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11-29 6:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Nov 29, 2012|

The WWL Sports Team gets ready for the game against division rivals the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are less than nine minutes away you go between the Saints. Think that it's caught up on the pregame injury report is welcome back in saint going in this hockey guys on home. All right thanks a lot they can say pregame injury report is brought to you by the -- instituted sports medicine for the athlete. In all of us now you're inactive today for the Falcons will be Dominique Davis Tim -- Charles Mitchell. Still -- -- following gun flaunts it buried in pariah Geary. And the only lineup changes for the Falcons number 91. Or Peter to a started defense to tackle for number 94. Dear -- now the Saints inactives today according your oval. Courtney Roby who said duque deuce Scott Shanle Charles Brown David -- junior Gillette and Tom Johnson. And beloved J. D. -- -- you can move number seven and and -- chairs the -- to tackle. In at number 81 died in Michael he gets in at the Saints pregame injury report. Brought to you about that -- blame instituted sports medicine for the athletes in all of us. Now it all he just -- and then we exact street that looks like he will be available that was the rumor out there. But you know the only player that I wrote down because that they. He has such an impact on field position. On special teams that his -- golf covers deadbeat Courtney role be a long way grabbed the Al bush him not being available. That so that could be some concern me is these someone else to step up bogeyed RL looking at you look at their return game. And -- punt it kick return woo wee bit that -- -- as a punt return team right now average -- five point eight. Who we're like fourth the fifth best though when you look at kickoff return -- 28 yards. So that's one I guess you know coach Joseph big question you always second guess and wildly so good don't kick over German not -- a punt return. Bob the only thing I can say -- -- a couple of experienced return man back there is you know sometimes -- -- Courtney -- -- Darren Sproles need to break -- Tarvaris could get his done a nice job of returning kick off yeah. In view you know waited and when you put Darren Sproles back there that -- -- and added element to that whole thing that they they have some speed guys back here. Punt return thing I think you know alluded to that everybody right now as they're being -- Thomas Morse did do it every week you didn't those guys in the boundary. And he kicked a ball high and he's either not got an opportunity to field it because it's gonna go out and that's I think these guys do a terrific job of directional -- right now I really do and I cross oblique. It's not just the Saints -- When you've been somebody back here you can't afford to take -- risk on. They kick -- return because of that ball happened to roll out of bounds I mean come way after the 35 and you definitely don't want that. And I just think it would -- right now that is saying you know what. If I can -- those guys -- the boundary that's like an extra defender forming tonight got twelve people out there on the field instead of eleven and if the guy can't. Get the ball and you know have an opportunity running back so I think -- that's probably why you see in the the lower number joke of return yard gap to join you punt returns. And our whole thought OK hopefully hopefully Zach -- you know he's not a 100%. But hopefully he can hold his own because you think. This and suddenly he was enacted now Thursday's active. That listen I think he's. You know give one up for the team and you listen if you want alas an NFL a very seldom are you hurt your present day there would -- Rogge said. That you're not going to be feeling hunter was that after the season is over once you start training camp so hopefully Zach can hold as -- as we need -- -- have a big game tonight. And Bobby -- days at the Nelson and we've been a starter initially -- you can look at he got his start. He was got thrown into the fire early on his career because of and injuries somebody in. He knows what it's like to be able to have the opportunity to go out there well we're playing home on Thursday but he would be a Sunday whatever the case may be -- You know hey I wanna be out don't feel playing and feel. Maybe he's maybe he's -- little bit too much but hopefully the Saints medical staff talking about those those -- Patten -- given Manning -- still got to be watching non he's hobbled a little bit did -- feel good Djokovic can't watch everything from the sidelines he's got to rely. On some other eyes and ears so we shall see but yeah I mean it's good to know that Zach Strief is back in the lineup. Least you've got to gathers experience. All right get sentimental guys and with a pregame injury reports from the Knicks would take a look at today's opponent. If anyone Atlanta Falcons the cause of the Falcons Wes Durham jones' next. If the -- like countdown to get off on the saints' radio network. Time has taken the day's opponent they -- the city a one. Atlanta Falcons without seeing any it and -- -- -- -- Houston Texans have identical record feeling helpless Cubs about being Atlanta Falcons welcoming when. Durham the voice of the -- west -- leave it always a pleasure and the Falcons. Can do a lot of damage and to have been doing all season long in the thing you see. It 2000 empty in 2012 that's the common theme -- They know how to win the close game seven of the team and they've won this year decided by a touchdown list. Digits it's remarkable it's great to be really does is always say they just keep spotted Roy yeah made a couple weeks ago after Matt Ryan threw five interceptions and you know Atlanta was spot a spot takeaway giveaway. He joked around with after the balk at -- -- -- they liked it I said. Won't know but then again you don't have to see anything like it as long as you win and and they keep five of the way it. You know I've been through the sites about you the Super Bowl year for towards the -- found the way the year they went to the Super Bowl that a player making defense and always seem -- like -- -- Atlanta's got to play taking offense that seems to always my two boys so it's been exciting it's that dramatic it's been fairly entertaining in -- is about -- -- like yes. Now whereas look at noted David desire -- -- for the Falcons and obviously look at. This things they've been decimated at right tackle until my third third string guy looks like Zach Strief. Is going to be available at considering the pressure. That the 49ers are all there -- what is your take right now. Where John Abrahams that he was a non factor in the first game in the superdome but he has nine sacks. A -- at a big what 28 career multi sack game against the Cardinals on November 18 in. I mean 121 career quarterback sacks the most any any active player so look like it to me Abraham still has a lot left in the tank. Yeah he does Bobby and tonight it's is much about the age is it is the little and for me. Atlanta has never quite been able to solve the middle of the pocket where Brees steps up and delivers the -- upgrade. You know drew is so good at moving up at the pocket it's far I wrote down the field. And Atlanta has got some improved play of the defensive front Corey Peters is back kielty. Capital has really picked it up for the last month -- -- so while Abraham and beer and of those guys. Are going to be important to Atlanta at that I'm not out of the school that the middle of the of defensive front. If there -- return -- Weatherspoon could deploy the ball game there at the superdome Bobby. Those guys are going to be those guys are going to be critical here. Now west as far as Uggla -- -- offense. Is it a little bit a changing of the guard. When you look at it listen. Very few teams do -- one back that AG jurors into the world. Is it kind of I'd jog please Rodgers do you expect and have more attends. Did turner as well aware of the problems are at right now. Yeah and -- body you can appreciate this this was floated in the spring. -- -- that I look to McQuistan minute -- rookie season. And we don't anticipate Michael Turner having 350 Terry's. He said it though in April he said it at a pretty champion the media's that they -- -- none of -- They -- event you know hello my name is kind of deal. And -- and he said advance any reiterated it in the first week of training camp at turner commented on it so they look. I'm not in the business a 350 -- anymore. So they kind of told you what was happening without actually do it and now that they're doing it or -- like golf why haven't what's going on. To -- happy with -- two different kind of backs. You guys know this you've got a group you've got ivory you've got Pierre Thomas already rules that's brought Sproles yet they all do something different right. Yet Pittsburgh's got it would bet that the hall Dwyer Isaac Redman. What Philadelphia Luke gets LeSean McCoy back they'll have Bryce -- -- going. And this is exactly what Atlanta's that would they're just moving into the next step that the NFL -- not make it. It doing it with two or 38 -- really -- so it's -- bit. It doesn't buy things walked back there but because he's not the play maker that quizzes a lot of people see does that say -- you regard they're about to -- in his thirties now. I -- it and he's he's a thirty year old guy who's got well over a thousand career carries that's tough it's tough after a thousand career carries to. To kind of break it down a bit down out game they gave out every year. Now now -- Like Europe take on enough that we need to me. I mean Roddy White might talk a lot of us tonight but usually backs it up I mean I'm bluster and six straight thousand yard season when you look at receiving ten times. When you got Julio Jones and Roddy White almost in 19100 yards I don't think there's a better receiving tandem. Continued throwing Gonzales I mean UK don't give everyone I think maybe -- a big part in help the Saints. When Julio got a little banged up what he missed about a their daughter and a half. That that that -- -- it to be as they have to make the foul with one dimensional and I'd be in this Saints are because it goes is that receiving corps and if they can run. Our -- is double what they did RB around a hundred yards what has to be hard pressed I think for the Saints is stop the Falcons because these receivers and a good. Well and I think that's a little little what Atlanta's -- tonight to get some defensive -- set with the governor talked about earlier. If they try to create that full balance of the pass game if you're right Jones has been fantastic. Having -- how last week to Tampa -- the big eighty yard touchdown ball. Ian White -- wonderful job compliment each other that I Bobby they receive -- like Gonzales I've never ever city -- 36 years of a player like Tony Gonzales does. I mean it's just it's a statement to what he's done to get his body ready to play you know what it is. But he just. He treats it like at temple and he's -- believe the last -- and I can't believe he's 95% sure he's gonna retire. As good as he's played this year but at the same time if he shuts it down -- shut it down play -- at the top of his game and I respect that too. That now -- you know I talked to coach bit about this and this might occur maybe two or three times in a season but you look at the Saints defense. And truly mean you don't make T shirts of his bend but don't break it and you learn all the yardage -- given up. And then now had 51 troops that are red zone for the saint Stephens that allowed this season that's an NFL high. But then -- did this this that that blows my mind the Saints have now held opponents out of the end zone eleven times this season. When they've had first or second down inside the five yard line. So they have to be sunny today a man is not just slug when you do it eleven times in its first does that get down inside the five though you got something going on. Dockery and it it's a problem and we saw them pull their three weeks ago at the superdome what they would do. Which is set there and watch that go along to spit the bit at the closer Atlanta got the heart of the road guys through I think and it it's really it's really a hell of a trait of this football team that have. You know the other thing -- -- out what you're ready for broadcast is. They played a lot of football games Bobby if there's four points difference -- -- out -- they scored about DePaul to score. Well that's a political -- real late at 304 well that's a probable. And it -- you start looking at the way it all sets up with. It on I give I give these guys a lot of credit they took -- -- the bats -- folded it up pretty early given all the plays -- -- offseason. But they hung in there it and they've got a competitive football to right now. The games they've lost they've lost a pretty good football teams will be what you think about it and that's a credit to the leadership but got to be not only have a -- group but also the front office -- He's the voice of the Atlanta Falcons. Wins Durham wins -- miss -- the best thank you so merry way as you get a dog it is not begin ability got they are not well yeah I'd basketball last night at Illinois and we'll football at Charlotte on Saturday at. I can't believe you have Bobby Dictaphone predict except not tell you how disappointed Atlanta as the papers about your -- -- -- -- how do you -- -- Whenever we whenever we think we give -- a -- two that we feel like I'm working to live. We think that you home positive. They'll -- -- -- -- -- -- why we don't make it we kind of hope by the image we kind of trying to keep up the tradition remember buddy Delaware they kicked off the lawyer up buddy nick Matt yeah I got kicked out the Saints played solo we don't want -- and so that's that's -- I don't travel with the team we do listen rewrite the Super Bowl in Miami. The whole week doing chills. Came back ten yards to celebrate with the red mesa did pregame pep rally is on there on the when even -- -- doable but that's kind of been the tradition. Would do the pre and post game obviously we in the superdome. But we don't travel with the team because. He knows crazy I am I'm -- to get kicked off the plane again. Very well here's the great thing -- if you ever show up here you're gonna -- Henderson debate better look at -- I feel a all right all right -- you guys recall take care thank you. We will continue with a but I catch them giggle. Thing you. And welcome back. -- the cage again about the Bears beat bills in time to tell -- about this game is going to be a close one but in past the especially the old man see that last year we were dominant in the fourth or. Yet they did it that's been kind of their Achilles heel how we've closed out games the say compared to one is suitable. We've been outscored six we've only scored 62 point 72. And that that's a ten point swing. Where if you look the year we won. Not big I was looking and I'm now they have after eight games and we start out eight and oh. But the point differential we had scored 91 points and only given up eighteen. But you -- even last season. You look at drew he was ranked fifth in fourth quarter completion percentage had basically a 64 and a half percent. That was sixth best in the NFL -- quarterback rating. I was one up three point six and eleven touchdowns. And had three interceptions. -- you have with the card this year. The Saints have only scored ten points in the fourth quarter. Of its last four losses. You look at the 36 quarterbacks and actually playing in the NFL when you give passer rankings. Because -- shocking Drew Brees ranks 33. On a 36 quarterback in the NFL completion percentage. In the fourth quarter 54 point 2%. He's only ahead of Jaguars Chad Henne the Eagles -- falls in the -- Brady Quinn. Who have worst percentages. He also ranks 28 in the fourth quarter passer rating. Only 75 point three. The guard dog that is shocking. And you look at those four losses only scored ten points you could see why. The one thing and I have to say would drew -- 7UP. Compared to past seasons not getting it done in the fourth quarter or right now he only has four touchdowns. And three interceptions and -- final period. At the case -- In a Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up it's Atlanta and New Orleans and Bobby we talked about balance in -- what the Saints were able to the last time -- have tremendous balance. 61 offensively he's 32 has -- chance point and Roth. Quality and that's -- we got a half and Dan if if you look at you know and less of drew is more. He got that is gonna take to beat the team like the Falcons probably. Fumbles ballot Thomas of effort obviously in this season a 148 yards Russian. 290 yards passing and no call who would take that we need that kind of effort again because. Necessity. -- -- The city is Joseph 300 yards that's better than 400 does that mean you toddler running the ball. But -- interest Timmy gets -- would drew as far as throwing yardage and total yards. He doesn't throw for 300 yards the last time we did that was October 21. Against Tampa Bay now he's able to throw for 300 yards tonight against the Falcons and guess what. QB one -- he'll be tied. With the great Dan Marino for the most 300 yard games. In his career now they're going to break another record and where resent. -- is a league with 31 touchdown pass he's on pace to have 45 I think about this. He could become the first player in NFL -- -- have back to back seasons with forty touchdown piece of -- passes he's on that paint. That's the case you came in Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia open knowledgeable as Rolex time. He's 36. Minutes to kick up between the Saints hand the fabric -- -- a settlement sent -- to New Orleans Saints radio network. -- -- -- short turnaround what are some of the challenges singing don't come and also the late game on Sunday in a short turnaround a Thursday game way to monitor your team's physically you know they're very physical game on Sunday so. You know you you bring your football team in your Mondays look at film to want to listen and give that the process subtle way. And really -- like a Friday for us we're travel Nomar so we've got three aspects of the game we have to you today first second third down. At the same time monitoring your team's physical health so we -- Pearson they were we would crank it up a little bit and got destroy herself. But you know a large part of our -- actually was a walk through tempo. And will try to -- double begin tomorrow we -- to practice field tomorrow what about 32 hours of rest before we play the game. Probably any game like he should prepare and actually a little game time. Coach always tell -- maintain that balance in the first meeting 61 offensive plays 32 -- his -- man rushes that's about as balanced as you can get -- -- in the balance was able to be there because the game you know wouldn't be too early -- -- -- -- -- -- we really come back to make -- 107 so I listened you've got a three point game so. You -- -- all the defense you want to you're able to keep the balance in the offense that you want to keep more balance we weren't we catch up mode being down ten nothing lead early in the game and we -- our offense -- I'll be called great game -- is a good job next unit. Coach had to make some changes so -- introduced official on the offensive -- how I was -- the next guy out coming in here and had to get familiar real quick well Zach -- -- -- a good -- crucial for his excuses really been. Sure in the next two miraculous ways ECU curve in his groin injury. So we fully expect for sector has to be able to play in this game. And I listened to you know he's a loaded team captain our team he's welcome addition back. Coaching change to get to six and six and keep everything in front of you keys to come out on top against Atlanta tonight well number one you don't listen we we do a good job doing game always -- -- do well prepared to stop our run game but we've got to be able to run the ball keeps a power position on our side and stuff -- prolific running game and they do a good job it. How the next in the last two weeks they've really improved on third down deep third down defense and third down offense. And this about a the world has to win. The battle the pressure's is in this game is always -- key you know their ability to disrupt drew whip and and and not make a clean pocket for him our our ability to really. Not make things comfortable for Matt Ryan so those are three key things will have to. Should really be conscious of his courses game you know goes on it goes to invest a lot of thank you do. In the tunnel was brought to life. Talk Metairie road. Did there talking about some of the keys of the game and pass him by their offense to -- you're not talk about him you know generally this is what we've come to see wouldn't land they would have the balance -- Right at the you know what the same amount of passes as -- has been -- when a man does well against us they have a few more rushes and -- Yet and B yeah I think. Can we hold the 46 charge we illicitly I don't know that's going to be the case. IDs pleasantly surprised if if we do I mean you look at -- -- Rodgers I think he's gonna have more of an opportunity. He had ten carries 49 yards four point nine yards per carry. On the giving him the probably have fifteen. To twenty carries and all said and done. Now includes that talked about third down conversion. Right now big -- one year it was either 91 and 92. With the Saints I said there's -- we led the NFL party now have percent. Which -- -- number one in the NFL -- right now in on the things shattered that last season a bit erratic 57%. Of that record. Are right now we're no mistakes we guess what the problems are number two or forty point three just behind. The Patriots directed -- 3% so can we get the Falcons are all of the field on third down. I've said this over and over since 2006 and Andrew -- Sean Payton. The Saints at the third best regular season road record they've been number unbelievable on the -- sits on nine the Saints are actually number one. And then now you look a bit best regular season home record since 2008. At the Falcons are just behind the Ravens in the Patriots at 31 and six against what those six losses. The Saints have had their number Matt Ryan's been unbelievably Georgia -- but not necessarily against Drew Brees and the Saints and hopefully that's the case tonight. Coming up next big game action on game day -- -- Robert Caro Manning master control in the Georgia Dome on the sidelines Kristian garic. Color analyst -- guys on and the bars of the saints' Jimmy Anderson brings you New Orleans and Atlanta right now on the New Orleans Saints. Radio network.