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11-29 11pm Hokie Gajan after loss to Falcons

Nov 29, 2012|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd be in the Saints post -- meter reported brought few about the two lane institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of us now the only thing that I'm aware of is that street went down with that continuing. Nagging groin injury that he has he was out for play came back in the ballgame and think he realized he couldn't go. Went back out and do the best of my knowledge there is the only injury that we're aware of in the -- told Damien report. Would brought to you about Tulane. Instituted sports medicine for the athlete in all of us they weren't too good in the first quarter big but after that I think you're right they did settled out. Does it look like this thing -- might have been a run away from the early part of the ballgame and a table. Excuse me I've still got the hiccups is DKK get rid of them and it's it's the press box food but. Yet it's it's just one of those things that day you don't win in gosh -- -- time to the Saints had to do that this year you don't play from behind. Have to someone abandoned the run game. You look at -- -- they had at the end of the first half. Got to -- and it couldn't get his bike where they get a field goal. You could city you talk about although. What -- in because in. Well. How comes but the bottom line is the -- -- didn't get it done and that's kind of the way that is the end all season long Vegas. Just can't come up with that big play when they needed. You look at the that the Falcons secondary I mean don't get to make -- is back here in the secondary like receivers who would. Malcolm -- the very first play of the game still try to front Tony Gonzales he this Tony himself pulled away from him and I. They did that kind of set the tone for the ballgame right there got to you what I mean you'd. As I mean what you gotta be proud of the way this team thought that because as I said earlier I -- it looks like the first couple possessions that the Falcons had the ball it feel this could be a runway and really be in Bears in on Thursday night football. -- tongue in their tough. You have -- the big killer was that the -- in the first half when you couldn't get some points out that I mean a field goal wouldn't. Would have been nice. Felt we had a touchdown and Darren Sproles Jimmy Graham comes in there was an illegal block in -- look at do you see the replay it was it was pretty obvious but. You know I did I had it I just don't think that. Think from the get go -- really tell me in the saint favored this year I thought that they might know be able to overcome that. Some want but. You know one out of watching Micheal Irvin is -- on the NFL network and he said. At least in his mind Sean Payton would added another three wins that club this year and yeah we're now we're talking about a whole different scenario he'll that we haven't played on the road one thing another but. You don't know that counts for anything now on -- still not mathematically eliminated the two who basically out of it but. -- I mean that's pretty well. It from here a lot out of Falcons fans still hanging around here. In the Georgia Dome won't agree to meet their heroes as they go in the locker room and you would if I was back in the superdome I expect their fans that is same thing it's a little bit disheartening but. Feel that shift the way that it falls sometimes so. -- man this you still got another four games ago way I guess stranger things have happened but. I don't look to be prevalent in January this year.

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