so much better. Where is bin and was used. While there are quite describe that that's -- Well -- -- terror and anger. A is that simple question -- we to -- chat every Monday and that single question that we get a moat and and have gotten the most since we want. Like next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So player in the same organization. -- Mark Ingram is better. At -- At least better situation -- certainly not saying that I and I know the majority of fans they'll leave that. Clearly. -- -- alt space Scotland or carried that sport England get that Sammy -- Inside. The -- being a culprit not be keeping you have to. Use him in it you -- -- Show -- catch -- ball. Obviously. A sure bet in front runner but so. But that's not bought into that would. Happen. And been able to. But clearly. -- -- at the indie hit a she looked at shall I think clearly the saint believe Mark Ingram all or why I don't. Maybe it's because usually in the money for a Rolls Royce you had to -- in the Chevrolet. A think chill that that separate or -- track or for the options -- It's free agents. -- -- -- -- Example call for all your profits that they market skull and -- -- The secret history where -- the the police that within. Not in the saint. It the court. Draft picks and -- that spent money on and go at it dies or lower track these guys were out so. Struck record OK. He. Like that a logical explanation. Do always a pleasure to have you on the show where it is. Good relative to expect that they remember -- next year. Well they're -- at all. -- -- Our government right back would take you mourners called concerning. Saying it's and the problem. You know better is get ready to give -- a pair of ticket through this series of books Sunday December the sixteenth game. It was all right now to six so wins. Or -- -- 9467. -- caller number eight. You may have missed the horrible we're gonna -- prepared tickets. The same book game Sunday December -- So liberty to do this were -- were believed that you you couldn't make quite the moon made with a powerball. And won winners. Which could make millions and millions by making lists. -- by the name of Andy came. Simple lives of one. Businesses. That have. Good product re products and great service. And great attitudes and Ghraib were kept it. Must be very few of the computer and reviewed -- wouldn't newspapers. All over the web site. She lives sources. Agree contractors. What about local property natural air conditioning eating as in eighty plus reading on that list. One of these of people who wrote and said quote. Our experience when that rare extremely extremely professional would use some time and giving governors that you think that -- -- comments and it is or national hair on top of that. The equipment that uses the equipment -- Cards operate -- Equipment but it broke a decade at war and have -- Top of everything else after a couple of about money saving specials. Louisiana he broke program you can get a 22000. Dollars catch back. And financing element for rebates -- -- You can -- rebate up to twelve -- -- that over 3000 -- Got to give him a call right now that your great company great product great service -- 121. National. Cemetery one point two. And -- on his -- would you got. -- It. It. -- -- -- It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had our number two love and only a two hour show much though because the saints are in Atlanta. Gonna play dirty birds tonight and our coverage here WW begins at 3 o'clock with. Top Manassas and former saints offensive lineman Steve court which transfers take and a -- cranking up here in less than an hour so. There you go operating opinion poll is dealing with this incident that happened. And when the saints arrived yesterday. Basically they got off the airplane that and -- climbed onto a chartered bus to take them to their hotel. In Atlanta in preparation for a tonight's game and airport workers. And the bucks. Done done. The people who should have instead -- between the bus and the egg errors. Where themselves the egg terrorists and the saints on the bus with -- eighties. Am I guess what we'll talk about this hour is your response to that. And I asked him that text messages from our last our room who spoke -- John -- missed a couple of things on here. That in you have been out -- way here. Gets year on -- your text which are sarcasm intended on there you know what if you have the answer to that I -- But operative painful at WW -- -- what should happen to the Atlanta airport workers who -- the saints bus. Should they be suspended without pay should they be fired should they have to wash the saints -- Or thanked them for helping to further motivate the saints to win that's up ready painful WW -- come out of anger saints need any. Further. Motivation. I think one -- great joys in life is that I actually whipping up on the the dirty birds what are we eleven and two. Plan them. -- under since since breeze. Got under center. We're now eleven and two against thirty birds so we got the ticket they were they were 18 know when we played him before here at home. And we handed them their first loss is still there -- only loss they are now pin and one would like for them to -- tune into yes we would. But we'll also talk about. Who were the worst what what football fans have class and watched football fans are crass about it you the truth that some. That's a couple of -- Fans who'll Wear black eagle. Are there are obviously some who Wear red and black in Atlanta. What do you think the big I mean they got to saint they got to fan up there with the guys they firemen and he's the jets -- Up there and in new York and he is he is like you know. Ball out to the jets Cadillac was a monster -- somebody that is down here he is like a big super fan he's a guy who's always -- the games. US a fireman's hat it's always lead and jets cheers and he has quit. He has quit being a super -- he has hung up -- fireman's helmet fireman Ed has quit because. Not a because of the way that the the jets are playing not over Sanchez in the Tebow argument back to whatever they act that is. He's he's quit doing it because of the fans says the fans themselves and really -- -- now has. Fellow jets fans who -- ranked in the so he's -- has hung up is he's hung up his super fan at. He's hung up is fireman's helmet he's gonna go to the game and just be a regular judgment but he has given up being a super fan because of other fans. So who are the most crass and who have the most -- I think more I think frankly it's even though we have the big. The big rivalry with the Atlanta I think we're more cordial. When it comes to big privately I think we're more cordial to each other than that a lot of vote plant floor between ultimately. I think go frankly I think. Some of the best and most genteel and like I said. We got some we got some bad eggs amongst us as well as the bandits who throw eggs and Atlanta. -- talk with -- -- my -- about this signals the worst thing the absolute worst thing that he can ever remember that so I grew in All Saints fans did. Was rocking. Howard Cosell limo after a Monday Night Football game because he was -- and off going. At a saying it's not -- -- debris on Monday Night Football donate they caught him outside and -- -- toys that try to turn this is his limo. May rock what -- the bully me and -- -- some of the Bill Belichick back and go to that game -- they can put enough meat behind turn over them. If they wanted to they would. But that's that's the worst and so you tell me don't like cast you voted out at WW other economic policy -- in my latest. Cartoon they emailed it up there they did and an. But what should happen to these Atlanta airport workers who make the saints -- should they be suspended without -- should they get fired should they have to wash the saints boss. Or should we just thank them for helping to further motivate the saints to whip up on the dirty birds and give them two black guys we gave them one last time. Now let's round it out here and pocono the finger on the other side of the thing via Atlanta Falcons -- -- -- 1878668890. Late seventies I told 370 sent his attacks here it's a -- Texans and phones to. Those airport workers should be big expelled from the -- are now as the people who -- -- Tommy is to -- Hours ago and actually should be expelled from their job egging the boss what does this middle school oh wait we're talking about Atlanta that explains. It. That's very good. They should allow the Alabama. Man to uh oh okay anchor on -- and Osama ha ha -- Falcons laid eggs Brees will scramble and the falcons -- openly egg on their faces yet you right here is another one. Worst fans in Philly hands down the Philadelphia fans are the worst know -- fans are bought. What do you think who is the first. Who has the most class which fans have the most class. And which fans of the most crass. The Edgar's -- terminated already I'm reading reports about investigations. Going on. I haven't seen one where they've been terminated but then again I haven't seen all of them. Here's another when should the -- as we tried for smuggling. Something. Into -- restricted area. Out of noted each one of those exemplary more than three ounces of liquid -- -- that's a good question. 260 points that he boss caught the edge -- -- Tony Gonzales didn't catch the ball at the end of the game last night. Follow him on a lot of allotted. To -- so when he's seven and let's get to your phone calls. Tony's on the best bank what's gone on Tony how you don't. Oh pretty good but look and a quick question about that viewed you know -- anybody and we got information. And I know that they can AJ -- chartered life until well and that that really big -- OJ and it looked like you would like I hope that somewhere and it'll add the airport was bad the grounds crew Albert -- what was this -- -- it more critical the perimeter of the airport that -- actually. -- they'll quote investigating who they were specifically I haven't read who they are I do know. From talking to people whom work or have relatives who work work in airports that. You have seen -- you army. The workers have to go through a TSA screening tool is just that we they go through differ when they go to work when. Where as now as opposed to the rest of us how they were able to get exit their I don't know who they could notes maybe they got friends and -- -- From some of the restaurants and there maybe they smuggled him in in their lunches and they were hard -- I mean. You know I open demolished and -- see some eggs on the activists say anything about it if I -- got chicken isn't it. I would -- you know so. I mean it's just it's tacky behavior I'm sure they gonna do. -- hunch I am I sure I'm considering how paranoid they get when I walked through there that -- the point where I got to termite and claw to get on an airplane. Once somebody smuggled the -- and through menopause. Wanda on the tarmac out there I'm sure they don't wanna know when it came from. I thank coordination could be put into an eight you know we'll find out who the individuals aren't that you know -- obligation. That I -- the police involved. And I just like if you want children all you don't get your children are talking to get mad at somebody illegal egg -- on -- sort of property. They call or could be a respite from analyzing whether a car went at home I think those people should be. Chipped it up and it somehow without wanting to look at you know but I think being an integral with bad. I think you're right I think especially one of the things it's I mean look the saints players on the bus obviously were the target but. Army who wants that -- army of power that chart the company that that that I had the -- for that I wanna see those people out there. You know -- scrub all mob bosses you know here's your punishment come show up over here. And and clean all of my bosses because you all you ever tried to scrub dried -- -- a boss. I mean now eat some paint off your costs on nobody don't know about the I'm it's difficult to six when it seventies and number 8668890. Late seventies I told realign. As TSA employees they should certainly be fired. Are ready opinion polls up there what should happen to the Atlanta airport workers who -- things boss and your opinion. Which saying which thing. Switch group of fans as a whole have the most class and which fans as a group. Are the most crass here is a text wash the Boston public may make him where saint shirts. Spotted scrubbing a bus could get very expensive up -- come. Jets fans well the pokey in Miami when they play the dolphins. That Miami jail ain't no paradise especially the drunk tank they have extra paddy wagons for jets man. If the birds were throwing eggs wouldn't that be infanticide. Elmo and. It was a prank and it was funny slap their hand and move on -- that. Well there you go what should happen to me anything dolphin. That's up ready opinion poll should they be fired should they suspend it. Be suspended without -- should they have to Washington boss -- would just say thanks. For helping motivate the team to whip up on them even worse that's operating opinion -- at the numbers in a minute at times upon. King is in the audience I don't king thanks for calling DeVito via. -- Go home. Are about. That then -- it about ten years on work out slips out there. So whenever they come around we all -- the coast yeah -- -- check them out. What what would the -- oh tackle raiders are. Right. I'm bad at that they're all of that tunnel. Or debt I -- it correctly it might say and they are the future expletive. Doubt in my favor a law. Oh yeah actually. All in the incident should go. We need to. -- action or -- you're -- in 2007 when we went up there have to walk and autumn we have about. Eighteen point I mean we start up but we actually. We got the rule out that in the -- started on the which got that free beer you know there -- terrible but you know in my mouth now much yet it's not at all. Yeah. They are actually here. It's so we came -- talked. And older we were the 12 -- being currently and that we are going to be asked to leave that we didn't say it failed Austrian who. Yeah much chanting out of football. -- we all would why would they start hurled beer and I and it. I -- dollars that dollar causing a riot so that's -- you know. He actually told that there had taken the children citing Iraq. If we didn't. That would that would help out with that but. Still not the work. And -- Diego. With a -- -- the past -- championship but the six. All I -- all fortunately I work with the Nellie -- all bought. Big there. Whatever called it today in the future on the bill. Toward the end of the game. One of the fellows went to the bachelor and come back about a half hour later soaking wet. About twenty charter spare quarter demand after a figure in the fall will. The anchor Koppel Cooper it's -- So frankly throw an exit Abbas is so not not -- So much -- -- it. Who are concerned worked with the raiders the raiders fan where to. I mean that what it was just the beginning thank god it -- that children with eerie thing like that whole game. And look I I've heard some pretty I've heard some saints fans say a couple of ugly things. Myself but I've never and it it did go on and on and on one. Law and it and it and it didn't encompass throwing stuff -- mean I know there's some that do it at that just not in my experience and if they -- people got experience that I mean dollar and out. But who were the worst those larger content raider fans are worse. Yet they were pretty and part of your buddy buddy the the the target. Yeah but I -- -- at the or where we. Scared the black hole like we considered -- -- You go talk to Glynn Boyd an instrument it's experience is -- Chicago you know oh yeah exactly exactly. I think they had parties and really. -- -- It is good fans and every and unfortunately there's probably people up there in a black gold on got to act like that I now can't. Now like turn my head retirement ago you know to another city. Because they can only unikom. And -- like this -- and in the text message every time every time. The Eagles fans go to go to Miami they crank up extra -- anyway. Yeah. 000. The I think NATO analysts did they put batteries in the Obama. Oh -- about. Evidently you know pay the city of brotherly love I'd like -- -- quality in BC -- -- -- company. Justin in no height adjustment that. I went on a time when he. What is by all -- not a hand really. Copies of illegal gains for four years ago and luckily enough I've never seen and act like that. Not even in defeat the bill and he's sporting event I've ever been. -- -- -- Oh they were purple they were able corrupt -- they were in the top troubled little you know assistant. What if you -- there again and they were currently around there is being. That the most obnoxious. Loud -- and. So as far as you're concerned. The 49ers seem to go back to the mines. And that was reported there. Make about it and then and cowboy and a decent. Oh now I guess it wouldn't think that view from Milan -- now. And man thanks -- August that Clinton is here shares rose gonna bring it up to date here. Injustice economic a couple of things again -- for a stake as Clinton today at 3 o'clock with a former saints' offense lineman Steve ct and down time Manassas. By a third of the book like a countdown to kick -- Bobby indeed the game's at 730. When Condo Jim Anderson OK guys jokers and yet in indicating and the big chief for the point after that will be to 1 o'clock so that -- crank it up for your saints game. As we take on -- Atlanta in there home turf in there and asked. And we're asking your question about the event that happened when the saints got on their it's their chartered bus to go to their hotel. In Atlanta when they got paid by air airport workers what should happen to him. Should they be suspended should they lose their jobs should have to -- that boss or should we just slap on the wrist and say all right the -- bunch of jerks but. Thank you for the motivation of the things that comes smear are known known is that text -- no big deal its eggs the worst of the raiders the bears are pretty bad too. -- can't read that went on the air but it's funny -- Dirty birds. Given the option face charges that take us back from Vilma. Down down down and out. Don't waste Vilma sneeze on them to six when it seventies and number let's get back your phone calls tyrants and Harvey I -- arrow things comment. -- -- -- a match. -- Vietnam what I got a couple of small little -- able to recruit about Clinton's interest. To. One or Vietnam helpless without doubt that I hit the pleasure of driving -- -- -- -- you know to Atlanta on what is. And Israel quote grumbled but now that would be it would gain. And I've given new -- don't do it in don't game will promote -- pain. And an annualized. This the hip hop complete commitment is McDougall called underground and the pit stop -- make you got it means it would on the ground in what could be in the 83 different from. One political battle because of the cold welcome back -- The building. Up uncle died when he. Which is Ronald equally. And that political. Heat that yet he's he's been a little trouble. Movie about it. Yeah but I mean they are on stuff that you beat you up on the map room they just trying to sing on -- you know. Even though you know -- -- Yeah because they don't -- they don't need and only the twelve -- on the field and wanna put it we have a the classy. It would be the detectors and a beauty on the quarterback but more. What commitment of private. Physical it was it was Spain. And I'll bet in the service will be handled. Well -- these people. What it will -- -- it up on any and not get who worked with Eagles. These of these. And Bristol. And it. Don't need. You can go away in the political netbook. -- where you know what he's from you know Mississippi south Mississippi -- -- you know his mom abused by hand to billionth of a man and a hole and it drifts off I mean he may be up in frozen north but anyway grown up. In -- but it was here. Put it game means that he walked on with language it would you know but it. I would throw the notebook and actually you know. -- well I'll tell you what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it just -- reported on it just the pain at all. Who would have people we're we're kind of injury was what the secure area I mean what you're supposed to be looked at the moment drew. Both -- -- while that's that's. If those guys who work at the airport. Had been in a group. Out on the street game that were taken advantage of it I'd steal column tragic plant but the fact that they were. In an area for instance that you and I can't go into yeah I mean de de -- that's that's that's not economists that the needs we don't. Look. I don't -- -- know TSA fans out there I don't think there's any kind of you know major investigation needs to be going on but I mean these are people who frankly like that before they should be the ones who were keeping it throws away. From the dead and they were gone and if they're the -- -- -- eggs they got to -- I don't think they should be five and but it wins the mood that shirts yeah instruments some man maybe maybe they should come over here and have a big car wash for Brees and the elderly -- at a -- All the players who have their charities should make all those guys come over him watch cars where from -- and that your. Body David Beasley but it -- -- -- -- to keep rock and -- Michaels in Slidell -- Michael. Little struggle so you can put it upon who's there and it -- not yet and he kind of an arm and our high school coaches -- as it is -- clean the box. -- -- one. Story in. The cashier in a while ago in 1988. And measure. Mr. Clinton told the firm. He also aligns with -- producer in the Kashmir Bagger at a certain point in the corner. -- That group come yeah. 100 people which one element. Because I like and -- you know people come Malone -- -- a short. -- Sanctions be in treat people were arrested. -- -- -- -- -- -- Antonio the church group of all groups from Atlanta children in total. So to -- bit dirty birds. Bring in their children ago to go what they weren't. I mean I asked you see those YouTube videos now or people like. You know have a stroller and they're 72 and three bottles of wine under the key hitter. You know pack a frozen spaghetti here you know lasagna upon -- -- they -- in the stroller. I mean of people bringing their kids and job opening at arrest that the strike. -- -- going -- you know it has witnessed the three people. Being you know all our security board. I don't know -- -- using children equally as good nevertheless in the church. Reply what they meet personally I'm not month on -- much of a thief you know and -- agreement I guess I guess I don't think that way but frankly. I I really don't think I would be type and stuff out of a grocery store owner visitor from out of town if I'm Ryan Church buses executives -- because I would be afraid for my eternal -- -- them nations. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- heard great things about the Pakistan and also Notre Dame stands on the college level. I don't know but in my mind I've never seen anything. So -- -- in exports and bug. Well you know -- -- frankly this this is nothing that would have the lines and you know emphasis baseball -- and beat up. In the parking you know in in no way I mean there's some nuts means them not which you can't point the whole fan base because they got a -- -- -- you know I'm not on just talk and fan base in general. In general on the -- -- pants and who -- -- on the currency. And -- So unfortunate we have a lot of ex patriots from Louisiana living in Atlanta and everybody knows. Well there -- there like ambassadors dignitaries and good food and medicine now that I'm. Thanks Michael appreciate the call to 670. Ian is -- it coming Ian is right on the board and Shelden Williams is screening your calls -- court just walked in and blocked out the sun. I you don't cordial looking good David. 260187866. And an -- -- a big news WW alive -- now available for both iPhone and android users. So you android is out there. Who do that robot thing from you know morning and then. Remember an app from a loss of Spain's Ron Robinson retirement yet everytime I hear the word android -- keep thinking -- that -- more. But there's regionals and WWL radio live anywhere you take your iPhone or your general way that. WWL radio in your phone's App Store install a good ago. Units and amiga was an atomic Garland -- Bobby indeed go everywhere we can't run the NFL games on yet but we do stream those on your laptop or your home computer. So you can listen to -- saints game. With the or just regular radio you know they're there are those still. That's when I got one little train and since the last sized radio I got one. 26 I -- sevens and honest about your phone calls it Marcus is in Gretna -- of markets last things on a best bank. I -- I'm very good David I'm glad I can talk to you cross the river Yang gonna pay a dollar that comes to me I. I actually true that group spun out -- in the area so much with the issue of the -- person I agree which you when the other guys. That you know it hasn't on -- -- -- it -- Atlantis record your ego and it's being looked into would take care written that's stood at about exit cities prepare not. Now -- -- -- -- deliberate or tell you this. -- in my opinion. To be able to say about our problem classic but I know there are animals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When lawyers by an actual march on the food that they urged -- -- the waiting game. It's a hoot at that hey you know what we should all do. Which if next time Atlanta comes to town we should all lining in a statement must go by at the -- muffins them. Well programme like the ballot Patrick went looking in the wrong direction I ordered a rock or else knows about this was shot. All of our people. You're right. No more flying Nomar taking buses all the I'll have to and it's there -- -- drag it out and he'll be and he'll be time's man of the year. And they'll be holding and and and had eight. Maybe we can put Roger Goodell and the -- through exit. So sure material for next year -- -- it would -- added. Now that is like out of work out well this could be fifty years ago yeah all of -- -- cabinet today. They are all it would drop ought to below strong upstairs. And export. -- -- Out there like it was you know big or Obama's split. Putters. And now you -- able gave us some water looms. -- a real Terrero back it was well. Amen are. At that sounds like a phone rivalry. And into what affiliate known to be you know not a great spot to travel to put it what it looked at W fine. And what you make it. Wait a minute wait a minute markets in the cold up there -- interview the people they've helped fuel water balloons next thing you know you get an ammonia. It's near this sneaky infinitely. Well for -- -- On the best thing -- banks must recall. Steve court's opinion -- and talk about it situations like you know. I was -- you can't get as Alex in my total rocked her Grenada with a Molotov cocktail as a but it's you know you can't get hurt by -- Really needed to would have -- equipment the people. You know. On and the only way you can actually get hurt by an exit the -- 08 actually hit you in the eyes and if you make quick enough to flinch and squint your -- -- Before big hits yeah a policy argument professional football team anyway. Who would that examine his attacks eggs green onions Mayo. One wanted to own boss 53 angry football players yep David. The way -- Cortes this is this gonna motivate him a good day they all laugh and about a -- although they with a one week ago. Airport workers and it. So we continue on boys' -- a new line to go over there and beat them like the redheaded stepchildren that they'll. And I'm gonna get them that somebody already some attachments of one pick and on the blacks. The blacks defensively -- they -- on them. Among once the race and it's it's an option through 6786680. Nine's heroics to beat the burglars cursory -- -- the net. Extra extra read all about it the falcons will be scrambled by knights and day ain't no -- -- -- Obama in his opening up opening up the bad loans all over the place. 2601 it's evidence of -- phone calls Ronnie is that metric which they running the government. I'm -- of what to think about all this exceptional stuff going on an island. Well my personal opinion is -- -- goes -- -- poll workers represented in the city the first people she would come into the city that. Bought commercial -- -- regime could be terminated by them at the very mosquito -- that there at least be suspended because. Can't -- and the company you spend money and they're sitting. Did particularly in the city without a stand about the tours. They'll make the same my integrity to be -- circumstance and politics at saint. -- go to the -- -- spending money in the city and there's a hotel chains are you know Larry I totally. So. I think they should be made to wash the boss I think -- I don't know about losing your gig -- this two minute that's too many. People out of work over and out. But I mean yeah it you know stupid don't go away excess that's -- you know. Fact is they represented the city economists say that the time and money that they. I like that we should we should and next on the falcons come to town we should throw it muffins. Now help is rarely come at -- about yeah. Eggs Benedict. Solomon -- at the blood in there. I've been asked for the cup and 670. We'll see you tomorrow -- ago.